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Chapter 9 – A Nice Ride In the SUV

On the way to Uncle’s Jake’s, I had the most incredible sex of my life.

It was Friday night, time for our trip. What a swell guy I was!! Even though I “had a bit of a cold,” I helped our folks pack for our trip to Uncle Jake’s. Actually, I am a talented packer. Somehow I know just what order and just what way to load things. I can always pack more stuff into a car, trunk or box than anyone else I know. Plus, my packing jobs don’t shift all around, they stay in place.

For this trip I did my best work. Even though we were going away for two weeks, there actually wasn’t much more than a couple boxes and a few suitcases. Dad brought our fishing gear, Mom always took a few baked goodies, plus a case or two of homemade canned goods. When staying with my Aunt and Uncle, we really only needed a few clothes, maybe a book, but not much.

Aunt Betty had all the linens, towels, etc. we’d need. Mom did a load of laundry at the end of each week. That way we didn’t haul a ton of clothes with us, plus we’d come home with mostly clean clothes so Mom wasn’t overwhelmed.

Every two to three years we get together for an extended family visit, usually taking turns with which family had to travel. Fun rituals had evolved over time. The women fixed wonderful hot breakfasts, the men made huge late lunches on the BBQ. The rest of the time, there’d be enough salads and sandwich fixings for any of us to grab a bite whenever we felt hungry.

The first day of each visit, we had a ritual of going en masse to the super market. My cousin Karen, Sue, and I would be given a fairly free hand at picking out “what looked good.” We’d shop for the 7 of us, buying enough so we could eat like pigs during our 2-week stay. The Dads would tease us kids about how much junk food we’d found, then eat far more than their share of the snacks. At checkout time, Jake paid for 3/7’s of the bill, then Dad paid the rest.

Uncle Jake had bought an old farm. Today much of it was woods again, but it still had old barns and some fields. It was deep in the country. He’d built a super stone BBQ, so we’d buy ribs, chicken, steaks, chops, and hamburger meat. We’d also pick out a huge spiral cut ham, along with all the fixings to make batches of salads.

All this and more was running through my thoughts as I finished loading. I was able to pull the shoulder harnesses around our cargo, then fasten them so absolutely nothing would go flying. I’d also managed to stack our stuff so it formed a modest wall between the front seat and the rear compartment Sue and I had staked out.

We were going to be comfortable in the rear of the SUV. Dad had bought an air mattress just for the SUV so he could sleep there. He liked to hunt occasionally, but not often enough to warrant a camper. Mom provided a couple old blankets, Sue brought out our pillows, a solid air freshener, plus a box of tissues in case “we had to wipe our noses.” The dirty smile she gave me when said that caused a little twitching between my legs.

Sue and I did our best to act mopey over a light dinner and during preparations to leave, just enough for our folks to believe that all we wanted to do was be left alone so we could ‘sleep’ all the way to Uncle Jake’s. I was already under the blanket when Sue joined me in the back of the SUV. It was dusk when the car started. I checked my watch: 8:07. At 8:08 my pants were around my knees, Sue’s wraparound skirt was unwrapped, and we had a hand between each other’s legs.

We’d decided it would be awesome to know we’d driven through our “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” town, past our neighbors, past houses of kids we knew, all the while fondling our sibling’s genitals. I was pretty keyed up from anticipation. I whispered into Sue’s ear. “I need to calm down a bit, Sue.” Our folks always played CD’s from the 60’s and 70’s on a long trip. There was little chance of them hearing us over the music and road noise, it just felt sexy to whisper to each other during foreplay.

We adored foreplay. Sue and I reached many cosmic orgasms from prolonged, tantalizing, tortuous, teasing, “touching till we tingled” foreplay. We had a short-term goal in mind, we wanted to come together on the interstate, it was still 15 minutes away. The hand on my penis moved around to rub my back, Sue’s other hand ran through my hair as I slid down so I could suckle her for a while.

Up went her top until I’d exposed Sue’s breasts. After kissing all around her face, I nibbled my way down Sue’s neck. Skipping over her bunched top, a sexy right breast became the first victim of my tender assault. Her nipples were so prominent, they begged for immediate attention, but I forced myself to kiss-nibble-lick all around the base of her breast. I kissed circles around her breast, each circle bursa escort smaller than the last.

