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Big Dick

I somehow managed to waste my whole senior year pursuing Susie. She was a hot blonde I was dating in high school. I tried all year long to sleep with her, but she wouldn’t put out. Susie kept telling me she was saving herself for the guy she would end up marrying. Can you believe that?

I thought she was just putting me on, but she wasn’t kidding. I finally had to give up on her and move on. Now it was the summer before I was heading to college and I had no prospects. I was horny as hell and tired of stroking my cock every day to get off. There was no one around but my Mom to stare at.

My Dad seemed to be off on one of his never ending business trips. It was just my Mom and me in the house. I have to admit that my Mom was very hot. The guys from school always commented to me that she was a looker. My Mom had black hair down her back. Her breasts looked so big as if the bra she was wearing could barely contain them. She was very shapely.

I was sitting on the couch and watching my mom as she was sweeping the floor. She was bent at the waist and I could see her tits hanging down as she walked around the living room. I caught myself sliding my hand across my crotch as I watched her. I think my Mom may have even caught me watching her. I eventually had to go back to my bedroom to work on my cock.

Once escort gaziantep I got back to my bedroom I stripped down and fell back onto my bed. I barely had to touch my dick as it was already so hard. I was fingering my balls as the door opened up and there stood my Mom.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” My mother was looking directly at my dick. “Don’t go Mom,” I told her. There was a deathly quiet in the room as I continued to rub my hand up and down my erection. I got up from my bed and walked over to where my mother was. My Mom was glued to where she was standing and I brought my hands up to her chest. “No don’t, Bobby,” my mother pleaded with me.

I started to squeeze her large melons, but my Mom didn’t pull away. Instead she let out a moan. That was all it took for me. I didn’t waste a second in starting to strip my mother. I pulled off her top and slid her shorts and panties down to the floor. We were face to face when I took my Mom and pushed her onto the bed.

This was it for me. My first time with a woman. I spread my Mom’s legs apart and I slid my tongue between her folds. My Mom let out a sigh and pulled her legs back to give me a clear path to her pussy. I was licking between her pussy like a madman. Mom’s juices were all over my mouth and face. I took a finger and rubbed it across clit. gaziantep escort forumları

That was all it took. Mom started squirting all over my face. Her juices coated me and I tried to drink as much of her flow as I could. Mom kept exploding all over me. After some minutes she finally was spent. I reached over to where my t-shirt was and wiped my face off. I then took my raging cock in hand and aimed it to her pussy.

“No Bobby, you shouldn’t!” Nothing was going to stop me now. My mushroom began to split between her pussy lips and I moved inside my Mom. Mom was so wet it didn’t take much to sink totally into her quim. Mom started to cry out as I stroked her hot pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her.

My ass was like a piledriver as I pounded my Mom and fed her every inch of me. I was going to make sure this wasn’t the first and last time we had sex. Sweat was pouring over both of us as I pulled her legs apart. I pushed Mom’s thighs to her chest. This gave me the ability to get as deep as possible. My cock felt so long and thick as I was stroking my Mom’s pussy.

It didn’t take long for Mom to start squirting all over again. I felt her juices hitting my groin. Mom was crying out and her body was shaking as I was escort gaziantep bayan on top of her screwing her like crazy. I was surprised I was able to hold out as long as I did. My nuts began to pinch as I felt my load rising up to the tip of my dick. I then shot my man load into my Mom.

“Oh my God!” Mom screamed out to me. She must have thought I was going to pull out before I shot my cream. I just couldn’t bring myself to pull my dick out. I shot load after load into my Mom’s belly. I just kept my cock buried in my Mom until I began to grow soft. Eventually my dick slipped out and I was on lying on top of my Mom. I took each of her nipples into my mouth and I sucked them.

Mom had kept orgasming until I finally slipped away from her body. We both were totally exhausted. I seemed to have drifted off after we finished our lovemaking. When I woke my Mom was next to me. “We shouldn’t have done what we did Bobby,” Mom quietly told me. “I want you Mom, I plan on having you again,” I told her.

I looked into my Mom’s face and I think she knew we were going to be lovers from here on in. That is what came to pass. Whenever my Dad was away my Mom and I were in bed fucking one another. I lost track of how many loads of my seed I shot into my Mom. I never once wore a rubber nor did she ever tell me I had to wear one. Thankfully I found out my mother was on the pill. I loved feeling her pussy muscles as my dick slid into her tunnel.

The summer is almost over and in a few days I will be heading to the university I chose. I know my Mom is sorry I won’t be around, but I plan on getting back as often as I can so I can take my Mom’s pussy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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