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Happily married and faithful for 20 years, Tania was plagued by a forbidden desire. A chance meeting with the charming Doctor Love was one of many temptations. Two years later she has her first appointment seeking his help. The discreet and convenient service of the Practice finally overcame the ethical barrier, satisfying an intimate and consuming need. Sometimes good girls need naughty fun as long as nobody gets hurt.

It feels a little naughty being so excited about my doctor. He’s handsome for an older man, maybe 15 years and quite charming. Immaculately groomed and dressed, Doctor Love looks quite fit and toned under his lovely three-piece suit. I’m feeling so comfortable with him and never been so relaxed at a doctor’s appointment. I felt relieved and excited discussing my intimate secret as I sat opposite him in his suite, melting into the luxurious couch. I was also enjoying his gorgeous smile and a trickle of arousal.

‘I recommend some sexual therapy sessions. It will help,’ he suggested without the slightest hint of anything inappropriate.

Doctor Love’s proposal caught me off guard. I searched his warm sensual eyes looking for a rational explanation. ‘You want to have sex with me?’ I calmly clarified, an eyebrow curiously raised.

Not that the thought hadn’t often entertained my mind since the first time we met. ‘It’s sexual therapy. You can cease it whenever you like,’ he explained, his soft and confident tone making it sound so plausible.

I gazed around the suite stealing some time contemplating the situation. It was wrong yet right for so many reasons. Why did my doctor have to be so damn attractive? I’m married but was it really cheating if it’s sexual therapy? It was shamelessly immoral and illicit but that was part of the attraction. When was I going to get another opportunity? I knew attending the Practice would be convenient and discreet. My moral dilemma was suddenly becoming a blur as my pussy throbbed and my gaze returned to those warm sensual eyes.

Ethical considerations were cast aside and I went with what my body desired. ‘Okay. There’s just two things I’d like,’ sounding remarkably composed.

His heart-melting smile left me feeling light-headed. ‘Yes . . .?’ Doctor Love encouraged.

I arched my back and stretched as a warm tingling sensation rippled down my spine. ‘Can we have the sexual therapy now?’ I smiled, combing my fingers through my shoulder-length black curly hair.

The trickle of arousal was becoming a flood. My heart began to race in anticipation of something I’d fantasied about but never imagined I’d ever do. Taboo thoughts of straying with another man had haunted me for most of my 20-year marriage. It was more of a tormenting, festering urge I couldn’t scratch that I’d endured for far too long. I was desperate to satisfy a burning need, and possibly my marriage. I love Graham and don’t want him or the kids to get hurt. The Practice and the charming Doctor Love seemed the perfect answer.

The slow soft smile that filled his face was the confirmation I’d hoped for. ‘I don’t have another appointment until this evening.’

I could imagine him charming his way into any Guest’s panties. ‘Another satisfied Guest?’ I teasingly grinned, displaying a suppressed wicked side of me.

‘There was something else?’ He simply replied, his professional demeaner making me smile.

‘I was a good girl when I married and been faithful since, Doctor Love. But even good girls need some very . . . naughty fun,’ I said in a sultry voice, then moistening my lips as I felt my nipples tightening.

Doctor Love paused and I felt the heat of his gaze over my body, taking in every feminine curve. ‘I’m sure you’ll find the therapy very . . . beneficial,’ he finally replied.

I smiled to myself recalling the previous time we met. It was about two years ago in my store, Memory Lane on Queens Parade. How could I forget? His charm and handsome looks fuelled another temptation to be unfaithful. I didn’t. I never have. There could have been opportunities. I’ve noticed how men look at me. I saw that look in Doctor Love’s eyes that day. I’m still an attractive woman at 45 with my Latina complexion, naturally black curly hair and shapely figure. I just couldn’t do it. Too much was at stake.

Doctor Love and his new Practice manager, Maddisyn, were restoring a double story terrace building in the exclusive Park Crescent area. It was going to be a boutique medical centre for women who were known as Guests. They purchased quite a lot of period furniture, fittings and furnishings. It sounded so lovely and I’d often driven passed the building. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be attending the Practice for my wicked craving for infidelity. It was exciting see inside the Practice and how wonderful their purchases looked.

Doctor Love extended his hand and the expectation of what was unfolding set every nerve end alight. ‘Shale we move through to the bedroom?’ His lips curling into a gorgeous, sensual smile.

‘A kağıthane escort bedroom?’ I softly laughed, taking his hand. I shouldn’t have been surprised, the Practice providing one surprise after another.

