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Eva Lovia

Natalie’s week long trial had expired, but the TV had not been removed by her father. In fact her father had been away this weekend, yet she decided to go to room earlier than usual, and was lying back on her bed watching re-runs of some terrible sitcoms. There was a nationally televised baseball game on, but even though the thought of baseball made her instantly hot, she still couldn’t bear to sit through three hours of a game.

It was even warmer than it had been last Sunday and so Natalie didn’t plan to get under her covers. The baby blue towelling pyjamas that she wore were a few years old now and were a little tight, however, she loved how soft the material felt against her skin and so refused to throw them away. She had removed her make-up and tied her hair back with a scrunchie in preparation for bed, but she still looked unerringly beautiful.

The thought of baseball would always make Natalie horny now, but when she thought about it she’d had a wet feeling between her legs almost constantly since she had made love to her father. He was the most talented lover she had ever had, and as well as continuing their trysts together during the week, Natalie had been masturbating several times a day thinking about him.

Natalie rolled on to her right side, her face was still staring at the TV set, though she had little idea of what was on, and moved her hands towards her waistband. She undid the loopy knot, released it from her hands and felt her pants expand around her hips. Now she had access to herself, and didn’t waste anytime homing in on her panties.

Her hand slipped under the waistband though for now she kept her fingers on the outside of her large pink cotton panties. Natalie only wore sexy knickers when she was going out and much preferred the feeling of cotton on her vagina than silk or lace.

The index finger of her left hand slid down to her slit and already she was wet, the material of her panties in contact with this cleft was sticky to touch. Feeling her wetness made her even hotter, not only did her pussy get more and more turned on as she slipped her fingers all over herself but she also began to perspire across her whole body.

Natalie felt her labia begin to pulsate, but was able to pull her hands away from her mound so that she could rip open the buttons of her top. The temperature in her room, partly down to the summer, partly down to her arousal, meant that she was desperate to expose her young tits.

The hormones flying around her system were making her arms tremble a little and so she wasn’t fully in control of her actions. None the less she grabbed at the top button on her top and pulled it open. She moved down and unclasped the next two. With her pyjamas partly open she could already see her nipples, just beginning on their journey towards full hardness.

Now she was desperate to be topless and so attached her hands to either side of her shirt and ripped them apart. One of the buttons flew off but eventually Natalie’s breasts were free of the tight cotton that had been rubbing against her and making her sweat. Slipping the shirt of her pyjamas over her shoulders and down her arms was a relief, however, she was still boiling hot. Her boobs were free to sway with the movements of her body but Natalie needed greater relief.

She swung her ass round and put her feet on the floor, Natalie had to get up and walk over to the window. She didn’t care who might see her youthful tits through her window, she needed a breeze to blow across her room.

Having opened her window as far as she could and rolling the Venetian blinds right up to the top she returned to her bed. The difference was felt instantly by Natalie, the wind that swept in hit her on the back, the effect of this heightened by the drops of sweat running down her. The few hairs she had on her body were erect on the ends of Goosebumps.

Natalie hadn’t done the bow up on her pants before she went to the window and they had been slowly slipping down her thighs. If anyone had been watching Natalie through the window, not only would they have seen her C-cup breasts, but they would now be able to see her ass with a pair of pink cotton panties tucked up her butt crack.

Her panties were totally soaked in her crotch, not only was the back up her crack but the front was stuck in her slit. Natalie knew that she wouldn’t be needing her pyjama bottoms any longer so she slid them the rest of the way down and kicked them off. Having done that she reached around and released the material from between her cheeks, rearranged the waistline so her knickers were on straight again, and returned to the bed.

After a few circular rubs on the outside of her cotton covered cooch, Natalie delved inside of them. For the first time that night she felt her fingers on her naked sex. Whilst keeping her left middle fingertip firmly on her clit she moved her right index and middle fingers out of her hole and up her body. She touched against her nipple then moved her aydınlı escort hand to her mouth and tasted herself.

The draught from the window swept across the room and across her chest. Both of her nipples, the one covered in her juice and the one that wasn’t, were fully erect, and Natalie was fully aroused. She fell back deeply into her bed, put her right hand back under her knicker-elastic and started fantasising.

