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Tawny loves to be used by multiple guys who treat her roughly. Her being a slut to be used by strangers is something that her husband Eric understands and supports, not only because he loves her, but because hearing about it is a huge turn-on for him as well.

Be aware that while sex with multiple guys (and the occasional woman) is almost always a primary feature, these stories also contain explicit aspects of bondage, S — plenty of lube, some dildos, butt plugs, rope, and a selection of nipple clamps and gags. I expected the guests to bring their favorite toys but wanted to have toys on hand just in case. The catering group had filled it with snacks, soft drinks, and a nice variety of wine and beer.

I’d arranged with the hotel for a staff member to act as greeter and gatekeeper for the party, so I assumed they recruited one of the concierges to be stationed outside the suite with the list of guests to be admitted. They would have no idea what the party was about, although they probably had a guess. You spend much time in the hospitality industry and you gain an understanding of human nature whether you want to or not.

We’d also rented a regular guest room on a different floor, where Tawny and I were getting ready for the party. I didn’t want to be the first to arrive, so I was waiting until the greeter, who’d been given a number to one of our “business” phones, texted me notices of which guests had arrived. My aim was to show up sort of mid-pack, and for Tawny to arrive after most or all of us were there, at the official start time for the party.

Tawny came out of the bathroom looking amazingly sexy. I stood up and pulled her against me, and nuzzled her neck. She smelled like citrus and sandalwood, and I felt my cock hardening.

“Down, boy,” she laughed, and playfully pushed me away. “You have to get in line, just like all the rest of our guests tonight.”

The thought of having to stand in line, just another guy anxious to use my wife’s sexy body, made my cock almost painfully hard. Looking down at my obvious erection, she said, “I’m very much looking forward to having that in me — but not right now, I still need to finish getting ready. And you should be about to head down to the suite.”

The words were barely out of her mouth when my phone chimed. I picked it up off the table and saw that two of the guests had just arrived. “How do you do that?” I asked.

She gave me a mysterious smile, kissed me, and said, “Have fun tonight watching your wife get fucked. I know I’m going to be more turned on than ever knowing you’re watching what those guys do with me!”

She left the room, and I sat there anxiously waiting for the party to start. I couldn’t decide if I was looking forward more to seeing these guys use her, or having the chance to talk with them. Not only was I curious about any details Tawny might have forgotten or skipped, but I loved the idea of hearing what they thought about having sex with her. And not just the perfunctory answers I get when, as her ‘associate’, I ask them if they were satisfied with their party, but the actual stuff they’d be comfortable, or even anxious, to tell a fellow party guest.

The phone chimed again and I saw that another guest had arrived. I grabbed the briefcase that contained the toys that my alter-ego was bringing to the party and headed down.

Party Planner

I went up to the hotel staff member in front of the door to the suite, gave him the name I was using for this party, “Mal”, and told him I was there for the customer appreciation event. He nodded, opened the door, and said, “Have a good night, sir.” He had no idea how good it was going to be! I thanked him, and tipped him a twenty.

Inside, I introduced myself to the three guys lounging in the front room of the suite, and let them introduce themselves, although I already had a good guess at their names based on Tawny’s evi olan gaziantep escort descriptions. That done, they went back to their conversation.

“No shit? That many guys?” queried Trevor.

Alan just nodded, and Eddie threw in, “And the slut was ready for more. I been telling Alan that the next party needs to be even bigger, I wanna see just how much dick it takes to make this bitch use that ‘safeword’ of hers.”

“Well, we’ll see how many of our brothers show up for next year’s reunion. Word about that party has been getting around, and I know a few guys who are kicking themselves for missing it. You might get your wish there, Eddie,” said Alan.

Tawny would love that challenge, I thought. I wondered if I should get her excited by telling her that the next Fraternity Reunion party might be even more guys, or let her be surprised?

Trevor said, “Well that sounds awesome, but I’d still rather stick with just five quality guys. No offense.”

“Hey, to each their own,” said Alan mildly.

As we sat there and talked, most of the rest of the guests trickled in until the only one missing was Rocky.

We got to the point where, everyone but me had given the group a little background, and Alan said, “What about you Mal, what kind of party did you have?”

I launched into my cover story. “Well, no party yet actually. This will be my first time meeting her.” Several of them looked at me skeptically, because, after all, this was a customer appreciation party, and I’d just confessed to not being a customer.