Doctor Love’s suite is lovely but not where I imagined we’d have sex. The room has high ornate ceilings with decorative cornices that are throughout the building. The chandelier suspended from a rosette is gorgeous. A white marble fireplace with a mirror above is flanked on either side by matching couches with soft cushions I recognised from my store. There’s also the lovely table lamps he purchased that added to the intimate atmosphere. The antique desk was the most expensive purchase and looked wonderful in the suite.

We walked through a lovely decorative archway and entered the bedroom. ‘What a gorgeous room,’ I gasped wide-eyed, a throbbing wet heat between my legs and nipples pushing into my bra.

We moved in front of an ornate marble fireplace with a large mirror that I recognised suspended above. I tingled with goose bumps as soon as Doctor Love’s warm hand found the middle of my back. My eyes roamed the exquisitely furnished room. A magnificent king-sized bed and its luxurious bedspread attracting most of my attention with the images of what Guests were enjoying filling my mind. The matching bedside lamps Maddisyn particularly liked suited the intimate décor wonderfully.

‘There’s an ensuite through here,’ Doctor Love smiled, left feeling bereft at the loss of his touch when he indicated a door off the bedroom.

I moved towards the bed and trailed my fingers over the sumptuous bedspread before turning to meet his gaze. ‘Just give me a few minutes to get ready,’ I smiled, trying to keep the longing out of my voice.

The ensuite is just as stunning. I found a roll-top bath and double shower with the antique brass fittings from my store. The white period dressing table with a large mirror was another purchase. Obviously with a Guest’s needs in mind, I was amazed at the assortment of cosmetics provided. Pretty lace curtains are at the window and the fragrance of fresh flowers was lovely. I slipped out of my clothing and put on a white cotton bath robe that felt luxurious against my dark olive skin.

Sitting at the mirror and touching up my hair and makeup, my moist pussy throbbed at the thought of having sex with someone I hardly knew. It was too good to be true. I was desperate to satisfy the curiosity that had raged within me for so long. I didn’t know it at the time but Doctor Love’s counselling helped me realise I missed out on something before I married, something that being married couldn’t satisfy. I’d never seen another man’s cock let alone had the pleasure of one. That’s why Doctor Love recommended sexual therapy.

I returned to the bedroom and Doctor Love was sitting on one of the two antique chairs upholstered in dark blue velvet, almost naked and placing his socks in his shoes. I bit my lower lip and sighed as my eyes slowly ran over his body. He looked incredibly fit and toned for his age with a slender stomach and lightly defined chest with a fine covering of grey hair. My mouth suddenly felt dry and my breath stalled as I noticed the bulge in his shorts.

I raised my gaze to his and our eyes locked. ‘I’ve never been with another man,’ nervously stumbling over my words with my wedding night nerves relived.

Doctor Love stood and my heart skipped a beat as he stepped towards me. ‘Then it will be special for both of us,’ he answered, his lips curling into a reassuring smile.

I felt excited and nervous at the same time. He was my doctor but I’d never had the chance to be so intimate with any other man. Doctor Love loosened the belt around my waist and eased the gown off my shoulders, letting it fall in a puddle on the floor behind me. I stood before him naked, surrendering my flawless almond tinted body to his roaming gaze and burning with a need. A sexual need that only another man could satisfy. He moved closer and placed a hand on my hip and back and I melted slightly into his embrace.

Doctor Love pulled me close. ‘Mmmm,’ I sighed, feeling comforted by the warmth and softness of his body and aroused at the harness of his cock.

Doctor Love’s smooth warm hand glided up the side of my cheek, combing through my black curls. He held my gaze as his soft moist lips met mine. A tingling sensation surged through me with that first illicit touch. His body heat soon engulfed me as he gripped me more passionately in his arms. The warmth of his lips and the softness of a caressing hand over my dark warm skin sent a shiver through my body. Our kiss deepened and I moaned into Doctor Love’s mouth, slipping a hand down to his hips.

My heart was racing and my hand trembled with nervous curiosity as it burrowed inside Doctor Love’s shorts, his swollen cock twitching with my long slender fingers around the sensitive flesh. He moaned into our kiss as l caressed sarıyer escort his cock, feeling its hardness and size before lightly squeezing his balls. I loved the sensation of his cock swelling in my grip and amazingly growing larger as it throbbed against my palm. Bigger I thought, comparing him to Graham.

