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Copyright © 2011, Surt, ALL Rights Reserved.

Knowledge of prior Tabootopia chapters is not essential for this story but it is recommended. Anyone involved in anything sexual is at least eighteen-years-old. Feedback is always appreciated and replied to. Thanks for reading and enjoy! 🙂 The Celebrity Templates are:

Amanda Bynes is Regina Cestin

Madeline Zima is Vivian ‘Vivi’ Keentucker

Brenda Song is Soyo Banks

Kirsten Davis is Claire Cestin


Greg and Tammie had a fairly typical father/daughter relationship. They liked to do things together, like going to the gym. Greg was a pretty hands-on, attentive father, taking a keen interest in his daughter’s fitness regime, playing the coach role during her intense workouts. Seems innocent enough, right? But then again, they weren’t there to lift weights or run treadmills, oh no, in fact, they were there for something a little more…enjoyable:

“Get that girl, Tammie! Come on, stick it in her, stick it in! That’s it, just shove it in there! Yeah! Yeah!!”

Greg watched from the sidelines as his naked, strap-on wielding daughter stuck her shiny pink instrument deep inside a little blonde teen girl’s vagina. You know that old, typical father-daughter activity.

He clapped along, approving of his daughter’s fierce form in the bedroom: “Good job baby, good job, you’re showing some killer cardio. Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah baby. Oh, just go a little to the side, yeah, stretch your legs out — that’s it, beautiful, beautiful!”

Father Greg was very enthusiastic about his daughter’s sexual training regime, but didn’t get involved with the actual nitty-gritty sex. He was a low-key man, liked to stay on the sidelines, preferring to let all the attention deservedly go to his gorgeous daughter…

Tammie Kwon was a Korean-American teen girl originally from California. This girl’s athletic frame, imposing size (6’1) and combination of sex appeal and domination had made her famous in her little town of Our Haven. The star of many school-funded porno movies, she was currently at the aforementioned gym’s private bedroom. Tammie was an hour deep into her cardio workout, her partner/victim taking all of Tammie’s speed and ferocious power.

“Ohh, please!” pleaded the sweaty, tired training partner, “Ohhhh, I can’t take any — ohh! Not so deep, not so — uhhhh!”

Tammie continued slamming herself in-and-out of the bright pink softness, going deeper and harder with each thrust, her focus so locked that she couldn’t hear any of this girl’s pained pleasurable pleas. Tammie only stopped when she saw that her sleek instrument was covered in several coats of silk.

“What? Is that it?” shouted Tammie to the beaten girl. Tammie exited herself out and threw the girl off the bed.


Greg rushed into the small sweatbox bedroom, scorched by the heat emanating from his tigress of a teen. He immediately read the signs: His fiery girl on all fours, a hungry look in her eyes, not a glimmer of sweat on her honey-coloured skin, her dominant stance giving off a powerful message: I want more, more, more.

“Oh my God!” said Greg as he surveyed the scene, cradling the defeated girl, her body gone red, her vagina gushing a geyser. “This girl is done! Done! Tammie, I think you’re ready, come on, let’s go to the steam room, I’ll massage you — “

“No! Bring another, now!”

“Well…all right, whatever you say. Next, please.”

A curly-haired Latina teen girl walked in with a cocky swagger, already naked, rubbing oil over her large breasts.

The girl raised her arms, “Come on, let’s –“

Tammie leapt like a tiger, grabbed the girl by her arm and threw her towards the bed with the upmost of ease.

“What the fuck?” the girl shouted. “What is going — oww!”

Tammie gave the girl a powerful, painful backhanded slap to the ass. Tammie shoved the girl’s face deep into the bed sheets, kicked her legs aside and opened her up.

“I won’t lie: this will hurt,” said Tammie with a wry smirk.

With one quick thrust, Tammie shoved herself inside. She pummelled this girl at a brutally fast pace, digging her elbows into this girl’s back, grabbing her hair and slapping her face. The girl couldn’t respond: the fast-paced sex had her done within seconds, her orgasm hitting her like a wet sledgehammer, her body twitching as little sparkplugs set off inside her.

Proud dad Greg rubbed his hands together, grinning as he watched his stunning daughter give a hard anal pounding.

“Yeah! Great job, great job! Wow…wow.”

He could only marvel at the beautiful sights unfolding before him: the sweat flying through the air like little embers of light, he seeing his daughter’s desire and appetite manifest itself in this most vivid beautiful way. Greg also knew that it wasn’t pure animal lust that was motivating his daughter: it was the thoughts, the feel, the touch of someone his daughter had been with before — and someone she hungered for again.

“Oh, OH, OH! Please stop, Tammie! Please bostancı escort stop!” pleaded the once-confident girl, her body tightly wrapped in the unending, unbreakable orgasmic webs of delight.

