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I’m Emily. I’m eighteen, five’ five” with small, size B breasts. One day, I was taking the bus home from class. I usually sit by myself and take a short nap, but then I felt someone sit next to me.

I opened my eyes and noticed a girl, also my age, but taller with larger breasts sitting next to me. I immediately tried going back to sleep.

Everything was fine for while, but then I felt the girl put her hand on my thigh. At first, I thought this was an accident, but then she started to rub up and down. I looked at her, but the girl just smiled at me and continued rubbing.

I tried to ignore her, hoping she would get bored and stop, but I felt my body getting aroused. Suddenly, the girl’s hand went all the way up my skirt and started to rub my clit. I tried to push the girl’s hand away, but she just kept rubbing.

I considered getting up and moving, but I was starting to get turned on. My nipples hardened, and I started to get wet. So I sat back and let the girl take control.

She continued to rub my clit over and over for what seemed like hours before grabbing the band of my panties, and pulling them down enough to slide her finger in.

I felt blood rush to my head. I WAS GETTING FINGERED IN PUBLIC BY A GIRL!!

I looked around, but no one seemed to notice. The girl then pulled her finger out. She held it between us, and I could see it glistening with my juices. The girl licked her finger, and then offered it to me. Slowly, I leaned in and sucked on the finger that was, only moments ago, inside my pussy.

It tasted sweet.

After taking her finger out of my mouth, she slid it back down to my pussy. Instead of fingering me though, she began to pull my panties to the ground. I lifted myself up enough kartal escort to allow the panties to slide down easier.

This was insane. I’ve never done anything like this before. Slipping the panties around my feet and on the floor, I realized that my house was the next stop. I thought about getting up and leaving this girl, and my panties still sitting on the ground, but I didn’t want to. So I sat still, and the girl smiled as if she knew.

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and I could still taste the juices that she had licked off. Her hand crept down and pushed my skirt up, exposing my pussy, and started to slide in. Unable to help myself, I let out a soft moan.

With her other hand, she started to rub her hands over my breasts.

I was vaguely aware that we were in public, that people could SEE ME LET A GIRL KISS ME, FINGER ME, FONDLE MY BREASTS.

I reached down to her pussy, and realized that she wasn’t wearing panties at all. I rubbed her clit, and at the same time she started to undo the buttons on my blouse.

For a moment I panicked. At least my pussy was harder to notice, but everyone could see my breasts. But I just let the girl take control again. Finally, all the buttons were undone, and she pushed the blouse down my shoulder, leaving me in nothing but my skirt and bra.

I tried to undo the buttons on her shirt, but my hands were shaking too hard. Smiling, the girl undid them herself and slipped it off. She leaned in, and continued kissing me, while I ran my hands over her breasts.

She then reached down and unzipped my skirt, which fell to the ground next to my panties, leaving me in just my bra in a public bus. I felt my heart racing, and kaynarca escort My pussy was soaking wet. People were definitely noticing the two chicks having sex on the bus.

Her hands crept up to my chest and started to rub my breasts. I moaned, and leaned backwards. She moved the bra downward, flashing my nipples for a moment, before covering them up again. Almost unconsciously, I reached for the strap in the back and undid it. I let my bra fall to the floor and now had nothing covering my body except for this girl’s hands, still rubbing my breasts. She leaned her head in and kissed one nipple, and then the other.

I moaned loudly, no longer caring who saw me like this. I was only vaguely aware of the cameras. The girl pushed me down, and had me lie on my back on the seat, and then she swung herself over, and began to straddle me. I felt our clits rubbing together, her pussy almost as wet as I was. She leaned down and kissed at my nipples again. But this time she also bit them. I gasped in both pleasure and pain.

I began to beg her to take me quickly, but she just smiled and slowly rode me. She undid her bra and slipped off her skirt as well so that we were both naked.

Right before I thought I would explode with pleasure, her clit moved away from mine. I begged for her to fuck me, until I realized what she was doing.

She slid up my body, and placed her pussy directly above my face. Without thinking twice, I began to lick her. Her pussy was so soaked, that her juices her dripping onto me. I licked them up, tasting her sweet juices. She moaned in pleasure, eyes closed, her nipples sticking straight out. I continued to lick her until her moaning became louder.

Suddenly, kozyatağı escort she squirted in my face. I sucked at her pussy, drinking her juice. She moaned louder and louder. No longer in control. After what seemed like an eternity, her pussy stopped issuing a water fall of juices. She swung her legs off of me, and I sat up. My face and hair soaking from her juices.

I pressed my clit against hers again and started to grind against her. For a moment, she seemed to want to stop, having reached her own orgasm. But I held onto her and kissed her. She kissed back, and it was the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced.

My body began to get more and more into the grinding. I pushed her down, this time being the one on top, I rubbed against her. The rubbing between our clits aroused me more and more. I was moaning with pleasure, getting more and more aroused. Finally, with an explosion of pleasure I had my own orgasm. I continued to ride her for what seemed like an hour building myself up again and again. I had three orgasms, covered in sweat and the juices from her own squirting orgasm. Until finally, I collapsed into her arms. Both of us physically exhausted, and panting like dogs.

It was then that we noticed, at the same time, that the bus that we were still in completely exploded into cheers. I saw cameras flashing, people taking videos. I should have been shocked and humiliated, but this was the best moment of my life.

I gave the girl one last kiss, both on her lips, and another, long kiss, on her pussy. before I began to put my clothes back on. She laid on her back, still physically exhausted. I slipped my bra on, and then my skirt, and then my shirt. I took my panties and put them in the girl’s hand. I leaned in and whispered in her ear, so that no one could hear,

‘A souvenir to remember me by’ before standing up and walking out the bus. As the bus pulled away, I looked in the window, and saw the girl with her breasts against the window staring at me. I saw that my soaking wet panties were still in her hand as she rode away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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