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I woke up and it was just starting to get light out. We had today and then we were scheduled to depart for home tomorrow. My mind was racing – would this continue when we got home? Would I get to fuck my mom? Did I want to fuck my mom? Would she be embarrassed of me after what happened last night? Was I embarrassed about it? But I looked to my left and saw my angelic mother still snoozing away, wrapped in the sheet with her brown hair askew, could still smell her scent in the room, and on the sheets. I got up and tossed some clothes on, figured I would pop down and bring her a coffee again today.

As I made my way to the cafe I saw Ray walking by with his friends and his bags. He nodded to me and I stepped closer to him as his buddies eyeballed me but kept walking.

“Hey man, had fun last night. Its checkout day though. Tell your mom she is awesome and I wish I could stay longer.” he told me, with a grin.

“I will. It was fun. Unexpected and whacked out, but fun.” I told him as I extended my hand to fist bump him.

“Maybe you can give her my number? Might be able to stay in contact?” he asked hoping I would take it.

“Sure thing bro. Text it to me.” as i gave him my number.

“Ray- lets get a move on man!!” the loudest of the friends who saw my mom blow me on the beach called out.

“Gotta run. You got my number!” he said as he hustled to his buddies. I was thinking about how this was a weird trip and I how things were different now- they had to be when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, expecting Mom to be standing there and was met by Kate – the red head I met in the pool area a couple days ago.

“Hey stud.” she said, with a smile radiating across her face surrounded by her red hair and kind eyes. She was a beautiful woman without a doubt.

“Oh hey! Lost track of you!” I said, not really sure what else to say.

“Yea, I can be elusive.” she said in jest. “What are you up to today? Hanging with Mom?” she asked, clearly remembering I was here with her.

“Yea, long night last night. Getting her some coffee to start the day.” I said, then quickly wondering if she would wonder what the hell that meant.

“Long night huh? What did you guys stay up playing cards too late of something?” she said with a chuckle.

“Something like that. What are your plans?” I quickly wanted to change the subject.

“Heading to breakfast and then the pool I think. Just want to relax.” she said. “Maybe I’ll see you there?” she said with a wink, as she pulled open the wrap dress she had on to reveal a purple bikini that barely covered any of her body. I could clearly make out a hard nipple under the thin material and it must have been up her asscheeks as well, if I could have seen it clearly. She leaned in and gave me a kiss, and squeezed my crotch, before heading out to the breakfast area.

What a fucking week! I got in line for coffee and got Mom’s latte and headed back to the room. I opened the door and was greeted to my now awake, but still very naked mom playing on her phone.

“Good morning! Coffee for me?” she said as she got up, her breasts jiggling as she came closer. She grabbed the coffee and leaned in for a kiss, I could feel her boobs smash against my chest.

“Good morning.” I said. We sat and chatted for awhile. Normal mom/son stuff, except she was naked and I watched her get fucked last night, and then ate her cream pie, but otherwise- totally normal.

“I saw Ray. He was checking out. But he wanted me to give you his number. He said you are awesome.” I told her, bringing a smile to her face.

“Oh he left huh? i guess that was likely- it is a hotel. Maybe I would stay in contact with him. But maybe not.” she finished what seemed like a long stream of conscience thought.

“Well, I’ll text it to you. Either way.” not really knowing what to say, and starting to feel embarrassed again about the events the night before.

“You ok?” she asked. “You’re not mortified at my behavior and language from last night are you? I know it was a bit much. I’m sorry if it upset you.” she said.

“No, I’m not upset. I’m, i don’t know. Not upset at you. You were hot as hell last night, all week really. Maybe you feel like I overstepped last night? Or did something that embarrassed you?” I stammered to get the words out.

“Fuck no. It felt so good to feel my baby’s tongue on my pussy while Ray fucked me. It was magic.” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“Oh ok. I had fun. It was… a… lot of fun.” I finally got the words out.

“You know we should probably figure out what’s going to happen today, then when we get home too.” she said, with a concerned look. “I want you to be happy and healthy and live a regular life. Not sure fucking your momma lends itself to that.” she concluded.

“Well, to be fair… I dont know if that’s true. And besides, I haven’t actually, you know, fucked my mom yet.” I told her feeling bold with my language.

“Well, I guess that’s true. Technically we haven’t fully and completely kapalı gaziantep escort fucked each other yet. Yet. Or at all, not sure you want to. Which is totally fine by the way. No pressure.” she said, making sure I was good with where we were.