For the first time this week, while Natalie rubbed her fingers in her sticky cunt, she did not think about some of the things she had done with her father, she actually thought back to the time that she lost her virginity.

Her eighteenth birthday was the 16th of March, and her best friend, Rachel, was born ten days later. They decided to share a party, and as Paul was away for that week, Natalie had it at her house.

It was a typical eighteenth birthday party, not too out of control, Natalie and Rachel weren’t in that kind of circle of friends, yet there was a keg, brought by some of the boys, and some pretty loud music to dance to. Everyone was in the mood and after a couple of hours many of the partiers had started to couple up.

Natalie hadn’t, but she had noticed that someone was staring at her from across the other side of the room. The guy was Jason, a reasonably good friend with whom she had a few classes at school. She had had no idea, however, that his feelings were of more than friendship.

Thinking about Jason’s staring moved the intensity of Natalie’s masturbation up to another level. Her breathing became deeper, she arched her back and grabbed her tit into her left hand, whilst slipping her second finger back into her pussy.

Natalie hadn’t expected to be receiving these looks from her friend Jason, but now that she had noticed them, she couldn’t stop returning them. She attempted to do it stealthily, but after a few minutes their eyes met. Natalie felt herself tense up as this happened, and now as she rode her fingers she could feel the same sensation.

The clock rolled around to 1am and the party guests were beginning to thin out. Soon after it was 2am and Rachel walked over to Natalie, “I’m going to go, honey.” In fact they were the last to leave.

After a while of their enticing looks, Jason had attained the courage he needed to approach Natalie, since then they had been talking and flirting. Jason had even started to rub her thigh, and she was starting to feel heat between her legs and was pretty sure that against the material of Jason’s jeans she could see his erect cock.

The door slammed behind Rachel as she left, Jason and Natalie were now alone. Both felt a fizzy feeling at the top of their stomachs, both were excited about what might happen.

Jason’s hand was moving up and down Natalie’s thigh, the two of them moved closer to each other. They stared at into the other’s eyes for what seemed like forever and Natalie began to melt into Jason.

She now put her hand on him also, and leant in for the kiss. Jason was not very experienced, though, and just continued staring at her. Natalie knew that she would have to take the lead.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” Natalie inquired. Jason nodded his answer but the rest of his body remained paralysed. Natalie leant in further and pushed her lips to Jason’s. His mouth was wide open straight away. Natalie was disappointed at his amateurishness but none the less pushed her tongue into his mouth. She pushed Jason down onto the couch and they became one. Natalie was intensely aroused and started bucking her thighs against Jason’s crotch.

She had locked onto Jason’s mouth, her tongue was exploring deep within it, and she rode him fully clothed. Natalie could feel his hard on pressing up against her jeans, making her wish she had worn a skirt so she could have really got the benefits of their dry humping.

Ten minutes quickly passed and Natalie wanted to move things on. She rose up from their lying position so she was now riding Jason. Looking straight into his eyes she pulled her top up over her head and exposed her breasts. It was a low cut top, far too low for her to have worn a bra with it, and so straight away Jason saw the first pair of boobs he had seen in real life.

He had never been particularly savvy with the girls at school, but now knew that he had won the jackpot when Natalie returned his affections. He stared at her beautiful womanly tits in amazement, he couldn’t believe how hard her nipples were, and how hard she was making him.

Jason loved looking at them but he desperately wanted to put his hands on his first pair of breasts. He stuck his hands out and grabbed them, he started mashing her boobs in his hands. Natalie wasn’t happy about how hard he had latched onto her chest, but was buoyed by how much she turned him on with her top off.

“You need to be softer, baby.” Natalie instructed him. “Sorry.” He replied as embarrassment rushed bağdat caddesi escort over him. “Don’t worry, you’re really making me hot.”

Natalie’s reassurance made Jason feel better, but he continued to grope her with a little too much fervency. She pulled back away from his hands and shuffled herself down his body. Her chest rubbed along his stomach and she could tell that he had a pretty good body.

