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Welcome to the final chapter of Tease to Please. If you haven’t already, you should read the last page of chapter 10 in this series before this. It’s been revised since it was first published and even if you’ve never read a single other chapter, that one page will put in the picture (it’s also a good sex scene, so there’s that too).

This is a work of fiction, written by me. Please don’t steal it. Thanks.

Enough jabber. To the finish!


Tease to Please, Chapter Eleven:

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Elise and Doctor Peters had climbed very high these past few days.

Thursday’s presentation had gone better than anyone expected. Both biomedical device manufacturers were interested in buying the PVA patents. Their respective corporate legal teams were planning to work straight through the weekend and into next week to hammer out what remained of the due diligence process. Actual offer terms were not final yet, naturally, but all the numbers talked about so far sounded very promising to Arthur. On Friday he had penciled-out his own potential compensation (deducting for all the investors’ and Doctor Yamamoto’s stakes) and he expected it to be somewhere in the low eight-figures.

That would be life-changing. Even after taxes.

Making matters still happier, nearly every waking moment since Thursday evening that he had NOT spent working on these auspicious developments had been devoted to having sex with Elise.

The two of them had been going at it like rabbits. Highly-caffeinated rabbits.

Now they lay side by side, naked atop the tangled mess Arthur’s bed. He was fast asleep, as he had been since their final coital session sometime after midnight. Elise was vaguely awake, drifting in and out of a happy haze. A white undershirt was wadded up beside her. She had used it hours earlier as a rag to wipe his semen from her skin.

Her phone began to chime.

“Crap,” Elise whispered, unsteadily sitting up. “What time is it?”

Arthur did not answer. He was deep in satisfied slumber.

Elise rose from the wide bed and hobbled to her phone. Her entire groin felt bruised, especially deep inside. Doctor Peters’ big cock was taking some getting used to and her petite body was protesting.

She assumed it was her mother calling, but by the time she dug the phone from her purse in the living room it had already gone to voicemail. She noted the time and did a little mental math. Most likely her mom was at the airport in Arizona, just checking in.

Elise winced and dipped her knees slightly to relieve a head-rush caused by standing up too quickly.

A few moments later she listened to her new voicemail, which proved her assumptions correct. Sylvia was on her way.

She tossed her phone back into her purse and sighed. The thought of seeing her mother was not a source of happiness. She rubbed her sleepy face, returned to the bedroom and nudged Doctor Peters awake. Then she hopped into the shower to get clean.

An hour later Elise was fully dressed and their breakfast dishes were in the sink. Even though it was a Saturday, quite a bit of office-work needed doing. Doctor Yamamoto would be coming into the lab as well, to help Arthur review all the materials their lawyers were preparing in response to the buyers’ due diligence requests.

Elise was dressed in a casual stretchy miniskirt, a thin sweater and her cork wedges. Without any pretext of a candy striper uniform today, she just wanted to be comfortable. This did not stop her from putting her hair into a cute ponytail however, because she knew Doctor Peters liked it that way.

As she waited for Arthur in the living room she reflected on the fact that her mother’s impending arrival was making not only her nervous, but him too. She could tell just by the clipped tone of his voice this morning. Instinctively this made her want to shore-up her relationship with him even more, not only to put his mind at ease but also to reassure herself of their still-new bond.

As Arthur entered the living room, his eyes raked up and down Elise’s outfit once. He smiled.

Elise smiled back, enjoying the familiar rush his approval always gave her. She couldn’t get enough of it. She felt like she had a brand-new boyfriend whose gaze just happened to be her favorite aphrodisiac.

She followed him into the short connecting hall that led to the laboratory. Just as he was reaching for the doorknob she grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to face her, then rose to her tiptoes and began kissing him. She slid her arms around his waist in the process.

Doctor Peters kissed her back with modest enthusiasm, but that was not enough for Elise. Soon she pushed him back against the wall of the hallway and began using her fingers to massage his penis through his flat-front slacks.

“Later, later,” Arthur whispered into her kisses.

“Nah, come on… this won’t take long,” Elise smirked up at him confidently.

“I have so much to do this morning, Elise…”

“Yes yenibosna escort you do, Doctor P. Yes you do.”

