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I always had an interest on my mother’s naked body ever since I noticed my sexual feelings. My mother is a traditional Indian woman always wearing a saree. She is also very religious and goes to temple twice every week and is very strict in rituals. She is not very well educated either. So she just follows whatever our elders say as rituals and never asks a question.

All this happened when I finished my degree and going through an unemployed phase where I used to hang around with my friends the whole day and come back home only in the evening. Everyday mom and dad kept throwing some remarks on my recklessness which I got used to bye then. Dad works for a company and every now and then he goes on tours. That’s why my parents insisted I need to get a job in the same city we live in.

One day dad had to go on a trip for three months so he ordered me to stay put at home most of the time helping my mother. I had no other choice. Since I bound to stay at home I went to library to grab some books. There I came across some books on tantra. When I was a child I was told tantra gives people magic and evil magicians always used tantra. I thought it would be a great idea to know more about it.

So I grabbed the book and headed home. It was not until I read the first part I realised tantra has lot to do with sex and sexuality. The chapter that attracted me most is called ‘Yoni (Vagina) Tantra’. In this chapter it says one should worship yoni, caress the breasts and the yoni, and have ritual intercourse with the yoni. It was all exciting for me to read but my blood ran wild in my body when I read section two of the chapter. In that, god shiva says to parvati (his consort) that the best of all yonis is mother’s yoni. In his words he says

“The devotee should worship the mother’s yoni and have intercourse with all yonis.” The immediate question that sprang in my head is ‘Does that mean even with mother’s yoni?!!’

He continues “He may have intercourse with any woman between the ages of twelve and sixty”. My mother is 41. So she falls between the ages Lord Shiva suggested. Then the rest of the section describes the procedure of performing tantra.

Then in section Five, it was again stated about mother’s yoni and its preparation. It states:

“If one should do puja of a mother’s yoni, one should prepare it. After worshipping according to rule, one should not have intercourse.” This statement is a bit controvercial with statement in section Two but it does not clearly state if one should not have intercourse with mother’s yoni or no intercourse at all during the ritual. In the same paragraph, it also continues saying “One should only couple with the yoni that bleeds or mensturates.”

Since the script does not say clearly that we should not have intercourse with mother’s yoni but clearly says ‘one should have intercourse with all yonis between the ages 12 and sixty and one should have intercourse with the yonis that bleed,’ I can interpret as we can have intercourse with mother’s yoni. Since my mother is between the ages suggested and she still mensturates, one can have intercourse with her.

I was very excited! I decided I will try this with my mother.

That afternoon after we had lunch and my mother is free, I brought up the topic. I told her about it, showed her the book and we discussed some topics in it.

I also told her about yoni tantra and firstly showed her the interesting bits for her such as “the woman who gets her yoni worshipped becomes a godess herself” and “A great yoni will attain enlightenment.”

Once I got her attention, I proposed her that she should consider doing yoni tantra with her yoni. She showed mixed feelings which included some blush and some rejection but she told me she will have to read the chapter before she says anything. I let her have the book and went out to see my friends.

I returned home in the evening at dinner time. During dinner, I brought up the topic and she said she read it and she might be interested. She said she will accept it not morally but because lord Shiva and Parvathi themselves have stated about the ritual. She also said she will perform the ritual because she will become shakti (the godess) herself. She also told me that we can perform the ritual the following evening as it was a full moon day.

I was so excited that it seemed the time was running slow. I jerked off thinking obout the ritual and my mother’s beautiful vagina and breasts. In the morning mom spent her whole day performing different poojas. She went to the temple, and in the afternoon she arranged everything for the pooja.

After the sunset, we had our dinner and mother went into the worship room that she will get ready for puja. She adored me for the pooja and told me to enter the puja room naked. So I removed my sarong and waiting for my mom’s ok to enter the room. As I got an ok, I opened the door and my jaw just about fell on the ground. There is my mother standing naked. Her body is shining with the lowlight emitting from the candle around the room. I could gaziantep escort bayan only see her body countours and some hints of her nipples and her pussyhair from the candle light.