“Take your shirt off.” Natalie ordered as she descended towards his crotch. As she had expected Jason was ripped, his six pack made up for his boyish breast manipulations. Her arousal was hitting new heights and Natalie went straight for the buckle on his jeans. After ripping open the button she pulled down the zipper and shifted his pants over his hips as he pushed himself in the air to allow the waist down to his knees.

Jason wanted his shaft out in the open now, he knew he was quite big and he wanted Natalie to see it, he wanted her to touch it. Quickly his boxers joined his jeans at his knees and Jason’s well above average member was free.

Natalie saw his cock and was excited, she had been riding his cock through his jeans, now she wanted to get serious with him.

Jason lay right back, he couldn’t believe such a gorgeous girl was sitting on top of him, topless, and she was about to take his penis in her hand. He couldn’t remember feeling this hard. Natalie stared into his eyes and moved her right hand towards him.

Her first touch was met with a deep groan from Jason, Natalie thought this was a good sign, but then she felt a warm spray shoot up her arm. Jason couldn’t control his excitement and had cum at the very first touch by a woman on his penis.

Instantly he turned red, he couldn’t believe what had happened. Cumming quickly, even prematurely was likely, but before she had even stroked him, was unbelievably embarrassing. Natalie reached around and wiped his cum off onto his jeans.

“Lets go upstairs.” Natalie hoped that he would be able to get it up again, but she was definitely going to cum, however long it would take Jason. She stood up, extended her hand out to his and led him up to her bedroom.

The young couple walked through Natalie’s bedroom door, he was naked, having left his pants in the lounge, and she quickly joined him in the nude by dropping her jeans to the floor with her panties inside them.

Natalie looked up at Jason, but didn’t see the face she had expected after taking off all her clothes. Undoubtedly he loved seeing his first pussy, though something had disappointed him.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you not like what you see, remember your first performance wasn’t too special.” “No, nothing, it’s just…” “What?” “I wanted to see you in your panties.” “Oh yeah?” “Yeah, and I wanted to pull them down.”

It wasn’t what Natalie had expected to hear, but she was relieved. “Ok then. Close your eyes.” Jason smiled as he did so, his semi-erect cock was bouncing up and down as it began to return to a state of arousal. Natalie turned round and bent over picked up her panties from her discarded jeans, a sheer turquoise thong, slipped them over her ankles and pulled them up her legs until the fabric pulled tight against her mound and the thong went up her ass.

“Is that better?” Jason’s smile spoke for itself as he opened his eyes and looked at her cunt. He focused on the wet spot where the fabric had gone inside her lips, and then licked his own.

“Do you want to see me from behind?” Again there was no need for Jason to answer and she swivelled, showing her butt cheeks to Jason. Knowing that he was staring at her made Natalie go wild with thrill, she thought that she would put on a show for him. Slowly she bent forward until her hands touched the floor. Jason could see her lips wrapped in the shiny light blue material of her knickers. Again his penis began to grow, though he didn’t dare to touch it for fear of cumming again.

Natalie, however, had no such worry and so moved her right hand away from the floor and onto the centre of her honey pot. After sliding up and down a few times she grabbed the outside of her panties and flashed her labia at Jason. Quickly she replaced the material and then uncovered her treasure again. Her juices were flooding down her thighs by now.

“I want to take your panties down, Nat.” Jason exclaimed, worried that she was again going to take them off without allowing him his fun.

“Ok, baby, come over here.” Jason took his orders and moved over to Natalie within a split second. He put his hands on her hips, spun her around, and then slid his fingers under the elastic of her waistband. He stared into her bright hazel eyes, then lowered his mouth to her breast and kissed her nipple before sucking it into his mouth. These renewed ministrations on her nipples were far more pleasurable than when he had used his hands, Natalie let out a gasp and a moan to tell him he was bostancı escort doing a good job.

His fingers however, had begun to itch with anticipation, so he released her breast from his mouth and pulled her thong down revealing for the second time her small bush. Jason wasn’t very experienced, in fact he just wasn’t experienced, but even he knew that the smell and her slick thighs were good indicators that Natalie was incredibly horny.

