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Sara stared at the screen of her laptop, reading over the last part of the detailed outline on World War II she was forced to do for her history teacher, Mr. Miller, all because she hadn’t been paying attention in his class. She’d had her mind on her father and watching him as he’d masturbated the night before and now that she had jacked him off herself last night, she found it harder and harder to concentrate, her mind was on her father and his cock and nothing else. She’d been working on the outline for the better part of the morning and was just about done, the outline taking up some ten pages. She just hoped Mr. Miller would be satisfied. And she still had to compose the thousand word essay on the effect the War had on the United States. She hated history. It was just that, history. Why did she need to know it anyway? The only thing she had to worry about was what styles were going to be in fashion for this summer, not what happened over seventy-two years ago. It wasn’t just history, it was ancient history. “Piss on it,” she said and moved the wireless mouse, clicking on the print icon, sending the outline to the printer that sat on the other side of her desk. “What’s he gonna do, fail me my senior year?” She spent the next two hours writing the essay. She gathered up all the papers and stuffed them inside her notebook and slipped it inside her messenger bag, bidding good riddance to the homework.

Her stomach growled, reminding her that she hadn’t ate any lunch and she shut off her computer and got up from her desk, going down stairs to the kitchen. She hadn’t seen her father all morning; he’d been working since breakfast, pouring over legal documents and briefs, preparing for the case he was going to have to defend Monday morning. She passed by the formal dining room and peeked inside. Her father was sitting in one of the high back chairs, totally disorganized or completely organized, with papers strewn all over the polished surface and in file boxes on the floor. She didn’t interrupt him, just continued on her way to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. She made one for her father also. She ate hers in the kitchen before she took her father his. “I made you some lunch, Daddy,” Sara said as she walked into the dining room carrying a tray with his sandwich, a bowl of fresh fruit and a diet Coke on it.

Elliot looked up from all the papers strewn across the table and onto the smiling face of his daughter. She was holding a tray loaded down with his lunch and he let his eyes roam lecherously over her. She had her hair long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearing a white cropped V-neck tank top with narrow straps that strained to keep her huge breasts contained as they all but spilled over the edges of the cups, her areolas and nipples visible through the tightly stretched material and a pair of navy blue cropped yoga pants that sat low on her hips, hugged them and her taut ass tight, showing off the length of her toned legs and the expanse of her tight little belly. “Thank you,” he said, quickly clearing a place for her to place the tray.

Any other time he would have adverted his eyes when she sat the tray down, but now that he had seen those breasts, tasted them, cum on them, he let his eyes take in every inch of the swollen globes as she leaned forward. He watched as her breasts jiggled, strained even more against the neckline of her top as she moved and he reached out, cupping her breast in his hand and pushing it up until first her areola was visible and then her nipple as it popped over the edge of the v-shaped cup. He flicked the side of his thumb over it, watching incestuously as her areola shrank and puckered and her nipple tightened into a hard, spice drop sized piece of flesh. “I rather have this for lunch,” he said, lowering his head and flicking his tongue over her hard nipple, again and again until it was glistening wet with his saliva and harder than a rock. He sucked hard on her nipple, drawing up against the roof of his mouth.

Sara dropped the tray onto the table and thrust her fingers into her father’s thick hair, moaning as she arched her back, thrusting her breast hard against her father’s mouth. His mouth felt so good on her breast as he sucked and chewed lightly on her nipple, his saliva running down the curve. Her moans grew even louder as he feasted nosily on her breast, sucking on her nipple for a good three minutes, before he finally lifted his head and tucked her breast back inside her saliva soaked top.

“But Daddy has a lot of work to do,” he said tugging up the side of her top until her areola was covered and her hard little nipple was straining against the tightly stretched and saliva soaked material that rasped against it. He gave her nipple an affectionate squeeze and dropped his hand. “Now run along and let me get back to work. I’ll will play with you later.”

Sara giggled. She was her father’s new toy and it made her happy and horny at the same time. “Yes, Daddy.”