Sue was panting by the time my lips nibbled the outer edges of her areola. At last my flattened tongue laved her entire pink area, round and round. Sue grabbed my head, steering me towards her now needy nipple. I fought her just long enough for her anticipation to build, then I nursed on her like a starving infant.

Gentle groans we could feel more than hear passed between us. Sue’s moans were from release of the tension I’d caused by my long delayed arrival at her nipple. Finally feeling the unique texture of engorged nubbin between my lips was the cause of my moan.

My tongue loved Sue’s nipples too. Sue had told me she could actually feel how much I cared about her from the way my tongue made love to her nipples. After suckling Sue for several minutes, I moved to her left tit. I began fingering Sue’s pussy as soon as I’d changed breasts. I repeated my circular foreplay, though I arrived at her left nipple in half the time.

At last we were on the Interstate! Cars could be heard all around us. Sue and I had agreed it would be an incredible turn on to make love with a zillion strangers zipping all around us. Our moment had arrived. I pulled the blanket off Sue, then climbed between her raised knees. Sue pulled my top up so I could feel her naked breasts as I lay atop her. I was about to ask her to put me in, but she was so ready that my glans slid into her wide open vagina.

We felt each other shudder as my erection sank into Sue. She shifted her hips to help me achieve the deepest possible penetration. Slowly I withdrew until just the now purple, swollen head barely remained in her. I held for a moment, raising my head just enough to share a triumphant look with Sue. We’d done it! My bare ass was high in the air, my erection was inside my sister’s lithe body, all in the middle of a busy 6-lane highway, surrounded by a crowd.

I humped into Sue as hard as I dared for several minutes. Then it was Sue’s turn. We hugged, then rolled over so I was underneath. Now Sue got to be the one raising her tight buns on high while truckers and little old ladies alike drove past us. Clearly our nearly public love-making got to Sue. She attacked my mouth, driving her tongue towards my tonsils. Her hips shifted into high gear, forcefully she impaled herself on my swelling shaft. I felt her vaginal grip tightening, she felt my penis growing within her.

Our timing got a little out of sync as we each teetered on the brink, striving to hold onto the tingling, wondrous instant just before climax, not quite ready to fall into the arms of bliss herself.

I arrived at Glory Station. My thick sperm began it’s journey from my balls, through my penis, to it new home deep inside my lover’s body. My hips made tiny upward bucks into Sue, my brain released my chemical reward. Contractions around my erupting erection assured me that Sue was sharing my rapture. We held each other tight, our tongues mashed together in my mouth.

We had practiced making love silently, only deep sighs expressed our feelings. The only sounds betraying us were the soft squishing noises of a penis moving within a very aroused vagina. We stabbed at each until we grew too sensitive to move. Sue pressed her vulva against my groin, then held herself there. She intentionally squeezed her vaginal muscles, hugging the remains of my fading erection. Each hug sent me a message, Sue was telling me how very special we were together.

I enjoyed feeling Sue’s weight upon me. I held her in place while several more miles passed beneath us. We kissed and caressed until our senses returned. I hated to spoil the moment, but I asked Sue to read my watch. She found the button that lit the numbers. We’d been traveling about 90 minutes. We’d made this trip enough times to know Dad’s first stop was about 15 minutes ahead.

We wiped each other clean, adding a few extra affectionate fondles for fun. It only took seconds to dress, Lord knows we’d planned that carefully enough. We scooted under the blanket; far enough apart that we’d look ever so proper, yet close enough so we could speak softly without risk of being overheard.

Dreamy expressions were the order of the day. “God, Lewis that was awesome!”

“Damned straight, that has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever done!” In fact it was, yet my most incredible sex of all time happened after the next rest stop.

Chapter 10 – A Moment, Together

Dad lived for a small family owned BBQ joint just off exit 8. Having a station with the cheapest gas in the state next door guaranteed that 86 miles from home we’d stop for gas, a snack, and a pee. Tonight was no exception. We waited silently, with eyes closed, for Dad to come open the rear hatch to ‘wake us up’ for a pit stop.

When the expected “Kids, wake up, we’re at Bonnie’s BBQ.” eventually came, we acted suitable sleepy and disoriented.

Everyone had a Bonnie’s special; bursa escort bayan A basket of fries, side of slaw, plus 3 small sandwiches… one for each type of BBQ they offered. It really was tasty stuff. We might tease Dad, but none of us ever wanted to drive past Bonnie’s.

