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Halloween plays into the family fun in this chapter. Costumes are always fun, especially when they lead to mistaken identity!

Be warned, there’s sibling and mother/son incest along with uncle/niece fun. Also a little wife sharing threesome. Not interested? There are other stories for you.

“Why are you such a pain in the ass?!” Bobby shouted at his sister.

“I’m a pain? You’re nothing but trouble brother!” Holly spat back. “Why don’t you just stay in the city and let us enjoy life?”

Karin buried her head in her hands as her two children stomped off in opposite directions.

Once we were alone I stroked the back of her neck, “Don’t worry about it, baby. They’ll grow out of it some day.”

She looked up at me, “But they’re both adults, legally! One on one, they’re both friendly and pretty mature, it’s just when they’re together… I just want them to get along.”

I had to admit, it was puzzling. There was just a sibling rivalry barrier between the two kids, both of whom were reasonable young adults when apart. Of course, unknown to each other, both had unexpectedly starred in their mother’s most indiscreet and intimate sexual escapades in the last few months.

I sipped on my wine and thought about her problem.

“If there was just a way to wave a magic wand and make them see each other for the wonderful people that they are,” she sighed.

An idea began to form in my mind, “Magic wand, huh?”

Karin looked intently at me, “And just what devious idea are you percolating over there, lover?”

I walked over and sat next to her on the couch. Brushing her hair back with my hand, I smiled. “Well, sweet lady, your use of the term ‘magic wand’ just gave me a little seed of an idea. Because your son has one, and your daughter has shown a mastery of one, at least in my case. I’m just thinking…”

Her eyes widened, “Oh my god, Mike, does everything have to be sexual with you?”

“I’m just saying, let’s think about this. Look at how well you get along with Bobby since you fulfilled his fantasy about making love to his mom. And has Holly ever been so well-behaved as she has since she played ‘dress up like Mommy’?”

“Well… no…”

“I’m just thinking, if they were to discover how wonderful they were as lovers, if they became lovers, maybe that would improve their relationship.

She was shaking her head, but she was also listening. I knew that her mind was working over the fledgling idea, and waited as she thought.

“I just don’t see a way. If either of them sees me, or us, with the other, it’ll just incite more of this resentment. And there’s no way I’m going to talk them into bed together!”


Karin turned back to me, brushing a lock of her hair back. “Unless?”

“Unless they don’t know who they’re in bed with.” My mind was spinning through ideas, all of which had me hardening as I pictured Holly’s legs spread, her sweet shaven pussy dripping with arousal. Not an unusual condition for me in my sister in law’s home.

“That might be a challenge.”

“Challenge accepted, with all of the escapades going on in your house this year, seems like a natural progression to me. Give me a couple weeks, I’m coming back in town and we’ll have fun with the kids.” Then as I pictured my calendar, I had to laugh.

“What?” she smiled

“What’s in 3 weeks?”

She thought for a second, and her smile grew, “Halloween.”


This might not be so hard after all, I decided.

Two days before the holiday, we had a rough plan. It seemed do-able, and though there was always a chance that it would fall apart, we were driven by our own lust to make it happen. Our planning always took place right before, or during, or after a hot fuck session. Often my cock would be resting in their mother’s pussy, and I would punctuate ideas as I drove deep inside.

It would drive Karin crazy, shooting my cum inside her while describing her son doing the same to his sister.

“Oh baby, when Bobby cums in Holly’s pussy, they’re going to be so turned on that they’ll forget their little feud.”

The groundwork was laid for days. Karin had prepared the costumes, we had prepared the deception, and I was pretty sure that we had a good plan. But no plan is perfect. That just made it more exciting.

“So, mother, what are your plans tonight?” Holly asked, looking pointedly at me. I smiled at her, admiring the short skirt of her slutty nun outfit, her thigh-high stockings and garters visible beneath. I was dying to get a glimpse of the panties hidden between those young thighs.

My brother, George, had raised objections to the skimpiness of my niece’s costume, but to no avail. The women ran this house, that was apparent.

“Well, your dad and I are just going to hang out with Uncle Mike and hand out candy. We have a little haunted house set up in the garage, so we’re going to put on some scary stuff for the kids.”

Karin pointed to her witch costume, that with the short black skirt, and the outfits illegal bahis that George and I would be wearing. “Dad will be the grim reaper, and Mike will be the chainsaw killer.”

