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Chapter 1: The one after the pitch

Abir’s day had begun 24 hours ago. He had spent it almost entirely cooped up at his desk in office, with short breaks for tea and cigarettes. This was quite the norm in his field of advertising. The sun had come up and was shining brightly when a visibly exhausted Abir waved his anxious bosses goodbye as they headed for a big client pitch. He and the rest of his team were given the reprieve to go home and rest.

Abir contemplated going home. The idea seemed especially appealing to him as it was almost afternoon and the local trains would be relatively empty. And if he was swift enough, he might even get a seat for the journey.

He took a last drag of his cigarette, one hand flicked the butt away and the other one stretched out to hail an auto rickshaw. But, before he could tell the auto rickshaw driver where he wanted to go, he got a text from Meera. Reading it brought an unexpected smile on his face – Congratulations on surviving the pitch Mr. Copywriter. It’s time to get rewarded. Come home.

She seemed to have a telepathic connection with him. Having dated for 3 years, she always knew what he needed the most, and when he needed it. Today was no different. Abir guessed that her parents weren’t home, and that there was a small window where they could meet privately. She lived at the other end of town, which meant taking a train in the opposite direction. Abir thought for a second about his mom, who would be waiting at home, with his favourite lunch time food. And his warm bed, where he just couldn’t wait to crash. But the comfort of home cooked food and a familiar bed was nothing compared to being in bed with Meera. He quickly texted his mom that he had to stay back in office for a couple of more hours and told the surprisingly patient driver to take him to the nearest local train station.

The last few weeks had been tough on both her and him. She had been busy with her MBA exams, spending all her time and energy buried in books and notes. And he had spent most of his time coming up with a pitch-winning campaign for a big prospective client. They had both gotten accustomed to each other’s schedules and rarely had any fights about not being able to give each other enough time. But they both longed for each other, so much so that it would become hard to concentrate on their respective tasks at times. He would send her horny ‘hello’s and she would respond with hornier ‘hi’s. Just the thought of finally seeing her after all this time made him smile and his heart race a bit. He wasn’t surprised to notice that his jeans had already become a little tight near the crotch. This reminded him that he was out of condoms. Funny how the body signals what it wants!

The train ride to her part of town was breezy, but the wait seemed a little too long to a sleep deprived Abir. He kept texting her, so as to not fall asleep on the way and miss the station. She kept replying with photos of her waiting at home, the pictures getting racier by the minute.

As he neared her apartment complex, he sent her a text — I’m downstairs. Instead of texting back, she called him and said hurriedly, “Just keep talking on the phone and walk past the Ankara Rus Escort guard. He won’t try and stop you. Pretend I said something funny… now laugh…” Her instructions guided him safely past an already sleepy guard, who couldn’t care less about the visitors. But she had her reasons for being secretive and he didn’t argue.

Two flights later, he rang the bell. A stumble here and there followed her as she arrived at the door and opened it for him. The first thing he noticed was her smile, wide as ever. And then his jaw dropped. She wasn’t wearing a single thing. Not even undergarments. Not even the lingerie they had so fondly selected, together. She stood there, her breasts inviting him inside, a modest bush covering her wetness. He continued to gape at her, while she pulled him inside, not wanting to stretch the moment too far.

Abir was already in a daze and now, blood was far away from his brain cells. He dropped his office bag and a parcel that he was holding and pulled her into a kiss, hungry for her lips, thirsty for her scent, craving to feel her breasts, running his hand all over her back, pushing her against the wall, breathless, but unable to stop himself. She grabbed his hair and squeezed it as she felt his teeth bite her lips. They both pulled out of the kiss together and took deep breathes, smiling at each other. And then they hugged. Something about the hug made every worry melt away. In one swift motion, she yanked his t-shirt off and hugged him again, their skin now touching each other, their sweat mingling. They fit into each other like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

She finally let go of him and he picked up the parcel from the floor. She looked quizzically at it and he took out condoms and a tube from it. She was more interested in the tube so she snatched it from him. A closer look at it informed her that it was a lubricant. She went crimson and almost whacked him with it. He smiled back devilishly at her. They both knew what was in store now that he had finally managed to get lubricant to their bedroom.

He put the parcel aside and went straight for her kitchen, looking for something to quench his thirst. She had already prepared lunch for the both of them, but they had other urges to satisfy first. She followed him to the kitchen and again hugged him, this time from behind, as he gulped down half the bottle, hydrating himself for the act to follow. He deliberately spilled some water down his chest, making her remove her arms. As she did, he turned to look at her, and in one quick motion pulled her closer to him by her ass cheeks. She was a bit taken aback but didn’t flinch. As he kissed her bare shoulder and collarbone, her hands undid his jeans button. It took her a second longer to pull it down as his hard member stretched it to its limit. He shook his hips, guiding the garment off his torso and legs and was finally as naked as her. There wasn’t even an inch of space between them now. His cock was hard, pressing against her bush, which was drenched in her juices.

“Did you begin without me?” he asked, surprised at her wetness. She just moaned a yes, and said in a muffled voice Yenimahalle Escort as he continued to kiss her, “Don’t want to waste a single second.”

