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Tommy was naked and alone in his bedroom. He was about to go into the adjacent bedroom to have sex with his sister Jennifer who was currently sharing her bed with her naked parents. He could clearly hear the sound of their lovemaking through the thin partition wall. At this thought his swelling cock became even more erect.

His sexual reverie was broken by the chimes from the front door bell.

“Fuck,” he said out loud, quickly dressing himself. His father though was quicker as he rushed past Tommy’s doorway and, taking the stairs two at a time, opened the door to two police officers.

“Mr Caldew?”

“Yes, officers – how can I help you?”

The nearest officer spoke in a serious tone, “We’re checking on all dark colored vehicles registered to owners within a five mile radius to the accident that happened in Wisteria Lane a few days ago. You’re probably aware of the accident I’m referring to.”

“Yes, I am. But what has it to do with me?”

“You have a daughter,” he continued, checking his notes, “Jennifer Caldew, who owns a black ford coupe registered at this address. We’re to inspect the vehicle for any damage and also have a quick word with her as to her whereabouts at the time of the accident.”

Tommy overheard these words from his position at the top of the stairs. Quickly realizing that Jennifer probably didn’t have an alibi he ran down the hall to her room. She was just finishing pulling up her jeans and alone.

“Jen, it’s the police. They’re here to talk to you about where you were when David Henderson got hit by your car.”

She gasped, “You told them I was involved?”

“No of course I didn’t tell them that. They’re here as a matter of routine because you own a dark colored car, that’s all.”

“Christ, what do I say?”

“Tell them you were with me. You left the sorority house and as you drove home you saw me out walking; picked me up and we both went to the movies together. There’s no damage to the car is there?”

“No. Not a mark on it. What was the movie we saw?”

“‘The Sixth Sense.’ It stars Bruce Willis who’s a disheartened child psychologist. He’s sought out by a young boy who reckons he can talk to spirits that don’t know they’re dead.”

They talked for a few more minutes as they coordinated their stories.

They heard their father call out from the bottom of the stairs, “Jennifer, could you come down here please.”

Jennifer went downstairs and spoke to the two police officers and then it was Tommy’s turn to talk with them. Happy with their corroboration they looked at Jennifer’s car. Seemingly appeased they thanked the Caldew’s for their time and drove off.

The whole family sat in the lounge in subdued silence.

Alicia was the first to speak, “Well, at least we had nothing to do with that poor child’s injuries. I understand that he’s going to make a full recovery.”

Jennifer spoke quietly and distinctly, “Not quite mom. I was at the wheel of my car when I hit poor David. I’d been drinking. Both dad and Tommy know this and they have video evidence of the whole thing.”

Alicia looked first at Jason then Tommy then back to Jennifer. “You mean you ALL lied to the police?”

Jennifer and Tommy together chorused, “Yes, mom.”

Jason said, “I can understand you being upset Alicia and I for one wanted to immediately punish Jennifer for what she had done. But she’s only very young and going to prison would not only punish her it would also punish the whole family. She has said she is sorry and that this type of behavior from her will never happen again. I think we should move on and put this episode behind us. What do you say, hon?”

Alicia said nothing but looked at the floor as if contemplating what to say next. “Where’s the video, Tommy?”

“It’s in my room.”

“Go get it, now.”

Tommy did as he was told and quickly returned with the cassette.

“Put it in the VCR and play the tape.”

They all sat in silence as the screen filled with images of Jennifer’s transgressions. At the final scene Alicia said loudly to all of them, “This cassette and,”directing her gaze at Tommy,”any copies, are to be destroyed, then and only then will this sad and sorry episode be at an end.

Are we all clear on this?” Silence. Loudly she said, “Are we clear?”

Tommy and Jennifer said in unison, “Yes, mom.” Jason replied, “Yes, Alicia.”

Tommy left the room and gathered together the two remaining hidden cassettes. Jason took the cassettes to the garage where he used a large hammer to destroy the tapes that were then put in the trash can.


The next few weeks were an awkward time for the whole family, that is, until the unexpected arrival of Ava.

Alicia’s eighteen-year-old cousin, Ava, lived in Sacramento, California. She arrived at the Caldew residence unannounced and with little luggage at a time when only Tommy was home.

Opening the front door he said, “Hi, can I help you?” appraising a five foot ten, one hundred and ten pound, illegal bahis beautiful girl with long, straight, black hair, deep tanned skin and the most amazing, deep blue eyes.

“Any time you like. I’m guessing you’re my first cousin, Tommy, right?”

