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Charlie couldn’t believe it when he got the call.

“How would Wednesday suit?” he was asked. “Oh but no money, the girls said you would be suitably rewarded. Not sure what that means, but they said you would know.”

Charlie grinned. “Wednesday is fine. Is it Anna and Maria again?


“Okay, tell them the same gate.”

“Good morning ladies,” Charlie smiled.

“Good morning Charlie,” they answered together smiling.

“Just the three of us here?” Anna asked.

He nodded. “Of course.”

“We have a surprise for you,” Maria said.

“I hope its a nice one,” he grinned.

They both laughed, and Maria said. “Of course. Today you don’t have to hide.”

“That was part of the fun, as it turned out,” he replied.

“Actually it was,” Anna said. “And I think you changed my mind about being a confirmed lesbian.”

“Now that,” he chuckled. “Would be a terrible waste.”

They crossed to the umpire’s box and dropped their bags.

“We have new gear to play in,” Anna grinned, removing her top, and showing him her low cut black lace bra, and then she dropped her skirt.

“Matching lace panties,” Maria grinned mischievously, undressing, and showing him similar black lace lingerie.

Charlie felt the reaction in his shorts. Two beautiful young tennis babes, not naked like last time, yet, but so sexy and so naughty. Actually, he thought they were a bigger turn on in their sexy lingerie, a real tease. You can’t beat the firm, bodies of young tennis ladies. Trim, and both of these girls had similar sized breasts, a comfortable hand full, and as he saw last time, enough movement when they ran, to give any red blooded man, an instant hard on. Actually, he had been surprised at the size of their breasts, in their tennis gear, they look very small breasted, which he thought just went to show, how tightly they had those babies strapped up.

“Fantasically beautiful,” he said in awe.

“Now here’s the thing,” Maria grinned. “You play with us in your jocks, or whatever you’re wearing. You are wearing something aren’t you?”

Charlie nodded. He almost didn’t wear jocks today, knowing they were coming.

They stood each side of him, and Anna said. “You’re a retired tennis player, I’m told.”

He nodded. “Yeah, but not in your league.”

“Today Maria grinned. “You are going to play with us.”

“Tennis?” he asked with a smile.

Anna laughed. “Yes, Charlie tennis. Did you have something else in mind.”

He laughed. “You know it.’

Anna laughed again. “That comes later, if you beat us.”

“We’ll be gentle with you,” Maria added.

Charlie laughed as he took off his shirt and shorts. “I hope so.”

Anna rubbed the front of his jocks. ” Mmm, lets forget the tennis.”

Maria grabbed her arm. “Come on.”

The girls stood at the back line of the service gebze escort box, one on each side, and Charlie stood in the same place but in centre court. They hit a few balls back and forth, Charlie groaning inwardly at their wobbling breasts. Twenty balls, and their nipples were half out of their bra’s, and his cock was half way up.

“Is it too hot for a bra, Charlie,” Anna called out. “Should I take it off?”

“Oh definitely,” he called back laughing.

Both girls removed their bra’s, and hit the balls he served to them, in their tiny black lace panties. If this was to turn him on and tease him, it was working. He was rock hard now, and could feel and see the wetness of his precum on his jocks.

“We’re coming to the net,” Maria said. “Bring us some balls.”

“Your balls,” Anna grinned.

At the net, Maria pulled down his jocks. “Anna was right, we want your balls.”

“Could you lower the net a bit,” Anna asked. “To about this height.”

She ran her fingers across her vagina. He went to the net crank and lowered it, not quite knowing what to expect.

“Now come here,” she said.

He walked back to her. “Kiss me and take my panties off.”

He stepped over the net, and pulled her panties down to her ankles.

“Now mine,” Maria smiled.

He pulled hers down, and when they both held up a foot at a time, he pulled them over their tennis shoes.

The two girls straddled the net cord, rubbing their pussies back and forth and kissing. Charlie watched, stroking his cock.

Maria pulled her lips from Anna’s. “In my bag, there’s a camera Charlie. We want you to take some photo’s.”

“What happened to no photo’s,” he said. “You both said no photo’s in case someone got hold of them.”

“We changed our mind. It’s my camera, and I guarantee you, nobody will get to see these photo’s, except Anna you and me,” she replied. “Now take some naughty photo’s, please.”

Charlie enjoyed the task. He took photo’s of their pussy flaps each side of the net cord, full shots of the girls straddling the net, kissing. Photo’s of them in the spectator seats, kissing, licking, fingering, and whatever they did, including Maria chasing Anna through the spectator area.

The girls checked his photographic skills. “Great shots Charlie, you should do court side shots,” Anna said.

“If you play without panties, I will ,” he grinned. “Or maybe even with those lovely black lace ones you wore today.”

Maria frowned as she looked at Anna. “They are a bit too brief, aren’t they?”

Anna nodded. “And fancy.”

Charlie shrugged. “Damn.”

Maria linked her arm through his. “Come on, we want a group shot.”

They walked across to the umpire’s tower.

“You two stand there,” Maria said. “I’ll set up the camera.”

She set the göztepe escort focus, and set the timer shutter delay to ten seconds, then trotted to join them.