“Shut up, Bitch!” growled Tammie.”Because me? Ha, I gotta be in the best shape possible for Sport’s Day. I have to: Regina’s gotta be there and I want payback. Now, shut up or I’ll punch you in the vagina.”


“All right, open wide for me,” asked the kneeling nurse.

Soyo sighed, parted her legs, brushed her skirt aside and slid her panties down to her feet. The nurse flashed a torchlight inside Soyo’s well-worn vaginal area, seeking the boisterous Asian teen’s sexually-inflicted aliment.

“Okay, Soyo, hmm, ahh, yes, ah, yes,” the nurse placed her gloved hand on Soyo’s wet thighs, prodding gently on the teen’s most delicate areas.

Soyo rubbed her hands over her black tanktop, feeling stimulated by the nurse’s delicate fingers. “Ahh, easy, easy, oh, don’t jizz me yo! Don’t jizz me!”

Soyo, along with her friends Vivi and Regina, were in the Kay Parker medical area, taking part in their weekly sex check-ups. Being a land of constant sex, regular check-ups were mandatory for all (legally-aged) Tabootopia residents. For the teens, these checks were done in their school. Kay Parker High was well-equipped to deal with its teens sex-related issues as it had an outstanding medical facility. This million-dollar medical area was a large block of sterilised sparkling white rooms manned by a large team of qualified nurses that were able to deal with any and all cases that came their way. Since Soyo was a Kay Parker honours student (rewarded to the most sexually active girls) she got her check-up done by the Head Nurse, Miss Bonaparte.

“Now does it hurt if I press here?” asked the pretty thirty-something dark-haired French nurse.

“Oh!” Soyo winched, “Fuck yeah!”

“Just as I thought.” The nurse stood up, “Soyo, you have an inflammation of the clitoris, I am putting you on a two-week sex ban.” Miss Bonaparte grabbed her walkie-talkie and sent a message: “Excuse me, could you please update the website: Soyo Banks is not to have sex for two weeks.”

Soyo groaned, “Oh…Again?” she looked to her friends, “I’m on the bench!”

Vivi, a tall, blue overalls-wearing cutie, giggled. “This is, like, the twentieth time.”

“Uh twenty-second time actually,” Soyo corrected. “Man, I know it’s my dad who did this, his size stretches me so much! Motherfucker! Always getting me in my bed, when I’m ready to just jizz, fuck! He knows I go deep, he knows I can’t say no to big cock! Fuck, fuck, fuck him and his footlong!”

Regina, a frowny, brown-haired, ample-breasted teen girl, wearing a tight green shirt, was checking the Kay Parker High website on her iPhone. “Look: Soyo is on the front page.”

Soyo waved her arm, “Bitch please, this ain’t my first suspension! I know how to ride these out, yeah bitches, no sweat.”

“You’re only banned from vaginal sex,” Regina said with a shrug. “You can still do other stuff.”

“What!? Bitch, I’m all about the cock! I want the cock inside my pussy, spilling, all day, every day. If I can only use my mouth, fuck, that’s like no sex at all.”

“Okay, I guess.”

“Pssh, you’re safe from this sort of stuff, seeing as you love your pussy.”

Regina blushed, “I-I, wait: I do…Soyo, why not just go down on other girls during your ban?”

Soyo gasped as if she’d just heard a major insult, “Bitch!? I don’t munch on grass! I suck on wood!”

Regina was stunned, “But-but this website here has tapes of you having sex with other girls, look: here’s ‘Asian Lesbian Lust Volume Twenty-Three’ right here and you’re on the cover.”

Soyo seemed bemused, “Huh? Yeah, sometimes girls have sex with me and I have sex with them, doesn’t mean I’m into chicks.”

Regina didn’t attempt to find fault with her friend’s logic, “Oh…Okay.”

“Oh fuck!” shouted Soyo, “I’m going to miss the Sport’s Day!”

“Oh nuts!” replied Vivi.

“Oh, this fucking blows, but…just gotta deal,” Soyo conceded. “I’m just going to lock myself in my room, get some snacks, get in my bed and watch some Earth TV, yeah! See what’s going on the home planet.”

“Coolzees! I’ll join you!” said Vivi. “We’ll wear pyjamas, have sweets, eee! So much fun.”

“Sounds cool,” said Regina.

“Ah no,” replied Soyo. “You ain’t missing Sport’s Day, oh no bitch, you going and you going to have fun, you ain’t missing out ’cause of me.”

“But, but I only hang out with you two.”

“Pshh you know others, remember, you hanged out with those boys on the farm? Those your homeboys now. Besides, you need to break out and do some fun without us. We yo bitches, but you need to get out of our pack a little bit more.”