Elise tugged his zipper down and reached inside. She extricated his penis carefully through the opening and sank to her knees while muttering: “And this time… you gotta let me finish.”

Her cute mouth encircled Arthur’s cockhead with a silent gulp.

“Fuck…” he moaned.

Elise hummed contentedly, feeling his glans gradually swell within her palette. Her jaw stretched open to make room for him. Her wet tongue danced under his frenulum, sending tingles of pleasure down to his testes. His shaft slowly stiffened. She began to bob her head.

Arthur leaned against the wall for support. His knees were slightly bent. His hands found their way to the back of Elise’s head and encircled the jaunty ribbon of her ponytail.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he whispered.

Elise pulled her mouth away and gave him an amused look: “Because. I like you.”

“AH!” Arthur flinched as her lips popped back over the crown of his glans. He actually felt a little sore. That had not happened since his honeymoon.

Elise took him in as far as she could, squashing her epiglottis against his fat cockhead. She quickly undid his belt. In no time she had his pants down around his knees. She paused for breath and fished his erection backward through the fly of his boxer shorts, then pushed those down to his knees as well.

With his genitals thusly exposed, Elise unleashed everything she knew about fellatio. Arthur’s expression widened into a round ‘O’ as he watched her devote herself entirely to his pleasure.

Truthfully Elise was no expert at this in terms of experience, having had fewer than five prior lovers (no matter how broadly one defined that term), and none as well-endowed as Doctor Peters. Still, she tried to make up for it with instinct and enthusiasm.

Her hands gently tugged his scrotum toward her chin. She hummed hungrily and repeatedly pushed her mouth as far down his length as she could. Every so often she pulled back off him completely, angled her head to one side and slid her puckered lips back and forth along the underside of his shaft like a harmonica.

Arthur’s breathing shuddered when she did that, so she slurped noisily on the exterior of his shaft and scrotum for half a minute before gulping his glans back into her mouth.

Arthur found it difficult to remain standing. The suction her cheeks and tongue created was incredible. Had it not been for the wall behind him he would have tipped over.

Saliva began to leak from Elise’s mouth. She continued her rhythmic ministrations, seemingly unaware of the long clear strands hanging from her chin.

Elise attended to his cock with every feature of her mouth including her voice box, which moaned and hummed. The muscles in her tongued rubbed and pushed. Her inner cheeks clung and sucked. Her puffy lips held on tight.

Every time she took him in deep she twisted her head, palpating his glans with the soft pocket atop her throat.

Elise maintained all these rhythmic ministrations until she ran out of oxygen. Then she pulled back and gasped briefly before diving at his balls and gently sucking each one into her mouth in turn while swirling one hand around his slobbery shaft.

Every nerve-ending in Arthur’s cock stood at attention.

Elise realized she had never enjoyed this so much before. To her, giving head had always been fun, sure, but Doctor Peters’ cock was special. It was warm, extra big and tasted good too.

She took a deep breath and then re-impaled her mouth, emitting a happy moan.

She could not believe the way this made her drool. Spit was dripping onto her bare knees and running down the front of her neck and under her sweater. It was leaking everywhere. A wet spot was forming in the carpet.

As the minutes slid by, Elise scrunched her body smaller beneath him and looked up, blinking rapidly from the surfeit of cock in her mouth. She wanted to open her throat for him. She had tried several times already these past few days, but always failed. He was simply too thick.

Arthur towered over her, gazing straight down as her pretty face sucked and slurped on his cock. He could tell she was trying her best, eagerly straining to please him. Still, she had not managed to take any more than half of his length through her lips.

He wanted more.

He stooped slightly and rearranged his hands behind Elise’s head, clasping the base of her skull. Gently, while keeping her mouth entirely full of cock, he began to recline her face and guide her shoulders lower and closer. Elise adjusted her folded legs to comply and stared straight up at him, expectantly. The remaining inches of Arthur’s cock protruded from her young face, worryingly wide and veiny outside her already-stretched mouth.

Inside Elise’s stomach, butterflies of panic began to flutter. She knew exactly what zeytinburnu escort he wanted. She had been trying already to accept him there; to slacken her throat enough to grant him that urgent, breath-stealing penetration. By now she was actually afraid because she knew his cock was too big.

Elise understood this. Doctor Peters, apparently, did not.

