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We were dining out one evening with Marie and Jean-Pierre and the conversation turned to upcoming vacation plans since it was only a few months before the holidays were upon us. We mentioned that we had made plans to go to Aruba and spend the holidays laying around on the beach and just relaxing when Marie suddenly exclaimed, “Aruba!” and went on to explain that they know a wonderful couple, who were close friends of theirs in France, who are now living in Aruba during the winter months and we must make it a point to contact them when we get there. Jean-Pierre said that they were in their late 30’s, very attractive and were the founders of the Society for the Establishment of Freedom in Sex (SEFIS) which is now a worldwide organization fighting archaic state and federal laws regarding sex and has many thousands of members in chapters throughout the world.

Marie mentioned that they hadn’t had a chance to visit Aruba since Brigit and Claude had moved there and hadn’t seen them since the last time they were in France. They also told us that they had attended a few of the Society’s meetings when they lived in Paris and each one was an experience in itself as the members provided unlimited, fabulous sex and they enjoyed themselves tremendously. She also said that Brigit and Claude had asked them to head up the chapter in New York and they were considering doing so. Since we were having our after dinner coffee, I started to think about our after dinner plans and my penis started to come awake as I looked at Marie’s ample cleavage and thought about JP’s beautiful, thick cock. We all made it a point to eat light so that we wouldn’t be stuffed for the evening’s activities and, since we only ordered coffee,

I suggested that we get the check and go back to their place and have desert there. Everyone thought that was a great idea and we paid the check and walked the few blocks to their building. I walked with my arm around Marie and JP had his around Tyko and the conversations turned to sex and just what we had planned for each other tonight. By the time we got up to their apartment, my cock was very hard and bursting through my pants and the moment the door closed behind us, Marie zipped down my fly, reached in and removed my fully erect penis and tight, full balls from my pants and proceeded to suck the head of my cock as she played with my balls and I loved every move she made. I steadied myself on the arm of the couch as she feverishly sucked my throbbing organ and glanced up to see my wife sitting on the other arm of the couch with JP busy worshipping her entire crotch with his lips and tongue.

We looked into each other’s eyes as we were being pleasured and it made it even more exciting as I saw your expressions of passion and heard your moans of pleasure as JP’s tongue did its magic on your crotch. Marie was deep throating me when suddenly she got up and took off all her clothes and undressed me before taking me by the cock and leading me to the bedroom. She told me she’d be right back and returned in only a minute with JP and Tyko. JP was in full erection and Marie told him to get on the bed with me and put on a show for them first so that she and Tyko could play with each other while they watched.

After eating Tyko’s sweet pussy, JP was horny as hell and advanced on the bed and lay down with his head on my thigh as he presented his magnificent organ to my hungry mouth. As soon as I saw that smooth, sloped crown with that slit in the tip, I had to take it in my mouth and suck it. Then I felt his lips around my penis and his tongue dancing all over it as he sucked deeply on the crown and the combination of the pleasures his mouth was giving me along with the pleasure I was experiencing from sucking his gorgeous cock, sent me off to that special world where I never want to leave but, unfortunately, always do. I was lost in passion and when JP’s penis exploded and sent ropes of hot cum into my mouth, my cock swelled and began shooting jets of cum into his hungry mouth and we sucked deeply on each other to make sure we got the last drops before we relaxed and lay back on the pillows and looked at Tyko and Marie, who were 69ing at the foot of the bed with Tyko on top.

She was rubbing her crotch all over Marie’s face while she had her head buried in her cunt and was happily licking and sucking away as Marie chewed on her labia and snaked her tongue deep inside her hole to lick up her juices as they flowed from the source. Then Tyko stiffened and moaned with her mouth covering Marie’s delicious cunt, and bore down on Marie’s face as she had a beautiful orgasm while sucking deeply on her delicious crotch. As soon as Marie felt Tyko’s hot juices on her face, she let go and wrapped her thighs around Tyko’s head and forced her cunt into her mouth as she began to buck with each spasm and feed Tyko her abundant juices also. As they both returned to our world, JP and I applauded their performance and we all went into the other room to get some cold drinks and relax a while. I questioned them about Brigit and Claude since I was pretty certain we would Escort bayan look them up as soon as we got there and JP told us that both were bisexual and both were fabulous in bed for they truly loved sex and fully enjoyed themselves with groups or couples .

