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I want to thank the readers for their positive response to my earlier stories. I hope you enjoy this one as well. I would like to thank my Editor, Michaeld17110, for helping me with the final draft.

Some background for new readers. My name is Suman. I am happily married to Raman. We are an Indian couple in our 40’s. In my first story, I told the tale of our first swap. In this story I will tell you how we taught a newly wed couple to enjoy sex. When I told them that I was writing a story about our experience, they were both excited. They have helped me write the story by giving input and reviewing the draft. We decided that, at different points, I would intersperse Meera’s thoughts so you can get a sense of the story from both points of view. I hope that is not too distracting for the reader.

My cousin Meera had married Satish, a software engineer. Meera is from a small town near our city and is quite a simple girl. She has a pretty face, very nice young body, is a good wife and keeps a good home, in short, all the qualities of what should make a good Indian wife. After their wedding, Satish was offered a job in Hyderabad, a big city. After about 3 months, rumors started floating that their marriage was in trouble. We all thought that it was simply a case of a small town girl finding it difficult to adjust to city life. They came home to attend a cousin’s wedding and her parents and others counseled them to allow time to adjust. But, after a month, she came back from Hyderabad alone.

She would often just cry and not respond to anyone’s questions. Satish also refused to answer questions. All the relatives were worried. Meera’s mother, my aunt, did not know what to do. She asked us to let Meera stay with us for a few days in hope that we could find the problem. For the first few days, Raman and I did not question her about anything. Instead, we tried to make her happy by taking her around the city to see the sights and to spend some time shopping.

After a few days, Meera seemed to loosen up and confided that they had problems in their sex life. A little coaxing revealed that having intercourse was causing Meera a good bit of pain. So, she stopped having sex with Satish. Naturally, Satish did not like that arrangement and that seemed to be the root cause of their problems. They were embarrassed to tell anyone and were unable to find a solution to their problem. I told her that many newlyweds have such problems, but they adjust after time. She said they had tried various things but neither of them were happy.

I discussed this with Raman who suggested that, if Satish and Meera agreed, we could teach them how to enjoy sex. Meera seemed receptive but was not sure Satish would agree. Even though she was hesitant, she was ready if it would solve their problem. She asked Raman to talk to Satish. The next day, Raman called Satish and told him what we knew about their problem. Satish said he was happy that Meera had confided with us. He was eager to get the problem solved, so it was agreed he would come visit the following weekend.

Now that we had taken the first step, Raman and I began to discuss how to teach them. We wondered whether they would be ready to fuck in front of us or see us fucking. We also discussed if it would be a good idea to suggest swapping partners to see if that might help.

Satish, who had stopped speaking to Meera out of frustration and anger, began talking to her several times a day on her cell phone and texting her frequently. They discussed what might happen when he came to visit. We were surprised when, after a few days, Satish called Raman. The two men had a long conversation. At the end, they agreed it might be a good idea if the four of us went to a nearby resort for 2 or 3 days, instead of in our house, where we might have distractions.

I talked to Meera and she agreed. The conversation then turned to girl talk wherein I hinted at various possibilities. Naturally, she was embarrassed. But, she said that in her discussions with Satish, they agreed they were ready to do anything if it would save their marriage. Raman started privately teasing me about my eagerness to get fucked by Satish. I told him that he was also getting a fresh young girl in Meera who a had a very appealing body.

When Satish arrived, he and Meera had a tearful reunion, and hugged each other very tightly. We left them alone for the night after making plans for the trip to the resort. We had booked a suite with two bedrooms. Upon check in, we did nothing but relax in the living room for a while and just visited with each other. Then, Raman took the lead and asked them to tell exactly their problem without any inhibitions or embarrassment.

Both were hesitant at first. But, they told their story from their individual perspectives. From their explanations, it became clear that a major problem was they were both very innocent. So, neither of them knew much about how to pleasure each other. We asked them if they would have sex in front of us. That way, gaziantep escort we said, we could see what they were doing that was good and what needed improvement. We said that, afterwards, Raman and I would have sex in front of them, so that they could learn from us.