He did not speak. He just started pressing his hips forward while holding her head still. Elise felt the bulbous end of his cock pressuring her, inexorably loosening the knot of muscles protecting her throat.

Her epiglottis was already pinned flat. She was well beyond the point of breathing.

Her hazel eyes shimmered as her tear-ducts went into overdrive. She blinked faster and tried to relax her throat. She desperately wanted to please him.

Doctor Peters’ hands pulled tighter and tighter, urging her open. Her vision blurred. She became slightly dizzy.

Then something happened. A wet squeak from the back of her throat signaled total distention. The front side of her neck rippled outward, suddenly swollen with cock.

Arthur cursed aloud.

Elise’s gag reflexes contorted around him deliciously tightly, but he kept the pressure on, exulting “Ah! Yes!” as the final inch of his shaft disappeared.

Elise knew only panic. Nothing had ever been so deep in her throat. She was trapped mid-retch, her esophagus held painfully wide while her nose was buried in pubic hair. She felt like his cock reached to her collarbones.

She slapped both hands against Doctor Peters’ thighs. Arthur held her there for an extra moment anyway, relishing her throat’s silky contractions. Then he let go, allowing her to extricate the entirety of his penis in one stroke. Elise yanked her head backward and sideways, coughing up a wet glob of phlegm.

“God that was nice!” Arthur exclaimed. “Can we do that again?”

Elise was winded, fanning her face with one hand and trying to get the sensation of retching to subside. Her eyes streamed with tears. She had to swallow a mouthful of drool just to recover her ability to breathe. It took another ten seconds before she could talk.

“I… No, I… I can’t,” she stuttered shakily. “Way too… way too much. I couldn’t… get used to that.”

Arthur was not in the mood to concede so easily. His libido was pretty much in charge now.

“Just try,” he said. “Please.”

Elise looked up at him. She was aware of having started this interlude in the hallway; over his objections actually. And, she HAD been enjoying herself… right up until that very last part. She wanted to please him.

She really, really wanted to please him.

Elise looked at the way his penis hung before her. It stood straight out, level with her face and soaking wet. It looked vaguely alien, but at the same time sort of magnificent.

“Maybe,” she whispered, “maybe just… once more, n’kay?”

Arthur grinned down at her.

Elise aligned her mouth with the tip of his cock and began again, carefully. For a while she just sucked on him at her own pace, rebuilding her confidence and enthusiasm. She did everything she could to excite his pleasure. She remembered his balls too, massaging them gently with her fingertips and occasionally ducking her head to nurse them in turn.

Arthur leaned his head back against the hallway wall and let his shoulders sag. He was in a very happy place.

When Elise next took him back into her mouth, her dainty fingers began pulling his balls closer. Arthur’s hands were still wrapped around the back of her head. He could not restrain himself.

Vigorously, he impaled her throat.

Elise surrendered to the full magnitude of his penis, allowing it to pump up and down inside her neck over and over. Bubbles emerged from her straining mouth. Veins that had been invisible before became prominent in her forehead. Faint ridges beneath the skin of her neck bulged outward, tracing every move his length made within her narrow throat.

Such an abundance of sex during the previous few days meant that now, despite the marvelous tightness of Elise’s throat, Arthur’s penis retained a degree of flexibility which no doubt helped to ease her plight. It also meant he was a long way from orgasm.

Arthur held Elise down on his cock slightly longer than he should have. When they separated, she gasped for air loudly through a streaming mouth.

Elise recognized that she had serious work to do if she intended to finish him like this. Bravely, she encouraged Arthur to fuck her throat once more.

And he did. He pulled her face against his groin and pumped his hips against her, relishing the contractions of her gag reflex around his long cock. The sheer amount of pleasure he was experiencing quickly exceeded his wildest fantasies.

Elise acceded to his deep penetrations several more times, allowing her freshly made-up face to become a slutty mess. Running mascara streaked her cheeks. acıbadem escort A pink smear of lipstick widened around her mouth. Still she pressed on; coughing, drooling and starving her lungs to near anoxia repeatedly over the next ten minutes.

Arthur felt divine, but his conscience began to bother him as more and more time went by. He twice suggested they stop but Elise refused. Intuitively he realized he was benefitting from some weird type of mother-daughter tension that was motivating Elise. She seemed desperate to make him cum one last time before Sylvia arrived.

