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She was not the type to do this and neither he had assured her, was he. They met over lunch. He could find nowhere else to sit in the busy café but at her table. They had made polite small talk and suddenly found themselves laughing and giggling like old pals.

“So where are you staying?” He asked her in that heart-melting accent of his.

“Oh just at the local hotel.” She stammered back very much aware of her clear English accent in contrast to his soft lilting American one. He continued to chat, telling her about all the tourist hotspots of his home town and the places she should avoid.

“I could really do with a tour guide” She sighed “I feel very overwhelmed in this country. Everything is so big and so busy and so….American!” She giggled nervously as He smiled broadly, offering his services as a tour guide for her as long as she would be staying.

She heard her voice gladly accepting his offer and was stunned by her own forwardness and possible stupidity. She had heard all the stories and had listened to the lecture on safety from her friends and family. She had still left for America on her own. She was out to test herself as a single. She wanted to forget her past and to kick-start her future. She didn’t plan on making friends, least of all friends of the opposite sex but this man made her feel so comfortable and so safe she couldn’t possibly believe there was a bad bone in his attractive body.

They spent a busy day touring around this big Southern city. Max proved to be a fantastic guide. He knew lots about his home town and had a wonderful way of telling stories and relaying facts that made Vicky’s mouth curl up into a smile frequently. Something her mouth had not been inclined to do in a long, long time. Darren had stolen all her smiles and left her a miserable husk whilst he moved on to pastures new with a silicone boob job and fake bleached hair to boot. Vicky had been left high and dry and forced to move back in with her parents whilst she reassessed her life.

She couldn’t believe the difference in her from the quiet, timid thing she had been in that abusive relationship with Darren to the Vicky she was being now with this tall, lean American stranger. She couldn’t believe how much he put her at ease. His easy smile which enveloped her with its warm, the cheeky sparkle in his clear blue eyes and the occasional touch from his warm hands all came together to make her tummy tumble over and over in excitement and her skin to prickle in delight.

Soon she found the day coming to a close and she began to really wish that time would stop. She wanted to stay in his company forever. That realisation dropped into the pit of her stomach and fizzed up making her feel kind of queasy and light headed at the same time. Vicky realised she had feelings for this all American man already. She always saw her self as a common sense sort. This sort of experience was very new to her. Her heart and her body were responding to this man and her brain was letting the rest of her get on with it. She put it down to holiday giddiness and lack of physical contact for months on end.

“I know this is forward and I won’t be offended if you say no…” Max’s voice pushed into her thoughts and her eyes looked up into his deep blue ones and watched him nervously play with his hair “…but would you like to come back to mine for dinner?”

She let go off the breath she had not been aware she was holding in and she did something bold and brash and totally unlike her old self. The new improved Vicky said

“Yes please. That would be lovely!”

So that is how she found herself in a strange house, in a strange country with a strange man whom she felt she had known all her life.

Wonderfully stomach growlingly good smells were floating from the escort kartal kitchen to her nostrils. She did not believe she had felt this hungry for a long time and she licked her lips as he walked in carrying two plates covered in tasty looking pasta and sauce.

“Mmmmmmmmm” She moaned as she took the first bite “this is delicious!”

She felt a little pang of excitement as she saw the light pink haze spread over his cheeks

“Why thank you. I do my best. I am glad you find it satisfying.”

“Very much so! You are the first man to satisfy me this way you know?” She giggled, coyly nibbling on her lip

“Oh really?” His grin widened “I wonder if my satisfying you will be a theme that continues through this evening.”

“I guess that depends on what is for dessert!” I purr.

“Something very satisfying I can assure you.” His hand reached out and touched hers gently for a moment leaving a warm imprint on her skin.

The same light flirting continued through the whole meal. Gentle touches and meaningful glances were shared may times over by the two would be lovers. As dinner came to a close Max took Vicky into the living room of his home and sat next to her upon the sofa. Right next to her, so close that their thighs brushed lightly against one another and Vicky could smell Max’s heavily masculine scent.

