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Grabbing his mother’s panties, the ones he had had left a load in that morning, Tom headed downstairs to ask for his Speedo back. He told his mother he needed his Speedo for swim practice in the afternoon. With a conspiratorial smile Suzie put one foot up on his chair giving her son an up close view of her pussy. She opened the front of her robe, pulled her thong to the side and reached her fingers into her pussy and pulled his Speedo out.

Taking his Speedo from her he handed his mother the sticky panties he had cum in that morning. She smiled and giving his cum a small lick stuffed her panties up her pussy replacing the Speedo. Putting her thong back in place she grabbed Tom’s cock and giving it a hard squeeze and little tug wished him a good day at school.

When Tom left for his classes Suzie took her robe off and put on a bra. She enjoyed doing her housework in her bra and panties. And today she had a bonus. She had cum filled panties stuffed up her vagina.

Suzie finished her housework and was about give her pussy a good workout with her vibrator when her sister, Ellen, dropped by. Ellen was almost the spitting image of Suzie but 2 years older. They were best friends and told each other everything, even Suzie’s escapades with Tom.

When Suzie told Ellen about stuffing the cum filled panties up her pussy Ellen said she wanted to see. Suzie pulled her thong down and sat on the couch. Ellen got between her knees, put her fingers in her sister’s pussy and slowly pulled the panties out of her pussy.

She quickly pulled her own panties down and stuffed Suzie’s wet sticky panties up her own pussy. Then she leaned over and dove onto Suzie’s clitoris taking it into her mouth and sucking as she swirled her tongue around. With a little finger fucking Ellen brought Suzie to a quick climax. They had been sucking clits and getting each other off for years.

As Ellen was leaving she pulled her panties off and handed them to Suzie asking if she could get her son to leave a deposit. Suzie bahis firmaları wasted no time in stuffing them up her cunt. She wondered if Tom would even notice the different panties.

Suzie and Ellen had arranged to meet for dinner. After putting on a light skirt and blouse with a pair of her favorite silky panties and sheer bra there was only one thing left to do. As she was saying goodbye to her son she lifted her skirt up and pulled the front of her panties down. Then grabbing Tom’s cock she pulled it up close to her pussy and started pumping.

It didn’t take long before he shot his cum into her panties while she was wearing them. Now she was ready. She pulled her panties back up and could feel the cum squishing around her pussy lips. What could be better than cum squishing around her pussy. Suzie straightened her skirt and blouse said goodbye to her son and went out the door to meet her sister.

When they met for dinner Suzie told Ellen that she was wearing panties filled with Tom’s fresh cum. Ellen had to see for herself. Making a quick trip to the bathroom Suzie pulled her panties down a bit while Ellen put her fingers in and scooped up some cum to rub on her own pussy.

As they left the restaurant they arranged for Ellen and her daughter, Jane, to come over on Saturday afternoon for some swimming. Jane and Tom were nearly the same age and had grown up together spending many summers in Suzie’s pool. And Jane was also on Tom’s swim team so they spent a lot of time together.

Saturday morning Ellen called and said she and Ellen were shopping at Ikea and their car had broken down. She asked if Suzie and Tom would come rescue them. After loading the boxes in the car there were only 3 seats left. He was only wearing his gym shorts and Tom knew he was probably tempting fate, but he volunteered to let Jane sit on his lap. It was only a few miles to Ellen’s house.

Tom got in the back seat and Jane sat on his lap straddling his legs and he immediately started getting an erection. kaçak iddaa He could feel Jane’s pussy pressing down on his cock. Jane could tell he was getting a boner and decided to help matters along. She started sliding her hips over his cock. She was really getting in to it when Tom slid his hand down the front of her shorts.

As he pushed his hand down he could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. His fingers brushed over the small tuft of pubic hair and found her clitoris. When he began rubbing her clit she pushed her pussy down harder on his cock. As they neared her house Jane had an orgasm. With her mother and aunt sitting in the front seats she couldn’t do much more than give a small shudder. When the car pulled to a stop she reached between her legs and gave the tip of Tom’s cock a good squeeze and thanked him for the ride.

Looking down at his gym shorts Tom could see where Jane’s pussy had leaked her juices on him. Luckily he was wearing dark shorts and the wet spot wouldn’t show much. But he had to use the Ikea boxes to hide his erection.

After they finished unloading the Ikea boxes Ellen and Jane got their swimming stuff. There was plenty of room in the car now so Tom didn’t have a chance to feel his cousin up.

Jane was wearing her Speedo so Tom decided to wear his Speedo too. Jane, being on the swim team, was used to seeing the boys in Speedos, but Tom knew his mother liked seeing him in one. He wondered if his Aunt Ellen would too. Just thinking about his aunt looking at the bulge in his suit started to make him hard.

Jane, like all the girls on the swim team, wore her Speedo about 3 sizes too small (for that matter so do the boys). The leg openings on each side of her suit came up to her hip bones. And the suit was pulled up so tight against her pussy that her camel toe was clearly visible. Tom could see her nipples poking out making him want to give them a quick lick. The back of the suit might as well have been a thong looking like a big wedgie between her cheeks.

Tom kaçak bahis asked Jane if she shaved her pubic hair. She told him of course, all the girls do. The front of the suit is so narrow she had to shave all but a thin strip above her pussy. She grabbed Tom’s hand and slid in the side of her suit just above her mound. It was smooth but I could tell she left a small tuft at the top of her pussy. She then stuck her hand down the front of his suit to see If he shaved. His dick jumped at the feel of her hand.

Later when Ellen and Jane were getting dressed to go home Jane pulled Tom into the bathroom asking for help with something. She closed the door and pulled his Speedo off. Sitting him down on the edge of the bathtub she took her Speedo off and sat on his lap straddling him with her legs in the tub.

She began sliding her pussy up and down his shaft. After he was good and hard she lifted herself up and came back down on his cock ramming it all the way in her. She sat still for a moment then slowly started fucking him while he sucked on her tits. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his cum up her pussy while she ground her clit into his crotch. She was shaking when she came.

Slowly climbing off his shaft she reached down and grabbed his Speedo and proceeded to stuff it into her twat saying she didn’t want to lose any of his cum. Jane said he could have his Speedo on Monday at swim practice.

Getting dressed she leaned over and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. As she was leaving she stopped and turning around pulled her skirt up and slid her panties down. Handing them to Tom she told his he could hold them hostage until he got his Speedo back on Monday.

Tom stood up and pulled on Jane’s panties barely getting them over his cock. Jane looked at his cock straining to escape her panties. Seeing her cousin wearing her panties with his cock trying to escape was a real turn-on.

Kneeling down she took Tom’s cock in her mouth through panties and began licking and sucking. She pulled back just as he started to cum. Watching his cum oozing thru her panties she began licking and getting as much as she could. She told Tom she wanted her panties as gooey as possible when he returned them on Monday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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