Fed, fueled, and drained, we hit the road again. A Bonnie’s special is filling, it’s tough to feel romantic with a belly-full of BBQ. We snuggled close, but choose to chat until that bloated feeling past.

We speculated for the umpteenth time about the two weeks ahead. Dad and his brother Jake hung out constantly, Mom and Aunt Betty got along great. Either all together, or in pairs, the four parents mostly did things together during these visits. We kids could pretty much count on being left alone. Our cousin Karen was a good egg, but if past visits were an indicator, she’d be attached to our hips for the entire stay.

Uncle Jake had a 130 acres plus in a poor rural county. He’d sold his expensive house in New Jersey and dropped out of the rat race. Jake had paid cash for the land and a decent 4-bedroom farm house that over the years they’d fixed up. Jobs there were scarce, but he’d had enough left to buy a gas station/convenience store in a good location. When the local plant had closed, several businesses that had just been hanging on got sold for a song. He had enough capital to restock, add a line of take out foods, then hold on until he built a decent business.

These days Jake had enough good help for him to take off a week off now and then. Aunt Betty and Karen had green thumbs, each season they grew enough veggies to eat and freeze for year round. They’d raise a cow for organic meat every year, keep a few chickens, and tend some fruit trees. Jake cut wood for heat. They’d never be rich, but the were a happy, well off family overall.

Sue and I liked Karen. She was my age. It got a tad lonely for her at times, so anytime our families got together she glommed onto us. Up to now, I’d always looked forward to spending time with her. She had a weird, but fun sense of humor, was a notch past cute, and a good all around companion. We’d spoken by phone a few times, saw each other one day a Christmas ago, but hadn’t really spent any time together for well over two years.

This time, as much as we liked Karen, she was going to cramp our style. Karen and Sue had to share a room. About the only time Karen wouldn’t expect to hang out with us would be when one of us was taking a shower. We’d brainstormed all week, still, neither of had a clue how we could manage sex before our ride home.

We fell silent as we accepted our fate. Fingertips grazed my face. “Penny for your thoughts, Lewis. You OK in there. Hey it’s only two weeks. Who knows… maybe we’ll get lucky?”

“Sue, do you want a family some day? Kids? Husband? The whole enchilada?”

Before the implications of my innocent question hit her, Sue replied, “Sure, you want kids and all don’t you?”

My somber “Yeah, I do.” caused Sue to reach the same sobering realization I’d just had. Nothing lasts forever. Someday ‘we’ had to change. It was a profound moment, like the first time a kid actually understands that someday they’re going to die. They know they probably have a lot of future to look forward to, but they’re saddled with the knowledge that someday all things end.

Sue and I had been watching each other’s face as we’d conversed. At that moment, I felt I was seeing her for the first time. Much as a blind person does, I used my finger tips to explore her face. Car headlights caused shifting patterns of light to highlight our faces. Now so aware that our moments together were gifts to be treasured, I attempted to record each sight and touch for the future.

Our eyes were locked, we engaged in powerful non-verbal communication. I invited Sue’s very soul to merge with mine. We were going to make love, share our bodies, as if there might not be a tomorrow. I wanted Sue more than ever, and I wanted to give myself to her totally.

Unhurriedly, we undressed each other completely.

Naked, we lay on our sides, facing, mere inches apart. Not once did we kiss. We studied our partner’s face. We each had a free hand. Those hands roamed, caressed, bringing pleasure to one place, then another. I soon felt as if I could swim in the depths of Sue’s dark brown eyes. My senses seemed heightened. I noticed each tiny hair of her eye lashes and eye brows, fine lines on her lips, every facet of her serene smile, the barely visible scar on her chin; every flicker of pleasure on her face as I stroked her sensitive flesh.

Slowly our hands prepared our bodies for joining. My penis grew warm and lengthened in Sue’s hand as blood inflated it. As I fingered Sue, I felt her clit lengthen, her lips swell, and most importantly her vagina opening ever wider, anticipating my penetration. The warm, slickness coating my fingers assured me Sue was ready for my body to merge into hers.

