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“So Kyle,” Wendy Williams said as she picked up a copy of Incest Is Best Vol. II, “many families are raving over this book. And it’s definitely more graphic than I imagined.”

“The point of the story is to get both sides turned on enough to come together in the best way possible.” I replied as I looked around the bright and packed studio, “I see all the mothers and sons in the audience. And I know they all have that strong need for each other.

People will say it is taboo and disgusting, but really lust and love are two different things. You can have lust for someone outside your family and love for someone in your family. But when the two come together, it is the purest thing imaginable.”

Wendy looked startled as I looked back at her and she looked down into the book, rubbing her legs together. Mom, sitting next to me, smiled affectionately as she rubbed my thigh.

“It says here, when you first fu- uh, had relations with your mother you were 18 years old. You describe the passion as hot and going on for hours upon hours.”

“That’s correct,” Mom replied beside me, “I only regret that we didn’t start sooner.” Mom smiled, still looking as young and fit as ever as I winked at the attractive brunette operating the camera who blushed.

“And Marie, in your experience, you describe in detail sucking his co… er-penis and you reflect on the moment his… ‘erect and throbbing meat went between your legs, driving you into countless hard-hitting orgasms before he filled you with so much cum you couldn’t see straight’.”

“That’s also correct,” Mom said in the direction of the stage manager, a bulge present in his pants as his eyes were locked on Mom’s tits, still as firm as ever, “I’ll never forget the day we began our holy relationship.”

“Well Kyle,” Wendy continued, the smell of her arousal going up my nose, “It also states your sons regularly have their way with their mother as well as their sisters and it’s consensual on both sides.”

“Also correct,” I replied, “From when the boys were of the government’s so-called ‘legal’ age, I have encouraged them to fuck any willing female counterpart. Which there are a lot of once our natural endowment is revealed.”

I heard the mostly female gasp as a photo came up on the wall featuring Emily on her knees, drenched in cum jerking off Ethan and Simeon, 18 and 19 respectively. Our oldest son Thomas, at 21, was on his back, squeezing Emily’s tits as she rode his cock.

“Good heavens!” Wendy exclaimed, sub-consciously rubbing her pussy, “I had no idea little boys could produce so much sperm! My own husband can’t do that!”

I nodded and smirked, seeing her disbelief. Another picture came up of Mom riding my pole while she jerked my sons Nicky and Simeon off on her face, getting a bukkake facial.

“Oh my…” Wendy said, now squeezing her juicy knockers, “how can that much cum be produced in such large quantity?”

“It’s all in their genes,” Mom answered, rubbing my thigh again, “High cum production, big and juicy dicks. Not to mention bone-jarring and furious fucking!”

“Um, Marie,” Wendy stammered, trying to avoid looking at the series of photos coming up, showing the boys fucking women of all ages in varying positions, “when you and your son first… er… began showing sexual interest in you, did it frighten you as to the results?”

“At first, somewhat” Mom said with a giggle, “But I had forgotten what was most important. Fucking should be a major part of life or else it grows stale. The second Kyle wanted to, I let him enter me. Being as it was our first time, I expected him to cum soon. But he held out, giving me orgasm after orgasm.”

“How often did you two do this? Especially considering you were married at the time.”

“Never any less than 6 times a day. Kyle would be home quite often with me. That left his wake-up fuck, shower fuck, breakfast gaziantep escort bayan fuck, fun fuck, lunch fuck and finally bedtime fuck.”

Wendy had torn her skirt and was frantically rubbing herself inside her black panties while her legs were clenched closely together.

“So… what d-do you think of the way sex is viewed today?”

“It’s terrible,” Mom replied, “In Ancient Rome, sex was a part of daily life. It was as welcome in public and was for all ages. Parties and sacrifices were made to it. The imperial palace was even made a brothel.

Now prostitution is illegal. There is a ‘legal’ age for fucking. Incest is illegal. It used to be a beautiful and fulfilling way for parents to teach their children life’s greatest gift.

We have all lost touch with our common need. Pornography is for a set demographic. Persons under 18 supposedly shouldn’t view such material. I’m tired of this bullshit!”

In her anger, Mom tore off her top and pressed her lips to Wendy’s. Despite her initial shock, she soon gave in, both women pawing each other’s gorgeous tits.

Mom licked Wendy’s hard nipples and pinched them. “Sex is made for freedom, unrestrained and unrestricted.”

I then stood and dropped my pants, Wendy gasping as my cock stuck out like a board. Mom reached over and cupped my balls, the size of two oranges.