I asked how Claude was hung and Marie immediately answered that his penis was a masterpiece that should be hung in the Louvre for all to see. She said it was about 8 inches long and nice and thick with a large sloped head and deep ridge and she can’t wait to have it in her mouth again. JC told us that Brigit tasted as good as she looked and was an absolute joy in sex because she loved everything that she was doing and it only added to their enjoyment with her. In fact, he told us, they were just about the best lovers they ever knew and didn’t really realize until now how much they missed them.

Marie walked over to me and, as she took my semi-erect penis in her hand, she asked if I would please take her back into the bedroom and give her a really good fucking as she can’t wait to feel me inside her. We excused ourselves and went back to the bed where Marie lay back and spread her legs wide revealing her wet pussy with her swollen labia and pink hole. I got on top of her and guided my thick erection to her waiting hole and pushed the head inside and moved it in and out until it was nice and smooth and then began feeding her the cock she so desperately wanted. The sexy sounds she was making as I filled her pussy were driving me wild and I started stroking deeply in and out until she began fucking me back and groaning as I plunged deep inside her. Her husband straddled her head and fed her his enormous erection to suck as my wife played with my balls as I fucked Marie and slipped a wet finger in my asshole and began to fuck me in rhythm to my strokes. Marie’s cunt was alive! It grasped my organ and held it captive while I plunged in and out.

It contracted around my thickness and milked my shaft as I stroked into her. It was drawing an orgasm out of me, which seemed to be its intent, as it milked and stroked my thick pole. Suddenly my orgasm struck and my penis started spurting hot jets of cum deep inside her vagina. As soon as the first spurt splashed against her cervix, her cunt grabbed my cock as she held me tight and I felt her contractions as she experienced her orgasm also and mixed her juices with mine. Tyko and JC had been playing with each other and watching us when Tyko got up and stated that, since my cum was so delicious and Marie’s juices were so delicious, the combination of both must be fabulous and with that she made herself comfortable between Marie’s sexy thighs, as soon as I removed my receding organ from her comfortable vagina, and lifted Marie’s legs all the way back as she dipped her tongue inside her vaginal opening to lick up all the cum juices.

After a minute of this, she lifted her head and announced that she was going to make a fortune marketing this elixir of all nectars and was planning an advertising campaign when Marie told her some juices were going to leak out and she went back to drinking at the fountain. Marie made sure she got every drop before disengaging and, since it was time for us to get ready to leave, we washed up and dressed and said our goodnights and headed home.

When we got into bed later, Tyko started talking about how delicious the combination of our juices was and how much she enjoyed sucking them out of Marie. Just the thought of the scene got me hard and Tyko’s hand reached for my cock and we had a delicious fuck before falling asleep with our organs still locked together.

Before we turned around it was time for us to pack for our Aruba trip as we were leaving in the morning. When we finished packing, I called JP and Marie and said our goodbyes and assured them we would contact Brigit and Claude when we got there. All during the flight down, Tyko kept talking about them and hoping they were as attractive to us as they seemed to be for JP and Marie. She said that it would be nice if we all liked each other as it would provide some entertainment and excitement from the quiet days on the beach just reading, listening to music, swimming and sunbathing. With a sly smile on her face, she asked me if she could slip down on her knees and suck my cock for a while instead of eating that airline food and I told her I wish it could happen as we both knew it was impossible, especially since an old lady was sitting alongside of her and probably would not approve….although you never know.

We spent the time talking and checking out the stews, both male and female, wondering if the guys were gay or bi, how well they were hung, if the gals were bi and how they would look naked, etc. , etc. One particular stewardess, a very attractive Hispanic type gal with a great body was very interesting and we fantasized what we would do if we were in bed with her. Unfortunately, she worked the other side of the aircraft and we couldn’t get to speak to her as I would have loved to bring her along with us to the hotel.