“Well, I wasn’t sure you wanted to…” I said.

“You didn’t ask, so I didn’t want to push it.” she said cutting me off.

“I didn’t want to assume you wanted…” I started as she dropped her near empty coffee cup on the table and strolled over to me, tits bouncing and legs crossing in front of her nude body, covering her pussy, yet making it even more enticing. She got in front of me and grabbed my hand, pulled me up and led me to the bathroom. Without a word, she stripped my clothes off, giving my hard cock a kiss, and then turned the water on. We kissed a few times and she pulled me into the shower. We giggled like young lovers, as we touched, soaped, massaged and cleaned each others bodies under the warm water spray.

After we were thoroughly clean, mom leaned in to me and asked “So, do you wanna fuck your momma today?” in a seductive tone.

“Yeeaaa.” was all I could muster as she was rubbing my cock with her wet hands. She cut the water off and we quickly dried off, me taking in the sheer beauty of her naked body. The way her boobs shook as she moved, the little bit of belly she had that stuck out ever so slightly and made her seem natural and normal and goddess like to me.

She started to walk out of the bathroom when she turned to me and said “Come on babe. I’m ready for some dick, and have been craving yours since I first saw it.”

I quickly followed and we fell onto the bed. The same bed we slept in next to each other last night. The same bed Ray fucked her in last night as I ate her pussy from underneath. My mind was spinning again but I quickly got my senses as she maneuvered her legs over my head and sat her pussy down on my face. At the same time, she swallowed my cock and started playing with my balls. My nose was filled with her pussy scent. It was fragrant and pungent and her lips seemed to open up for my tongue. Her moans filled the room as I licked each inch of her glistening pussy. All the while she was expertly licking and sucking my dick, only stopping to either moan or encourage my work by saying something like “Lick mommy’s pussy” or “You’re momma’s little pussy licker aren’t you?”

I was on the verge of cumming a couple times but Mom seemed to know and backed me off the ledge slowly and expertly. I however had a plan and desire to make her cum on my face and zeroed in on making ghat happen. I could tell I was hitting the right buttons when she would stop sucking or holding my cock and shriek out and push her sex against my willing face. I found her clit with the point of my tongue ad she let out another howl. I ran circles around it and then moved to tongue fuck her pussy. Alternating between clit and pussy she was grinding hard on my face. My face was drenched in her moisture and she was moaning unintelligently at this point. She let out a groan, then a loud moan, and sat up to plant her soaked and engorged pussy on my mouth. I licked and sucked her luscious sex parts until she came once, then again her body writhing in pleasure. Once the waves of pleasure had subsided, she moved her thighs away from my face, kissed me deeply and asked “So, how do you want me? How do you want to fuck your mom?” her graphic words stinging as I heard them but also arousing me.

“Can you ride me?” I asked timidly.

“Lets do it cowboy!” she hollered as she squatted over me, my hard cock inches from the opening of her wet pussy. “You are baby? Its a big step to go from mommy’s pussy licker to shoving your cock inside mommy.” she teased me, as she grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples.

“Yes Mommy. Please. I want to…” I said in staccatos as she slowly lined my cock up and then sat down to the hilt.

“Fuck yea. Fuck me baby!” She moaned.

She rode me as she bounced up and down on my dick, and I reached up to play with her tits. The same tits I nursed from as a baby, the same tight pussy I emerged from all those years ago. Who could have guessed I would be balls deep in that very canal but here I was- getting the fucking of my life from the most amazing woman in my life. Mom rode up and down on my cock like it was the best she ever had. She was grinding and pulsating and moaning which was giving me no trouble getting going.

“Ugh, mom, ugh…I’m, I’m,,, gonna cum,,,soon.” I said in an almost breathless whisper and she just smiled and slammed her hips down onto mine, driving my cock harder into her pussy.

“Fucking do it baby. Cum inside mommy. I want it!” she said as she continued slamming down onto my hips, her tits solidly bouncing as she hit bottom each time.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh…” I moaned as wave after wave of orgasm took control. I dumped 4, 5, 6, then 7 flexes worth of seed into my accepting mom’s pussy. She moved gaziantep kapalı escort up and down in slower, shorter strokes, milking her sons cock for all he had. After I relaxed from my orgasm mom rolled off me and onto her back. “You good baby?” she asked me.