“Ooh, scary,” Holly yawned. “Well, have fun, Brenda and I are headed down to the Washburn’s, always the best party around.”

“I think your brother is planning on being there too, be nice, please?”

“As nice as I can be,” Holly replied, just a little sarcasm in her tone.

What Holly failed to notice was that her costume and her mother’s were remarkably similar. In fact, below the waist they were to be pretty much identical. Right down to the garters and panties, and black heels.

And she wouldn’t have known that her mother had a perfectly smooth pussy for the first time, smoother even than her own. Karin had surprised me with a delicious waxed cunt when I had arrived, just beautiful. When I finished slurping at her for a half hour, she explained that she had let Bobby rub lotion on it for her after the waxing, and since had fed her son between her thighs and felt his lust explode inside her. So, aside from the mother’s more generous ass, my sweet sister in law and my sweeter niece were twins below the waist this Halloween.

After Holly had headed out, we put the final touches on the setup in the garage, and went in to put on our costumes. George finished first and was mixing us all drinks. Though we hadn’t been flaunting our affair since he had had his wife fulfill his cuckold fantasy that winter night, he always gave us plenty of time together. Karin said that he couldn’t wait to fuck her after she had been with me. I was sure he was clued in.

“Damn,” Karin fumed.

“What’s the problem?” George asked.

“This skirt is a mess, I can’t get it right. My garters and panties keep getting snarled.” As he started to step towards her, she turned to me, “can you give me a hand, Mike?” Back to her husband, “it’s ok, honey, your brother is pretty good with my panties.”

A small shock registered with him, but quickly turned to a half-smile as Karin pulled the skirt above her waist, revealing an amazing pair of black lace panties, the panel hugging her trimmed blonde bush, the garment disappearing into her crack as it tapered to a thong that twisted as it rode up between her smooth pale ass cheeks.

“Um, yeah. Go ahead, Mike.” He said softly, a noticeable excitement in his tone.

Karin approached me and turned her back. I squatted down to free the lining of the skirt from one of the garter clips, straightening out the costume. Leaning in, I inhaled the delicious fragrance of her pussy and ass, then slipped my fingers inside her thong to straighten it.

Looking at her husband, Karin said to me, “Thanks, big brother. Could you just make sure my thong is centered? I wouldn’t want my butthole to show if anybody gets a look up my skirt tonight!”

I slowly pulled the strap from deep in her ass, playing my fingers up and down the valley. “I think you might need a little lubrication here, Karin.” I pushed her, making her bend over and put her hands on a chair, then leaned in and ran my tongue slowly from the rear of her vagina up the path of the thong, stopping to wetly tongue her anus before finishing with the panties back in place.

I stepped back. Karin still stood supporting herself on the chair, her ass still exposed, the groove now encasing the thong, and glistening with my saliva. George was in front of her now, leaning back against the refrigerator. “Mike, I think you might need to use something a little bigger to spread that lube, and maybe you can smear something more slippery on me?”

George held his breath in anticipation, Karin waited. I stepped back up to her, grasped the sides of my sweet sister in law’s panties, and pulled them slowly over her cheeks, leaving them just below her ass. A tiny drop of drool hung from her labia, it grew as she oozed excitement.

I unzipped my jeans and opened my belt, withdrawing my almost erect cock. Grasping it in my palm, I eased forward until it just touched her cool flesh. A quiet moan of anticipation escaped Karin’s lips. I slowly pushed deep between her thighs, then up forcefully against her pussy, feeling the smoothness of her lips, the heat of her core, and the slick lube of her cunt.

I was iron-hard now, and forced myself hard up against her crotch, lifting her to her toes, then dragged my cock back, the shaft sliding between her labia, then escaping from between her thighs, up behind her now, feeling the soft smooth flesh of her ass embracing my slimy head as I did her bidding and left a slick wet streak of both of our lubes up the groove. When I felt the puckered indentation of her anus, I lingered to massage my cockhead around that opening, eliciting a louder groan from her.

Karin lifted her head again and looked at her husband. In a pleading tone, she asked, “do we have time?”

He stood paralyzed. She repeated herself, just a little louder, a little more desperate, “do we have time, do we have time to fuck, George?”

My illegal bahis siteleri brother nodded silently. Karin spread her legs wider, bent her knees slightly, opening herself to me.

“Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me quick!”

I didn’t need to be told the second time, I was already aligning my cock with Karin’s sweet pussy, her lips gapped apart and glistening in the kitchen light. I drove into her, loving the sound of her heavy sigh as I filled her canal, that “Uuuhhh” sound that carried a mix of need and lust and satisfaction. Then as I began to fuck her, driving hard inside, withdrawing only to drive back harder, the sound turned to a pattern “Uh Uh Uh Uh…” The chair squeaked with each thrust as it inched across the floor.

The entire time, she and her husband stared into each other’s eyes, both entranced by their mutual fantasy.

“Are you ok, honey?” my brother asked his wife.

“Oh my god yes, Oh George, he’s fucking me! His cock is sooo deep inside me! And he’s not wearing a condom! Are you going to let him cum in me?”

My brother’s mouth moved, but nothing came out.

“Suck his cock, Karin,” I ordered her. George looked up quickly, his eyes wide. Karin looked up to him and, after giving me a glance, opened her mouth wide.

I nodded at George, and he stepped forward, freeing his cock at the same time. He was probably harder than I was, he really enjoyed seeing his wife’s slut persona in action.

He stepped up, and Karin grasped his shaft, guiding it to her lips. She began to suck at the very tip, and I saw her tongue begin to rim around the edge. George closed his eyes and, unable to control himself, drove into his wife’s mouth.

“Uungh!” Karin gagged and through her pussy I felt her body spasm. She instinctively pulled back from the throat-full of cock, but I drove her hard from behind and her husband buried his cock fully into her.

He withdrew, and Karin gasped for breath before he drove back into her, and his eyes opened to watch as he erupted into his sweet wife’s throat. Karin had had some experience in handling a face fucking in the year that we’d been lovers, and it turned her on to feel the release of a cock between her lips. I could feel her pussy begin the familiar dance of her orgasm. This was her first time with two cocks, and it was obvious that she was loving it, the good Catholic wife had progressed to being spit-roasted by her husband and his brother.

She gulped and groaned as he emptied his balls into her, holding her head against him. At the same time she bucked back against me, cumming on my cock, her thighs shuddering with her climax.

As her husband pulled his dripping cock from between her lips, she lowered her chest, arching that sweet ass for me to enjoy, and I began to long-stroke her. Her husband just watched, unconsciously stroking his still-hard cock.

I was just approaching my own climax when we heard the doorbell. The trick-or-treaters were here. George grinned, “I’ll get that, you two just finish up here.” But Karin had already jumped up and spun around, startled and trying to compose herself. That broke my concentration, and she giggled as my rod began to wilt. She leaned over and gave it a kiss and a quick suck.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this later,” she laughed, and ran to the door, opening it to find a porch-full of toddlers. “Trick or treat!” they shouted to the lady with cum on her breath, and soaked thong riding between her legs.

Meanwhile, George had opened up the garage door, revealing the mini haunted house we’d set up for the older kids. It was just a few little passageways with black sheets draped to hide the surprises; a skeleton, some ghosts, and a few other scary props. We had a background recording with screams and moans, and we each occupied a hidden corner to surprise the kids.

As the evening wore down, the visits became fewer and we had more time for cocktails. Karin began to tease more and more, flashing her panties, slipping a breast from her top, sitting on our laps. She told me later that she’d mistaken one of the neighborhood dads for me, and had given him a nice bend-over panty flash. As he stood frozen in surprise, she’d turned and given his cock a squeeze, only realizing her mistake when a flash of light illuminated his shocked expression.

She smiled and confided, “I just might have to give him a little pussy some day, wouldn’t be fair to leave him with that tease. Maybe I should go give him a quick visit while we’re waiting?”

Another group of kids interrupted her thought, and the neighbor was spared the attack of my sweet sister in law.

Later in the evening, Holly came home, apparently the party was kind of a flop. She seemed to have a nice buzz and flirted with me a little dangerously in front of her parents. I tried to give her a little warning, and she pouted and walked past me, but whispered, “you get enough candy, Uncle Mike?” She reached under her skirt, and brought her finger to my nose. “Don’t forget how sweet your little niece is!”

