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Chapter 3: Cabin Candy

He usually meandered into the cabin to stretch his legs. The hump on his company’s 747 was business class. The seats were large and comfortable. Once while the passengers were boarding he eyed an incredible-looking woman, probably about forty appearing to be alone. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a tight top that allowed him to see her nipples clearly. He made a mental note that he would find time to take a break so he could spy her a bit.

He told the captain he needed five minutes and he opened the door to find the cabin almost pitch black. He knew that woman was in 5B so he looked for her. She must be sleeping because the blanket was over her shoulders but the seat next to hers was occupied by another person sleeping with the blanker over his head. He could tell it was a man because that passenger’s shoes were on the floor of the cabin but his feet were not sticking out.

Suddenly he popped his head over the blanket with an expression on his face that was priceless. His head was bobbing; his eyes were glassy and had he a huge smile. The passenger saw that Alvin was the co-pilot and changed his expression to fear. But his head continued to bob gently. Alvin was about to move toward him to make sure he was Ok but the man readjusted the blanket so Alvin could see that the woman from 5B was, in fact, in her seat, her yoga pants were dropped to her knees. The man kept bobbing and Alvin then recognized that look. The look on his face was that of a man whose cock was buried deep in wet, warm, slippery cunt. The man motioned for Alvin to wait, pointed one finger to the sky and started shaking, at the same time his eyes glossed over to a haunting far-away expression and his mouth relaxed. He had just emptied his ball into that beautiful forty year old woman. Lucky guy. Alvin returned to the cockpit with an erection. Alvin wanted to catch the love birds as they de-planed but had duties to perform. He fantasized about the mile high club and only this one time, caught someone. He could have had the two of them banned for life from the airline but did not. He was a rule-follower to his core. But he just marveled and fantasized.

On one flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, he meandered into the business class cabin to check out the (female) passengers. He looked to the right, found nothing to peer at, looked left and stopped in his tracks. In seat 1B was a blonde of spectacular physical qualities. She was reading a book but he could tell she was a specimen. He leaned against the bulkhead.

“Excuse me, ma’am. How is your flight?” He tried to be as nonchalant manner as possible. She looked up.

“Everything is great. I can see you are a pilot. Do you double as a flight attendant? If so, I can think of something you can do for me.”

“What’s that?”

In seat 1B was Samantha Greenway. She was almost a fixture on that flight, taking it every month round trip between Los Angeles and Sydney. Everyone knew her. She was 33 years old, divorced and travelled between Los Angeles and Sydney every month because her family’s real estate empire was based there. She had only a minor role in running the company but her seat on the board required her to be present for board meetings.

She was blonde, usually worn back in a pony tail. She was Alvin’s fantasy woman. Remember, he had a blonde Australian girlfriend, named Aubrey. Samantha was about ten years younger than Aubrey. She was closer to his age. She oozed class, always wore thousand dollar suits to fly, had expensive perfume that made Alvin melt. There were not a lot of women who made Alvin beg. Samantha was one of them.

Since Samantha was a regular, she made friends with all of the flight attendants. Therefore, she had had many conversations with them about Alvin. She knew Alvin was the stud of the airline, someone who never fooled around with the flight attendants, although he made them all wet.

She remembers the first time she saw him while boarding in Sydney. She was tongue-tied when he welcomed her aboard. She quickly looked him up and down and took her seat. After takeoff she pendik escort asked one of the flight attendant who that pilot was. “He is the co-pilot. His name is Alvin.”

“And…?” asked Samantha.

“He keeps to himself, kinda’ private person. Truthfully, many of us would love for him to slide into our cockpits but he doesn’t date flight attendants. Actually it is against company rules.” A couple of them knew about Chloe but this one did not. Later in the flight Samantha learned that he was formerly an air force pilot and almost played professional baseball, he was so good. He has the body to prove it, keeps in tip-top shape and is super sweet, a real gentleman. “He is as single as they come.” Samantha liked a challenge too.

Samantha was the most beautiful woman most people had ever seen. She was stunning in her clean crisp figure, beaming smile, pearly white teeth, long legs and blonde hair. She yearned for a loving relationship but seemed only to attract actors, not only professional actors but men who acted like something else, something they were not. Men were attracted to her physical beauty at first but what seduced them was her free spirit, her magnetism, her class and, especially, her money. She bought only the classiest clothes, shoes and perfumes but did not flaunt her money. All the men she met wanted some (of the money).

She liked Los Angles for its freedom, for its weather and for its active lifestyle. She was in a running club and competed in two half-marathons each year, had a weight room in her beach-front home, took yoga classes in Santa Monica or Malibu weekly without fail and sunbathed, nude on occasion, from her deck. She skied in winter and swam in the ocean in the summer.