“I am. Wow. I… am… good. Wow.” I said, losing all sense of control of my words.

I laid still for a minute, feeling my naked mom’s skin next to mine, knowing I had just cum inside my own mom.

“Guessing you, didn’t, uh, ya know, cum again. Sorry I was so fast.” acknowledging the fact that I didn’t last very long at all.

“I didn’t this time baby. But I did before on your wonderful tongue.” she reminded me, sealing it with a kiss.

“Do you want to, cum again, ya know, that way?” I sheepishly asked her.

A big smile found her face and she opened her legs wide for me to see. “Only if you want sweets. It’s kind of messy.” she said, pushing a finger inside herself, then showing me her cum covered digit as she sucked it clean.

I didn’t answer her, I simply found my strength to crawl down her belly and her thighs. Her pussy was wide open, and smelled strongly of sex. Reminded me of the strong sex smell from the night before with Ray. I didn’t hesitate, but she made sure I wasn’t going to by grabbing my hair and guiding my willing face to her messy, used pussy.

I licked from stem to stem of my mothers sex. It was similar but different from last night. Globs of my own cum started hitting my tongue and i swallowed each one. She came the first time within 90 seconds of my tongue hitting her folds, and the contraction was so strong it pushed more of my cum into my waiting mouth. Over the net 2-3 minutes I gave mom 4 or 5 strong sets of orgasms and she finally released my hair and closed her thighs to indicate she was finished.

“Oh my god sweets. That was incredible. You are incredible.” she said as our lips met and we shared the remnants of the cum I sucked from her pussy. We embraced and held each other for 10 or 15 minutes when she finally mentioned that she was hungry.

“I am starved, you ate what seemed like a full plate. Are you still hungry?” she teased, which reddened my cheeks with embarrassment.

“Yea, I am still hungry. Although you were delicious!” I said, deciding to go ‘all in’ with this.

“Lets get dressed and eat. There was a chance to jet ski a little today. I saw the sign last night. Wanna do that on our last full day here?” Mom asked.

We dressed and ate, like a normal mom/son would. I could still smell our sexual romp on my hands and face at different times throughout the meal. Mom looked gorgeous as always- she had an effortless beauty about her. After breakfast we founds some jet skis and played around on the water for a couple hours. When we returned to the resort, and dropped off our rides we headed inside looking for more food. Our romp earlier must have really taken it out of us. We sat at a table in the dining area and chatted about the day we had just enjoyed when I caught a flash of red out of the corner of my eye and felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Hey there. Hope I am not interrupting.” Kate said. She had the same wrap around dress on and looked smoking hot.

“Oh hi. Had a fun day?” I said, mom looking at me wondering where this was going.

“It was fun.” Kate said. Then extended a hand to mom and introduced herself.

Mom shocked me by replying back to her “Im Sarah. Bobby’s companion for the week here.” Not Bobby’s mom, but companion. Kate shot me a look, as she knew I was here with my mom.

“Would you like to join us?” Mom offered. I was silently flipping out in my head as mom was pretending to be my ‘companion’ and Kate knows she is my mom. Kate pulled up a chair and we chatted about the most benign things- the resort, the weather, the activities. We all ordered dinner and continued chatting.

“If you’ll excuse me, I need to hit the little girls room.” Kate said, as she got up and went to the bathroom.

“Mom! I told her I was here with my mom. Not a companion- whatever that is.” I told her as soon as Kate was out of earshot.

“It’s fine son. It’ll be ok. I promise.” Mom assured me. Her hand creeping from her side of the table to mine and finding my leg, then my cock. She chatted with me while stroking me under the table and then turned to me and kissed me. I kissed her back and soon our tongues found each other.

“Sorry to interrupt.” I heard moments later as Kate pulled her chair out and sat down.

“No worries. WE have all night.” Mom said, with a smile.

“Bobby, I thought I heard you tell me you were here with your mom. This can’t be your mom is it?” Kate asked, straight faced. “Sorry if that is intrusive.” she finished.

“Um, yea. I.” I started until Mom spoke up.

“I’m his mom. Also his companion. It’s been a wild week, to say the least.” Mom told Kate with unwavering confidence. The conversation continued about us, and gaziantep kapalı escort bayan Kate. She wasn’t disgusted, she was interested in fact at how our incestuous coupling came to be. We told her about the week we had experienced and she hung on every word.