+ + + + + + + + + +

Elliot rubbed the back of his neck as he walked from the dining room; the muscles were kartal escort bayan tight from the stress of having to get everything in order before the trial. He usually had paralegals doing the work for him, but this was a high-profile case and the documents were too sensitive for just anyone’s eyes. He got a bottle of diet Coke from the fridge and twisted off the top, talking a long drink. He needed the caffeine buzz to keep going and the acid in coffee only burned his stomach. He took another long drink and turned around, looking out the plate glass wall that had a view of the backyard and the ocean beyond the edge of the cliff. But his gaze didn’t fall on the ocean; instead it fell on his daughter as she sat on a yoga mat in the grass just beyond the edge of the lanai in a full lotus position–her right foot on her left thigh, her left foot on her right thigh, her back perfectly straight, eyes closed, elbows resting on her knees with the tips of her forefingers touching the tips of her thumbs.

He screwed the cap back on the bottle and watched as she bonelessly, she had to have no bones or was just way too flexible because the human body just couldn’t bend like that, moved into a second position. He didn’t know the names of any of the positions she was assuming, but when she stretched her arms out as far as they would go on the mat, arched her taut ass high into the air and touched her head to the mat, the only thing he could think about was that was a perfect position for him to shove his cock into her from behind, pound himself against her taut little ass as he stretched her cunt to accommodate every last inch of his massive cock. She held that position for several minutes and he felt his cock start to throb in his chinos as it filled with a sudden rush of blood, straining against the material.

He stepped closer to the sliding glass door, resting his left hand on the glass as he started out at her as she slowly sank down to the mat, her legs and her hips flush with the ground as she pushed up with her arms, arching her back and thrusting her breasts out, her head falling back against her shoulders. In that position he could stand over her and slip his cock into her mouth, ease it down her throat while he played with her beautiful breasts. The bottle of Coke slipped out of his hand as he cupped his cock through his chinos, moving it to a more comfortable position as it swelled even more, snaking down his thigh. He stroked his cock for a good minute through his chinos, feeling it swell until it was fully engorged and throbbing against his thigh. Fuck, she had him hard again and this time he was going to do something about it. He opened the door. “Get your ass in this house right now, Sara Jane.”

Sara was jerked out of her peaceful, meditative state by her father’s booming voice. Her arms buckled out of her upward dog position and she groaned, falling back down against the mat. Yoga was her escape from everything, a time for meditation and relaxation. The only time her father ever called her by her middle name was when he was pissed with her. She couldn’t remember doing anything to upset him but she quickly gathered up all of her stuff and hurried back across the yard and into the house. She pulled the glass door shut behind her and turned around, looking up at her father. “What’d I do now? Is something wrong?”

“Get your ass up to your bedroom right now!” he hollered, watching as she quickly bolted from the room and towards the stairs. He followed her, his eyes never leaving her taut little ass in her yoga pants as she hurried up the steps and down the hall to her bedroom. He stepped into the room behind her and slammed the door shut. He grabbed hold of her arm and turned her around, pulling her over to stand in front of him. He flattened his palm to the door, preventing her escape.

Elliot looked down at his daughter. A fine sheen of sweat covered her body, soaked into her top. Her breasts were straining behind the cups of her top, rising and falling as she drew in several deep breaths of air. Her nipples instantly puckered from the coolness of the air-conditioning and rasped against the material stretched taut across them. Her tight, tanned little belly was glistening with sweat, the muscles clearly outlined under her skin from the strain of being stretched to their limits. His cock jerked hard, precum soaking into the front of his chinos. He reached out and cupped her swollen breast in his hand, molding it to his pleasure as he pinched and pulled on her nipple through the tightly stretched material. He groaned as she threw her head back, arching her back as she shamelessly pressed her breast into his hand. He cupped the side of her face with the other hand, dragging his thumb back and forth over the fullness of her bottom lip, slipping it along the inside of her lip. He sucked in his breath when she sucked his thumb into her hot, wet mouth. He felt his cock jerk and painfully throb, anticipation gnawing at him. “You’ve got my cock so fucking hard. Know what a blow job is, baby girl?” he asked, staring down at her with lust-filled escort maltepe eyes.

Sara nodded her head, sucking hard on her father’s thumb. She moaned as his large hand mauled her breast, arching against it to increase the pressure, moaning even louder when he pinched her nipple between his fingers. She dropped her gaze, looking down at the considerable bulge forming in the front of his pants. Oh, how she wanted to see her father’s cock again. She felt a sudden rush of wetness between her legs at the thought of having that beautiful cock in her mouth. “Yes,” she said as his thumb returned to stroking her lip.