Plenty of women were also attracted to Samantha as well, for she easily flirted and gossiped at the club. She played golf on occasion and had natural talent which was further developed by weekly lessons. She met many women at the club who attracted her and who were attracted by her. One such woman was Sophie. She met Sophie on the course. They engaged in girl talk for four hours, sharing stories of their loves and dreams. Sophie, like Samantha, was independently wealthy from her father, who did not pamper or spoil her, just gave her a modest home in West LA and a modest monthly stipend of $5,000, which just covered her food, clothes and entertainment. Those were her only expenses. He also paid her club membership.

They had lunch after the game. Sophie played bridge and mah-jongg but Samantha hated indoor parlor games. They had dinner once-in-a-while and enjoyed each other’s company. On one especially hot weekend, Sophie stayed at Samantha’s beach house, where the temperature was twenty degrees cooler than in Downtown LA.

They were talking and drinking wine and the conversation turned to men, dating and sex. “What are you looking for in a relationship?” asked Sophie.

“Someone to spend time with, laugh with, travel with, play golf with. I am looking for a companion. I want a lover, of course, but most men just don’t see me for what I am as a person. They see the body and the money and stop there. Perhaps if I moved to Omaha or somewhere like that I can find a real man. I don’t want a macho-man, just someone who wants me, loves me, will help me through the difficulties of life.”

“That sounds easy,” Sophie said in jest and laughing to herself. There was a long silence, maybe three or four minutes. It became uncomfortable. They sipped their wine and stared at each other. Neither wanted to talk next. “Sam, would you ever consider…a relationship…with a woman? Have you ever…been attracted to a woman?”

“I did have a girlfriend once in Sydney. We met in school. We were involved. I moved to LA and we lost touch. What about you?”

“I don’t date much. Men are not a major preoccupation with me. Sure, I can use a good romantic night with a man, like most women I have my needs. But I think I could be fully satisfied with a loving relationship with a woman.” More silence, more nervous glances. Sophie shifted in her seat on the sofa, got up and sat maltepe escort next to Samantha on the love seat. “I would love to kiss you…”

“Then go ahead.” Samantha was curious but did not want to be the initiator.

Sophie put her left hand to Samantha’s right shoulder and slid it to her neck. She leaned in. Samantha leaned forward to meet Sophie’s advance. They kissed on the lips, closed mouths, the taste of wine and lip gloss. Sophie wanted to explore further so she took a deep breath and opened her mouth ever so slightly, hoping that Samantha would take the hint. Samantha smiled and opened her mouth. They kissed in a manner that neither had experienced in a long time. Their tongues fit perfectly. Sophie’s tongue sliced past Samantha’s lips and found the tip of Samantha’s tongue. Samantha opened her mouth wider and leaned hard against her guest. They made out for five minutes, never breaking the kiss.

Samantha was getting hot inside. Her head was warm. She could feel her temples pounding in her head. She reached for Sophie’s breast. Sophie moaned her approval and placed her hand on the inside of Samantha’s leg above the knee. Still kissing, Sophie inched her hand up Samantha’s thigh. Samantha moaned her approval and nibbled Sophie’s neck. That elicited a shiver from her guest. Things were heating up for both of them. They stared at each other, holding hands, smiling, giggling. They kissed and kissed.

“Let’s go to the bedroom and get comfortable,” said Samantha.

“Great.” They abandoned their wine glasses. Samantha closed the sliding door to the deck and led her guest to the bedroom. The room was elegantly done in rich wood. The dressers were made of the choicest pine and sandalwood, as was the bed. The room smelled great, like vetiver.

Samantha dimmed the lights. They embraced. Sophie ran her hands all over Samantha’s back and butt. She was hot. She kissed down Samantha’s neck and unbuttoned Samantha’s sun dress by reaching around to unhook the clasp. She pulled the dress down and ran her hand under Samantha’s bra straps to feel her well-toned back. Samantha was almost fully undressed now. She put her hands into the yoga pants of her guest and squeezed Sophie’s behind. Sophie raised herself onto her tip toes to try to make it easier.

“Oh heck, get undressed,” said Samantha. Sophie sat on the bed pulled her pants off, pulled her arm through the blouse and was sitting only in her bra. “Scoot up on the bed so I can join you.”

They kissed and licked each other’s necks. They moaned. Samantha squealed when Sophie brought her tongue to her nipples. Samantha loved having her nipples licked and sucked. There was some kind of direct connection between feeling a wet tongue on her nipples and her pussy getting wet. They reached into each other’s panties. Each found a bush, of soft fine hair, not too much but nice and natural. Each was wet and eager to feel a finger on her clit and a finger dipping inside her folds.