She stroked his cock slowly, running her index finger across its length, making his spine tingle. And then gently cupped his balls, massaging them to ease the tension off them. He was so lost in the pleasure that he started biting her neck, and earlobe. Her breath started to get shallower and his tongue ran in one single stroke, from her neck to her nipple. She arched her back, pushing her nipple towards his tongue, not wanting to be teased anymore. His tongue twirled around it and then flicked it gently. Then he too lost his patience and started sucking on It hungrily. Oh how badly he missed this! Out of all the sensory pleasures, he got the most pleasure in hearing her moan whenever he sucked on her nipples. And this time too, she moaned loudly. With one hand, he balanced her back and the other, he explored her wetness, while still sucking on her nipples. But, before he could insert a finger, she pulled his hand and led him straight out of the kitchen to her bedroom.

The room had been prepped for this moment, the air conditioner already on, a hint of scent flowing in the air, mixed with the overpowering smell of their hormones. She pushed him on the bed and climbed on top of him, the parcel he had brought lay forgotten in the room outside. They say the mind goes blank when one is mesmerized, and Abir was truly transfixed by her breasts. They were shaped perfectly, her brown nipples hard with the nip in the air, her breasts bouncing slightly as she perched herself on top of his naked self. The pillow beneath his head reminded him that he was exhausted beyond measure, but the blood had already rushed downstairs and was making his cock harder than ever.

She stood on top of him for a second, gazing at his eyes, looking at the thirst he had for her after all this while. That seemed to matter to her more than any other feeling. She slowly rubbed herself against him, her turn to tease him now. He cupped his hands on her breasts and closed his eyes, moaning as her wetness flowed onto his skin. She whispered in his ear, “Fuck your lube, we’re doing it without it. And I know it won’t pain like last time. I am just too wet.” He just nodded, having no control over his quivering lips. She now started to grind on his cock, and he moaned “Meeraaa…. Fuck… me… please…” She loved making him wait and so, suddenly, stopped the grinding. Unsaddling him, she went down, wanting to first get what she loved the most — the taste his cock in her mouth.

He knew that she had the power to make him come in seconds, so he tried with all his might to think of anything unsexy. But her tongue was like magic, sliding up and down his shaft, her lips tightening around it, making his veins pop. He reached out for her head and guided her gently, making her swallow him as deep as she good. And she was skilled enough to take it all in. She pulled it out and gasped for air, her saliva dripping on to him.

Not wanting to waste another second, he pulled her closer to him and then pushed her on the bed, flat on her back. He just couldn’t wait to ravage her body. Starting with the nipples, his tongue went past her navel, dancing below her waist and finally reached her pussy. He separated her lips with his finger and thumb, exposing her throbbing clit to his tongue. In short motions, his tongue circled around her clit, while Meera moaned as loud as she ever had, using the pillow to lower her volume. They were sure the walls of her apartment were thin enough for the next door neighbors to hear, but they just didn’t care. Abir pushed his tongue inside her, his nose now pressing against her clit. He breathed in her scent, taking in her aroma as his tongue tasted her every inch. Meera arched her back to her limit, pushing herself into his mouth, as he brought her to the brink. But before she could feel the release, she pulled his hair and brought him up. She didn’t want to come just yet. She pulled him into a passionate kiss and tasted her own juices on his lips and beard.

Her legs made space for his and he guided his cock inside her. Their bodies ached for each other and finally felt at peace. He pushed himself deep inside her, sliding in quite comfortably as she had told him a few minutes ago. She ran her nails on his back and thrusted her hips forward, matching his strokes with equal measure. He kept the strokes long and deep, just the way she liked, hitting the right spots, making her voice louder with every passing second. She dug her nails in deep into him and bit a part of his chest with all her might. He kept going deeper and now her legs locked around his waist.

Their eyes locked and they both knew they were close. Almost together, they realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom and instinctively, she started to pull away while he really didn’t want to. This lead to a struggle, but he had to finally give in, already so close to coming. She pushed him back onto the bed and quickly took his throbbing cock in his mouth. He didn’t want to leave her too far behind so quickly extended his arm as far as he could, spread her legs without it being too awkward and started rubbing her clit. She sensed that he wanted them to come together, so she repositioned herself into a 69 position, resting her wetness on top of his mouth. They gorged on each other, slurping and slopping like children eating icecream and making a mess of it too. But, she finally outdid him and made him come first. Every single drop of his come went straight to her mouth, just like he loved it, even though she wasn’t a fan. She did a short victory step and swallowed the come with pride. But before she could celebrate, he pushed his tongue deeper into her and she instinctively started to moan loudly again. He grabbed her boobs from behind and started massaging them how she liked it and she began grinding on his lips hard.

Within minutes, the house was filled with her screams, her orgasm was rarely a quiet one. She moaned for minutes as wave after wave hit her body, sending her into ecstasy. After what seemed like an eternity to both of them, she collapsed next to him, resting her head on his chest, feeling the breeze of the air conditioner on her skin. She reached for her phone and checked if there was any call from her parents, who were due back home soon. But there wasn’t any. She quickly opened the camera App just to check them both out. The front camera opened and Abir made an uninterested face at it, while Meera forced him to smile and clicked one picture for posterity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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