“The blinking red light gets faster the closer it gets to going off,” she said.

Several photo’s later, including them both holding Charlie’s cock, she got her camera from the steps of the umpires stand.

“I’ll take some of you and Anna,” she said. “Then we’ll swap, and Anna, you can take some of Charlie and me.”

Maria took photo’s of Anna sucking Charlie’s cock. Charlie deep inside her, her pussy flaps wrapped around his cock, in several positions, and then they swapped, repeating with Maria, what he had just done with Anna. Then they checked the photo’s.

“Wow,” Anna said. “Now I’m really horny.”

“I love digital camera’s,” Maria smiled. “There is no way we could have done this with an old film camera. Imagine trying to have this film developed?”

Anna was sitting on the grass, leaning back supported by her arms, her legs slightly parted. Parted enough for Charlie to see her glistening pussy lips. He rolled onto his knees, and slipped between her legs, opening them more. She took his cock, and he pushed, sliding it along her wet slit and into her hole.

“Oh fuck, I never thought we were ever going to get to this,” she groaned. “Take your time Charlie, fuck me nice and slow.”

Maria smiled, straddling her friend, and lowering herself onto her face. “Lick my pussy honey, it needs to feel your tongue.”

Anna gurgled with delight, as Charlie slowly slid his cock deep inside her, up to his balls. She pulled her mouth away from Maria’s pussy.

“Oh God Charlie, oh God, you are so far inside me. Fuck me a bit faster, then a bit faster, until I come,” she said breathlessly.

Maria put her hand behind her, and found Anna’s clit. “I’ll help.”

He did as best he could. He had to pace himself, so he could fuck Maria next. He would have been fine, if the lead up to this, hadn’t been so erotic, but seeing the girls masturbating on the net cord, the photo’s, them running around nude, had cranked him up just a bit too much.

Maria and Charlie got Anna to come without any trouble. Like Charlie, she was so horny from the lead up. Then they swapped, and he fucked Maria doggie style, whilst she licked Anna’s throbbing cunt. Lying on her back watching his cock sliding in and out of Maria’s wet hole, was what finished Anna off, and with Maria’s tongue carressing her slit, she had a massive orgasm.

The girls sat on the grass in front of him. He held his cock. “Okay who is first?”

They both opened their mouths. He laughed. “One at a time ladies.”

Maria moved behind Anna and slid her hand down between her legs, as Anna took him in her mouth. He gave her a few minutes, haramidere escort then swapped to Maria. She sucked him as she fingered Anna.

After a few minutes, Charlie groaned. “Times up, I’m gonna come.”

Anna grabbed his cock, and Maria took him in her mouth again, working him hard.

“Go baby,” Anna groaned. “Suck him dry.”

Charlie was past the point of no return, and as they both licked his balls, and sucked and pumped his cock, Charlie shot his load down Maria’s throat.

Anna watched his cum ooze down Maria’s chin, and hang in thick strings from her chin, as she continued to suck his cock. Charlie moaned with pleasure, unbearable pleasure.

“Oh God, oh fuck,” he groaned, his body in the full thrust position. “Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me with that beautiful mouth.”


“So we could say, this has been a pretty good day,” Charlie said. He had one of the girls each side of him, his hand over their shoulders each cupping one of their breasts.

“The best Charlie darling” Marie said softly.

“Oh yes, I’d have to agree with that,” Anna smiled and kissed his arm.

He played with their hard nipples. “Is there a rematch on the cards, sometime soon?”

“After today, Marie snuggled him. “There’s bound to be. And Charlie, you had me going so hard, I did something I never thought I’d ever do. I let you come in my mouth.”

He chuckled. “Honey you and Anna had such a grip on my cock, I couldn’t have got it out, even if I wanted to.”

“Well,” Anna stoodup. “I guess we should get going. We have a lot more love making to do.”

Charlie felt a surge, just thinking about it. “If you have to I guess.”

Maria kissed his cheek and stood up. “If you are very good, and promise to lock it away somewhere, we’ll give you a photo, to remind you of what a great day you had today.”

He shook his head. “Thanks but no, not a good idea. I would never want to be responsible for something like that somehow getting found.”

“It will only be a nude photo of us, Charlie,” she replied. “And there is already a couple of those floating around.”

“Nude photo’s, you two, really?” he said surprised.

“Well near enough,” Anna said. “We are like everybody else, we go to the beach, and there’s always someone about with a camera. The ones we’ve seen are just topless,no big deal.”

“Yes, not like these,” Maria added. “These are a big deal.”

“We couldn’t post them though,” Anna grinned. “We would have to drop them in to you personally.”

“Oh God yes,” Maria giggled. “Personal delivery. We wouldn’t want them falling into the wrong hands.”

“I’ll look forward to that,” he said standing and smiling. “I’d be quite happy to work off the delivery costs.”

They both put their arms around him and cuddled him. Their breasts hard against his chest. His cock immediately came awake.

Both the girls giggled, as they started to dress. “Charlie you’re a bad boy, there’s no satisfying you.”

Later that day, as he lay on his bed reminiscing, he grinned. He thought about the maths he was doing in bed after their last visit. He proved that fifty five, can go into twenty and twenty one many many times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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