Initially, they were shy about undressing in front of us, so, I said that it might be a good start if I got naked. While I began to undress, I suggested that Satish should undress Meera, and then Meera could undress him. As Satish removed her dress, he turned her to face us. She was trembling from shyness and embarrassment. I walked over to her, hugged her and reassured her that everything would be fine. Satish also hugged her which seemed to calm her nerves a bit. Slowly, you could see her grow more confident. As Satish removed Meera’s underwear, it was revealed that she had a good body. She had large, very firm, youthful breasts, a flat stomach, a cute ass and an almost clean shaven pussy. I could see Raman looking intently at her. As each piece of her clothing was removed, I could tell his breathing was getting deeper and there was a growing bulge in his pants. He was definitely excited about what was to come.

Then, I asked Meera to undress Satish. We could see that his pants were also sporting a sizeable bulge. With his pants removed and just his underwear, it seemed that his bulge was more than I had imagined. But, I was shocked when it sprang out. It was huge one, I guessed about 9 inches and very thick. His cock was fully erect and stood up majestically, the large head fully aroused. Raman and I exclaimed “Wow” at same time. We could see that reaction surprised them both. I explained that Satish had a wonderful cock. I told them that he was large and I knew many women who would love to feel it inside them. Satish said he never knew how he compared to other men. He was so innocent. I, on the other hand, was excited by just looking at it and the thought that I was going to be getting fucked by such a huge cock made me wet, instantly.

Just the act of getting naked had solved one mystery. Now we had a pretty good idea why Meera was having pain while fucking. We explained that they should have lots of foreplay, so that Meera was fully excited and completely wet. Then, Satish’s cock should easily go inside. We told them to start, so that we could she what they were used to doing. Meera hesitated and said that she was afraid of the pain. She said that I should teach Satish what to do so it would not hurt. It was clear from the look on his face that her idea was just fine with Satish. He seemed as eager to fuck me as I was to feel him do it. But, even though it was difficult to wait to feel that magnificent cock, I said that it would be best to let Raman fuck Meera first so that Satish could watch. Then, he could practice on me.

When everyone agreed, I told Meera to just let go of all her inhibitions and uncertainty and enjoy what Raman was about to do with her. Satish also asked her to let herself go and to be free to enjoy herself.


Satish and I were having serious marital problems. I come from a conservative family in a small town. In our family and social circle, discussing sex is taboo. So I did not know much about it before marriage. Unfortunately, Satish also did not know much about things like foreplay, female responses and female orgasm. His idea of sex was simply getting hard and moving right to intercourse. I did not know anything differently either. Whenever he tried to enter me I had terrible pain. This led to fear. To avoid more pain, the only thing I thought to do was not allow him to touch me. This, naturally led to discord between us. He was frustrated and I was scared. Discussing our feelings was simply not done.

So when Suman and Raman suggested that they might be able to help us, it was a big relief. I was reluctant initially. They are 15 and 20 years older than me, and intimacy is not something I was used to discussing. But, after talking it through with Satish, we felt that it would be better to take their help than to continue in our mutual discomfort and his anger.

When it was decided that Raman would have sex me, my shyness and embarrassment about being undressed in front of both of them was almost overwhelming. Satish and I always had sex at night. So, neither of us had ever seen the other fully naked in daylight. When Satish started to undress me I was trembling. To stand naked in daylight in front of not just my husband but in front of others was never something I had considered, even in my dreams. But Suman was so sweet and held me and reassured me it would be ok. When Satish held me and gave his approval as well, it calmed me down. Even still, it took a few long moments for me to gain my composure.

Just as I had regained my balance, I was asked to undress Satish. He was excited and also nervous but did not seem to have the same problem I had with being naked in front of everyone. When Suman and Raman expressed shock on gaziantep escort haberleri seeing his cock, I was also shocked to know that Satish had a huge cock. Even though I had held it a few times, I never realized quite how big it is. Looking at it in daylight, made me tremble with fear and have even more doubts about putting it in my pussy. So I told Suman she should have sex with Satish first. I wanted to see how she would take it in and if she would have the same pain that I did. But she said she felt it would be better if Raman would have sex with me first to ease my fears.

