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This story is a little different for me. It comes at the request of a female reader who asked me to write a story about her. She was kind enough to give me some detailed information and even some photos of herself in order for me to get a “feel” for the story she wanted written. I hope it ends up being to her liking…


As I watched Professor Bond standing at the front of my English class lecturing, I wondered why he had asked me to stay after class. Walking in for today’s lecture, he had pulled me aside and told me he’d like to speak with me for a few minutes afterwards. It was my last class of the day and I didn’t have anywhere else I needed to be, so I told him that would be okay. He gave me a warm smile and went back to his desk.

Oh yeah…..maybe I should introduce myself and let you know what’s going on. My name’s Brooke, I’m 19 years old and a freshman student at one of the bigger SEC universities. You’ll just have to guess which one and figure out who I am if you see me around campus. And yes, my name really is Brooke and some other people in this story will have their real names given too; but right now, Professor Bond is a fictitious name, suitable I think for an English professor! After all, I don’t want to get him in any trouble with the university….or his wife!

Like I said, I’m 19 and an only child. My parents split many years ago and my dad moved away and I rarely see him. My mom remarried about four years ago to a guy who really treats me well. He’s pretty well off and he takes good care of my mom and makes her happy. We have a pretty good life and they bought a nice big house right after they got married. It’s got lots of room and a nice big pool…..yeah…..I’ve got no complaints.

Now, a little about me; to start with, I guess I should let you know that I’m black; not African-black, just the deep mahogany of an American-black. I’m about 5′-7″ tall and there’s no way I’m gonna tell you my weight. Let’s just say I have a nice round curvy figure. My actual measurements are 36-26-34 and I’m a little top heavy and wear a 36D bra.

I kind of like to show off my body to a certain extent, and that’s pretty apparent from my wardrobe. No sweat pants and big loose tops for me. I like to wear things tight and my skirts and dresses short to show off my nice legs and curvy round ass. I’ve never had any complaints from the males around me when they see me show up in nice tight sweaters that hug my big tits nicely. Sometimes I like to go braless and give them a real treat. I know some people think I’m a tease, but that’s okay, I love to know that I’ve gotten their attention and watch its affect on them. Men or women, I love to see the reactions of both when they’re around me. And I like all ages and colors. I revel in the gaping looks from young schoolboys when they’d just stop and ogle me or the sly surreptitious looks of older men and women. The women are usually more of a challenge, but a number of encounters I’ve had with a few of them are always worth it. I think I have a knack for spotting those who could be easily teased.

Like Professor Bond. He was an attractive white English professor who I’d guess to be around 40. He was tall and slim and quite attractive with a just a touch of that distinguished gray at his temples. He wore a wedding ring so I knew he was married but that never stopped me from occasionally letting him have an extra look. I kind of took it as a challenge to see how far I could go with him. If it ended up going the wrong way, I would just look at him wide-eyed and feign ignorance. I had done it many times before, even with my high-school teachers. When I pretended I had no idea about what they were talking about when they described my behavior, they would quickly back-peddle and try and drop the whole subject before they said anything further that might get them into trouble if I chose to complain about them.

We were now into our fourth week of my freshman year and a couple of days ago I had handed in my first English essay. And now, Professor Bond had asked me to stay after class. I had taken my usual place in the front row of the large lecture theatre. I liked to sit nice and close in order to give my teachers a better opportunity to see what I sometimes had to show them. Today, I’d worn a tight white tank top cut low in the front. I knew my tits looked good as I’d chosen to go braless today. Even though my breasts were big, they were still nice and firm and rode high on my chest. They jiggled slightly and moved nicely beneath my top when I walked. They didn’t flop around grossly like a couple of big deflated airbags. On the bottom, I’d worn a faded denim mini with a purposely frayed hem. It ended high on my smooth dark thighs and the back of the skirt fit snugly around the fleshy curves of my hips and bum. On my feet, I wore cute little flat white sandals.