“Yeah, and you are?”

“I’m Ava, your cousin from Sacramento.”

“Oh… yes… Ava, sorry… it’s been a while and you… you’re all grown up. And in all the right places too,” he said, staring longingly at her wonderful breasts that were pushing out her skin tight, plain yellow t-shirt.

Following Tommy’s gaze, she replied, “Yeah, Tommy and no, there’s no silicone in these,” grinning at her own joke.

“Come on in Ava and hey… let me get your case for you,” he said, his eyes examining the well rounded contours of her ragged denim cut-offs, her perfect thighs and long, very long, shapely legs. “Go through to the lounge on your left.”

Tommy made them both a cold drink and they sat chatting for over an hour before Alicia showed up with the weeks groceries. She was surprised to see her cousin and held back from questioning her as to why she should suddenly appear at their door.

The afternoon flew by as they all sat around chatting. Tommy suggested that Ava have his room in which to stay, as the fourth bedroom had no bed and at the moment was more of a box room for storage. Alicia agreed and she set about organizing new bed linen while Ava unpacked her clothes and toiletries.

By six o’clock everyone was home and had been introduced. A light evening meal was followed by more talk and lots of alcohol. It was this that loosened Ava’s tongue and the story surrounding her arrival.

Apparently, her mother’s new husband also had a liking for younger girls and Ava had put up with a lot of unwanted attention, sexual innuendo and groping. It eventually led to an angry scene with her mother and stepfather. Ava opted to move out and live with her girlfriend which survived around three months before Ava had called it a day. Her girlfriend had proved much too demanding in the bedroom.

“You’re gay?” asked Alicia.

“Sure but I also like guys so I guess I’m what you would call bi-sexual or ‘bi’ for short.”

“Ava, I think you are going to fit in here just fine. We all have a high regard for sexual awareness whether it be straight or gay. We’re a pretty liberated household.”

“Well, it’s good to hear that Alicia, as my vibrator is kinda noisy so I hope it won’t intrude too much.”

“I doubt that it’s any louder than when Jennifer cums during her Sunday morning sexual exercise period.”

“Mom,” cried Jennifer, blushing furiously, she continued, “I think that’s my cue for bed.” With that, she kissed her parents goodnight, blew a kiss at Tommy and left the room.

Ava yawned and said, “I’m pretty bushed myself, so, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bed as well.” She wished them all a good night’s sleep, again thanking Alicia and Jason for allowing her to stay and went to her room.

“Well, I guess honey that we ought to leave Tommy on the couch so his right hand can get to work before he too falls asleep.”

“Jason, don’t be so mean to your son. I’m sure he won’t mind spending some time in our bed tonight. The thought of our ravishing cousin playing with her pussy, alone in her room, down the corridor from me, has made my pussy tingle. After all the recent events I think it high time that we had some serious sex of our own. Don’t you agree, honey?”

“Sure, honey, providing Tommy is willing to miss some sleep.”

“You’re sure about this… mom… dad?”

“We are if you are, son?”

In reply Tommy got up, kissed his mother on the lips and made his way upstairs to the bathroom. He quickly showered, allowing his parents some time to prepare for bed. When he eventually walked into their bedroom Jason was lying on the left side of the bed with Alicia in the middle.

This left room for Tommy to lie on the right hand side. He guessed that mom was going to be the ‘meat in their sandwich.'”

Once Tommy was in bed under the light sheet, Alicia rolled onto her left side and played out a long passionate kiss with Tommy allowing him to become relaxed with what was a delicate situation. Meanwhile, Jason was busy with his fingers between Alicia’s legs. His tongue explored her ears, his lips planted long lingering kisses on her neck and shoulders. Her breasts were Tommy’s area of expertise as he teased her nipples to full arousal using just the palms of his hands, lifting and weighing her large globes, pressing and gently squeezing them to send waves of pleasure to her sensitive clitoris.

‘Oh, my word,’ she thought, ‘this is so erotic. The two, most loved, men in my life are pleasuring my body and it feels incredible.’

Alicia grasped the circumsized cock of her son and rhythmically moved her hand up and down his turgid shaft. She still could not believe the size of him and how much pleasure she had received from it on the previous occasion that they had sex. It was time for some illegal bahis siteleri more pleasure. She was wet between her thighs. Tommy felt her position the head of his cock at her entrance and pushed closer to her. Alicia’s right hand moved around to pull Tommy’s buttocks towards her and impale herself on his engorged penis. As the bulbous, purple gland slipped easily inside her she gasped audibly, “Aghh, sweetheart, that feels sooo good. I’m so full it hurts sooo wonderfully.”