In front of her she put the yantra and then she told me to start the pooja. After performing initial puja, she sat on the yantra spreading her legs and opening her vagina for worship. I was in a confusing situation caught between sex and devotion as at the same time I am being introduced to my mother’s forbidden areas whom I have never seen them before and being instructed to worship them on the other hand.

I became a robot caught between two emotions, doing everything ritualistically. So without enjoying much of my mother’s nakedness and sexual performance with her, I caressed her breasts, caressed her cunt, tasted her sexual juices and finger-fucked her for the juices. Then she told me to put my erect penis on her hand. Then she performed linga (penis) puja and I performed yoni puja on her vagina. She smeared redpower and sandal on my linga and she told me to insert it into her yoni.

I was shivering at this opportunity as I took my dick and inserted into my mother’s vagina. The feeling of it was great as I could feel the spasm of passion in my body but before I could recover she ordered me to have a vigourous intercourse as I fucked her hard like a dog. After few minutes, I spurted my first load of cum into my mother’s pussy.

Once I finished filling her, she told me to get off of her and collected our combination of the juices from her pussy. She then mixed it with wine and told me to drank it.

Once we finished the ritual mom told me to go out while she dressed. I went out exhaused still trying to live through my first fucking experience with my mother. Mother put on her saree and walked out of the pooja room as if nothing happened inside. She never showed any sign of emotion.

After that she said she will allow me to worship her vagina everyday which I did. I didn’t get to fuck her everyday but got to fuck her when she performed the same pooja once a week. The second week was also bit strange for me to consider my intercourse with my mother pleasurable but third week I got used to taking pleasure from it. Mother though, never changed. She still showed no pleasure related emotions nor she orgasmed anytime.

Before dad returned from his 3 month trip, I fucked mother more than ten times. Mom never looked like she will stop the ritual but instead she proposed my dad to take my place. I was dissappointed a lot.

That night I had a strange dream. There was this strange figure appeared in my dream. I was excited and at the same time worried about his presence. He said to me smiling “Son! You have finished participating in Yoni Tantra for 12 times now! You have acquired the power you wanted.”

I was surprised. I don’t recall asking for any power. My only aspiration of performing tantra with my mother is to copulate with her. So I asked “I donot know who you are! And I donot recall asking for any power! What will I get?”

He said “I am mara! Your deeds have contributed to your needs! Since you did tantra with sexual thoughts, you will have power to control others for your sexual needs! All you have to do is call my name!”

I was excited! I thought of my prospective victims but only mother sprang to my nrain. So I asked him “Even on my mother?” The figure told me “Yes! But it will work only twelve times on a single person” Saying this he disappeared.

I woke out of my sleep. I was very puzzled and thought it is just a dream. I looked at the clock and its 6.17am. Since its already morning I jsut laid on the bed thinking about the dream for another 20 minutes and then went to the bathroom. Mother is in the kitchen probably making breakfast.

I finished my shower and went to the lounge. The tv is on and they are showing some prayer programs. Mom is still in the kitchen. I sat on the couch still thinking about the dream and wondering what if the power is true.

Immediately my brain started thinking about all possibilities. Specially with my mother! As a thought I just wondered if my mother would come from the kitchen, stand infront of me, takeoff her pallu (loose end of the saree) and show me her blouse covered breasts. I then called Mara and told him. As soon as I finished my thought, my mother came out of the kitchen, stood before me and took off her pallu to show me her blouse covered breasts with a invited look on her face.

I was excited. I could not believe it! My dick sprang up at the scene of my mother’s lustful blouse covered breasts. As I got up to hold her, I said “Thanks Mara!”. Mom immediately behaved as if she came out of trance and looked at her position, quickly put back her pallu over her chest saying “What the hell?”, looked at me and then walked away to towards the kitchen saying “How did I come here?”

I replied her “you just walked here mom!” Mom went into the kitchen murmuring that she has lot to do.