As Professor Bond casually strolled back and forth in front of the class talking ataşehir escort bayan about Shakespeare, I was busy taking notes of some of the more pertinent points he was making. Right now, I was sitting with one leg crossed over the other showing a large expanse of the outside of one of my thighs. I saw the professor’s eyes flick down to them as he paced slowly from side to side as he talked. As I watched him, I brought my pen to my mouth and let the tip slide between my lips. When I saw him look in my direction, I moved the pen slightly in and out of my mouth with my lips pursed forward along the shaft of the pen. He looked intently at me at that point and kind of stumbled over what he was saying until I pulled the pen out of my mouth and made another note.

“As I was saying…..” he said as he composed himself and strode to the other side of the lecture theater. I watched him and then as he came back towards where I was sitting, I slowly uncrossed my leg and then put the other one slowly over top of it. It was like that scene in Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone at the police station. It was like his eyes were drawn magnetically to my dark smooth legs as he watched the lewd display I was treating him to. He was pretty good. He managed to keep his composure and maintained his train of thought the whole time. I could see it was an effort for him but he finally tore his eyes away from my legs and continued speaking. As he walked around pontificating about “The Bard”, I looked at that tall lean body of his. Yeah, he looked like he was in pretty good shape. I bet he gave it to his wife pretty regularly. “Lucky woman”, I thought to myself.

The next time he came back towards me, I slowly uncrossed my legs and this time, I left them that way. As his eyes zeroed in on the little gap between my thighs, I kind of slumped back in my seat. I knew this would cause my little denim skirt to rise higher on my thighs. As he continued to speak, I could see him look back in my direction time and again. He seemed to be trying to purposely avert his eyes….but with no luck.

“Ummmm,” he was almost stumbling over his words now, “Class, I’d like you turn to page 78 and read the next section until the end of class. Finish it up tonight and we’ll discuss it at next class.” He went back to his desk at the front of the lecture theater as everybody flipped to the page he’d requested and started reading. I pulled out my book and opened it on the little writing tablet attached to my desk. I sat up and leaned forward with my arms close at my sides. As I leaned forwards and pushed on the sides of my breasts with my arms, I flicked my eyes up to see Professor Bond looking right into the deep dark line of cleavage I was showing him. I made an exaggerated gesture of yawning and stretching my arms out to each side causing my big tits to thrust higher. I could feel my stiff rubbery nipples pushing against the stretchy material of my tight white top and knew the professor was getting quite an eyeful.

“Hmm….umm…hmmm,” I heard him clear his throat as he kind of coughed and choked a little as if something was caught in his throat. I leaned forwards as I read and pushed on the sides and beneath my breasts to force them to swell nicely against the confines of the tight white fabric. I stayed like this for a few minutes and every time I looked up, the professor was pretending to be reading some papers before him but his eyes seemed glued to my thrusting chest. I lifted up my book so it was positioned in front of my face, purposely blocking my view of him. I knew this would give him the freedom to look directly at me without worrying about me catching him.

With my book in front of me, I slumped down in my seat again. I could feel my skirt rise up along my smooth thighs again and I started to rock my knees in and out to each side. It would look like a subtle unconscious movement; like someone tapping their fingertips or twirling their pen while they were thinking. I lowered my book for a second and saw him staring intently at my legs. I knew from his vantage point, as my legs went to each side, he’d be able to see clearly up to my snug white panties. I could feel the silky white material of my French-cut panties cupping the full lips of my pussy nicely.

I raised my book again to let him relish in his voyeuristic pleasure as I slumped a little lower in my seat and let my thighs roll open further to each side. This time I rocked them in and out again a few times but one time when they drifted out to each side, I stopped and let them stay there. In this position, he would have a perfect view right up to the very top of my spread crotch. After a minute or so of sitting like this, I slowly lowered my book so I could just peek over the top. Sure enough, the professor was looking right up between my spread legs and I could see that his face was flushed.

