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Amachi you have a strange imagination, lol.

Special thanks to my editor.

All characters are over 18+


James sat in front of the TV his PlayStation 4 roared with a vengeance as the new board on Gundam Breaker 3 came on to the screen. He loved the anime from the original series, Z Gundam, X, Wing, 00 and so on. This love for the Japanese anime didn’t win him any points with the ladies. Our young protagonist never felt the warmth of a woman, nor the soft, hot, mind numbing pleasure they can offer. Which James didn’t really mind, to him video games made more sense than girls his age did. However, his friend Josh was the total opposite from James. James couldn’t remember a time when his friend didn’t have a girl on his arm. When Josh first had sex it was through him that James caught a glimpse of what adult life would be like.

Yet at the age of nineteen, James just didn’t see the fascination with the act. James heard a noise from the stairwell as his mother walked down the stairs. Her brunette hair was streaked with golden brown highlights that swayed with every step; her loose slip dress cascaded down the voluptuous body the sleek black fabric barely contained her 36DD breast. Her black stiletto heels highlighted her firm, toned legs as her heels clicked on the floor. His father soon followed after, dressed in his finest suits. James knew immediately what was going on. Three to four times a week his father would take out his mother. How he was proud of his father, making their nearly twenty year marriage work. He had never once heard them argue at least not in front of him anyways.

“James, baby you sure you’re okay staying home all by yourself? Wouldn’t you like to go out for a little fun?” Cindy asked leaning over the back of the couch as she rested his head between her breasts. “I’m sure a handsome young man like yourself can find a woman to take care of you,” she whispered into his ear as her hands roamed his chest.

“You know me Mom, I’m fine here,” James said, pausing the game as his mother tilted his head back. Her soft lips graced his forehead, trying to keep her dirty thoughts from spilling out. She knew it was wrong, knew how society would view her if it ever came to light that she lusted after her son. Seeing her son without a girlfriend for so long she knew it had to be her that took that cherry of his. Cindy just wished her son would take more than a brief glance at her and see the hot, wild, fuckable woman she truly is.

“You ready sweetheart?” Robert asked holding open her waistcoat for her. He knew all about her fetish that was centered on their son. Robert didn’t mind given what they both were in to. However, the thought of his wife fucking their son made his cock so hard he hoped it didn’t show. “Marshall, said they had a special treat for us for game night.”

“Oh, do they?” Cindy asked looking over her shoulder; that was their code for their swinging get togethers. “I wonder whatever could it be,” she mused as she slid her arms into her coat. “Baby, we’ll be back late so don’t you wait up okay. Promise me you’ll do something more than playing videogames all night,” Cindy said sweetly as she kissed his cheek, her fingertips skimmed along his jaw as she took her husband’s hand. It was Cindy that proposed the idea of swinging to her husband ten years ago. They both had enough of each other at the time, and divorce was thrown around during the many arguments they kept away from their son.

However, the question remained where could they go? They weren’t about to ask their closest friends if they wanted to swap spouses for the night. That was until Bethany, Josh’s mother, came to Cindy one night and told her about the affair her husband had with some woman; Bethany never divulged the woman’s identity to her. Yet it gave Cindy the opportunity to test the waters. The first time, they cuckold Bethany’s husband making him watch as she and Robert fucked his wife. Cindy was all too willing to help her friend to get back at her cheating husband. Since that night Marshall never once step out of line that Cindy knew of, he had even found two more couples that wanted to partake in the experience. Now every three or four days Cindy would get some ‘strange’ as her son’s friend had once called it.

“So I see you’re still at it dear? So you think it will be anytime soon?” Robert asked teasingly, smirking as he reaching over taking her hand as they a crossed the street. They didn’t see a need to drive when Marshall’s house was only a block away.

“Impatient aren’t we? If I didn’t know any better Robert, I’d say you were looking forward to watching me fuck our son,” Cindy said softly giggling as she snuggled up to her husband.

“Can you blame me? I’ve been on edge for months now wondering when he would catch on to the innuendoes you’ve been dropping,” Robert chuckled wrapping his arm around his wife’s waist.

“I know,” Cindy sighed heavily she didn’t think it would have taken so long. “So tell me, bahis firmaları what is this special treat Marshall mentioned?” she asked eager to hear what new thing the man had come up with.

