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Chapter 1: Susan and Angelique lunch Encounter

Friday had finally arrived. I had a very tough work week, and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

The only thing that was memorable about this week was Angelique.

Paul my husband of 19 years and Paul Jr. our 18 year old son was leaving for a planned fishing and camping trip.

Our daughter April, was staying with a friend.

I love my family, but to be honest, I was looking forward to spending the weekend by myself, and well my little six inch vibrating friend.

It was middle of the summer.

Laying out by the pool with a good book. A glass or two of a Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc and my vibrator, was first and foremost on my things to do.

No cooking or cleaning up after my husband or kids. No working out, other than wearing out a pair of double a batteries, an pampering myself.

If I was lucky, maybe I could get a hold of Angelique.

We had spent quiet a few lunch periods in my office, on the couch in a sixty-nine position.

She’s has come a long way since she started working for me.

If we didn’t have much time, she would get under my desk and tease me with her tongue. I rarely wear panties, so there usually was no obstacle in the way off her getting to my pussy.

Today at lunch I needed her.

It was a week, since I last got fucked, or had my pussy licked.

As Angelique entered my office she locked the door behind her, and gave me the mischievous smile of hers.

I pushed back from behind my desk and stood up to meet and greet her.

As she approached me she dropped her skirt, and I took off my blouse. Her clean shaven pussy was on full display.

I licked my lips, and could not wait to get my head once more, between her legs .

She took off her blouse, and her breast are encased in a baby pink push up bra. Her delicious, ripe cherry colour nipples are ready to be sucked on, and I couldn’t wait.

No words were spoken, no words were needed.

We began french kissing each other.

My left hand caressing her back, my right at the back of her head caressing her blonde tresses.

Her arms around me, unhooking my white lace open cup bra.

My nipples are rock hard and fully exposed in this bra. They are longing to be kissed sucked and played with.

She kissed her way around to my ear then down my neck, leaving little love bites on both sides of my neck.

My hands are roaming over her back, slipping further down, until I am caressing the firm cheeks of her arse.

I slap her right cheek a couple of times, and the sound echoes through out the office .

She yelps, and bites down on my shoulder, and we ground our mound against each other.

I can feel the heat coming off of her, and a wet spot forms on my mini skirt, partially from her wet pussy been grounded into my wet cunt.

Her left leg slips between my legs, and we continue rubbing our wet hot pussies against each other.

She has discarded my bra, I don’t know where and I don’t care.

This young french goddess wraps both her hands in my golden locks. Our lips lock onto each other and our tongues are entwined.

I am caressing and probing her arse with my right hand. My left hand caress its way up

making a brief stop, to caress her breast and rub her nipples.

She turns me around and begins licking my neck.

I am shivering in heat and expectation.

She slowly runs her tongue down my spine, while palming and caressing my tits.

She tweaks and pulls on my rock hard nipples. Her head slips under my mini skirt, and the tip of her tongue licks between the cheeks of my arse.

One of her hands slowly runs along my pussy, a finger slips between my lips, and moves up and down. Another finger joins her first, and they tease me.

Her other hand pulls on my right butt cheek, and she buries her face, and drives her tongue in my arse.

She drops to her knees.

One of her hands are caressing my pussy and her other is moving up to my breast.

She bites on each of my butt cheeks and turns me around.

Her tongue licks my pussy as she caresses my arse.

She runs her hands up and down, teasing me, caressing my nylon encased legs.

She licks my thighs, and caress the back of my legs.

Her head is under my skirt, licking my pussy.

Her hands cup my butt and hold’s me captive.

I ground my cunt onto her face as her tongue probes me. Licking my lips.

I moan as her fingers slowly enters my wet cunt.

I quiver in pleasure and could barely stand. My legs are trembling as she licks me.

She probes my arse with a finger, then two.

She pushes me onto the couch, an I fall, she get’s between my out spread legs, and teases me.

I’m in heat and desperately need to cum.

The teasing continues as she slowly licks and plants butterfly kisses on my inner thighs. I’m dripping wet, as her tongue licks my clit, and her fingers penetrates my pussy.

They move in and out as she licks and chew on my lips.

One of her hands goes down to her pussy, she’s fingering herself.

Her gaziantep escort bayan hands are now back.