Tommy passionately kissed his mother, probing her mouth with his tongue and entwining it with hers. ‘God,’ he thought, ‘this is so amazing. Keep it slow or you’re gonna cum too soon.’ He pressed his prick deep into her vagina, feeling every inch of her pink, velvety smoothness; her warmth and wetness enticing him to ejaculate in a continuously erotic, pleasure explosion.

Jason threw back the bed sheet. It was much too hot and he wanted to witness his wife and son’s coupling.

He had long since been erect from the deft ministrations to his wife’s body. He toyed expertly with her wanton clitoris and his slick sticky fingers touched and probed her anal passage, first with one finger then with two fingers. He was even now aligning his slick cock, with its red bulbous head, to enter her rear channel. Alicia felt the head prod then slip inside her anus. In no time he thrust his cock to the opposite rhythm of his son’s. Both men experienced the touch of each other’s prick through the delicate skin membrane that separated her vagina and anus.

Who would cum first?

Alicia it was who cried out, “Yesss… oh, yesss,” as she orgasmed; warmth enveloped her lower abdomen rippling throughout her entire body. Almost simultaneously both men flooded her insides with hot spunk, drenching her internally. They continued pumping into her as she milked them with her vaginal and anal muscles.

“Oh my god, mom, that was so beautiful,” said Tommy, his prick deflating and slipping from her. He kissed and tightly embraced her sweat sheened body.

Jason also wrapped his arm around them both, lightly biting Alicia’s ear lobe and kissing her neck in appreciation of their erotic coupling.


That evening, while sitting in the lounge, Ava and Jennifer had been considering making more than just eye contact. At one point, they both left the room to use the bathroom. Both entered the same downstairs bathroom.

Unashamedly, Ava sat on the toilet bowl with her cut-offs and delicate pink, lace thong, around her ankles; the only sound in the room was the delicate tinkling of running water. Her deep blue eyes locked with Jennifer’s own misty gray eyes.

As the tinkling sound ceased, Jennifer bent and whispered close to Ava’s ear, “Let me wipe you.”

She reached for the toilet paper, unraveled some tissue paper from the wall holder and kneeling on the floor in front of Ava she used the paper to wipe her glistening pussy lips. Her lips puffed up to her tender touch. Her lips ached for more attention; much more attention. Leaning forward, Jennifer placed a hand on each of Ava’s warm, silken, naked thighs, leaning further forward, her face level with Ava’s, her hair shrouding their faces, she gently kissed her lips. Jennifer’s senses reeled as the room filled up with Ava’s jasmine scent.

With both hands Ava took hold of Jennifer’s face and lifted her lips away from hers. She whispered, “That was the most erotic kiss I have ever experienced. Now it’s your turn to pee.”

They swapped places and Jennifer let a stream of water run into the bowl.

“My turn,” said Ava, wrapping a wad of toilet tissue around her fingers. Stepping in front of Jennifer and leaning across her she rested her left hand on the low window ledge, then leaned down to run her tissue wrapped hand up and down Jennifer’s lewd, wet slit. Jennifer gasped inwardly at this most intimate contact, her eyes locked with Ava’s and she mewled in the back of her throat. Ava flicked her head and her hair cascaded into Jennifer’s face. She allowed the wet tissue to drop from her fingers into the bowl but continued to subtly rub Jennifer’s outer labia.

Up and down, up and down. Ava’s thumb flicked her clitoris then rubbed gently, expertly, at her opening slit. Her clitoris took on a new slickness. An aroused opening that became sensitive to all of her sexual senses. Now, Jennifer’s mewling turned to a guttural groan of pleasure. Jennifer lifted up her arms and used both hands to cup the most exquisite ass she had ever felt. The orbs she held were firm but soft, they felt warm but cool in the night air, smoothness and roundness combined to arouse her just from her touch. Jennifer drew Ava towards her and let both hands drift slowly down her thighs to the back of each knee. Her fingers trailed a delicate web of intricate patterns behind her knees.

Ava’s knees buckled under this erogenous zone onslaught, her Mons inches from Jennifer’s face. A tongue snaked out and lashed her clitoris then penetrated her inner folds. Ava’s sexual canlı bahis siteleri senses were alive, her clitoris on fire, she pressed her lower abdomen into Jennifer’s face and came so hard it felt like an explosion in her mind.

“Aghhhhh,” she cried out, stifling the cry with her free hand. Floating down from this surprising orgasm her deep blue eyes spoke volumes as she gazed mistily back at Jennifer.