As she kissed me softly in front of the still rolling cameras, she said, “All of your sons need this. When you see the wet dreams, the cum stains in your bras and panties, don’t yell. Fix it…”

I moved my leaking cock in front of Wendy who licked her lips. “It smells so manly! I can’t even tell when my husband is around!”

“It tastes even better Wendy…” Mom said softly, moving the host’s face toward my dick.

Mom got on her knees beside her and proceeded to suck me off, making Wendy’s eyes widen as she saw my cock disappear down her throat.

I then moved my hands to Wendy’s beautiful ebony knockers and began to tweak the hard brown nipples. She then stood and I spanked her ripe ass, sinking my fingers into the warm flesh.

I investigated the audience where mothers and sons were going at it, from either lightly rubbing each other and kissing to full-on fucking. I then felt Wendy take my balls into her mouth.

“Should we cut to commercial?” the camerawoman asked, rubbing herself as well.

“No,” I replied as Wendy struggled to take me down, “let the world see…”

Wendy spread her jaw wider to take me down, sucking me hard down her tight throat as I sat on the couch, kissing Mom and sucking her tits. The world was watching. Watching with their families.

And lust and love were finally coming together.

– –

As I walked into the pool area of my 60-room mansion, I was greeted with the chorus of a multitude of moans. Cum-stained mats and inflatable mattresses were strewn across the pool side, my sons and daughters fucking with each other and their mothers, a beautiful orgy.

“Hello sweetie.” Emily greeted me with a warm kiss, completely nude. 10 years. And I loved her as much as the day I had first seen her. Her brown hair now hung freely down her back and I gave a loud smack to her ass.

“Naughty boy…” she yelled while wagging a finger, “you put on quite a show this morning. Little Charlie came at the same time you did.”

I smiled. “He has been pretty popular lately with the ones still waiting.”

“True, did Wendy ever regain consciousness?”

I nodded. “About 2 hours after the end of the show. But in the meantime, the girls on the staff took turns on me. I came so much, I nearly got dehydrated.”

Emily giggled as we walked through the mass of frenzied fucking. Nicholas was brutally hammering Sharona, her beautiful tits wobbling with each of his furious thrusts as her fishnet-clad legs were gaziantep escort reklamları wrapped around his tiny waist.

“Yes MASTER!!!” Sharona pleaded, “HARDER!!!” My son yelled out loudly as his cum filled my secretary, sending her into a violent orgasm.

“Perfect my boy,” I said as I patted his shoulder, “how many is that for today?”

“48 Dad,” he replied breathlessly, Sharona mumbling incoherently from her hard orgasm.

“All this fucking has me in the mood for some baby,” Emily said, “I hope you’re not too busy.”

“I always have time for you Emily,” I replied, and we headed upstairs to fuck all the more.

– –

Cassidy Blake

23-year-old Cassidy Blake, Kyle’s daughter by Savannah Blake, a former modeling agent who had had left her inept father, sat listening to hard sounds of fucking around the house.

“Fuck yeah…” she heard from the hall. Looking out, she saw her grandmother Marie on all fours, her gigantic tits bouncing as her only blood brother Charles “Little Charlie” Blake, the youngest child freshly at 18 years old pumping with ferocity into her. The second the clock struck twelve that morning, she and her mother had fulfilled his long-withheld fantasies.

Though the mansion had more than enough room, Charlie slept with her. The two then woke up throughout the night, fucking hard until they climaxed together.

Though her classmates found it strange, she loved her family’s life. Despite his large family, her family spent a lot of time with her and her siblings, making time for all of them.

She rubbed her pussy in slow circles in pace with her brother humping his grandmother’s pussy from behind. At the same time, her “stepmother” Emily, known as the Gifted One, bounced naked from her bedroom, still bearing the warm glow of having been fucked.

Cassidy then smiled brightly as she observed who left out next. Her father is his naked glory, his huge throbbing cock with its blue veins still dripping in the juices of Emily.

Her father paused briefly to watch as his grandmother got fucked hard by her little brother, now fucking her ass with ease. She watched as Marie then took her son’s cock into her mouth.

As Savannah said, anyone could eventually get Kyle to cum his coveted sperm from fucking. But only the talented could suck it out of him. Marie’s technique was unmatched by anyone else, sucking, spitting, licking her father’s hard prick until he blasted his seed down her throat.

Cassidy struggled to hold in her whimpers as long pearly strands of Kyle’s seed flew in Marie’s mouth and on her face and tits, the huge balls that were a mark of Kyle and his sons deflating. Charles came soon after, filling Marie’s pussy with large blasts of baby batter as well.