I can feel the moisture from her pussy as she once again begin caressing my outer thighs.

She kisses her way down the front and insides of my thighs, alternating form one to the other.

She ascends my trembling thighs, planting kisses along the way to my pussy. She tweaks my rock hard nipples and plays with my tender breast.

Her hands move down caressing my sides, and holds me by my waist.

My face flush, and my body’s on fire. My clit becomes erect and I’m busy tweaking and pulling on my nipples.

One of her hands join my own, and she tweaks my nipple.

I pull her up, and she sucks on my breast. First the right then the left. She bites one nipple then the other, then begins licking my nipples, and continues fingering my already starved wet cunt.

My skirt is around my waist, and she rubs her pussy on my cunt.

As she rubs and grinds her cunt on my pussy, her left hand caresses my tit.

Her right hand reaches down and toy’s with my clit.

I whimper and moan.

After a few minutes she removes her fingers from my moist cunt.

She traces her fingers around an onto my arse. She caress my butt cheeks.

They welcome and miss her touch.

Two fingers slide in and probe my arse.

They are moving in and out teasingly.

Not fully penetrating but playing along the outer ring. She finally drives two fingers in. I buck and moan in pleasure.

We kiss, l can taste my self on her. Our tongues probe each others mouths like miniature cocks. We lick each other tongues and swap our saliva.

I nibble on her lips, as she chews on mine.

My hand roams over her back, caressing its way down to her arse.

I slap her firm butt cheeks, once, twice and a third time.

I spread her cheeks apart with the palm of my hand.

I tease her, sliding my finger along the crack of her arse.

My hand goes further down caressing her.

I rub her outer lips, they are wet.

Her warm juices leaks out onto my fingers.

I insert one finger then two in her, my fingers go further in. They are saturated with her love juices as I tickle her cunt.

I insert a third finger up to my last knuckle.

She whimpers, and rides them.

She convulses and cums on my fingers. Trapping them in her wet pussy.

I take them out, and we both lick on them. I’ve hungered for the taste of her delicate nectar.

While we licking my fingers, she caresses and plays with my clit. My other hand reaches down and I’m fingering her again.

She mimic my motions.

I am slowly moving my fingers in and out, I add another and we moan in ecstasy.

I insert a third, and her pussy releases more of her love nectar, and we both cum together.

We are rolling around on the couch, french kissing and caressing each others bodies.

We can both feel and hear how wet we are, as we continue swapping saliva.

Her phone is ringing, we ignore it, our passion and lust has taken over.

Our cunts are grinding in union, our juices inter mingling, we are swapping each others saliva and sucking on each others tongue’s.

I remove my fingers from her cunt and lick on them. She dose the same licking my juices off her fingers.

We stare into each others eyes, and begin kissing. Locking our lips together, our tongues exploring the inside of each other mouths.

We can taste each other on our selves, our hands both caressing each others arse.

We are still ignoring the ringing phone.

The room is enveloped with our passion and pussy perfume.

My eyes close, my head tilted back as she slowly makes her way back down my body.

She’s licking between my breast, sucking on one then the other. Pinching and tweaking my nipples.

When she reaches venus, she probes and licks my cunt.

I release my nectar once again, and she swallows it all. She grabs a hold of my ass lifting me off the couch, and probes my pussy deeper.

She drives three fingers in my cunt as she licks my clit.

I’m approaching orgasm again.

I can’t hold back, and I flood her mouth and tongue with my juices.

I scream to the Gods in glory as I cum once more.

She continues licking my outer lips, first one then the other repeatedly, then my clit.

I shiver and buck, as she pulls me forward, driving her tongue deep in my cunt again.

I’m sensitive she has made me cum multiple times.

I tell myself its her turn to be pleasured.

I moaned in pleasure caressing her head.

Driving my cunt onto her face.

She has other plans.

She pulls my 38 inch arse off the couch.

I’m hanging off it.

My waist and back is on the couch and I’m suspended in mid air.

Her mouth is locked onto my cunt.

I grab hold of her blonde tresses, and begin riding and fucking her face and tongue.

She slowly inserts one then two and finally three fingers into my arse. She is now roughly slamming them in and out.