“Yeah, Genie-Baby,” added Vivi, “You still new, you not ready for two weeks of no sex. Me and Soyo have had so much sexy fun that when one of us get ban-ban, we’re like, ‘Yeah! Let’s watch some Earth TV.’ We know ümraniye escort bayan how to modulate ourselves. Yeah?”

“And Earth movies are the best!” added Soyo. “The cinemas here is all porno, jerking and cum droppers. I wanna see this Avatar! Looks hot.”

Regina felt slightly odd saying this next sentence: “Guys, you keep saying Earth this and Earth that, umm, we are on Earth, right?”

The two girls looked at Regina with highly suspect looks.

“We ain’t on Earth!” replied Soyo. “Hells no, we in another dimension or planet! Where you think we are? Look around you bitch! Of course we left Earth!” she turned to the nurse, “Ain’t I right, Ma’am?”

Miss Bonaparte shook her head in disbelief, “I don’t even know where to start with you.”

So Vivi and Soyo left the school grounds and made their camp in Soyo’s room, ready to watch movies and television from this distant planet they call Earth, while Regina went back to her prescribed lesson plan, learning the best ways to view internet porn and having her math teacher give up halfway during a lesson because the girl in the front had boobs that were just too big to ignore. Regina found the day to be a bit of a drag, a lonely experience, without her girls there to keep her company.


It was around four-o’clock, Regina walking home alone, missing the company of her two best friends. Whilst walking, Regina ran into a few familiar faces, mostly men who asked for casual sex. After she’d politely declined their advances, Regina ran into her neighbour Jenny Thompson. Having overcome their first-day mishap (Jenny flashing her bra and panties to the then-new and innocent Regina) they’d became good, casual acquaintances. Jenny talked about her mother-in-law and their planned joint waxing session. After that little powwow, Regina continued her journey home, but just before she got there, just a few meters away from her house, she heard another familiar voice.

“Hello there.”

That smooth low-tempo voice sent a chill through Regina’s spine. She turned around and saw the man that left a serious impression on her during her very first day in Tabootopia, the man that called her a “stupid little cunt”: Neighbour Ned. This bald, suntanned wizened man was a kind, gentle soul…for the most part. As nice as he was, when he was aroused, he hit a switch and turned into a super-dominate maniac who loved nothing more than taming the freshest meat available in the most lurid manner possible.

“Oh hey,” she mumbled while keeping a foot in place so she could leap away.

He continued sweeping. “Regina, isn’t it? How are you? I’ve not seen you in a while.”

“I’m fine,” she said while still standing in position to bolt at any sign of trouble.

“Easy there sweetheart,” he said with a chuckle. “I know I startled you last time and for that I sincerely apologise.”

“Thanks,” his kind demeanour was lowering her guard. “You were pretty freaky though.”

He chuckled. “I’m sure you’ve seen worse than me by now. So, what do you think of this place?”

She smiled. “I like it, I really do.”

He smiled. “I knew you would. Your happiness is really uplifting, makes me proud –” just then, Ned’s concentration was taken when a petite red-headed teen girl, wearing a slinky white dress with a pink backpack, brushed past Regina’s shoulder. In the space of a second, Dark Ned sprung into action. His aura was different and his voice was filled with a menacing growl:

“Whoa, hold on,” he addressed the red-headed girl. “Where do you think you’re going? My bedroom is that way.”

She was aghast, “What!? Who the fuck –“

“Bitch: shut up, no, shut up: don’t ever use that tone with me and don’t you dare, dare, give me that look again. Now listen: you, take your clothes off, get in my bed, open that pussy, stretch it wide and make sure those nipples are hard enough for me to bite. Go, now, you dirty little cunt.”

The girl stood for a moment, fuming with anger.

“…Fuck!” she turned, ripped open Ned’s gate, got right in his face and growled, “I hate you!”

The girl then stomped her way into the house, tore his door open and ran up the stairs.

Regina was surprised, but not shocked.

“Does that work on all the girls?” she asked.

“Most of them,” he said with his friendly smile. “Well, I got work to do. Be well, Regina.”

“You too, have fun.”

Smiling as they parted, Regina felt an odd sense of joy in having made peace with the man that wanted her tits in his face. She opened the door to her home, feeling better in knowing she had such nice neighbours.


Regina went inside her home and found her mother and brother on the sofa.

“Hey,” said Regina.

“Oh hey dear,” replied the robe-clad, raven-haired sexy mother that is Claire Cestin, she intently focused on the television screen.

Quiet brother Tommy tilted his head up to acknowledge his sister’s presence. He was busily typing away on his BlackBerry, not caring about what’s going kartal escort on around him.

The pretty, slim and excitable Claire turned to her daughter, “Regina, you have to watch this new show– oh, right,” she suddenly remembered her underage son’s preteen existence.