I brought my book back up between us and then reached down with my hand. escort kadıöy With my index finger extended, I used the blood-red fingernail to scratch teasingly along the inside of my thigh. I made it look as natural as possible and then let my legs drift just a little further apart as my nail traced enticingly higher along my creamy inner thigh. My hand was beneath the writing tablet on my desk and I knew none of my other classmates could see what I was doing. I decided to get a little bolder and used the back of my hand to push the material of my little skirt higher out of the way. As my skirt came up, I slid my fingertip a little higher until I felt my nail trace along the smooth warm cleft of my pussy beneath my silk panties. I knew the professor was watching so I let my fingertip slide up and down along the line of my pouting labia a couple of times. I then stealthily slid my fingertip beneath the leg opening of my panties and delved my finger between those slick wet lips. Oh fuck, I was soaking wet! As usual, I had been become extremely aroused knowing the professor was watching me.

“Mmmmmm,” I almost purred out loud as I slid my probing finger up and down along the slippery wet cleft. I drew my finger out from beneath my skirt and brought my legs together at the same time as I sat forward. I lay my book back down on the desktop in front of me and as I leaned forward, I cautiously flicked my eyes up to see Professor Bond openly staring at me. Pretending I was looking down at my book, I brought my glistening index finger up and touched it gently against my lips. I held it with the tip towards him so he could see my shining juices covering it. I then slowly slid my finger into my mouth and closed my lips teasingly around it like I was sucking a little cock. I loved the taste of my own juices and it was getting me off even more knowing the professor had been observing everything I was doing. I sucked on my juice-covered finger gently and then slid it back and forth between my lips salaciously a couple of times. I then slowly withdrew it and let my lips form an inviting “O” before I closed my mouth and put my hand down on the desktop.

“Uhhhh…..class!” he said aloud to get our attention. I looked up with all the others and could see a fine sheen of perspiration on his forehead. Yeah…..he’d been watching…there was no doubt in my mind. “There’s few minutes left until the end of class but it’ll be okay if you take off now. Just finish the reading for next class.” My fellow students quickly gathered up their books and knapsacks and scurried out of there like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Knowing I was staying behind, I took my time gathering up my books and putting them away in my backpack. When everybody else had cleared out, I slowly got up from my chair, casually slung my pack over my shoulder, and then stepped down from the tiered seating area and sidled over to the professor’s desk with a seductive sway of my hips. I could see he was trying to concentrate on some papers on his desk but he looked up and watched me walk slowly towards him. I watched as his eyes quickly scanned the full length of my body from head to toe, and of course, his gaze lingered a little longer than necessary on my full round tits. I could feel my big hard nipples pushing against the front of my clinging top and knew he’d find it difficult to tear his eyes away from those.

“You wanted to see me, Professor?” I said as I let my knapsack slide off my shoulder and drop to the floor. As I spoke, I put my hands on the front edge of the desk opposite him and leaned forward. His eyes immediately zeroed in on the deep dark line of my cleavage as my breasts hung down heavy and full a couple of feet right in front of him.

“Uh….yes Brooke,” he blurted out as he finally tore his eyes away from my chest and looked up at me. His face started to flush a deep crimson as he looked down at his desk and searched amongst a stack of papers. “I….uh….I wanted to talk to you about your assignment on Romeo and Juliet you handed in the other day.”

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked as I tipped my head coyly to the side. “I thought I did that character analysis of Juliet just like you asked.”

“No, no! You followed the directions perfectly. And picking the character of Juliet was a good choice for you. It’s just that uh… should I say this…the way you presented your work was……well….it was quite explicit.”

“Well, I can’t write the same way Shakespeare does, so I just kind of put my thoughts into my own words.”

“I can understand that but…..but this for example,” he said as he pointed down to a paragraph on the page. As he ran his finger over the words on my paper, I moved around the desk beside him so I could see what he was pointing at. “You say ‘I’m sure Juliet has ‘Daddy issues’ and that’s why she’s eager to give it up to Romeo or any of the other Montagues’. Do you really think that?”

“Oh yeah, definitely,” maltepe escort I said as I leaned over close to his side and looked down at what I had written. I knew that this close, he’d be able to smell my perfume. As I spoke, I saw his nostrils flare slightly as he drew in the intoxicating fragrance. “If I was Juliet, I’d be just like her. I know it’d piss off my dad if I was fooling around with their sworn enemies.” He looked up at me standing right at his side and I could see he was flustered by the close proximity of my body to his.