I gaziantep eve gelen escort cry out in ecstasy, cumming on her face and talented tongue once again.

I’m dripping and can hear the sloshing of her tongue.

She’s relentless and has acquire a healthy obsession for my pussy and its juices.

I love her for it.

I open my eyes and look down. The only thing I see is the top of her head. My legs are locked around her neck and resting on her back. Holding her captive.

She continues caressing my arse as she’s licking my clit, and fingers my wet cunt.

She turns me over. I’m kneeling on the floor, my upper torso pressed into the couch.

She spreads my ass cheeks apart, and licks on the inside of each butt cheek a few times.

She licks and tickles the outer ring of my arse with her tongue. She probes at and enters my anus.

I push back in response to her invading tongue. Driving it deeper into me.

Her face is buried between my cheeks, her tongue is lodged in and probing me. She’s fucking my arse with her tongue, and fingering my cunt.

I am moaning in pleasure while bucking and riding her face and mouth.

She removes her tongue and licks and bites on my butt.

She licks my butt, and she rubs on my clit.

A finger enters me.

She starts out using one, then two, adding another, and finally four fingers are probing, massaging and tickling my cunt.

She’s removes her fingers from my cunt and licks them. Then goes back to licking my arse. She spits in my arsehole then shoves all four fingers in.

My butt clamps down on her invading fingers. I yell from the sudden and rough intrusion.

The pleasure and pain is excruciating. I love it. It invigorates my passion to greater heights.

She’s under me fucking my arse with her glorious fingers, while tonguing my slit and nibbling on my pussy lips.

I cum for the umpteen time.

I’ve lost track of time and how many orgasms she’s given me.

I’m cumming on her mouth and face, as her tongue licks my clit.

Her phone is ringing non stop.

My juices flow like a river into her mouth, and she swallows every drop of nectar I’ve release.

I’m flushed, out of breath and exhausted from the fucking I’ve just received.

A smile forms on my face.

She continues licking me and wraps her arms around me, keeping me captive.

I know what she wants and needs, and I’m only to happy to oblige.

As she licks me clean, I grant her the final reward she’s after.

A clear stream of urine escapes me, and enters her mouth.

It takes a while to stop, but she swallows it all, licks her lips and smile up at me.

Its my turn. I am going to pay homage to her glorious arse and beautiful pussy.

Just like her, I am looking to claim my reward.

I get up on wobbling legs, it’s my turn to return the pleasure.

As we switch position we hear a knock on the door. We both groan in displeasure.

She looks at her phone.

Her husband has been calling. She has five missed calls from him.

He’s now at the door, knocking.

He came to take her home.

We dress in haste, I’m frustrated, so is she, we should of 69.

I haven’t tasted her sweet nectar directly from the source, her pussy, in over a week.

I hunger and yearn for the delicate scent and taste of her pussy.

To lick and suck her cunt until she comes on my face and in my mouth.

To have the pleasure of licking her cunt, and rimming her arse.

Most of all I miss out on the opportunity to drink her nectar directly from the source.

That would have to wait.

The knocking on the door is persistent, and louder.

The room has the distinctive smell of pussy.

I open the door. It’s her husband.

He twitches his nose, and asked if she’s ready to go.

She greets him with a kiss.

He pulls back slightly, she grips his head and french kisses him.

I’m sure he can taste me on her.

How could he not know, is he that naive.

If he only knew about the night before they got married.

The private party we had with two male doctors.

How she gave herself to us numerous times.

Loosing her virginity and anal cheery to them.

It was the first time a man’s cock had penetrated her.

Yes it brings back happy memories.

She’s was only 22 and I 36 then.

She was so naive when we first met two years ago, when she first began working for me.

Over that time I’ve shared her with my son in law, my hubby, and a few doctors.

She has become addicted to me, the pleasure I give her, and the dominance I have over her.


Chapter 2 : Angelique spends some time with cousin David

It’s been just over 2 years since I have met an started working for Susan.

In that short time she have taught me to open up and accept who I am.

Yes, I am her submissive plaything and lover.

I can’t tell my husband my dark and dirty secrets.

He gaziantep evi olan escort would never understand.

We were both brought up in very religious families.

We were taught sex before marriage was a sin.

My only sexual experience before marriage was jerking, and sucking off my cousin.