“Let me explain. I organize entertainment for my boss’s fancy yacht parties. No, I can’t tell you his name, but trust me, you’ve heard of him. I was considering booking Tawny for some new ‘special’ parties he’s decided to throw, but need to be sure she’ll be a good fit, no pun intended. I was talking to Eric about some getting some references, and he said my timing was great, there was going to be this party.”

That explanation erased the skeptical looks, and I continued, “So here I am. Not only can I maybe get some first-hand references from you guys, but I get to see her in action.”

I grinned and added, “And try her out myself, which I won’t get to do at the parties – the girls are for the guests only, not us worker bees.” As I’d planned, me being a guy who had to look-but-not-touch at the parties thrown by my ‘boss’ got me some sympathetic nods and expressions, replacing any skepticism. I was in.

Owen started to say, “I’ll show her some–,” but stopped as the door opened and Tawny entered though the short hallway. Shrugging off the stylish cape she’d worn to traverse the hotel’s halls, she revealed the outfit she’d chosen to start the night with. Her ‘shirt’ was nothing but purple netting, whose penny-sized openings showed off every inch of her firm breasts. It also accentuated her nipples, which protruded from the netting, hard and ready to be pinched and pulled.

“Damn,” said Colin, speaking for all of us.

Shiny purple panties matched the color of the netting, and barely covered her pussy, and made her shapely legs look even longer than they were. Smiling, she turned around and bent over, showing off her ass, and letting us read the words ‘Party Girl’ on the back of the panties. She wiggled that ass sensually, then straightened up to face us. She looked over the crowd, making sure to meet each of the guy’s hungry stares before grinning and saying, “Well, doesn’t somebody want to fuck me?”

Harry, the guy from the charity event who looked more like a dockworker than the fancy ball type, stood up and said, “Oh, we’re going to fuck you, bitch.”

He picked her up easily, throwing her over his shoulder, and smacking her ass making her squeal. He started to carry her towards one of the bedrooms when Trevor stood up and said, “Hey, hang on a second.”

Harry gaziantep evi olan escort looked annoyed and said, “Why?”

Great, I thought, five minutes in and two of these guys were going to start a fight.

If Trevor was intimidated by Harry’s manner, he hid it well as he calmly said, “I think we should talk about the plans for tonight first.”

“Plans?” said Harry. His tone making it clear he wasn’t much of a team player.

“Yeah, plans. You know, who goes first, what everyone wants to do with her, stuff like that. I’ve noticed that most of us have brought some toys, so we need some sort of organization.”

Most of the other guys mumbled agreement, with Alan saying, “He’s right, we should at least talk about some sort of schedule.” It was interesting to see the two “organization” guys band together almost instinctively.

Harry was impulsive and more than a little rude, but he wasn’t an idiot. He could read the room. “Okay, sure. Let’s talk.”

Setting Tawny back down on her feet, he grabbed her wrist, sat down again, and pulled her onto his lap. He smiled and began playing with her nipples, showing the guys that even though he’d agreed to talk, he was still going to start having his fun.

Trevor said, “At the parties I organize, I try to have at least a general outline of what we plan to do. Some of the guys have specific things they want to do, and I –“

He was interrupted by Tawny making a loud squeal as Harry gave one of her nipples a very tight pinch. He frowned at Harry, who was making an “I’m innocent” face, and continued, “And I try to make sure that they don’t conflict.”

Owen spoke up, “So you get to decide what we do with her?”

“No, no, not at all,” said Trevor. “It’s not my party, and I know that. I’m just saying –“

“Aahhhh!” exclaimed Tawny, interrupting Trevor yet again, as Harry suddenly pulled both of her nipples upwards, lifting her tits with them.

“Harry, you’ve made your point, now why don’t you let Trevor talk without interruption,” said Alan, annoyance in his voice.

Harry grinned and said, “She wouldn’t be interrupting him if she was making these noises in the bedroom like I wanted, but okay.” He let go of her nipples and began gently squeezing and kneading her tits with one hand, his other arm wrapped around her waist, holding her on his lap. Her eyes were closed and I could tell that the rough treatment of her tits, and the way he was squeezing them now had her turned on.

For my part, while I’d certainly seen other guys have sex with her, I’d never seen one treat her like she was his possession in front of me. She’d certainly described in detail how the guys at the parties treated her, but seeing it first-hand was new to me, and I watched in fascination as another guy enjoyed casually playing with my wife’s tits.

Trevor said, “As I was trying to say, it’s not my party, but we should at least all agree on some general plan for who does what when.”