We Bayan escort landed on time and, as we deplaned, the heat hit us in the face and I had to remove my leather jacket. The hotel had sent a van to pick us up so, after waiting a short time for our bags, we found ourselves driving through the center of crowded Oranjestad since a large cruise ship had just arrived a few hours earlier and all the passengers were in town shopping and blocking the flow of traffic. It wasn’t long after getting through town before we pulled up to the Radisson, got checked in and were shown to our top floor room right on the beach overlooking the beautiful blue Caribbean. As soon as we unpacked, we stripped and walked out on the terrace since no one in the hotel could see us and if we stood a few feet back from the railing, even the people on the beach wouldn’t notice anything.

It was great feeling the warm air and hot sun on our naked bodies and we stood with my cock between her ass cheeks as I massaged her breasts and nipples. She reached back and squeezed my erection and told me she just thought of a wonderful place for me to put my cock and pulled me by my penis to the bed where she lay back spreading her legs and revealing a sight that always got to me. Her spread was the sexiest, most irresistible sight I could ever see. Her perfect, sexy thighs framed her close trimmed pussy and her sweet puckered asshole and her smooth stomach with her firm breasts plus that gorgeous, sexy face which was screwed up in an impatient grimace as she couldn’t wait for me to fit the head of my cock to her vagina and start filling her with the meat she so loved. After all our sex banter on the flight, I was pretty horny and as soon as I felt her warm, wet and most comfortable cunt envelope my hardon, I started to stroke smoothly in and out of her.

She looked up at me with glazed eyes and stated that it would have been nice to have had that stew here with us as she would love to have her sit on her face right now. I agreed that it would have been nice but it just didn’t work out so she’ll just have to put up with my cock and nothing else for the moment at least. She came with a loud moan and the moment I felt her cunt contractions around my thick, throbbing shaft, my penis exploded and sent ropes of hot cum into her. She was writhing around on my organ as she came and I just kept shooting cum in spasm after spasm of ecstasy until there was no more and we both collapsed on the bed. I must have dozed off for a while because when I opened my eyes she was standing in front of me wearing a very sexy black mini-bikini and I reached for her hand to pull her back into bed but she wiggled away and told me to get a bathing suit on as she was missing sun and wanted to go back home with a great tan.

We got down to the beach by mid afternoon and luckily found 2 empty lounge chairs under a big palapas down by the water and we dumped our bodies in the chairs and took a look around at the scenery which included the beach, water, hotel, boats and, of course, the male and female bodies that were passing in parade. Tyko would squeeze my hand whenever a particularly good looking guy or gal passed so that I could get horny too. We noticed that quite a few of the women were topless and assumed they were Europeans so I asked her if she would like to show them what breasts should look like and, without hesitation, she removed her very brief top and displayed her absolutely magnificent breasts which were capped by sexy brown rosettes and large nipples which were fully erect from excitement.

An older gentleman, sitting about 20 feet away, was squinting as he gawked at her breasts and I was going to tell her to go over to him and show them to him so that he doesn’t have to strain so much but he saw me looking at him and turned away immediately. We both remarked that it has been a couple of years since you bathed topless in Nice and you mentioned again how good it feels. I suggested that maybe we should go to a nudist colony some day so we could be naked all the time but you pointed out that they were generally family groups and are not interested in group sex. She said, that what we have to find is a nudist colony for adults only who also like sex. I smiled and told her to look them up in the Yellow Pages.

It was very interesting watching the parade of people passing right in front of us. We saw bodies of all sizes and shapes. Some gave us a good laugh, others just a passing glance and a select few that we both would have bedded without hesitation. It was so amusing that I forgot about the time and when I suddenly remembered Brigit and Claude, it was almost 5. I picked up my cell phone and dialed their number hoping they were still there. A very sexy, deep throated woman’s voice answered the phone and I asked if she was Brigit and told her our names and that we had just arrived today from New York. I could feel the warmth in her voice as she welcomed us and told us that they had received a call from JP and Marie telling them that we were going to call and they Escort had been looking forward to it because of the great build up they were given. Just then, Claude picked up the extension I told them that we got the same info on them and are equally looking forward to meeting them. We told them that we had just gotten in and were relaxing on the beach at the moment.