“Listen, I dont want to be too forward here, but maybe you’d like to come up to our room with us?” Mom asked. I could have been blown over with a stiff breeze and then surprised even more when Kate answered with an affirmation. WE all got up and headed for our room. My head was spinning!!

When we arrived in the room we all cracked open a beer and sat and chatted a little more freely about our situation. Kate had a brother she used to fool around with when she was younger. They slept together a few times and then it kind of fizzled out. So she wasn’t against our relationship at all. Mom seemed to get bolder and moved next to me, rubbing my thigh. After another round of beers, Mom excused herself to the bathroom.

“Would you make out with her, in front of me?” Kate asked me.

“I think so. Seems to be where it is going right?” I answered. W

When Mom returned moments later she sat next to me, looked at Kate and said “I would love to make out with him while you watched.” as a big smile crept across her face she turned and our tongues instantly found their targets. We kissed and touched each other for a few minutes when Mom stopped, looked at Kate and then I realized she had her fingers in her bikini bottoms, fingering her pussy.

“No need to play alone. We can share.” Mom said loudly as she got up and Kate moved next to me. Our tongues danced with each others for awhile while mom stripped her clothes off. The she worked on mine. We were both naked soon enough and Kate started pulling her clothes off. As I was kissing Kate, Mom hit her knees and Kate opened her right up for Mom’s eager tongue. I sat there in disbelief as I watched my mom eat another woman pussy out right next to me.

“She tastes amazing son. You’ll like her.” Mom cooed and she moved from Kates pussy to my hard cock. She sucked it down and started licking and kissing my manhood while Kate laid back and let me lick her bald pussy. Mom was right, she tasted so good!

WE stayed in that configuration for a little while until Kate asked me if I wanted to fuck her. Mom agreed it would be fun and told me to lie back and let Kate climb on. Kate sunk down on my admittedly modest cock, but let out a squeal of pleasure when she did. At the same time Mom started licking Kate’s asshole as she was moving up and down on my cock. After a few minutes Kate suggested we move to doggie so Mom could eat her right. Kate pushed her ass up high and I plowed right in, balls deep. I felt Mom’s face and breath as I fucked Kate from behind. Every so often I would feel my Mom’s tongue on my balls or my shaft. I didn’t last long at all.

“Kate, fuck me, I’m so close. Where should I cum?” I asked.

“In my pussy. Fill me.” she said in am muffled voice, her face in the pillow.

I started humming again, the second time that day and in the second pussy of the day. After a few squirts, I pulled out and Kate sat back on Mom’s face. Mom ate the cream pie from this sexy lady that I had just help make. I moved behind Mom and started licking her pussy again. We all found a pace and the two ladies came almost simultaneously.

“Wow. You guys are a lot of fun.” Kate said, as she got up after a few minutes. She ran her finger into her pussy, pulled out a clean finger and said “You did a great job cleaning up all that cum.” toward my mom. She began getting dressed and we bid each other goodnight, telling her we were checking out in the morning and likely wouldn’t see her again. We exchanged kisses and she left. Mom and I got into bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

We woke up the next morning, knowing we had to leave. I suddenly realized we never talked about how things would be at home. I turned to look toward Mom and she was awake and smiling at me already.

“Good morning handsome.” she said. “Are you ok?” seemingly noticing i had something on my mind.

“Well I just realized we are going home and I dont know if our fun week is going to continue when we get back home is all. I have had so much fun this week.” I told her.

“Yea, we need to be careful we dont wreck our mother/son relationship. I dont think it is wise to continue once we get home. Maybe, we go on a trip like this each year, until we dont want to of course, and we enjoy each other sexually, but when we are home, maybe just be mom and son.” she explained gently. I think that is a great solution actually, and was somewhat relieved and also disappointed cause she is one hot piece of ass.

“That makes sense Mom. I think that works for me.” I told her.

“Good. lets keep the lines of communication open and keep talking.” She said, kissing my forehead. She got and suggested breakfast and then we had to pack up and head tot he airport. We dressed and went down for breakfast, relieving some of the fun from the previous week. We went back to the room and packed after food, hightailing it to the airport to fly home. The flight home was short and sweet, and we got our bags in the car. I was a little bummed that we didn’t have a chance to fool around again, but since we were back home we had decided we were mom and son again and needed to respect the boundaries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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