Never losing eye contact, escort bursa our gently thrusting hips moved closer and closer. I moved my hand from her pussy to her taut buns, pulling Sue’s upper leg over mine. I eased Sue nearer, bit by bit, until my glans was nudging against her warm folds at the apex of each short thrust. With little distance between us now, Sue stopped stroking me. Her fingers scooped some her own moisture, then coated my erection with it.

For a short time Sue aimed me to rub over her clitoris each time I pushed towards her. All this time we lay on our sides, watching our lover’s face. We observed the facial contortions brought on by our intimate touches. When my swollen knob slid over Sue’s clit, her eyes would roll up, sometimes her lower teeth would trap her upper lip.

When at last she aimed me into her wet slippery sheath, her eyelids drooped until they were half closed. Dozens of tiny muscles animate the human face. Sue and I saw them tighten here, or relax there, forming a myriad subtle expressions, all saying one thing. “Oh my dear, sweet lover, you are giving me such pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Close enough now that my glans was fully cupped by Sue’s vaginal opening, she moved her hand to my cheek. She stroked my face as my gentle probing progressed to partial insertion. I was in no hurry. I could see Sue was delighting in the oh so gradual penetration. Her fingertips trailed over my face, lips, and neck. With feathery caress I felt “I love you” louder than if she’d shouted the words.

For some unknown reason, Dad had to ride the brakes for a second. The sudden de-acceleration propelled me forward! Our faces reflected a combination of surprise and ecstasy as I unexpectedly sank into Sue as far as physically possible. I had reflexively grabbed her buns when the SUV lurched, now I gripped her steel hard cheeks so I could keep myself deeply embedded. I savored the sensation of feeling Sue’s wonderful pussy surrounding every bit of my penis.

My eyes nearly closed, but I forced them to stay open just enough to see a serene smile form on Sue’s face in response to the bliss she saw on mine. For nearly a minute we lay still, male and female, joined in an act of passion.

When the moment seemed right, I loosened my grip on Sue’s tush. Gradually I withdrew. Slowly I re-entered her divine warmth. With machine-like regularity, I repeated those motions. Sue shifted her hips until my shaft gave her the friction she sought. I spotted the minor changes in her expression as her pleasure increased. It was clear to me when she found just the angle she’d sought, a combination of joy and relief both showed on her features.

With many miles to go, and a long time before the next rest stop, there was no hurry. The shifting glow caused by headlights moving around us, fleetingly reminded me that people nearby were rushing from one place to another. How lucky I was to have the time to lay there, lazily making love to a wonderful girl and her miraculous body. Even in the dull glow through the tinted glass, I could see the rippling of her well toned muscles.

Her hand had run through my hair, spent several minutes on my back, then finally settled onto my buns. We both enjoyed feeling those powerful muscles flexing as our bodies made love to one another. There was no heavy breathing, no sweating, just mile after mile of sex as sweet and loving as I can recall ever having to this day.

When our time approached, at long last, we both saw it steal upon our lover’s face. Our breathing did change, our bodies did tense as climax neared, but it was Sue’s subtle facial expressions that I was paying attention to. Her eyelids nearly closed, her nostrils bellowed, her lips would twist this way, then that. Somehow I could see both tension and serenity cover her face. A tiny smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. I found myself smiling at her in response to the happiness I saw.

My penis was definitely swelling inside of Sue. Her pussy was noticeably caressing my erection more and more, her body seemed to be insistently milking it for it’s life-giving fluids. The more my penis enlarged, the more her vagina gripped it in all the right places, trying to make me lose control.

As much as I wanted my eyes wide open, my lids drooped. Silently I mouthed the words, “I’m coming, Sue.” Every muscle in my body tensed. “Me Too.” She mouthed for me to see. Sue and I worked together, pulling, straining, so each jet of sperm was loosed deep within her. Our faces contorted as our bodies reached the release they’d become so desperate for. We both felt my warm emissions being spread inside Sue by my swollen shaft as it moved up and down her contracting vagina.

We began unhurriedly, we made love leisurely, and we were slow to finish. Long after the last of my sperm dribbled into Sue’s womb, I was still moving my penis in and out of her pussy. Sue enjoyed a few more mild orgasms after the major one we’d shared. My glans tingled, it was so sensitive that I had to pause often.

When we were done, totally, completely done, only then did we come together to kiss and hug each other close. We managed to keep me inside of Sue during our post-coital embraces.

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