It happen once in my dad’s truck, another time at the movies and the third time in my bedroom.

He had forced me the first time.

I was 18 and he 20. He had come to town to visit colleges.

We had gone to pick up some groceries for my mom.

I felt guilty, em-brass and aroused all at the same time after it occurred.

I had no one to talk too.

He asked me out to the movies the next night.

I said no. In fare of what he might do, and the emotions it stirred in me after that night.

My interest, curiosity and arousal had peeked.

My nipples had ached to be touched. My panties were wet when we returned from the grocery.

No I could not trust myself to be alone with him.

My mom insisted that I go. I called a few friends. No one was available to go with me.

I relented and went with him.

It was a repeat of the first night in the truck.

Only this time he did not wait.

As we sat down he took my hand and placed it on his cook over his jeans.

He moved my hand back and forth, and his cock began to grow.

My worst fears had come to fruition.

My panties had become moist just from feeling him grow. My throat dry and my nipples hard. My thighs sweaty and heat radiated between my legs. I was burning up with passion and lust.

Longing to be touched, force, and taken advantage of.

I didn’t know what was happening to me.

Yesterday morning I was a God fearing Christian.

These thoughts and feeling had never enter my mind.

My parents brought me up to abstain from any sexual pleasure or gratification until married.

Here I was now, with a lust filled heart. Yearning to be touched, and yes molested by my cousin.

As he continue to grow, my lust billed.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cook. It was a thing of beauty.

He took my hand an wrapped it around his cock.

He slowly began moving my hand up and down his shaft, the way he likes it..

I knew that I should protest. Put up some sort of fight. My will was fleeting the longer I caressed his warm engorge member.

Without I realizing it, he had remove his hand. My lust was the driving force.

I was now jerking him off on my own. The same slow deliberate way that he likes.

As his blood filled cock grew to all its glory,

my passion grew. He placed his hand behind my head and applied a little pressure.

I knew what he wanted an expected, I made my way down.

First sucking on the crown of his cock and slowly licking my way down the shaft. Savoring the taste and smell.

Welcoming the intruder that had invaded my mouth, and was now touching my tonsils.

He kept his hand behind my head and continue to forced me down.

He really didn’t need to force me, but I welcomed it.

I knew what he wanted, and I didn’t resist.

I too wanted and welcome it.

He wanted me to swallow all seven inches.

People were around, I did not want to be seen.

This was not like in my daddy’s truck the night before.

As I sucked his cock with his guidance, and I learned something about myself.

I loved the taste, the smell, and feel of his cock going in and out, hitting the back of my throat.

Most of all I yearned to be dominated.

To taste the bitter sweet cum, I had tasted the night before.

To drink from his fountain of youth as he explodes in my mouth. Filling my cavity as I digest his fruits of labor.

As I bobbed up and down on his cock, I wanted to play with his scrotum, tickle his balls, and suck on them.

My nostrils flare, and the aroma of his scrotum hit me.

I wanted to lick and suck on them most of all, but was scared, he might think I was a degenerate.

Living a sheltered life I didn’t know if people did this, but knew I wanted too.

If the opportunity should arise, I knew I would not pass it up.

I built up a steady rhythm and he release the grip he had on my head.

I was now bobbing, sucking and licking on his cock under my own accord, and his tutelage.

I swallowed his cock and then slowly lick my way back up to the crown. Swirling my tongue around the head, and shaft.

Appreciating, savoring the feel of his member in my mouth.

I licked on his mushroom cap like it was a lollipop, before licking down the side of it.

It was then the opportunity came.

I did what I wanted to do. I licked his balls.

I swiped my tongue around them, as he bottomed out in my mouth.

I continued licking on his some what hairy and sweaty balls, as he bottom out in my throat.

I savor the taste, texture and smell, and loved it all.

The musky aroma and salty taste inflamed my arousal.

His hands held the back of my head as he drove his hips up. His cock lodged in my throat. My lips and mouth locked around his cock, as he fucks my face.

I begin choking. Drool and pre cum is leaking out my mouth and down his shaft.

I cough, my nostrils flare. Tears run down my cheeks from the savage face fucking he’s giving me. I am happy.

I en-haled his aroma and I am driven by the smell and lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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