I was puzzled gaziantep escort ilanları how the trance must have broke off? Is it my gesture? I thought about it for sometime and then I thought it must be Mara’s name. I wanted to give it a try again. This time I walked to mother, and kissed her on the neck calling Mara. Mother moaned a bit as I turned her around and kissed her on the lips. She just stood there taking everything. Then I said ‘Mara’. She immediately got out of trance looked at me and chided “What are you doing here? Go back to the lounge, I have to do somany things before your dad arrives. Now go!”

I said nothing and was busy hiding my erection and slowly walked away! It was definitely Mara’s name that broke the trance. I could wait no more. I went to my mother in the kitchen and chanted 3 times. I then whispered to my mother caressing her sexy hips saying “come to your bed mother”. As I walked my mother followed me without a word. I locked all the doors, and walked to my parents room as mother followed.

As soon as we reached the room, I grabbed mother and gave her a kiss on her mouth. Then I penetrated her mouth with my tongue. Mother was moaning but did nothing. After the kiss I grabbed her pallu and pulled the saree off her breasts. I put my hand on her saree covered mound to loosen her tangles in the front. I caressed her mound before taking off the tangle and relieving her off her saree. Mother is concious in every way and she appeared as if she is enjoying it. May be the inner feelings are shown when in trance.

By now I have untangled her pettycoat which fell on the floor. By now mother is naked down her bust with only her blouse covering her breasts.

I took mother to the bed and laid her on her back. She anticipated the future I think, she spread her legs to give me access to her womanhood.

I quickly got rid of my sarong and t-shirt to place myself between my mother lovely naked thighs. Mother closed her eyes and started moaning as I inserted my index finger into her vagina. That was the first time I touched her vagina outside our tantric ritual.

After finger-fucking her for a while, I moved up to open her blouse to reveal her motherly tits. I enjoyed the sight of them in full daylight as I never got to watch them in daylight. I played with her breasts and sucked them and caressed them. After a while, I thought its time to fulfil my sexual needs of my dick.

I took my dick in my right hand and guided it into my mother’s cunt. I thrust myself deep into her and began fucking her in slow motion. I always fucked her vigourously while we performed tantra so I took my time this time.

It took few minutes between my mother’s lustful moans before I finished filling her with my cum.

This time there was no hurry. I collapsed on my mom after the fuck and left my dick in her pussy until it retracted itself and seperated from her vagina. Her pussy was filled with my cum and I had fun watching mom’s cunt oozing my semen along with her juices.

I slept with her for an hour or so. Then I cleaned my clothes from the room and took her out of trance closing the door.

Few minutes later mother walked out of her room. When I went to the kitchen to see her she had this puzzled look. “Are you alright mom?” I asked.

“I am alright son” mother replied. “Its just that I could not figure out how I went to my room and slept….I must be tired”

“Yeah! mom! You are working so hard! You should take rest!” I added.

“I will! After I finished cooking!” mom replied.

I helped mother to finish her work quickly. She then went to her room to get some rest. So I had an another opportunity to fuck her. So after few minutes, I went to her room, tranced her, opened her blouse, lifted her saree and petticoat and fucked her.

After I finished filling her cunt, I detranced her, put back my clothes and went to my friend’s.

In the evening I could still see her puzzled looks but she said everything is alright. I guessed she is puzzled to find her state before she went to sleep and after she woke up. Before she wokeup naked and this time she woke up with open blouse. I donot know if she discovered my cum in her cunt.

In any case, she felt better after dad arrived in the evening. He told us about his trip and after a while we had our dinner. After the dinner we watched tv for sometime and then went to bed.

I could not sleep as by now I got used to mother’s pussy and wanted for more. After one hour we went to bed, I went to my parents room. The door is ajar and inside both mother and father are fast asleep. I slowly went to mother and whispered the chant 3 times. After the chant I whispered in her ear to come to my room.

As I walked out of the room as my mother followed me. As soon as we reached the room, I lifted my mother’s night gown up throught her head to get her completly naked. Then I took her to the bed, laid her on her back and started sucking her tits and caressing her mound. After gaziantep escort numaraları a while, I inserted my dick into her sweet twat and started fucking her.

While I stroked her pussy three or four times, I heard some sound at the door and was dumbfound. There was my dad opening and door to see me fucking mother naked on my bed. I could feel his facial expression changing as he might have seen me humping onto my mother pussy where he only has the right to penetrate.