“Yeah,” said Eddie, “like who decides who’s first in line to fuck her ass tonight?” His look said he didn’t think it was going to be Harry, just because he’d grabbed her first.

Owen said, “We could cut cards. Or maybe arm-wrestle.” He smiled to show that he was kidding about that last idea, as it was obvious to all of us that the big farmer would probably win that contest.

Tawny said, “Or I could choose.” She looked at Alan as she said it, no doubt to annoy Eddie. I didn’t think any of these guys were going to need much encouragement to treat her harshly tonight, but she loved to make sure by being mischievous.

Harry reacted immediately, his hand going from gently stroking and kneading her breast to squeezing it firmly. She closed her eyes and grimaced at the pain, but managed to not cry out.

“Bitch, you haven’t been paying attention if gaziantep evi olan escort bayan you think you have any choices tonight,” growled Harry, as he maintained his grip. “Right?”

She didn’t answer, and he said “Right?” again, a little more intensely. For emphasis, he tightened his grip, his fingers digging cruelly into her soft breast.

“Yes, Harry,” she gasped, “I’m just a slut with nothing to say about who uses me, or how.”

“Damn right,” he said. He let go of her breast and idly started to rub her nipple, making little circles against it with the palm of his hand.

Owen continued, “Nah, I’m just kidding, I don’t care about her ass. It’s her pussy I want tonight.”

Colin laughed and said, “Oh, yeah, that’s right. You came in her mouth at the farm, never did get any of her pussy. Better keep her tongue away from your dick, or she might do it again!”

Owen, looking a little embarrassed, just frowned and shook his head.

“That’s not a bad idea,” said Alan. “The cards I mean, not arm wrestling. Seems as fair a way as any to resolve questions like that.”

Trevor said, “Ok, who’s in favor? Raise your hands.”

Everyone but Harry raised theirs, but he didn’t pause in his playing with her breasts. He did nod however.

“It’s settled then, any real contention and we cut cards. Umm, does anyone have any cards?” asked Trevor.

“I do,” said Eddie, “never know when you might need to kill some time with a friendly hand or two of poker.” Based on his smile, I was pretty sure I knew just how “friendly” Eddie’s poker games were.

Alan said, “Well, I hope we can usually just agree. I’ve seen this slut take on more guys than this, so plenty of pussy for all of us.” He smiled, and the group gave nods of agreement.

“Now that we’ve had a nice little meeting, can I get to fucking this bitch?” said Harry. “And you can all relax, I’m not after her ass either, I just want some snatch.”

“I was thinking we’d have some fun with her tits first, but yeah, whatever,” said Owen.

Harry, suddenly interested, said, “What kind of fun?”

“Nothing I like more than seeing a bitch’s titties all tight and tied up.”

I thought back to Tawny’s description of the baling wire he’d tied them up with at the farm, and felt a thrill at the thought of seeing that re-enacted. Owen, however, had a different plan this time.

“I can tie them up quick, then you can fuck her,” said Owen.

Harry agreed, and Owen reached into the bag he’d brought and pulled out two large blue zip ties. With Tawny standing up, Owen had her lean forward making her tits hang down. I expected him to strip off her netting shirt, but he left it on and just threaded the tie through the holes in the mesh. He snugged the tie around the base of her breast, and pulled it tight, making her moan. When he got her breast bulging to his satisfaction, with the tie digging in deeply, he took a pair of diagonal cutters and trimmed the loose end of the tie off, then placed her other tit into the same tight bondage.

Trying to sound interested rather than concerned, I asked him, “How do you get those off her?”

By way of answering, he held out the diagonal cutters, and opened and closed them a few times.

“Are you sure you can do that without hurting her?” I asked, with maybe just a touch of concern creeping into my voice.

“Yeah sure.” He shrugged, then leaned in and loudly whispered in Tawny’s ear, “But it’s going to be a while before we have to worry about that. Those stay on until your tits turn as blue as those zip ties.”

I saw her eyes widen at this threat, but since she didn’t say anything, I decided she wasn’t really convinced he was serious. I started at her breasts, and thought about how sexy they looked like that, sticking out so aggressively from her chest.

Something I hadn’t mentioned to Tawny was that I planned to let these guys have a little more leeway than usual. Some of her rules were absolutely ironclad, but others were intended to keep her safe, even though she might enjoy the things those rules forbid. For example, she was okay with electrical play, but only with customers who had earned our trust, and that had the requisite skills and judgement to do that safely. Tonight, since I was there, some of those limits could be relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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