“I don’t know he didn’t tell me he wanted it to be a surprise. Crap! Cindy did we log out of the laptop that’s connected to the TV?!” Robert asked in fear of their son coming upon their homemade porn movies of their encounters.

“No, I thought you did!” Cindy said her eyes going wide.

“Fuck! Do you want to go back?” Robert asked. As much as he liked the spouse swapping that didn’t necessarily mean he wanted his son to find out, at least not yet.

“No, no, that will only rouse suspicion and James isn’t a slow kid, Robert. I’ve seen him work on other’s peoples computers it wouldn’t take him long to hack the password,” Cindy said, yet in the back of her mind she hoped that he would. Just the thought of her son pleasuring himself to her as she fucked whoever it was on the video at the time. She could feel her slickness running down her canal as she pictured her son’s cock erupting because of her. How her mouth watered thinking of her son’s hot, youthful cum filling her ravenous mouth. Cindy could feel the wet spot growing the longer she fantasized about James’ cock. Pulling her husband along behind her she needed to be fucked and fucked now!

“Cindy!” Bethany cried joyfully as she answered the door. Her blonde hair flew through the air as she hugged her lifelong friend. Her 34D cup breasts pressed against Cindy’s threatening to spill out of each other’s corresponding undergarments. She knew Cindy was going to enjoy the surprise they had for her. When Cindy had first told her about the fetish she had. At first she was appalled at what her friend was telling her. Yet the more she thought about it the more she started to see how handsome her own son was. Then it happened when Marshall was out of town last week. She no longer cared if he slept around on her any longer. Not since Cindy had made love to her, those ten years ago.

However, on that hot, humid night Bethany was feeling rather horny and her dildo wasn’t cutting it. She needed something hard, something hot, some young stud plowing his cock into her throbbing cunt. That was when she thought of her son. She knew it was wrong, yet society saw their swinger parties as immoral as well. Bethany didn’t see the parties as anything wrong. In some aspects it had brought her and Marshall closer together. Yet her husband wasn’t there to relieve her itch. How her son was stunned to see her standing naked in his bedroom as he wanked on that cock of his. Bethany’s eyes flared as Josh’s cock stood so proudly. Due to Marshall’s prostate removal a few years ago he needed a certain pill to help him get it up. Since then well their sex life had been on a gradual decline not that she could blame Marshall. As much as she loved her husband she didn’t wish cancer on anyone. The days when she watched as he went through chemo were the hardest days of her life.

Bethany didn’t give her son any time to speak before her mouth was wrapped around that hard cock of his. How she moaned half the night as her son flooded her cunt over and over in his hot cum. Since then well Josh had adorned her bed as often as her husband did. Marshall even watched as she rode their son.

“Robert, go join the others I need to have a word with your wife for just a bit,” Bethany said winking at him. When she first fucked Robert she had no idea he had such a large package. How she couldn’t wait to get back on that nine inch cock of his, however, first she needed to have a little word with her friend.

“Don’t hog my wife for too long or I might have to come and join you,” Robert said jokingly as he entered her home.


James growled in annoyance as he died the tenth time on the new type setting. Tossing aside his controller knowing he was going to have to farm on extreme mode just to upgrade the parts for his suit to be able to handle new type. Sighing as he reached for the remote, hitting the input button as his phone beeped as a text came in. His eyes flew wide as the picture of his naked mother appeared on the screen; it wasn’t just one but a horde of photos.

“Oh my god baby, I’m so sorry, those were meant for your father!” Cindy lied as she leaned back in Bethany’s brown leather recliner feeling Josh’s cum oozing out of her. She had Josh take many assorted photos while he was fucking her. A sinister grin spread across her face wondering if they were having any effect on her son as Josh lay exhausted on the floor. She wasn’t even remotely satisfied yet. She didn’t doubt Josh’s ability, he had performed admirably, yet even the four grown men could never quench her fire. Yet she knew of one person that just might be able to do just that.

“Okay…then I’m just going to delete these then.” James typed out as he took a dry swallow as he stared at the picture of his mother spreading her labia giving the camera an excellent kaçak iddaa view of her canal.

“You don’t have to you know. You could keep them if you want, you could even…” Cindy sent back hoping her son took the bait.

“I could what?”