The canlı bahis siteleri scent of her had me hard instantly, and I hoped I’d get a chance to get a taste of her as well. She headed to the couch to text her friends

When George decided to turn in early, our plan got easier. He’d be a major obstacle if he was around, even as a cuckold, I doubted that he’d approve of his kids being involved in our deviant play.

A short time later, Holly’s brother came in.

He was disappointed in the party as well, but very happy to see his mom, especially dressed as she was. He was a little frustrated that Holly and I were around, no doubt he was craving some Mommy time.

To help us in our scheme, I mixed some heavy drinks for all of us. When Holly suggested shots, Karin and I smiled at each other, now sensing the pieces falling into place.

Our plot to get the kids together wasn’t completely planned out, we had to play the hand we were dealt, so we were just looking for opportunity. And doors were opening for us.

I could tell Bobby was hoping that I’d be headed to bed soon, so that he could find a way to get his hands on his mom. When he asked where his dad was, Karin told him that he was in the room over the garage, so he was playing a waiting game.

The kids were pretty buzzed when Karin and I decided that now was our chance. As the two women headed into the kitchen, Karin told Holly that her uncle was wondering if she’d give him a hand in the garage, but remember that her dad was in earshot, she needed to be quiet. She found me in the garage and slipped into my arms.

As we kissed, she rubbed her tummy against my cock, “Mmm, there’s that fat uncle Mikey dick I was thinking about.”

“Shhh,” I pointed up. She got the drift, she needed to keep quiet, her dad was close by. Over Holly’s shoulder, Karin smiled at me. In one way, I hoped the plan fell apart. If Holly didn’t have her brother’s cock in her that night, I was happy to be on deck.

I convinced the drunken teen that I needed some help disassembling one of our displays, and she needed to basically lay across the back of an old couch to reach it. Her upper body was partially concealed by a black sheet she was reaching under.

If she hadn’t been so drunk, she might have questioned the whole stupid idea, but… she was.

So, I had her bent over, reaching down to pull a bunch of ties apart, and there was that perfect ass, barely visible as it peeked from beneath the tiny skirt in the black shrouded garage. Could she pass for her mom? I had to believe that anybody lucky enough to see this lovely teen’s legs, in black stockings and garters, her ass protruding as she bent over, wouldn’t really be questioning who they belonged to.

I couldn’t resist, and flipped the skirt up over her back, and eased my face into her panties, intoxicated by the scent of her. She giggled, and again I shushed her. “I’ll be back in a minute,” I whispered and quickly headed past a smiling Karin into the house.

Bobby was on the couch, and I walked past him towards the guest room. “Hey, your mom wants you to help her with the haunted house out in the garage,” I told him. He was up in a flash, “she told me to remind you that your dad’s up in the frog, so you need to be quiet.”

He grinned at me, “Ok, thanks Uncle Mike.”

My nephew was out the door in a flash, following his cock towards what he believed was his mom. He didn’t notice me following at a discrete distance.

I slipped out into the garage and hid with Karin behind a pile of boxes as Bobby moved through the garage, and that sweet ass bent over the couch took him no time to home in on.

As I had, the youth eased his face down between his sister’s thighs and began to nuzzle at her pussy, barely concealed in the sheer black satin. Holly hummed and wiggled her ass in appreciation. I really expected the kid to rip his pants off and drive into what he believed to be his mom’s heavenly slit, but she had taught him patience, and he took his time.

I couldn’t see clearly, but it was obvious that he was giving his sister’s slick pussy some concentrated attention, licking and sucking, his face moving up and down her ass crack. He pulled the panties aside, and seemed to drive his tongue deep into her, eliciting a gasp from Holly, and she reached back to pull his head to her.

Now he worked up and down, reaching deep between her thighs, and as her body jerked, he must have focused on her clit. Her hand left his head, and tugged on one side of the panties now. Bobby took a pause, and slid the tiny garment down his sister’s legs, and they ended up dangling from one of her ankles.

Her brother dove back in, driving his face deep into her, as Holly’s legs spread even farther. She began to buck against him, and when he reached down to slide his thumb into her pussy, she began to grunt quietly. His face now moved up and I knew that he was remembering that his mom appreciated the attention of a tongue in her asshole.

Everybody in this family really seemed to enjoy the stimulation of anal, and that lit Holly off. She arched her back, presenting that perfect ass to her brother’s tongue, and her hips began to rotate as she climaxed on her brother’s face, we could hear her sobbing quietly now.

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