I asked Meera to undress Raman. Meera, who seemed to be gaining a bit of confidence, went to Raman and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Then, she undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. When she came to his underwear, we could all see the bulge of Raman s cock. He was clearly excited and asked Meera to take it out and feel it. Meera removed Raman’s underwear, and then very gently and demurely took his cock in both hands. She caressed it and felt its weight and length, looking at it closely.

Satish and I took a seat nearby and watched. Raman laid Meera on the huge bed, and then lay by her side. Slowly, he touched her face, and then gently caressed her neck and shoulders. Finally, he began to lightly caress her breasts. We could see Meera’s breasts begin to swell with excitement and her nipples become very hard. She has large breasts, I would guess 36C or D, but being young, they were very firm. Her nipples are dark brown with small areolas. Raman started to gently squeeze her breasts, sort of massaging them from bottom to top. He would take each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and and gently squeeze and tease them. Her breath began coming in short gasps and her nipples seemed to harden even more. She was beginning to feel how exciting foreplay can be.

Raman took her right nipple in his mouth and started to suck it slowly tickling it with his tongue. The effect on Meera was tremendous. She had never experienced such a feeling, poor girl. She began to tremble and started to push her breasts higher for Raman to suck and lick more. I told Satish to watch Raman so that when his turn came he could do that to me. Raman had now moved on top of Meera and was sucking and licking her nipples. You could hear the sounds clearly along with her moans as he moved back and forth from breast to breast. He would lick and suck one breast while fingering the other nipple.

This was too much for Meera and, obviously, something she had never experienced, but loved. I could tell that she was about to cum. She started to moan more loudly, pushing her breasts into Raman harder, holding his head on her breasts while pressing her hips into Raman’s. That, of course, made Raman work on her breasts even more vigorously until Meera caught her breath hard and hugged Raman tightly, the pleasure on her face obvious for Satish and I to see. I leaned over to Satish and said “that was an orgasm”.


It was difficult for me to face Raman. He was my elder by 20 years and to face him naked felt more embarrassing as a result. But, slowly I undressed him. He asked me to remove his cock from his underwear. When I held his cock, I began to feel more confident. Fondling it made me feel comfortable. I loved the feel of it, the hardness and the size. It felt great to actually get to see and feel freely a man’s cock. It was smaller than Satish’s, though not tiny by any means. I began to believe that this cock might more easily go in my pussy and not hurt. Then, when Raman started to feel my nipples, I got a feeling that I had not ever experienced. The more he played with my breasts and kissed and sucked my nipples, the more I could feel my excitement grow.

I had never imagined or dreamed that such intimacy would feel so wonderful. As my pleasure peaked, could not control myself. My body trembled and I did not know what was happening. My pussy was soaking wet. I felt a wave of pleasure completely take over my body and wanted nothing more than to hold tightly to Raman. Only later, after Suman told me what had happened, did I realize that I had had my first orgasm. One can call me dumb, but I was truly that innocent and knew that little about sex.

As Raman and Meera lay relaxing after Meera’s first orgasm, Satish said he had no idea that sucking nipples would have such an effect on a woman. I told him to watch further. Raman was now lying by Meera’s side and started to feel her pussy. Slowly he felt all around it, tracing her pussy lips. Then, he gently slid one finger in her pussy and lightly felt her pussy walls on all sides. Because she was so wet, he had no trouble inserting his finger and moving it around causing her to squirm with pleasure.

He removed his now wet finger and lightly tickled her clit. This was all new to Meera who began to slightly tremble as she became more excited. Raman alternated between feeling her pussy lips, inserting and moving gaziantep escort hikayeleri his finger inside her and teasing her clit. At one point, he removed his finger from her pussy and held it up for us to see her juices glistening on it. I told Satish that this was a sign that a woman was ready for the man to put his cock in her pussy. I could see that Raman was also getting excited. Knowing Raman, I could tell he wanted to tease her pussy and suck it before fucking her. But, seeing Meera’s excitement, I told Raman that it was time for him to put his cock in her without a lot of delay.