“Then get on it,” Elliot hissed through gritted teeth, giving her breast a firm squeeze as he pushed her down the floor in front of him.

She dropped her yoga mat to the floor at her father’s feet and dropped to her knees. She could see his cock as it strained behind the constricting material of his pants, the sheer size of it snaking down his leg rather than tenting his fly. She reached for the button on his chinos and slipped it through the hole, grabbing hold of the zipper tab and easing it down over the bulge of his erection. His swollen cock sprang free as she tugged his pants over his hips, the monstrous thing bobbing in the air as it throbbed with a sudden rush of blood, expanding to its fully engorged size. It was angry-red, impossibly swollen and a clear fluid oozed out of the mushroom-shaped head and started to run down the underside. It was going to be a miracle if it even fit inside her mouth. She felt a second rush of wetness between her legs, seeping out of her and soaking into the material of her pants. She lowered her head, opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out and slowly licked all twelve inches of his cock like a big red fudgecicle, feeling every thick vein that crisscrossed its girth. She heard his deep groan and felt his cock jerk hard against her tongue. Good, she was doing it right.

Elliot looked down at his daughter as she slowly drew the tip of her tongue up the swollen, smooth glans, catching the drop of clear fluid that oozed out of the slit as she flicked it over the very end of his cock. He slapped his palm against the door. “Fuck,” he hissed. He drew in several deep breaths, watching as she drew the fluid into her mouth, moaned her pleasure and wrapped her hand around the thickest part of his cock, holding it in position. She looked up at him, her green eyes bright and smiled before she lowered her head again, opening her mouth as wide as she could to slip the tip of the huge conical-shaped head into her mouth, sucking tentatively on it as she worked the underside of the glans with her tongue. She heard him groan and she sucked a little harder, getting more of the swollen, smooth glans into her mouth, feeling it jerk against her tongue.

A deep guttural groan rumbled up out of his chest. “That’s it, baby girl, suck Daddy’s cock. Suck it hard,” Elliot hissed as he watched his daughter as she drew more of the throbbing head of his cock further into her pretty, wide, mobile mouth, her lips closing around the bulbous head, engulfing it fully in her hot mouth. He fisted his hand against the door and locked his knees as she sucked hard on the head of his cock, her tongue stroking and swirling and stroking again, drawing out the precum that had accumulated in his cock. He threw his head back, an even longer, deeper groan rumbling up from his chest. “Fuck! Your mouth is so fucking hot, so wet! Suck, baby girl, and suck hard. Daddy’s got a lot of juice in there for you.”

Sara worked her tongue hard on the underside of his cock and glans, sucking and slurping the best she could. His cock was massive, the huge mushroom-shaped head filling her mouth and jerking against her tongue as it spurted out more precum, lubricating her already wet mouth. Saliva started to run down the length of his cock and she caught it with her hand, working it all around the length as she started to slide her hand up and down his massive erection. She felt the head of his cock swell against her tongue and she moaned, easing him further into her mouth. Gaining more confidence, she started to bob her head up and down, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth as she noisily sucked and slurped as she managed to swallow more and more of his cock, her small hand jacking his erection hard, feeling the blood as it throbbed through the veins with every hard beat of his heart. She could hear his breathing start to escalate, his groans growing louder and she knew his orgasm was close. She wanted to swallow every bit of his cum, make him so happy that he would let her suck his cock again and again. She drew in a deep breath, her cheeks concaving as she inhaled her father’s cock, the tapered head pressing against the back of her throat.

Elliot wrapped the end of her ponytail around his hand and dug his fingers into her skull, guiding her bobbing head as she swallowed a good five inches of his cock. God, she could suck. Most women couldn’t take his cock in their mouth, the six inch girth was too much and then when he did get it into pendik escort their oral cavity they choked on it so he just had to be satisfied with their tongue licking him as they jacked him off. But not his daughter. She could take the sheer size of his cock without any difficulty what so ever. He looked down at her, at her concaved cheeks as she sucked him vigorously, her glossy pink lips as they slid up and down the length of his blood-swollen and throbbing cock as her head bobbed even faster, at the saliva that trickled out of her mouth and lubricated his fuck pole as her small hand rapidly pumped up and down the rest of his engorged length. He hissed, wondering how many boys’ cocks she had sucked before because she certainly wasn’t a novice at this.