Vicky felt elated and giddy and a whole host of other positive emotions that had been locked away inside her for so very long. They began to make light conversation, sharing things about their childhood, their dreams and their jobs. Slowly they turn more to face each other. His hand soon took up a permanent possession on her right knee making her feel safe and dangerous all at the same time.

It seemed natural to follow him when he offered her a tour of his house. She wanted to know more about him and he was passionate about his home. She wanted to see more of him talking animatedly and wanted to keep catching him sneaking glances at her curvaceous body. Curvaceous body? That thought just showed her how much her thinking was changing. Up until that moment she’d been thinking of herself as fat and frumpy. Now she was feeling natural, sexy and curvaceous! Whatever it was that Max had it was good stuff indeed!

She didn’t even think twice when they paused in his bedroom to discuss a particularly vibrant picture he had on the wall of a beautiful voluptuous stylised woman.

“It gives me a “lift” every morning” He chuckled deep in his throat. “The female form is so pleasing on the eye and other parts of my anatomy.”

She giggled shyly, her cheeks blushing red as her hand accidentally brushed against his sending a rush of excitement through her body.

She glanced swiftly to the side and noticed the lovely lift around the crotch area of Max and gasped

“Oh Max” She giggled huskily “I see you are enjoying that picture right now!” She pointedly looked to his crotch and then up into his eyes.

“That is you sweetheart, not the painting. You are beautiful.”

She could see he was sincere in his words and it made her feel like crying with the intensity of it all.

Slowly she sank to her knees.

Between his thighs she looks up into his lust filled eyes as her fingers busied themselves freeing the “lift” from its confines.

She felt wicked, erotic and a little bit scared. She looked up at Max and he was smiling at her. That smile gave her the little bit of reassurance and lustful zing she needed to go through with her planned action. Gently she tugged on the zip of his fly and pop!

She let out a gasp as she saw him for the first time. Tall, proud and stout he stood straining uncomfortably red and vein covered, eager for release.

Her eyes drew level with his again. She fixed her maltepe escort gaze on his eyes as she inched her lips closer and closer to their goal.

The first touch of her lips against him made his hips buck in pleasure. Her lithe tongue licked up and tickled the tip of him, tasted the juices there then trailed back down the shaft to the very root. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

Her eyes never left his. She watched every jolt of passion and every wave of pleasure through the windows of his soul.

She winked and then her gaze dropped to her task. Her lips now pressed against the crown of Max’s hard pulsating “lift” and slowly they slipped around its girth. Slowly, ever so slowly slipped down over the head and flowed down the shaft. Down and down until she needed to retreat. Slowly up up up her lips moved higher then planted a kiss on the tight lipped smile of his manhood.

Urged on by his moans she plunged her lips over him and swallowed him down quickly; her lips taking in a large percentage of his throbbing flesh before leisurely withdrawing whilst letting her tongue lazily lick lashes along its length on her way back up.

“Oh you tease!” Max groaned as her lips drop down over his hardened cock once and again “You drive me wild with…” He broke off with a strangled moan of pleasure “…lust!”

Max pulled her long curls and dragged her face away from his crotch. He stood up still with her hair gripped in his hand she followed him and ended up stood so close that when they turned their lips met in a clash of passion and lust. Soft lip against soft lip, tongues probed and teeth nibbled the kiss deepened. Hands began to roam and soon Vicky felt the zip on her dress being eased down then eased off her shoulders. As she explored his strong masculine mouth with her own she felt the satiny material of her dress shimmering down her body and legs, where it pooled at her feet.

His large masculine hands burned into the flesh on her arms then ran down her back and cupped at her buttocks through the satiny sheen of her panties. Eagerly she ran her fingers down his front and plucked at the tiny pearl buttons there and gently she pushed his top off his shoulders. Continuing her quest to de-clothe her lustful lover she popped the button on his trousers and lets them fall away to his feet.

Finally their lips parted and they looked deep into one another’s eyes. Locked in that gaze an agreement passed between them. Slowly Max slipped his boxers down over his thighs and kicked them off, then pulled clear his shoes and socks so he was stood naked before her.

Vicky watched with obvious voyeuristic pleasure before unclipping her lilac satin bra and then scootching the matching lilac panties down over her buttocks. For a moment they stood a matter of inches apart looking each other up and down. Breathing became more ragged and secret body parts oozed more erotic bodily fluids.