“Well….uh….what about this part; ‘Juliet must certainly have an oral fixation. The amount of talking she does indicates a need to use her mouth that wouldn’t be totally satisfied by conversation alone.’ Where…uh…where did you come up with that?” he asked as I leaned closer to look at the section he was reading from and let the side of my breast brush up against the top part of his arm. I moved forward a little to push it just a little more against his shoulder as I pretended to be reading the paper in front of him.

“Well, professor, I just felt after reading about the way Juliet carried on, that she seems like a girl that loves to…, she’s more than that…..she’s a girl that NEEDS to use her mouth for pleasure. I’d bet money on it.” As I said this I looked him right in the eye and gave him an inviting little smile. His face turned bright crimson and it took him a few seconds to compose himself before he continued.

“I….I…..I guess I can see how you might think that,” he stammered as he flipped to the next page of my essay. “You seem to sum up that thought right here; let me see…..where is it…oh yeah, here it is, ‘Although it is obvious throughout the story that Juliet is a virgin, you can infer from her blatant sexual teasing and behavior around Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio, that behind closed doors, she has probably swallowed more semen than a common whore.’ Now Brooke, do you really think that type of thing captures the essential qualities of Juliet’s character?”

“I do,” I said as I turned around and perched my curvy round ass on the edge of his desk right beside him. “The way she acts around all those guys, they’re not gonna be happy until they find some way for her to satisfy them. She seems intent on keeping her virginity, so I figure she’s been using that sweet little mouth of hers time and again to give those guys what they want.”

“Wh…..what?” he said with his mouth gaping open in shock.

“Well, if she wants to keep her virginity, and from the way she acts, I’m sure she’s been more than willing to have those guys feed her as much cock as they want. It’s likely she’s also done all of them together on a few occasions. Yeah, Juliet’s probably had more frosting on her face than a birthday cake.”

“What!” he exclaimed incredulously.

“Yeah, I’m sure of it. It also wouldn’t surprise me to find out she’d had a few clandestine meetings with Romeo’s father as well. Yeah, she’s probably had more Montague loads slide down her throat than you can count.” He looked up at me with his mouth still gaping open and his eyes wide with wonder.

“Ro….Romeo’s father?” he blurted out.

“Yeah, Juliet would probably do almost anything to get back at her father. And giving old Montague a blowjob……well….if she really wanted to piss off her dad, that would do it. I’m almost the same age as Juliet and that’s what I’d do,” I said as I looked at him coyly. My eyes flicked down to his crotch as he sat in the chair right beside me. Sure enough, I could see what looked like a good-sized package bulging in his pants.

“But….but wouldn’t she think he’s too old,” he asked as he looked at me, totally flustered.

“Oh no, not at all. Older men are much better lovers. And there’s something just so wickedly nasty about an older man and a young girl, don’t you think professor?” I asked as I slid off the desk and dropped to my knees beside him.

“I……I…….yes, there is,” he said as he watched me push on his knee so his chair rotated towards me. I pushed his legs to each side and looked up directly into his eyes as I reached forward and started undoing his belt.

“Wouldn’t you like to see what Juliet’s mouth would have felt like, Professor?” I asked as I slowly slid my tongue out and drew it in teasing circle all around my soft full lips.

“I….uh…..I……uh,” he babbled as I undid his belt and popped open the clasp on his pants. He instinctively lifted his hips to help me and I wriggled his pants over his hips and pushed them down until they lay in a gathered heap at his ankles.

“Oh my, Professor!” I said with glee as I looked at the protruding bulge in his white fitted boxers, “So this is what you’ve been keeping hidden all term.” I took my hands and rubbed them over the hard cock pulsing beneath the clinging white cotton of his underwear. “Oh wow, it’s so nice and big. Can I see it?” I asked as I looked up at him and kind of batted my eyelashes.

“Ye….yes!” he said eagerly. Once again he lifted his hips and I tugged his underwear down. As his thick cock came into view, it almost sprung up and hit me in the face as I gave it the much-needed freedom it was fighting for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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