Elise professed that her privates were too sore for intercourse. She told Arthur that she wanted to finish him with just her mouth instead. Hearing this, he was only too happy to oblige her wish.

Arthur closed his eyes and willed himself toward orgasm. He knew she could not withstand this abuse for much longer.

‘Just once more,’ he kept telling himself, but he could not stop. Elise’s throat felt too good. It was so tight around his cock and delivered such an intensity of pleasure that he only wanted more and more.

He penetrated her again, burying his cock to the hilt between her outstretched lips, and shuddered with joy.

Eventually, after a dozen more penetrations, Elise became so congested and throat-sore that continuing would have been cruel. She could barely see straight.

Arthur released her head.

Elise remained relentless, especially now that she could tell he was close to orgasm. Her goal was near, so she doubled the tempo of her bobbing head. Arthur opened his eyes long enough to record what she was doing, but then his head tilted back again. It felt so good he could barely keep from crying.

Elise beat her soft mouth down around the first half of his cock over and over, moaning and gurgling continuously. Streams of spit leaked from her. The entrance of her throat was playing catch-and-release with his cockhead.

Arthur’s toes curled up in his shoes. His teeth bared themselves. He became unable to control his facial expressions.

Elise kept on driving her face forward, stroking him with her entire mouth. She was giving everything she had.

The psychological effect this had on Arthur’s arousal was intense. Elise was so eager! That in itself was thrilling. She was the girl he had privately sworn he would not touch; the teasingly hot and way-too-young-for-him summer intern sent by his ex-love Sylvia. And now she was excitedly pummeling the ring of her throat with his quivering bulb, over and over.

Arthur let out a whimper. Within his testes, a fresh discharge began its ascent.

His was in unknown territory, having never before climaxed so often in so few days, but the delicious grip of Elise’s esophageal opening was dragging it out of him. Stroke by stroke, his pleasure’s conclusion became irreversible.

“Gah…ha…HAH!” he cursed as his ejaculation finally commenced. He grabbed the back of Elise’s bobbing head and pulled her face down all the way once more. Her throat was so abused by then that it accepted him without much fight.

Semen exploded into Elise’s head, firing down her gullet in sustained squirts. Arthur held her tight and yelled. His balls actually hurt from so much pleasurable exertion.

Elise gagged fiercely and wriggled backward. Cum ricocheted out through her nose and both corners of her mouth at once. She coughed and spluttered until Arthur let go.

As soon her throat was empty she gasped for air, tongue out and mouth agape. Rapid pulses of semen continued spurting from him, showering her in goopy strands.

Elise shivered, swallowed and then re-opened her lips while stroking his erupting penis. Arthur grunted and cursed, eyes tight shut.

Elise’s small hands pumped him until the last dribbles of his ejaculate were out, then stopped. She was delirious and could no longer see.

It was over.

Arthur opened his eyes and looked down. Milky cum was all over Elise’s beautiful face. It lay especially thickly around her lips, which were trembling with fatigue.

Elise felt like she had swallowed semen more than nature ever intended. She pushed the remainder from her mouth and let it slide down her reclined neck in long, wet globs.

“God that was intense,” Arthur panted.

Elise attempted to sniff once through her nose and then began to laugh quietly. She had never worked so hard to make a man cum before. Her sinuses were totally congested and she felt dizzy. Her right eye refused to open. Cooling, sticky goop clung to every feature of her face. Her forehead, chin and both cheeks were linked by ropey bridges of the stuff. She guessed that she looked ridiculous.

“Wow…” she giggled, finally able to talk again. “I think my jaw is, like, almost broken.”

“So crazy,” Arthur panted. “You drained me… there’s nothing left.”

Elise finally got her right eye open, despite the gluey stuff clinging to its lashes. She smiled blearily up at Doctor Peters and said: “Good.”

“You… you should look in the mirror. You’re a spectacle.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Well…” she grinned, pausing to wipe a ticklish glob of cum from under her nose, “Does that mean I get a white card now?”

Arthur chuckled and slouched over her, hands on his knees. Elise laughed too, then rubbed the hinges of her jaw and complained that it hurt to smile.

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