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It’s about 8:00 a.m. and I’m to help set up for a white elephant sale at the church hall. I’m wearing a jumper which buttons down the front, a knit top under the jumper, thigh high nylons and comfortable shoes. No panties or bra. My jumper hides my secret rebellion against convention and that pleases and titillates me.

I’m assigned to work with a woman I’ve never met before, Annie. She’s about my age, mid-thirties. Very pretty with short, stylish brown hair, piercing blue eyes and an engaging smile. She’s dressed comfortably in a skirt and sweater which shows off a nice figure. She wears a wedding band. We chat about our lives, our families and I find myself drawn to her. She has a way of looking at me that makes me feel as though she knows everything about me, even my deepest desires. But I’m not threatened by that, in fact, I’m rather warmed by it.

As we work, sorting and laying out things, she finds opportunities to move close to me, to casually touch. Once, as I put out some price tags, she remarks on my ring. She gently takes my hand and lifts it, as if to peer at the stone, holding my fingers for perhaps a second too long. Letting go, she holds her right hand out to me, inviting me to look at a ring from her grandmother, inviting me to touch her. I do. I love it. Later, as we turn and bend and pass things to each other, she stops and tells me my earrings are exquisite. Little gold roses with delicate petals, my favorites. She puts her fingers up behind my earlobe, as if to draw the jewelry closer, to better inspect it. Her nails brush against my neck, I feel her breath on my face. It’s as if I’m being caressed and the lips of my vulva begin to part a little, begin to moisten. My heart beats a little faster.

The morning flies and it’s as if Annie’s been courting me, always close, always attentive. I’m flattered, almost a little giddy. By half past ten, we’ve finished and Annie asks if I would like to have tea at her house.

It’s very close by, five minutes by car. I’m afraid she heard the little quiver in my voice as I accept her invitation.

Her house is warm, inviting, with soft, comfortable furniture, book lined cabinets, and lots of light. We go into the kitchen which is open, very light and she fills a tea kettle, putting it on the burner. While the water is coming to a boil, Annie fills a ball with tea leaves and tells me where to find cups and saucers, sugar and cream. All the way here, in the car, my mind had raced, wondering beşevler escort what might happen. Now, in her house, in her place, my pulse seemed to thunder in my ears. As Annie chatters away about the pleasure of new friends, I wonder if she can hear my heart beating, if she can smell my wetness. I concentrate on setting the table, trying not to let my shaking hands rattle the cups on their saucers. The kettle starts to whistle and I jump a little. Annie doesn’t seem to notice as she pours the water into a pretty little pot to let the tea steep.

Turning to me, she takes my hand and says she wants to show me the rest of the house while the tea brews. I’m completely open now; there’s moisture running down the insides of my thighs and I’m ready for it to happen. I’m sure that Annie knows. She circles my arm with her own as we walk through the rooms, both of us suddenly quiet. We enter a bedroom, Annie’s bedroom and stand near the foot of her bed. She says she wants me. I feel her arms envelop me as mine surround her. Our mouths come together and we kiss. Forever it seems, tongues moving probing, searching, such a kiss as I’ve never had. Then her lips are on my neck, my ears, my eyes. She says she wants to see me and I say yes. Stepping back, she unbuttons my jumper, slowly, all the way down and then opens it. I hear her low chuckle when she sees that I’m not wearing panties. Then in a moment, I feel her fingers on my nether lips, parting me, seeking out my little button. My knees are weak, I feel faint, I’m almost ready to cum now.

Her hands go to my hips and gently push me back. As first I sit, and then lay on her bed as she kneels in front of me. Her hands go to my thighs and I spread myself for her. My hands push up the thin material of my top, and fasten on my hard nipples. I feel her hair brush my thigh, I feel her warm breath on my stomach and then on my special place. I feel her fingers part me

and then her moist lips on me, probing me. Her tongue is licking me, pushing into me and I think I will explode.

As if she senses how close I am and wants to slow things down, I feel Annie move up from that place. Her wet tongue traces a moist path up past my navel and her breath is hot on my skin. I feel her hair brush my right hand and I move it from my breast. Suddenly I feel a warm moistness envelope the soft flesh and then Annie’s tongue is circling my nipple. I raise my head and she looks cebeci escort up and smiles at me and says we should undress. We do. Then she gently pushes me back, onto the bed, kneeling down beside me.