He could feel his orgasm quickly approaching, feel the semen churning in his balls as they drew up higher against his groin. He flexed his hips, pushing further into her mouth and she moaned, sucking harder. “Daddy’s gonna cum in your mouth, baby girl,” he grunted. His testicles contracted as they released a heavy load of sperm and he bucked his hips against her face, fucking her mouth as he worked the semen down his cock. “Suck daddy’s cock, suck it hard. Here I cummmm,” He threw his head back, a loud roar bellowing from his lungs as he dug his fingers into his daughter’s skull, keeping his cock in place so she couldn’t spit it out as it swelled and jerked in an explosion of thick, salty semen, heavily coating the inside of her mouth. “FUCKIN’ SUCK ME!”

Sara wasn’t prepared for the force of his explosive orgasm. The first heavy glob of semen spurted hard inside her mouth, choking her, her cheeks bulging out and a trickle of semen bubbling out of the corner of her mouth. She quickly swallowed and pushed his cock further into her mouth, jerking her hand hard along his length as the second heavy spurt hit the back of her throat. She struggled to swallow his hot seed as the head of his cock jerked, discharging a third copious load of thick, sticky and salty fluid before she had gulped down the second one, her tongue and throat working hungrily to take all of his cum. She sucked hard on the head of his cock like it was a big piece of juicy fruit, her tongue unrelenting as it worked the underside of the glans as she jacked him hard, sucking the last of the semen from his twitching cock as it jerked and spurted again and again until just a trickle seeped out of the tip. She felt her father’s erection gradually diminish as the head jerked one last time before it slowly shrank inside her mouth and she swallowed one last time before letting him slide from her mouth bit by bit. She caught the last drop of semen on the tip of her thickly-coated tongue as it leaked out of the slit and slowly drew it into her mouth, her eyes fixated on her father’s tense face.

Elliot drew in several deep breaths as he stared down at his daughter. Her breasts were heaving on her chest as she struggled to catch her own breath, her lips coated with a layer of his cum that she quickly licked away with her tongue. He reached down and grabbed hold of her chin, tipping her head up so he could see into those big green eyes. He caught a drop of semen that had trickled down the side of her chin with his thumb. “That couldn’t have been your first blow job because that was the best fucking one I’ve ever had. How many cocks have you sucked, Sara, and don’t you lie to Daddy.”

Sara shook her head as a tear slowly trickled down her cheek, suddenly humiliated by the fact that his was the only cock she had sucked and that she had done it wrong. Maybe she should have sucked Jimmy Andrews cock; he had offered it to her enough times, but she was too embarrassed to even look at it. She only wanted to make her father happy. “Just your cock, Daddy, I swear. Just yours.”

He slowly smiled as he let go of her chin to gently stroke her hair. No ifs ands or buts, she was a virgin, his virgin for the ravaging. “That’s a good girl.” He stepped the rest of the way out of his pants and toed off his shoes, simultaneously yanking his polo shirt over his head. “Now it’s Daddy’s turn. Off with the clothes.”

Sara got to her feet, her body trembling with anticipation. She curled her fingers into the hem of her top and slowly pulled her shirt up, the spandex stretching as she eased the shirt over her already swollen breasts, feeling the stretchy material tug and pull on her breasts and hard, distended nipples, making them even harder. Her breasts bounced and jiggled on her chest when she pulled the top over her head, dropping it to the floor before she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her yoga pants and eased them over her hips, revealing her smooth vulva to her father’s lecherous stare. She was wet between her legs, she could feel the coolness of the room against her skin, and as she stared at her father’s cock inches from her face, watching as it twitched and swelled, filling with a rush of blood, she felt a sudden rush of moisture collect between the lips of her blood-swollen labia and seep out to dampen her thighs. She pushed her pants down to her knees, lifted first one foot and then the other out of the legs and kicked them to the side. She was breathing heavily, her eyes fixated on his cock as it grew larger and larger, turning angry-red again as it rose up from his body, sticking straight out from his groin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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