Raman wanted Meera to see his cock and feel it, so he lay flat on the bed. Meera hesitantly started to feel Raman’s cock. Satish and I asked her to examine it fully and to feel every inch of it. Slowly, she turned his cock up and down, looking and touching everywhere. Raman, by now, was leaking pre-cum. I told Meera she should suck Raman’s cock. Meera looked at me and then at Satish. He told her to go ahead. I said she should treat Raman’s cock like a lollipop, and lick all around the tip. I placed a finger in my mouth to show here what to do. She was initially shy, but with our goading and some coaching from me and from Raman she started to suck Raman’s cock like a pro. Raman was holding her head and guiding her pace. Meera was now in another world and Raman was beyond ready to fuck her.

Watching them was having an effect on Satish and on me as well. I began to fondle Satish’s huge cock and balls. I asked him to caress my breasts and nipples as he had seen Raman do to Meera.

Raman placed Meera on the bed and moved over her, spreading her legs. He leaned down and kissed her. Meera hugged him and returned his kiss passionately. Now we knew Meera was ready to fuck. Raman asked Meera to guide his cock inside her. Meera took hold of his cock with her hand and guided the head to her pussy lips. We could see them shine with her juices and knew she was not going to have any problems. They both moved their hips toward each other and Raman’s cock easily slid into Meera’s pussy. Both Satish and Meera were amazed at how smoothly Raman’s cock went into her. When Raman was fully inside Meera, he lay there for a moment to be sure she was ok, then he slowly began to pull his cock out then slide it back in, actually fucking her. I moved close to them and asked Meera whether she was comfortable and whether she was having any pain. She shook her head and said it was wonderful and, for the first time she was enjoying having a cock inside her pussy. She said it had filled her pussy and the feeling was great. Knowing she was enjoying herself, Raman felt comfortable to begin to fuck her vigorously, at the same time sucking her nipples.

Meera was now in a whole other world than she had ever experienced. She was moaning and began shouting, mostly incoherent sounds of pleasure. She started to push her hips against Raman fucking his cock with her pussy. She was so excited that she started to shout loudly as she began her orgasm. Raman slowed down a little for her to relax, letting her linger on the edge of cumming. Then, he started again. At the same time he was sucking her nipples, first one, then other. We could see both of them were nearing climax. Meera was lifting her legs and wrapping them around Raman, then putting them back on the bed, beyond any control. Her movements made it difficult for Raman, even with his Tantra experience, to control himself. In no time, Raman began pumping fast telling Meera he was about to cum and urging her to cum with him. That was all that was needed for Meera to explode in a screaming orgasm as Raman pumped his cum deep in her pussy.

Meera collapsed with a huge shout and Raman lay on top of her slowly moving inside her alternating with just holding himself fully imbedded. Satish could not believe his eyes. He was saying that he never knew that a woman could have such an orgasm. I told him that he would give Meera even better orgasms the more they got to know each other and each others reactions because, in addition to being turned on, they loved each other, which made the feeling stronger. Meera looked at us with glazed eyes and smiled with contentment. She repeatedly kissed Raman.

I was fondling Satish’s cock all this time while we were watching them, when suddenly I felt Satish’s cock begin to swell and pulse. He was unable to control his excitement and began to cum on my hand. He looked at me with bewilderment and concern. I told him not to worry and said I felt that he would do even better because now that his initial excitement had passed he should be able to last longer. I asked Satish to go to his wife, so that he could share her joy and contentment. When he went to her, she hugged him tightly and said she felt that she now would be able to enjoy his cock without pain. It was clear this excited them both.


It was a new experience when Raman fingered my pussy. I was in a different world blindly enjoying what was happening to me. When Raman asked me to guide his cock into my pussy, I was a little hesitant but I knew that the feeling of my pussy being soaking wet would make things different than before. So, as I took my hand and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and we both moved, it slid in smoothly. I noticed two things simultaneously, entrance was painless and it felt great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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