I close my eyes and sense, rather than see her lean down. Suddenly, Annie’s moist lips are on my forehead, my neck, my cheek. Her fingers gently caress my nipples, first one then the other. Circling them, just brushing the tips with her nails. They feel like they are on fire. I look up and she is gazing into me with those wonderful blue eyes. She says I’m beautiful and I smile and raise my lips to meet hers. My head goes back and her tongue is in my mouth while her hand travels down from breasts toward my legs, lightly touching my skin, circling my navel, teasing. Her fingers dance across my belly, my loins. I feel them in my hair as they slide down between my wet, swollen lips. My legs part on their own, opening me to Annie’s touch. They brush my clitoris, my back arches and I moan.

Annie’s hand parts my legs and I feel her knee as it comes down between them. She swings her body over mine. I raise my right leg and I feel her nether hair brush my thigh. I feel her weight and her wetness on my skin. I look up into her face, her hair hanging down around her cheeks. She smiles down as I smile up. Annie’s lips part and I see her lick them as she looks down between us, where her sex touches my thigh. She starts to slide up and down my thigh, her head goes up and she moans. Annie looks down and smiles, telling me it feels good. Her fingers are still at the apex of my sex, sliding back and forth. I am so swollen, so wet and she caresses me there. Down her fingers go , almost to the rosebud of my anus. I shiver as they make their way back up, collecting my moisture. They circle around my clitoris. I’m moaning, my backside moving in small circles. I try to close my thighs to draw Annie’s fingers into me, but I can’t. As she slides up and down my thigh, Annie tells me to wait, it gets better. She calls me baby and her lips come down, on to my breast. Her hand turns and her fingers penetrate me while her thumb rubs my throbbing button.

My hands move up and down her sides, along her smooth flanks. Annie’s skin feels like velvet; soft, silky. My hands travel back up to her breasts, hanging over my belly. I can see her nipples, pink and hard, swaying below her as she sucks mine, bites mine. My hands cup her breasts kolej escort and I roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I hear Annie groan and her noise is mixed with mine. I smell her and breathe her in: perfume mixed with perspiration and the sharp pungent smell of her sex, so like mine, but different. Delightful. My heart is pounding, and I feel so wet, so empty, I want Annie to fill me.

Suddenly she shifts her weight from my thigh. Her hand pushes my legs farther apart, opening me wider, when what I want is to close them. I want to draw her fingers into me, filling me. Annie kneels between my legs. Her tongue leaves my breast and travels back down my belly like before. I look down and see a trail of moisture along my skin. My hands slide along her arms, to her shoulders and she continues down my body. I feel her chin slide through my nether hair. It touches my clitoris and I shudder. I look down and see Annie’s smiling eyes watching me as her chin touches my wet lips. I reach down with my hands and open myself for her. Her hand reaches up between her legs and I know Annie is touching herself. It excites me to know that she is masturbating as her tongue flicks across my button and dips down toward my vagina.

My breathing is ragged. My hands are in Annie’s hair, at my breasts. I’m wild. Annie’s tongue burrows into me, inside my lips, into my vagina. My hips are bucking, I grind myself into her mouth, her lips, her tongue, willing her all the way inside of me. I see her hand moving furiously between her legs. I feel my own hands pulling, tugging at my nipples. My thighs clench on Annie’s head, pulling her in. Then I feel myself starting to explode from down there. Spasms wrack my body, waves of pleasure so intense, the room seems to spin. I hear my own cries and I think I must faint. I’m vaguely aware of Annie, now kneeling straight up. Her fingers moving between her own swollen lips, her palm grinding into her clitoris. Her other hand tugging at her nipples. I hear her crying out just as I am and my eyes close. I arch my back and succumb.

As my breathing slows and the spasms subside, I see Annie, her own breasts still heaving looking at me. She smiles and lays down beside me and I ask if she came. She smiles and puts her arms around me and says yes. She asks if I liked it and I say yes. And we kiss. We talk, like sisters, about what we liked, how we taste and how we smell. We snuggle and feel warm and laugh. And the fires starting building anew and then I make love to Annie. As Annie made love to me.

And later, when we’re both dressed, Annie walks me to the kitchen, her arm in mine. As I retrieve my bag, Annie walks to the table and puts her hand on the teapot. It’s cold she says. If I come back the next day, she’ll make me a fresh pot. I tell her I’d like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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