Now, as Jennifer shut her bedroom behind her, she had an overwhelming impulse to hold Ava in her arms and never let her go.

‘Ava,’ she thought, ‘I do believe that you’re changing my life.’


Jennifer couldn’t sleep. Apart from the noise of sex from her parent’s bedroom, she couldn’t erase the picture in her mind of Ava in the toilet leaning over her and expertly rubbing her wet, sensitive, pussy lips with her fingers.

At some point Jennifer must have dozed off; then, while lying on her back, she awoke. She was aware of someone standing next to her double bed.

Ava whispered, “I’ll leave if you don’t want me here but I don’t believe you’ll send me away.”

Jennifer felt the presence of Ava’s body depress the mattress next to her and she moved over to allow Ava more room. The coolness of her new space provided proof to her that she was not dreaming. Ava’s refreshed jasmine scent pervaded her senses with a joy that she was sharing the same bed with someone to whom she was becoming very attracted.

Jennifer whispered, “Ava?”

There came a whispered reply, “Yes, Jennifer?”

“I don’t ever want to send you away. In fact, I think I’m beginning to fall in love with you.”

“It could just be lust that you feel towards me.”

“Then let’s lust together,” Jennifer replied.

“Where shall we start?”

“Kiss me but kiss me passionately. Show me that you care.” Throwing off the covers, Jennifer rolled onto her side to face Ava. Her right arm snaked out and tightened around Ava’s curvaceous back.

Jennifer held warm, naked, smooth skin. “My god, Ava you’re naked in my bed. You really do care for me don’t you?”

Ava said nothing. She inched closer, and, holding Jennifer’s face in both hands, she planted a kiss of immeasurable sensitivity on Jennifer’s pliant lips. Ava’s overwhelming passion producing a single tear that slowly rolled down her cheek. Her moisture mingled with the light sheen of rising passion forming on Jennifer’s face.

She moved across to straddle Jennifer; continuing to kiss her inflamed lips with an increasing intensity that had Jennifer gasping. Ava’s lips lifted from Jennifer’s lips and they moved first to her neck and throat then inched their way down to find her right nipple. It stood hard and proud to the delight of her wet tongue that circled her large, pink areola producing a visual spiders web effect and stoked a fire within Jennifer’s clitoris. Hot lips clamped onto her nipple and tugged sending a signal of sensuous arousal to her already inflamed clit. Jennifer’s hands clenched the bed sheet.

Ava released the nipple then shifted her hands, maneuvering her body to align her lips with Jennifer’s other nipple. This was grasped lovingly between Ava’s teeth. Jennifer’s body shivered.

Ava slowly moved down over Jennifer’s prone body. Her lips kissing and her tongue licking their way between Jennifer’s cleavage down over her rib cage and the hollows of her tummy to caress and excite an area just above her shaven Mons. She sensed an aroma of sweet muskiness. She pushed aside Jennifer’s thighs to allow her access to her pleasure button and the seeping moisture from her wanton slit.

Her hands caressed and squeezed Jennifer’s large breasts. Occasionally, rhythmically tugging on her nipples; holding them between her index and forefingers, eliciting a groan from Jennifer’s continually open mouth.

Ava did not immediately lash Jennifer’s wanton slit with her tongue but grazed delicate kisses around her surrounding inner thighs getting closer and closer on each circuit to her puffy labia. When eventually her tongue licked her slit up and over her sensitive clitoris Jennifer lifted her beautiful bottom from the sweat stained bed sheets, groaning her gratitude. A barrier was breached and moisture leaked steadily onto Ava’s tongue which lapped the delicious nectar from Jennifer’s tender, inflamed cunt.

Her tongue delved into the innermost folds of her darkest, pink flesh.

Jennifer moaned and writhed in ecstasy.

Ava moved her left hand down to touch and hold open the hood cloaking Jennifer’s clitoris. Her tongue snaked out and tickled the sensitive bud that bloomed within. Her right hand now fingered the sensitive area between her cunt and puckered dark brown hole. As her juices wept down to her anus Ava used the moisture to lubricate her secret hole eliciting an intense moan from Jennifer.

Her finger eventually swept round her puckered hole and penetrated her anus.

Pushing her finger back and forth and lashing her clitoris with her tongue soon had Jennifer writhing to a sensual sexual release. Jennifer’s body twice jerked and shuddered as she moaned into her pillow. Wave after wave of fiery pleasure swept through her belly, radiating throughout her body to the tips of her toes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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