“You could masturbate to them if you wanted, it will be our little secret.” Cindy’s heart raced wondering if her son was even thinking about that; wondering if those pictures produced any kind of reaction in her son. “Though, if you do want to do that, I think a more lively form of me would be better for a young handsome man like you baby. Why don’t you turn the laptop on and watch those movies of me? You could even think of me riding your cock while that hand rubs that cock; or I could come home right now and give you something that feels better than a hand.”

“Mom, are you alright?! This doesn’t sound like you!” James sent back, yet his eyes lingered on the gray laptop that sat next to the TV. Looking down at the tent in his pajamas he knew it was wrong, yet how could he not get hard after he roamed through those multitude of photos.

“Oh, baby you have no idea what I sound like when you’re not around. So I have a question, did mama’s pictures get you hard? It’s okay if they did, you’re a growing boy baby and it’s perfectly natural. You can tell me James I won’t get mad if you did.” Cindy typed out hoping, just hoping that cock of his had indeed responded to her.

“Maybe.” James typed out with shaky hands.

“Show it to me baby. Show me my son’s hard cock! If you do I’ll give you a special treat.” Cindy sent back. Her nerves were on edge as this was the closest she has ever got her son to speak on the topic of sex; and she wasn’t about to pass it up not after months of her trying to garner his interest. Leaving Josh to the mercy of the other women in the room, and getting permission from Bethany to use her dildo, as she went off to make her son his present.

“Mom, this is getting weird.”

“It’s okay baby, it’s just you and I here no one needs to know about this.” Cindy typed out as she walked nude through Bethany’s house. First thing she needed to do was get rid of Josh’s cum that still hung on her labia. She didn’t want her son to see someone else’s sperm dripping out of her cunt. “So baby how about you show me that cock, hmmm? Trust me James you really want to see the treat I have for you.”

“Sigh alright; I don’t know why I’m doing this. How do you want me to do this Mom? It’s not like I take a lot of dick pics.”

“I’m assuming you’re still on the couch yes? Then all you need to do in pull down those pajamas, stretch out on the couch and snap a few photos of that cock baby. However, my offer to come home and show you what feels better than your hand still stands.” Cindy knew she was pushing her luck yet she had to try. The rubber dildo fell out of her hand as an array of her son’s cock filled her phone’s screen. How her mouth watered at the sight of James’ cock. “Oh, baby mama likes what she sees. Give mama a few minutes and you’ll have your treat.”

Cindy danced madly in Bethany’s bathroom her mirth fueling her limbs. Finally, she got what she had hungered for, for months now. Biting her lip as her fingers ran up and down the pixilated image of her son’s cock. Cindy jumped as a knock came upon the bathroom door.

“Cindy? Is everything okay?” Bethany asked through the door.

“Oh, most definitely!” Cindy said joyfully as she thrust her phone into Bethany’s face. “Look at it, doesn’t it look glorious,” she said in awe as her hand ran down her chest, cupping her left breast her eyes fluttered as she pinched her nipple.

“Oh my, your son does indeed have a mighty fine cock, Cindy. You don’t mind if I have my own spin on it do you?” Bethany asked licking her lips. She had watched James grow up alongside her own son. She knew how much Cindy wanted to take James’ virginity. Hell, she herself wanted that given how she hasn’t had a virgin cock since she was fourteen.

“Of course,” Cindy said giggling as she hugged her friend.

“So tell me why did you want to use my dildo when there are enough men downstairs that want to fuck your brains out?” Bethany asked as she cocked out her hip, her dark blonde landing strip glistened in the bathroom light. Her pink labia still held the faint moisture of her past three encounters including her own son. Even as they spoke, Marshall and Robert had their dicks hilt deep in the daughter’s of their swinger friends. So she knew she and Cindy wouldn’t be missed.

“Well…I promised James I’d send him a treat,” Cindy said bashfully. She didn’t know why she acted like a love struck school girl when it came to her son, yet ever since James graduated from high school he was the one she truly wanted. She loved Robert, yet she only stayed with him for her son’s sake. However, if she could get James to see her for just one second as something other than his mother, Cindy knew then she could entice him into fucking her. Then she would kaçak bahis be fine with Robert moving overseas, and taking that promotion he’s been chasing for the past three years. While they would still remain married, she knew her son would be the only one sharing her bed in her home. She would still do the swinging parties, however, only her son would get the best she could offer.