“Uh, Tommy, why don’t you go on to your room?” she said while rubbing his back.

He looked at his mother, then his sister, then made his decision.


Tommy stood up and went up the stairs, on to his room, having no idea what was going on around him.

“Good boy, good boy,” Claire then leapt off the couch, grabbed her daughter by the arm and got her seated. “Regina, you must watch this show, it’s amazing, but before it gets back on, I want to show you something.” Claire stood up, untied her sash and took her robe off. She was wearing a red-and-black, formfitting, high-end lingerie set: a frilly bra and a string thong.

Claire turned and pointed to her peachy behind. “Nice, yeah? Yukari brought it for me, she’s such a sweetheart. Look: doesn’t this thong just make my butt pop? Yeah? Is that how the kids say it? ‘Pop’?”

“Your butt looks nice, Mom.” A sentence Regina thought she’d never say, but one filled with truth: her mom did have a nice round butt. And Regina had more to add:

“You know, Mom, it makes me feel good, knowing I’ll have a hot body like yours when I’m older.”

“Aww, thanks so much — oh, it’s starting!” mother and daughter sat on the couch to watch the TV show:

“Now, the second half of our ‘Payback is a Bitch’ double-parter, and payback is getting hot and dirty in the capital city.”

A bustling city was shown, a huge skyline, then a cute, short, brunette presenter, she wearing a colourful shirt and tight jeans. She spoke while walking:

“Hello everyone, I’m Birdie, and I’m coming to you from the capital of America: Washington, D.C!”

Regina gasped, “What!? People can leave Tabootopia!?”

Claire was aghast at that notion, “Regina! Don’t even talk like that! I never want to leave, ever.”

“I know, I know, sorry, it’s just that I didn’t know people could go back-and-forth.”

“Me either, but that’s what makes this show so juicy. Watch.”

Birdie explained her assignment for the day: “I’m here to help a mother that’s tired of her son’s constantly bad behaviour. This boy is rude, aggressive, annoying and a big jerk– and guess what? We’re here to make that boy pay for his actions! With our help, his mother is going to get payback — and payback is a bitch!”

The show’s title flashed on screen, then back to Birdie, sitting on a chair, inside an apartment.

“Let’s say hello to today’s ‘bitch.'”

“What you just call me!?” a forty-something, petite, fine-figured black woman interrupted.

“Oh no, no, no, the show is called ‘Payback is a Bitch and you’re the, umm –“

“Oh, I get it now, that cool.” Upon closer look, this sassy, sexy, chocolate-skinned woman had a chic-bob haircut and peachy breasts.

“We good now?” asked Birdie. “Misty, you remember the concept of the show?”

“It’s fucked up and I love it!”

“Do you want to explain it or should I?”

“Oh go ahead girlfriend.”

Regina was not impressed. “This show is not very professional,” she muttered.

Birdie started her explanation: “Okay, umm, so she has a son and he’s a jerk and we’re here to punish him –“

“Punish him!” added Misty.

“Yeah…so, we’re going to punish him like this –“

“Whoa, let me explain,” said Misty. “You see, my boy always be interrupting when his momma getting her grove on, getting down, getting dirty, getting fucked, I mean, the nerve of that little punk! I’m trying to cum and he’s behind the door throwing in water balloons, then he always runs to his room and blasts his music out! What the fuck? What the fuck!?”

“I agree.”

“Damn skippy I’m right, and not just that: he’s rude to his teachers, late at classes, he needs to be taught a big lesson, so go ahead Bride, you tell ’em, go on!”

Birdie was fired up, “Yeah! We’re gonna make that punk son WATCH his mother have sex!”

“Yeah! Yeah, go on girlfriend, tell them the rest.”

“An-and not just with anyone…he’s gonna see his mom do it with someone he doesn’t like at all, someone he’s been torturing for years: his math teacher!”

Misty bit her lip while closing her eyes. “Um-um-um — fuck! His teacher is a fine-ass stud! You know how much grief my son has given that poor man? Even tried throwing a fist at him!”

“Fuck your son!” shouted Birdie.

“Hey! That’s my son you’re talking about,” Misty gave a glare, then broke out of it. “But you’re right, fuck that boy, no, wait, not me ‘fuck’ him, eww, no, that’s not what you want, right?”

“Different show.”

“What kind of fucked up TV station is this?”

“It’s…I’ll tell you later, let’s now call this math teacher.”

Regina and Claire watched on with warm pussies, the show’s set-up appealing to them both.

“This is pretty cool,” said Regina.

“Keep watching, it gets better.”

Misty dialled her phone. “…It’s ringing…Hello? Hey Mr…umm, yeah Mr. Child, really: Mr. Child? Whatever, don’t worry about that, just listen: I want you to come over to my apartment for a little nookie.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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