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We frequently refer to the four-to-midnight shift as the ‘Swing’ shift. I don’t know for sure why but the name goes back to the nineteen forties; it might have something to do with the music popular at that time. Anyway, I had rotated back to Swings and was looking forward to visiting with Tina after my shift.

The shift went pretty much as expected. There were no problems or irregularities and not much left over from the Day shift that needed doing. So, we read our gauges, changed the charts in the recorders, toured, lubricated, sampled, measured, analyzed, adjusted and inspected as required. My relief showed up on time, we did a formal turnover and then I was out the door and, on my way, to see Tina.

It only took a few minutes to clear out through security, find my car in the lot and drive to the diner. Tina was behind the counter, as expected and she greeted me with a really big smile. She was wearing a new uniform that fit her better (I liked the old one). There was a couple eating at one of the tables; no other customers.

I took my usual seat at the counter while Tina filled a cup with coffee. She brought it over, putting it on the counter in front of me and then went up on tip-toes, leaning across the counter to give me a nice kiss. She smelled good.

“What will it be tonight?”

I said: “You, if I had things my way.”

Tina: “No, I meant to eat.”

Me: “Same answer.”

Tina giggled, remembering last Saturday, I hoped. “How about some waffles? You’re always doing omelets, all those eggs must be affecting your cholesterol.”

I agreed with her suggestion of the waffles. Tina was soon into the kitchen and back: “Only a few minutes.”

The couple that had been at the table were getting ready to leave. Tina went to the register and rang them up. After they left, she took a tray and bussed the table taking it into the kitchen. She had my order of waffles, with a nice slice of ham, when she came back.

I dug into the waffles with plenty of syrup. Tina drew herself a cup of coffee and sat herself on the stool next to me while I ate. “What are your plans for tomorrow?”

Me: “Sleep in, I guess. I have nothing else on my agenda.”

Tina: “Want some company?”

Me: “I’d love some, what time?”

Tina: “Don’t know for sure. I have to get the kids off to school. Just leave your front door unlocked and I’ll let myself in, ok?”

Me: “It will be hard for me to sleep knowing that you’re coming.”

Tina: “The ‘hard’ part I like. We’ll both be cumming once I get there.” I could only smile at that response.

By this time, I had finished the Waffles and my coffee. Tina took the dishes into the kartal escort bayan kitchen while I, as usual, went to the men’s room before my drive home. The coffee goes right through me. When I finished what I had to do I met Tina waiting for me outside the men’s room door. She presented me with one of her now, well known, whole-body hugs and kisses. Damn she felt good.

I followed her back into the main area where I picked up by tab from the counter. I took out my billfold and extracted some cash. Tina was waiting at the register.

I put some cash on the counter top while she rang up the sale. The idea of how much should I leave as a tip suddenly entered my mind. I must have looked confused because Tina then asked me: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “The tip, how much should I leave for a tip?”

Tina: “Just your usual, whatever you would be leaving if you weren’t having your wicked way with me.”

I put my usual three bucks on the counter. Tina said: “Thank You, sir. Have a good evening, I’ll be seeing you in the morning.”

I told her that I was really looking forward to seeing her and drove on home. I showered and went to bed. I did not sleep well until the wee hours.

I never heard her come in. I became aware of Tina’s presence when I felt her warm, soft and naked breasts pushed up against my face. She had come into my bedroom, gotten herself undressed and into bed. I had been sleeping on my side and she had put herself down on the bed, facing me just high enough that my face lined up with her cleavage. Wow, this was a great way to wake up!

Tina had gone home after her shift. She fed and got her kids off to school then showered and headed to my apartment. Her mom would be home when the kids got back from school so, she was free to spend most of the day here. I had to go back to work for my Swing shift but, we had a few hours to relax, snooze and fuck. Not necessarily in that order.

I mumbled a ‘good morning’ and snuggled closer, burying my face as deep as I could.

Tina had both arms around my head pulling me to her. I began to rub and scratch her back as we enjoyed each other. I encouraged her to roll over on top of me; bad decision. As soon as Tina was on top of me, she slid down slightly so that she could kiss me as she pressed her pubic area down on me. That made me realize that I really had to pee. I had my usual morning erection going, enhanced by Tina’s ministrations but I really had to pee.

Me: “Uh, I ‘gotta’ go to the bathroom.”

Tina slid off me retaking a position on her side facing me: “Does having to pee cause the morning wood, or does the morning wood cause you to have to pee?”

I escort maltepe didn’t have an answer to that question, so I just shrugged. Tina watched me get up and said: “Hurry back, and lose the shorts.”