“Oh, I see,” Bethany said tapping her chin. “Then you don’t want to use this,” she said taking her dildo from her friend.

“Why?” Cindy asked perplexed.

“Because if you’re making something for James then he needs to see you riding it and not thrusting it into your cunt,” Bethany said over her shoulder as she walked to her dresser. Cindy’s eyes grew wide as Bethany buckled on the strap on Cindy had once used on her. “Now get over here and suck this cock,” Bethany said mischievously as she stroked the rubber phallus as she walked over to her bed. “Here give me the phone so you can use both your hands.”

“Baby, imagine it,” Cindy said as she looked into the camera rubbing the dildo along her cheek. “That cock of yours rubbing along my skin, my lips, watching as I swallow it all,” she said smirking before sucking on the tip of the phallus. “Do you like that, hmm? How about some more,” Cindy said swallowing half the length of the dildo. For a few minutes she showed her son just how well she sucked a cock. Looking off screen, trying to get the taste of rubber out of her mouth, as she straddled Bethany’s stomach. “James, sweetheart look at these babies,” Cindy said cradling her breasts, “Can you picture it baby that cock of yours gliding through them as I titty fuck you, sucking on the tip of that cock as that salty precum coats my skin,” she said feeling the rubber cock resting between her ass cheeks. “Mama likes it when you play with her tits baby; you don’t know how many times you made me cum when you suckled on these puppies,” Cindy said her body shuddering as she pinched her nipples. Pulling the phone closer to her so the microphone would pick up the sound of her slickness.

“Baby, can you hear it?” Cindy asked as she ran two fingers through her lips. “Can you hear how fucking wet I am just thinking about that cock, James? Don’t you want to taste how sweet your mother is?” Cindy asked lifting the camera up making sure it was recording her as she licked her juices off her appendages. “Now for the main course,” she said reaching between her legs grasping the base of the dildo as she rose to her knees. “Now remember baby this is only for you, so don’t you go showing this to anyone,” Cindy said winking at the camera as she lowered herself onto the dildo.

“Oh god! Yes, James that’s it, mama loves it,” Cindy said stammered as the dildo began to stretch her out. “God, James you’re stretching me out so much, now fucking thrust that cock into me,” she said giving Bethany her cue. “Fuck yes! Give it to me baby,” Cindy cried out as Bethany’s hips thrust the rest of the dildo’s length into her hot mound. Bethany panned the camera down zooming in on Cindy’s cunt. Bethany always knew Cindy was a naughty slut; she had always been like that since they were in their teens. Yet making a video for her son because he had sent her some dick pics was so wrong – Bethany couldn’t help but get aroused. “Watch James, watch your mother fucks this dildo!” Cindy howled as her hips hammered down on the dildo.

The thought of her son watching her in the heights of her orgasm fueled her flight. A primal growl rumbled deep in her chest as she looked directly into the camera. Her sultry eyes flared in the fires of her hunger. How she wished it was his cock she was riding and not some rubberized facsimile.

“James, do you like how your mother’s breasts bounce as this cock fucks me? Don’t you wish it was you that was so deep in my cunt? I know, I wish it was your cock that was stirring my insides. So baby, are you enjoying your little treat? Maybe next time I ask if you want something better than a hand you’ll take me up on my offer,” Cindy said winking into the camera. “Now come on son make your slutty mother cum,” she growled as Bethany added more fuel into her thrusts to help her friend get over her hurdle.

“Ah, fuck, yes, yes, watch me James, watch as this bitch cums for you!” Cindy howled as her body quaked, trembled, shuddered as her folds clamped down on the rubberized phallus. “Baby, after you watch this if you need me to come home I will, and I’ll even help you take care of something,” Cindy said blowing her son a kiss as the video cut off.


James sat on his bed as his phone beeped announcing he had a new text message as he watch hentai on his flat screen TV. Grumbling, when he was in mid stroke,as he reached over for his phone. The pictures of his mother, while he wouldn’t openly admit it, he found rather stimulating. Hence whyhe was in his room masturbating to cartoon porn because as much as his mother’s photos had aroused him, James found it wrong to masturbate to her – that was until he saw the video file his mother sent. With trepidation James connected his phone up to his TV; if his mother had sent this then he wasn’t about to watch it on the small screen of his phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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