Finally breaking our kiss, I felt his aroused breath on my cheek as I caressed his cock. ‘I bet I could have some naughty fun with that,’ I whispered in his ear before dropping to my knees.

I held Doctor Love’s gaze as I brushed loose hair from my face, tucking it behind my ears. ‘What have you got for me Doctor Love?’ I teased, licking my lips at the thought of someone else’s cock in my mouth.

I pulled his shorts over his hips and playfully shrieked as his erection sprang up almost striking me in the face. I captured his cock and licked and sucked at the head of Doctor Love’s erection before taking more and more of his cock into my mouth. God, it tasted wickedly good. My head started bobbing up and down as I sucked causing my hair to fall free, occasionally running my tongue over his tip and gazing up at his contented look.

I knelt back on my calves and ankles and raised my dark lust filled eyes to Doctor Love. ‘Give it to me,’ I moaned around his cock, saliva drooling over my lips.

Doctor Love combed his fingers through my hair before gripping the curly locks and thrusting his cock deep into my mouth. He loudly moaned and cried out in pleasure while pulling my mouth back and forth on his erection. Adrenaline surged through my veins at hearing how wonderful and excited I was making him feel. I’d never experienced such a passionate and excitable lover. He thrust into me with a ravenous need with the wet sound of oral sex filling the room.

I sensed Doctor Love was close and cupped his balls in my hand, gripping tightly. ‘Oh yeah. That’s done it!’ He loudly gasped.

I felt his ball bag started to contract upwards and then the sensation of his balls pulsating against my teasing fingertips. Suddenly he stopped thrusting. His erection throbbed against my lips and with my cheeks bulging with cock, he exploded and shot his load.

Without even muttering a word, I slid my sealed mouth off his cock and quickly made my way to the ensuite. I’ve never been a swallower. I spat into the hand basin and washed out my mouth and splashed my face with water. I gazed into the mirror bent over the basin thinking about the cock I’d just sucked. Someone other than Graham’s cock had come in my mouth. Not just any man, my doctor’s cock and I had a taste for more.

‘Oh god,’ I lamented. Why did I make him come so soon? Graham would be rolling over to fall asleep.

Suddenly that other man’s reflection was in the mirror and his soft hand was on my hip. ‘Everything okay?’ His gaze showing genuine concern.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and before I even thought what to say, I disappointingly sighed. ‘Is that all then?’

Doctor Love wrapped his arms around my waist and chest and I childishly laughed and giggled as he suddenly spun me around and bent me over the dressing table. Not in my wildest fantasy could I have pictured being in this position when I sold it to him. I purred as he lent over me, loving his weight and soft warm body moulding to mine. I smiled feeling his rock-hard cock straining against my backside.

My tanned breasts were pressed into the white table top and his mouth was at my ear. ‘What else would you like?’ He teased.

‘Come on Doctor Love. You know what I want. Make me a naughty girl,’ I teasingly challenged, holding his gaze in the dressing table mirror.

Doctor Love moved off me and suddenly gave a playful slap to the cheek of my ass. ‘Open those legs, naughty girl.’

The surge of adrenaline overwhelmed me. I’d never been spanked, never. ‘Oh yeah,’ I moaned, spreading my legs.

‘You liked that?’ He teased, his hand caressing the tingling skin.

‘Mmmm . . .,’ I purred encouragingly.

Doctor Love slapped my ass again, the perfect balance of pleasure and pain. ‘Ooh yeah!’ I moaned even louder, flinging my head back as a hot glow surged through my body.

My heart raced with the touch of his fingertips parting my darkened soft folds. ‘Oh god, oh god, oh god!’ I gasped sharply at the sudden fullness as Doctor Love worked his cock into my intimate opening.

It was the moment I’d dreamt about. Longed for. Feeling another man’s cock inside me. For the second time in my life I worried whether it would fit!

‘Uh, uh, uh,’ I whimpered adjusting to the size of his cock as he slowly pushed deep into the sensitive internal flesh.

Doctor Love wrapped his arms around me. My breasts filled his soft pale hands and his thumbs caressed my dark cherry buds as he stroked, slow and smooth with the tightness of my pussy easing as my juices flowed. The wet slick sound of sex soon pleasured our ears as his thrusts increased in rhythm, sefaköy escort delivering more and more pleasure as the cosmetic bottles on the table rattled and chimed.

My eyelids felt heavy, fluttering closed as I rolled my lower lip in and bit down. ‘I love what you’re doing to me,’ I softly moaned.