With an easy stride Max laid a hand on Vicky’s shoulder and pulled her close. Held tightly in his embrace her hands snaked around his body and gently stroked up and down his back. Her breasts felt heavy as they were squashed against his hard chest. She felt his hardness bumping at the curve of her tummy and she longed to feel it bumping inside her hot aching pussy.

Gently he pushed her back until her knees buckled as they hit the end of the bed. Giggling they fell in a heap, Max nestled between her thighs, his cock bumping at the entrance of her centre of pleasure.

Vicky pulled herself higher on the bed and found to her pleasure that soon his face was directly lined up with her pussy. She looked down on him as he gazed upon her womanly folds and gasped in surprise as she saw and felt his tongue lapping out and running up between her pendik escort bayan lips to her clit. Gently he repeated this action. Over and over his tongue ran the same path till suddenly his lips fixed around the hardened bud and sucked greedily upon it. Vicky convulsed on the bed in a frenzy of sheer lust and sexual wanting.

Soon she felt so close, dangling by a thread over the precipice of orgasm and just at that point Max pulled away from her. But even before the cry of frustration was completely out from between her lips he was face to face with her again and buried cock deep inside her filling her with even more lustful pleasure.

“Oh Max!” She crooned as he filled her. Her pussy clenched and spasmed around his girth, making her writhe and moan from the sweet sensations emanating from deep within her.

She looked up into his face and saw his eyes closed in rapturous delight, his blond hair drooped forward over his eyes, his mouth slightly open and his lips shimmered with her love juices. Without thought her hand reached up to cup his cheek, a finger gently stroked out and touched his wayward lock. His eyes fluttered open and he pierced through to her very soul with his sparkling blue eyes. A connection was made between them then as their gazes locked. Looking each other in the dilated pupils they communicated their lusts, their wants and their needs and their hips rose and sank in rhythm with this lust.

Her eyes closed she lost herself in the feel of him deep deep inside her. She concentrated on the sweet friction built up between her and him, the glorious tug and shove of his cock inside her made her squeal and then purr in delight.

Higher and higher she climbed as his midriff rubbed against her clit. With each thrust she felt herself pushed closer and closer to the edge

“Max…oh Max” She purred her mind almost blank with lust her mouth spilled out words as if they are being forced out by the hammering action of his cock inside her

“Oh Max…I’m going to….I’m so close Max…!”

His thrusts increased in power and frequency and took her over the edge and deep into orgasmic oblivion.

She screamed and moaned and was only just aware of Max’s own growls of pleasure and the way he stiffened on top of her holding his cock deep inside her as it pumped out its orgasmic load.

She gripped onto him as he gently pulled away and fell to her side. His arms wrapped around her and she cuddled into him, his arms closed around her, pulling her in close.

They lay panting in one another’s arms enjoying the post-orgasmic aura of happiness.

Vicky could not believe what had happened. A sexual beast had taken her over and she had enjoyed the most satisfying sex act of her entire life. She felt so good at that point but there was a worry in the pit of her stomach that she had made a mistake.

“Wow.” Max whispered in her ear “That was amazing.”

“Uh huh” she agreed not wanting to say too much, afraid all her feelings would gush out and carry Max away in their flow. Seeing his face cloud over she quickly added “So very, very amazing….I’m nigh on speechless love!” His eyes sparkled and a slow smile extended over his face.

“I want you to know you’re special.” He added leaning over her to look down into her eyes “I did not mean for this to happen but I am so glad it did. I am not a man given to such excesses but I could not help myself with you my sweet English Rose. I want to cherish you, hold you and care for you. I know I am going on and on and I hope I am not scaring you but I need you to know how deep I feel and how much that is freaking me out right now.”

Wordlessly she leaned up from her pillow and softly kissed him. Hoping to convey how much she agreed with him, how frightened and excited she was herself and how glad she was to have met him. Later she told him all this in words but right at that moment she showed him with her kiss and her caress. This she knew was just the start and she looked forward to seeing this craziness through to its very end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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