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He had to have her in the most primal and urgent way. He remembered the smell of Opium on her neck and between her breasts. He remembered how her silky white skin contrasted against her long black hair. He remembered how she tasted, clean and musky, when she came on his tongue. He remembered the incredible sensation of entering her as she wrapped those long legs around him.

He remembered it all as he drove. He had cancelled a meeting and a working lunch when she said she could be available. He wouldn’t have much time, but his need for her overwhelmed him in a very unfamiliar way. He loved women and sex; he had certainly had his fair share of experiences. But Katrina left him wanting more. Today he couldn’t wait any longer…if she would have him.

Katrina heard the urgency in his voice when he called. Always a gentleman, he didn’t demand that she meet him on the spur of the moment. He didn’t beg or plead. He just made quite clear his need to see her if she could arrange it. It was all said between the lines. Katrina knew she could have put him off and he would be back for more.

But she didn’t. She told him to meet her at a secluded location at a nearby park. She smiled at the thought that she likely would find herself face down in his lap with his cock in her mouth. He seemed to really enjoy her oral ministrations and the occasional quick blowjob escort kartal held a sexual appeal.

She found him parked at the proper place and was gratified to see no one was within eyesight. He bolted out of the car when he saw Katrina pull up and walked over to open her door. His arms went around her waist as he pulled in for a long, hot kiss. He took deep breaths of her perfume, savoring her smells and kisses.

“You see anyone?” he asked as he broke the kiss. Katrina scanned the area. “No, sugar. Just us. What do you have in mind?”

He took her by the shoulders and spun her around. “I’ll show you what I have in mind.” He forced her against the car and took the fabric of her dress in his hand. He yanked her dress up over her ass and took an admiring peek. Katrina was wearing a pair of sheer lace panties. The milky white skin of her shapely legs shone in the warm spring sun. He slipped a hand insider her sheer panties and his experienced finger went directly to her clit. “I am going to fuck you. I am going to have my way, fucking you right here, right now. That’s what I have in mind. Any objections?”

Katrina responded by pushing her hips against him. “You want to fuck me? Right here? You want to take the risk?”

“I’ve got to. I need you.”

“Really? You think you can just call and I’ll lift my dress for you? maltepe escort I should let you fuck me where anyone can see just because you want some pussy?”

“I need you. I need to feel you. To be inside you”

“So I should drop everything when you want to fuck? I should make you wait.”

“I can’t wait. Not for you.”

“You’re making wet. Keep that up and I won’t give you a choice.” He kept massaging Katrina’s clit while he drank in her perfume. She could feel his hot breath in her ear and it excited her.

She spread her legs wider and took another look around. They were still alone. “Take me, then. Fuck me if you must have me. You want a slut? Here she is.”

He unzipped his pants and his hard cock sprang out. Still holding her dress in one hand, he ripped her panties off and let them fall to the ground. In one powerful thrust he shoved his cock past her labia and into her hot, wet channel. Once he was inside her the urgency truly took over his entire being. Katrina braced herself on the roof of the car as he slammed into her. He fucked her hard and fast.

Katrina closed her eyes and let him have as much pussy as he wanted. She smiled at the thought that two minuets after parking her car she had his prick raging inside her. His hard cock felt like a jackhammer and she moved her hips so it would brush as much as pendik escort bayan possible against her swollen clit. She could feel the wool fabric of his suit pants on her ass as he took her. Katrina’s face grew flushed and she started to push her hips back trying to catch the rhythm.

“Keep you ass still,” he hissed. His hands let go of her dress as he took her hips firmly in hand. He pulled at her as his cock drove in and out. He used hard, deep strokes as he fucked his exotic beauty with abandon. He fucked her like a man possessed—which he was. He was a man possessed with need to fuck Katrina right then, right there, and the consequences be damned.

His breath grew ragged. “Katrina…Goddamn….you sweet little slut…your pussy is so tight and hot…fuck….fuck me…fuck me…..what you do to me,” he managed. She felt the first blast of his thick, warm cum fill her. He raged on fucking her hard and fast as his cum spilled into her. He made a low, guttural noise as his climax overtook him. His strokes slowed and Katrina enjoyed the sensation of his cock slowly working inside of her as it mixed with his cum and her wetness.

He slid out of her, spent and fulfilled. He let go of her dress and stood there. Katrina spun around to face him. She took his cock in her hands and slowly stroked, then lifted her fingers to her mouth. He watched her lick some of his cum off her fingers as she gave him a hot, sultry look. He zipped up as she rearranged her dress. Katrina bent down to pick up the remains of her panties. She dangled the shreds on one finger in front of him.

“You owe me a pair of panties,” she smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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