The temperature was rising now and Sophie took the lead. She slowly kissed her way down to Samantha’s breasts, to her rib cage, to her abdomen and to her stomach. Samantha was in heaven. When Sophie reached the elastic of Samantha’s panties, she nudged her nose into her host’s hair and used her nose to enjoy the aroma of Samantha’s arousal. She repositioned herself between Samantha’s legs, beckoned her to lift up her hips and she slid Samantha’s panties off. She did the same for her bottom. She was now lying with her face in Samantha’s crotch. She was thrilled to be between that gorgeous woman’s great legs, smooth as silk and warm. Sophie felt a rush of blood to her head and it radiated to her shoulders and her torso. She just stared into blonde girl’s openness. Now the moonlight, along with the soft light from the ceiling lamp gave her the view of the woman’s lips that she wanted, that she hoped she would see from this exact position.

Sophie used her nose to gently stimulate Samantha’s most sensitive areas. She brought her tongue to Samantha’s female lips. Samantha jumped, “Fuck-aaa”. That was the response I wanted, kartal escort thought Sophie. Sophie used her tongue to separate Samantha’s lips and felt her way up Samantha’s slit to the top, to the top. At the top, Samantha again jumped, “Fuck-aaa.” Sophie pushed her tongue into Samantha’s clit then licked her slit bottom to top over and over again.

“Sophie, darling, it seems you have done this before…”

“Sam, this is our first time. But I hope not the last. You taste so good. I am tempted to play around here for a long time. Would you mind?”

“I am so wide open to you, darling. You are making me feel so good. Don’t stop. I want more…a lot more.” Sophie concentrated on Samantha’s clit and sucked away, pressing her nose into Samantha’s hair and pubic bone. The additional pressure, made Samantha feel extra warm. Samantha moaned and groaned and squirmed and grunted. “If…you…Ung…don’t…stop…I will…come.”

With that Sophie moved her right hand from Samantha’ left breast and brought it down. She stuck it in her mouth and slobbered all over it, then inserted it into her host’s vagina. That brought a loud grunt from Samantha. Sophie worked her fingers faster and pushed upward to the rough patch that she, herself, always tried to reach when she masturbated. She pressed up and pushed in. She pressed up and pushed in. Samantha’s voice was rising. With a loud grunt that shook the bed, Samantha let go the tension and released. Samantha pushed Sophie’s head away, looked down and saw a smiling woman whose hair was a mess (Samantha had been running her fingers through Sophie’s head of dark brown hair this whole time), and her lip gloss was all over her wet face.

Sophie crawled to the top of the bed. She brought her lips to Samantha’s but waited for a cue from her host. That cue was met when Samantha pulled her down and mashed their faces together in a passionate kiss. “It would be trite to say at this time, ‘who needs a man’ but I need a good pounding from a hard man once in a while, don’t you?”

Samantha was amazed. That is exactly what she was thinking. This was the point in the sexual encounter that Samantha liked to wrap her legs around a man’s waist, reach down and guide a thick cock into her needy hole. “For sure. I guess I am no longer bi-curious but fully bi.” They giggled. “I want to do you now.”

Sophie did not object. “Can I sit on your pretty face?” Samantha had done this a few times and loved it but this would be a first as a giver. She wanted to please her guest. She was making a new friend and was feeling very close to Sophie.

“Sure,” and she laid back on the bed.

Sophie was getting into position. Her pussy looked great with a little pubic hair, not trimmed but not overgrown. Her clit protruded down a bit. She slowly sat down. Samantha munched. She tried to lick but couldn’t get the leverage to move her head too much. So she munched. She sucked a bit as well. Sophie was soon moaning and squirming and holding Samantha’s head while running her fingers through Samantha’s blonde hair. Sophie was moaning and cooing.

Sophie bucked herself into the best position to feel Samantha’s tongue and lips. “Suck me off, baby, oh.” Sophie was so hot by now that she knew she was close. She rocked and bucked until she exploded with a single grunt and fell off to the side of the bed.

They lay in that position for a few minutes. “Sam, you should make sure to wash your face with facial cleanser. I break out sometimes from that. Do you have any?”

“It’s in the shower. Let’s clean up together.” They got up, entered the bathroom, turned on the water and lingered in the huge shower, kissing, massaging and lathering each other.

“Here is the facial bar.” They massaged the creamy soap into their faces. After about ten minutes they were thoroughly clean and got out to dry off. “I see it’s already past eleven. I hope you will stay the night. I will make you breakfast. The ocean is especially beautiful in the morning.”

Sophie and Samantha slept together that first night, the night of their first lovemaking. In the morning, they kissed and ran their hands all over the other’s bodies and licked and sucked each others’ breasts. While kissing they fondled each other and had orgasms.

They repeated this a few times in the following months but Samantha was still looking for a man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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