Claude asked if we would like to have dinner with them tonight and that they would come to our hotel which happens to have a great restaurant and it would give us the opportunity to get to know one another. I agreed and we decided that they would meet us in the restaurant at 8 pm and that, if we arrived before them, to ask for Mr. Boulan’s table. When I got off the phone, I told Tyko of the plans and she suggested that we go back to our room in about another hour as that would allow enough time for us to shower and dress. I lay back and went back to my previous voyeuristic occupation and traded comments with my wife as the parade continued. As long as the sun was still shining, the parade continued. Darkness brings peace to the beach.

We went back to our room and coordinated our showers and almost got into a session while passing each other as we both reached for our organs at the same time. You had me by my hardening penis and I had your entire crotch in my hand and neither wanted to let go except that we didn’t have time to get each other off, so why even start and we continued getting ready. We got downstairs to the restaurant exactly at 8 and were shown to a large booth which was in a back corner and very private. A few moments after getting seated and ordering drinks, an extremely attractive couple in their mid 30’s came over to the table and introduced themselves as Brigit and Claude. She was tall, big breasted and very sexily built with ample hips and great legs. He was also tall, athletically built and strikingly handsome. They sat down in the booth with Brigit next to me and Claude next to my wife.

We talked about JP and Marie and what they said about missing this trip as they would love to get together with them again soon. We talked all through dinner and Claude asked us if we ever heard about SEFIS and I told him that JP and Marie had explained the organization to us and told us that they were considering taking over the New York chapter. Brigit said that it would be great if they got active in running the chapter because they are the perfect couple for the job. We told them that we completely agreed with the premise of the organization and would probably join the NY chapter especially if Marie and JP took it over. We were having our after dinner coffee and I asked Brigit and Claude, with a sly smile, if they would like to come up to our room and perhaps have a little desert. They smiled and agreed that it would be a good idea to do so. I got the check and we went upstairs.

When we got to our room, Tyko opened the minibar and poured us drinks. Brigit took my hand and asked me to show her the terrace so I opened the sliding door and we went out into the warm, breezy air and looked at the moonlight shining on the sea. We put our glasses down on the table and as I straightened up, Brigit moved close and facing me, she put her arms around my shoulders and we just naturally kissed each other. She felt warm and comfortable and I felt her tongue probing my mouth as she pressed her gorgeous body against mine. My penis started growing immediately and she felt it through the thin dress she was wearing. She rubbed her pelvis against my rapidly hardening member as she sucked my tongue into her mouth and I took both her ass cheeks in my hands and squeezed them as I pulled her into me.

She reached down and put her hand on my crotch, breaking our soul kiss long enough to remark how nice and big I feel. I suggested that we go inside and as we entered the room saw Tyko sitting on Claude’s lap with his hand up her dress and, from the expression on her face, she was already in another world. I started to undress Brigit as we kissed and fondled each other and she started to do the same to me. When I took off her dress, I had to stop for a moment and appreciate what I was looking at, since she was wearing bright red bikini panties and a tiny red bra which hardly covered any of her full breasts. Her nipples were hard and were showing through the thin silk of the bra and she turned slowly giving me a good look at what I was going to have. Her ass took my breath away as it was absolutely gorgeous and my cock gave a twitch as I looked at it.

When she made a complete turn, I reached around and unfastened her bra strap and slipped it off as I marveled at her magnificent large breasts which didn’t drop a millimeter when I took it off. Her nipples were huge and at least a half inch long and I had to lean forward and take each one between my lips before I slipped off her panties and she stood there nude except for her high heels. She quickly finished undressing me while probing and playing with my crotch and as soon as I was naked, I took her hand and led her over to the bed where she removed her shoes and lay back beckoning me to come to her. She was completely irresistible and when she parted her thighs to show me her sexy crotch, I was mesmerized by her large, swollen labia which were slightly parted revealing her pink opening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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