“Fuck…” Cassidy panted as she removed her hand from her pussy, having cum all over her wall, wishing she had been in Marie’s position, getting rammed by the two best cocks in the world.

– –

“Hold it!” a voice shouted coming up the stairs. Then there stood 25-year-old Wendall Miller, cock erect with his ever-present camera with him, “Big smile Marie!”

She smiled while raising her ample boobs up, the gelatinous cum rolling slowly across. Wendall snapped the shot as Marie began to lick off the thick residue. Due to his love for photography, Kyle had assigned him to the upkeep of the Kyle Anderson Breeding Center site.

And he loved his job. As the other three set off around the house, Wendall walked to the east wing to visit his mother.

– –

Wendall Miller

As Wendall looked through his camera at the many, many shots of fucking he had taken that day he couldn’t help but get harder as the pounds of his brothers and other men fucking Kyle’s breeding cows through the walls.

On the lower end of the house, men came gaziantep escort resimleri from all around to fuck his sisters, which also made a nice contribution to the site.

The Queens were a fan favorite as they could solely be impregnated by Kyle and his sons. They consisted of Marie, Emily, Victoria, Savannah, Selena and Roxie.

“Fuck yes!” Wendall heard Roxie scream from her room. Opening the door, he saw Roxie and cow Melinda Tate in a scissor position while playing with each other’s well-endowed bosoms.

Roxie caught her son’s eye and smiled lovingly. He then began to slowly pump his cock in time with their hard efforts. After Melinda left, Roxie came over and hugged her son tightly, his hard cock pressed against her warm cunt.

“Did you come to fuck Mommy sweetie?” Roxie asked connecting her beautiful brown eyes with his, but she could see his mouth was watering as always for her brown hard tits.

She lowered her hand down his flat chest to his swollen nuts. “You’ve seen a lot of fucking today baby. I’ve told you, you have to drain these balls too.”

Wendall nodded, beginning to fondle his mother’s massive rack. Roxie smiled. Just like his father, she thought, he loves them too.

“Come lie down with Mommy, Wendall…” Roxie seductively whispered. Wendall broke out into a huge smile as his mother removed his camera and spread her legs for him.

Roxie smiled as he crawled between them and licked her lips, imagining her son’s massive balls filling her. She loved the way her son looked at her, his hereditarily massive cock throbbing.

“Do it Wendall,” Roxie moaned, “Fuck Mommy good…”

Without further hesitation, he entered her perfect cunt and began fucking her hard. He was very eager to fuck her, which she hoped would always be the case, his balls sounding like thunder as they clashed with her ass.

“Oh fuck…” her only som moaned as he fucked his mother good and deep. She rubbed his head, kissing him tenderly as he played with her swollen nipples.

She had made the right decision to leave her husband after Kyle impregnated her. And Wendall took after him a lot. She only dreamed of the day when he was filled her womb with another child, giving his mother a child and grandchild at the same time.

Her hands groped his small ass as his small hands grabbed her two firm ass cheeks, beginning to fuck her faster. Wendall pressed his mouth to hers, kissing her with all the love he felt for her.

Roxie noticed that he never fucked other women like he fucked her. His thrusts were more powerful, driving her to orgasm many times. “Yes baby,” Roxie moaned, feeling his head slamming into her cervix, “Mommy is cumming sweetheart. She’s cumming for you!”

Wendall happily fucked her faster, his own orgasm coming in. “Cum for Mommy Wendall. Mommy needs to feel your cum.”

“I want to Mommy!” he shouted, digging his teeth into her tits, “I want to cum in you!!” His thrusts began to pick up speed, Roxie screaming as his small hips slammed into hers.

She felt her son explode, thick gushing blasts of cum filling her womb. The two cried out together before he finished, falling into her cleavage.

“That was great Mom…” he panted, his flaccid cock still inside of her.

“Yes it was baby,” she replied, wrapping her arms around him, “and you know, my ass hasn’t had a proper fucking for at least an hour.”

She smiled as she felt him get hard yet again.

– –

I smiled as I watched Wendall hammer Roxie from behind, her gigantic tits bouncing. He reminded me a lot of myself, loving to fuck his mother above all else.

“Oh Kyle…?” a voice sang through the door.

“Yes?” I replied as I switched off the security cameras and Emily walked in, naked from head to toe. Her tits shook seductively as she walked over to me.

“It’s lunchtime…” she said softly. I smiled, knowing fully what it meant.

As she set to sucking me off with one of her spectacular blowjobs, I lay back and sighed with contentment. Well, maybe not above all else…


Please tell me what you think. Reviews, suggestions and story ideas are greatly appreciated. Good or bad. Though I’m sure you all will have something bad to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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