I hustled off to the bathroom. If anyone was looking, they would have seen a new worlds record time for taking a piss, washing my hands and brushing my teeth. I shed the shorts on the way back to bed and was soon back under the covers snuggled up against Tina. She really felt good.

Tina pressed herself up against me once again. We were facing each other once more when she reached down and grabbed my cock. I was fully erect just from her nearness and her hand felt really good. I reached down with intent to finger her pussy, but her arm was blocking the way. Dilemma; if I move her arm, she won’t be holding my cock and that feels so good, or should I find something else to do with my hand? I opted to run my hand up and down her back a few times and then grab a handful of her fine ass. Now my cock felt good and my hand felt good!

“I have an idea. “Tina announced as she abruptly dropped my manhood and rolled over facing away from me. She snuggled back against me and managed to get my stiffness wedged in the crack of her ass. Now this really felt good. It also freed up access to her pussy so I quickly reached on down and found her moistness. She put her calf up on top of mine giving me better access and I soon located her magic button and began a gentle massage.

Tina was soon moaning softly; more like a purr than a moan. She thrust her ass back at me and whispered: “go inside me, go inside me now.”

I had to temporarily take my hand away from her pussy to guide my cock. I slid it under her crotch and along her dampness until I felt her opening. I pushed myself in as she rotated her hips back to better align us. I pressed on in and kept pushing until I was in as far as I could go. I quickly returned to the clit massage and Tina soon started to purr again. It was a slow, gentle fuck for about four or five minutes before Tina’s breathing started to get deeper and faster. I was starting to feel the effects of the stroking when Tina said: “On me, go with me, lets cum together.”

We rolled over together, me on top this time. Tina spread her legs and bent her knees a little giving me great access to fuck her. I continued to massage her clit as I pounded into her. Wow, this really felt good. Like all good things, the end was approaching. I think that Tina got there first, her hips started bucking with additional strength and the purr was more like a growl.

I peaked rapidly as she reacted; one great thrust put me pendik escort in as far as I could go. I unloaded a significant load into this fine woman. Tina continued to buck and thrust for another minute or so before finally calming down. She turned her head and kissed me with a smile: “Don’t leave me, just roll back over.”

We rolled back and I did manage to stay inside her. I was spent and Tina was warm and comfortable. She said: “I set your alarm for two-thirty, is that enough time for you to get to work?”

I mumbled that it was ok and we both drifted off to sleep.

The alarm went off promptly at two-thirty. I was no longer inside Tina although I was snuggled up behind her. Her butt still felt so good. And, as expected, I had to pee again. This was beginning to get annoying. Tina pushed the alarm to off and rolled back to face me. One quick closed mouth kiss and she was up and out of bed. There was enough afternoon light sneaking around my curtains that I got an excellent view of this beautiful naked woman. She quickly headed to the bathroom, I guess that she had to pee, too.

I headed for the bathroom when I heard the door open. We passed in the hall. We were both still naked. Tina said: “I better get dressed and head home and you’ve got to go to work.”

Me: “I was never really fond of putting away my toys. Can I interest you in some warmed up (Microwave) pasta?”

Tina: “No, I’ll get something when I get home; go pee before you have an accident.”

I went into the bathroom to do what I had to do. When I came out, Tina was standing in front of my kitchen stove cooking something in a frying pan. She was wearing a bra and panties but nothing else. I could see that she was frying a couple of eggs and there was a Kaiser roll on the counter.

Tina: “Why don’t you get dressed? I’ll handle things here. “

I smiled and headed back to the bedroom and put on some ‘go to work’ clothes. When I went back out to the kitchen, there was a fried egg sandwich on the table with a glass of Orange Juice. Tina gave me a quick kiss before heading back toward the bedroom. I sat and inhaled the sandwich. Tina was soon back wearing jeans and a sweatshirt; she still looked good!

Tina: “I’m off. I’ll be working tonight; will you be stopping by?”

I got up from the table and went to her. I gave her a nice kiss:” I can’t think of anything that I would rather do, with the exception of being in bed with you.”

Tina gave me one of her thrilling ‘whole-body-hugs’ before heading toward the stairs. I stopped her and said: “Thank you for my wakeup, thank you for putting me to sleep and thank you for the breakfast.”

Tina started to go but stopped again: “Your welcome and, by the way, the dirty dishes and frying pan are in the sink. Can I leave a toothbrush here?”

I told her that she could leave anything that she wanted here. Tina went home and I went to work. The dirty dishes could wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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