I could not know what to do but before my dad could come inside, I chanted 3 times and it workied on dad. He stood there watching us but said nothing.

I told him “Come here dad!” as he walked towards me and looking at me. At that moment I knew he is in trance.

So I resumed fucking my mother’s cunt with my father watching. It was a great feeling to see my mother moaning on every hump I am thrusting my thick cock into her womb and my father watching me fuck my mother. My father stood there expressionless as I kept pounding his wife’s cunt. Finally I finished fucking her and squirted my semen into her for another time.

Dad was still waiting by the side of the bed while I collapsed on my mother. I then told dad to go back to his room and sleep. He walked away from us to his room.

I did not wanted to leave my mother after the session. So I got off her, told her to remove her clothes and sleep on my bed as I cuddled with her naked and dozed off.

Next morning, I woke up with my lovely mother sleeping naked beside me. I woke her up to get her her oven ready for my breakfast which she did readily as I fucked her and filled her again. After I finished our breakfast fuck, I then told her to go to her room and sleep with dad.

After my mother is gone, I sneaked up to their room and chanted once so that the trance is broke for them both. One thing my mother didnot do before going back to her room is she didnot take her clothes with her. I smiled wickedly thinking what would she feel after she getsup and didnot find her clothes in her room. I hid her gown in my room and went to the bathroom.

Mom and Dad emerged from their room after an hour and both seemed puzzled. Mother was wearing a different gown. After a while they became normal. Mother cooked some breakfast as we all ate together. After we ate the breakfast dad went to bathroom as I had some time alone with my mother. I wanted to use the chant again but was worried I will run out of them. So I thought I have to get my mother sleep with me regularly before I run out of my chances.

The only way I could do that is by letting her know that I am fucking her on the bed already and she is already sleeping with me. To make her realise, I thought I have to collect more of her dresses when she comes to sleep with me in the night. So for the next five nights, I tranced her, stripped her, fucked her, slept with her the whole night and left her untranced and naked in her room in the morning. All these days I have been using the chant on dad too.

A week has passed eversince I got my power and Mom and dad grew more puzzled day by day but did not tell me about it. I knew their reason as a couple of times mom has asked me if I have seen her dresses and I said no! It was saturday that day. We all had dinner that evening and mom and dad went to sleep as I kept watching late night shows on tv. I heard mom locking their bedroom door. I thought probably they grew suspicious that mom is leaving her garments outside their bedroom. I was dejected that I won’t get to sleep with mom and fuck her during the night.

But half hour later, the door bolt was opened and dad went to the bathroom. After few minutes dad came out of the bathroom and went back to his room. A few more minutes later, mom emerged from the their room and went to bathroom. It was then I realised they had sex. My dick immediately sprang up thinking my dad and me using the same pussy to empty our semen. Mom has unknownly become the whore of this house.

Few minutes later mom came out of the bathroom and went back to her room but I didnot hear any bolting sound. I spent another 2 hours looking at the tv and thinking about mom’s sweet cunt and breasts. I decided it time to let her know that both men in this house are fucking her and she is her own son’s girlfriend. I switched off the tv and went to my parents room. I tranced them both and told dad to keep sleeping and mom to come to my room.

Mom followed me as we entered my room. I bolted the door and told mom to take off her clothes. She was wearing a saree so she took some time to get them off. She was even wearing a panty and bra. Probably to lessen her embarassment in the morning I guess! After she got off the clothes, I told her to lie on the bed and resumed my fuck session. I pounded her cunt twice in an hour and went to sleep exhausted as it was around 2am already.

I woke up at 6am to find my naked mother innocently sleeping naked beside me. I then moved upon her to insert my morning hard cock into her vagina for another load of filling. Once finished, I took off her trance and watched her movements. She kept sleeping for another half hour. Then suddenly I heard her scream “Ramesh!” I woke up and turned at her as she suddenly tried to sit on the bed and went back to sleeping position saying “Oh! my god!” realising she is naked under the blanket and trying to cover her nakedness from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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