“Let’s go to the bed, I want to teach you how to lick my pussy.” Natalie was desperate for a release, so quickly lay herself down on her single bed, and spread her legs wide. She beckoned to Jason and he clambered between her legs. Clearly he was ready for his lesson.

She was going to say, “start by licking the juice off of my thighs” , but Jason beat her too it. He knew this nectar was a sign of her arousal and he wanted to taste it. The flicks of his tongue on her legs were driving her to despair, she had to have him on her.

Natalie grabbed Jason’s head and directed him to her clit. She pulled back the hood to give him better access and told him to flick it with his tongue. This he did, Natalie couldn’t believe the ecstasy coursing through her wetness. Jason was going to give her an orgasm and it wasn’t going to take too much teaching.

The intensity of the waves of pleasure increased another notch, Natalie had to grab the duvet cover in her fists as she felt like she was about to take off. She was ready to cum and wanted to feel something inside of her.

“Put your tongue in my hole, I’m almost there, you’re going to make me cum, I want you to lick inside my cunt.” Jason was a bit confused, he thought the clitoris was the most sensitive part of a girl’s vagina, but as the student he relented to Natalie’s wishes and quickly found her entrance with his tongue. This feeling was immense and he couldn’t wait to relieve himself within her hot wet cavern.

With his tongue inside her, Natalie put her fingers to her clit and rubbed furiously. It took only seconds for her to fall over the edge, first her thighs clenched, then her pussy erupted around Jason’s tongue and continued pulsating.

Jason lifted his head up and all Natalie could see was his beaming smile, along with her pussy juice, smeared on his face. This in turn made her smile, she sat up, opened her arms and hugged him to her. Natalie planted kisses on his neck, and Jason reciprocated. Soon enough she moved around to his mouth and gave him a full wet kiss, the honey from her folds making it all the sweeter.

Quickly after they began this embrace Natalie’s fears were allayed when she felt Jason’s full hard on poking into her stomach. After his early failure she was glad he had got it up again, and didn’t want to waste another second before getting his shaft inside her.

She had vowed never to give up her virginity easily, and didn’t think that this would count as such. Natalie had never known she wanted to have sex as much as she did now.

Natalie was a virgin, as was Jason, but she knew that she had to take the lead.

“Get on your back,” was her latest order to Jason, her pussy desperate to be impaled. She clambered on top of him and pushed the head of his penis inside her outer folds. Already she felt full, Natalie had lost her hymen when masturbating with a vegetable, a tip she received from Rachel, but her pussy was still very tight, she knew that she might feel a little pain.

Slowly she lowered herself down Jason’s prick. Not all the way first time, or second actually, but she could feel herself stretching. Her lips were being pulled wide by his cock and she wanted to feel all of him.

Natalie braced herself and pushed all the way down. Her pain was clear to Jason as she winced, and he asked if she was alright.

“I’m fine, but don’t move. Just let me go at my own pace.”

Jason of course did what she said and lay there, immersed in the wonderful feeling of Natalie’s vaginal walls sliding slowly up and down along his shaft. Her heat was amazing, but not as amazing as watching her cautiously rising up and down.

“Now just start bucking your hips with my rhythm,” she said, “and, I’m not on the pill,” though I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow, she thought, “so tell me when you need to cum.” “Ok, baby.” He had started to grunt with appreciation now as he began to move his hips in time with her movements.

After a few strokes Natalie began to feel it was easier for her to ride Jason and so she picked up the pace. She leant back whilst pumping up and down on his cock and again found her clit with her fingers.

She was so glad that Jason had managed to last much longer this time, but she could tell it wouldn’t take much more.

“Are you going to cum, am I going to milk your seed out, baby?” “With talk like that you can only hurry it along.” “Good. I want you to cum on my tits.” With that Natalie stepped off of Jason’s cock and knelt at the end of the bed. She told him to do the same and to jerk himself off and aim for her boobs.

Jason had seen this in porn films, but couldn’t believe a real girl wanted him to do it to her. He hadn’t thought he could get any harder but now he would swear he had just become even more turned on. He clasped his helmet with his right hand and started pumping his meat through the o-shape he made with his fingers.

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