My clit was begging for attention, a pulsing beacon as my hand drifted mindlessly down and between my legs. Fingertips soon discovered Doctor Love’s thrusting cock, coating them with the slick juice of my arousal before teasing my sensitive bud with a circling caress.

My fingers became more frantic, strumming to satisfy a raging need. ‘Are you going to cum for me?’ Doctor Love moaned, thrusting harder and torturing my nipples between his fingers and thumbs.

I lifted my dark brown eyes to my face in the mirror. My hair was a mess. Black curls strewn about my face, plastered in a coating of water, saliva and glistening perspiration. I had the look of a desperate women straining towards an orgasm. I could see the effort on Doctor Love’s face and felt it between my legs. His toned fair thighs slapped against me, the sound and hammering flesh adding to the sensation.

‘Don’t stop. Please, I’m almost there,’ I gasped at his reflection.

Suddenly my body seized and convulsed wildly as I climaxed around Doctor Love’s cock, my loud gluteal groan reverberating around the lovely room with its brilliant white walls and pretty furniture. I threw me head back and gasped at the small chandelier suspended from the decorative ceiling rosette, my stomach still trembling and panting for breath. The scent of wild sex blending with the fragrance of fresh flowers. I slumped forward on the pristine white dressing table, a perspiring lifeless heap and surrendered a deep moan of satisfaction as Doctor Love withdrew.

‘Are you okay?’ He softly asked, the warmth and caring in his voice comforting.

‘Oh god yes. Just give me a minute to recover,’ I gasped standing up.

I laughed as Doctor Love took me in his arms, lifting me up and supporting my head with an arm. With the other beneath my legs, he carried me to the bedroom as I gazed at those warm sensual eyes. He gently placed me down on the bed. Doctor Love lay next to me, embracing me tenderly in his arms and I felt my thumping heart settle as we cooled down. My body felt weak but contented. His fingertips glided over my skin while whispered how much he enjoyed our lovemaking. It was such a lovely moment.

He opened my legs with his thigh and pressed it against my slick wet pussy. ‘It was wonderful,’ I sighed enjoying the afterglow of sex while rocking my hips against his firm smooth skin.

There was that gorgeous smile again. I’d just made love with another man. My doctor and the most sensational wild sex. There was something primitively naughty about being taken roughly and watching him pleasure me, bent over the dressing table. Sex had become predictable and boringly routine. This was different and exciting. Those sensual eyes traversed the curves of my body then his hand followed, his fingertips tracing the same path before tenderly lifting a breast to his mouth.

‘Ooh yes,’ I moaned as Doctor Love’s tongue circled the dark nugget before gasping as he capturing the sensitive bud with his lips. I felt my pussy moisten. I wanted more, sliding more urgently along his toned pale thigh.

I rolled onto my back and opened my bent legs, blessed with a complexion never leaving me embarrassed about tanning lines. My mind began to race and my heart pounded as I offered my pussy to someone other than my husband. In a moment of rational thought, I felt relief at being freshly shaven and with a neatly trimmed black thatch that greeted his gaze.

I teased each nipple with a fingertip while gazing longingly at Doctor Love. ‘Please make love to me some more.’

Doctor Love rose to his knees and placed his hands on my thighs, lowered his mouth to place tender kisses along an inside thigh. He delicately sucked at the coloured skin and progressively parted my legs as I sighed and softly moaned. My breathing quickened in anticipation, inwardly urging his lips to move faster and closer.

I felt a bead of wet arousal seeping from me as his mouth approached my mound. ‘Oh god yeah,’ I gasped, my chest rising and falling with deep aroused breaths.

I love it when Graham eats me out. Doctor Love took it to a new level of pleasure. He soon had me purring like a kitten, making love to my pussy with his mouth. A shiver rippled up my spine as his lips parted my intimate opening, exposing the swollen and pink moist flesh. I sighed and softly moaned as his tongue lapped and caressed, combing my fingers through his short grey hair as he worked his magic.

I gasped as his mouth suddenly widened, sucking in my intimate lips and his tongue lashing at my clit. ‘Uh, uh, uh,’ I panted, back arched and my backside writhing into the soft and luxurious bedspread.

He held my hips firm, his mouth sucking at the sensitive chocolate bud and tongue lapping up the juices seeping from my soft brown folds. I felt his frantic and aroused breath between my legs and the sounds of feasting stirred the air. Another urgent need was building. I wrapping my legs around Doctor Love’s head, locking my fingers in his hair and moaned in ecstasy as his eager tongue worked me to climax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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