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My first term at university had left me emotionally exhausted – from sleeping with my parents’ friend, to breaking up with my first boyfriend and the chaos that lead up to fucking my housemate’s boyfriend on our communal sofa – I was ready for some family time.

I returned home expecting it to feel like it always had done – a safe, loving space where I felt settled. I expected it to anchor me back to who I’d been when I left. There had been some that had told me that home would never be like that again and I’d naively dismissed it – I loved my mum and dad. I even loved my little brother. Why would it be any different?

Yet upon returning home I quickly realised what I’d been told was true. In four short months I’d grown more independent than I thought I had – I’d gotten used to eating when I wanted, going to bed when I wanted and getting up when I wanted, even when I had an early lecture.

Within a week I wanted to be back in my dingy, spartan house. Back to being close to Danny once more, wondering whether I could sneak more time with him without Katie knowing. Whether it was worth the risk of losing the relative tranquillity of the house for something with the man who had sparked something within me.

Against better judgement, I had text him on Christmas Day wishing him a happy yuletide. Gifts were exchanged and presents opened with my family, yet I was glued to my phone as I awaited a reply from Danny.

I got nothing.

Had I said something wrong? We’d not had a chance to speak before I left for home but I had assumed that, considering we’d fucked for the first time, that things were pretty good between us. The silence to my genial well-wishes was loud and extremely hurtful.

Further heartbroken and suffocated within the walls of my home, I knew I needed to get back to my student house. Well – I thought I needed it. What I really needed was to be surrounded by loved ones. But the youthful anguish I held wanted solitude, and after pleading with my dad, he agreed to take me back north the day after boxing day.

The house was as cold and empty as I had expected, but that mirrored what I felt inside. I almost instantly wanted to go back home and be with my family, but I didn’t want to put them out once more, so I kept my silence and instead brooded alone with sorrowful shadows lurking in my thoughts.

As New Year approached I felt no desire to break my self-imposed isolation even though the idea of getting drunk in a club and bringing someone home felt somewhat appealing. But the effort needed in applying make-up and dressing nicely felt like too much of a hurdle. Better to huddle up in blankets and get quietly drunk at home, swaddled in my duvet.

I’d just pulled a frozen pizza from the oven at just past dusk on New Year’s Eve when I heard the noise of keys jingling in the door. My heart lurched, fretting that my housemates would be home and they’d be having a party that I just wasn’t in the mood for. The door opened and I waited for the raucous sound of party goers.

What I got was a grunt, low swearing, and the sound of something heavy dragging across the wooden floor in the hallway.

Pottering out of the kitchen, I peaked my head through the doorway to see a tall man, around 6’4, with a shaved head, clad in a leather jacket and dirty looking blue jeans. His back was to me as he pulled what looked like a box of flat pack furniture into the house.

“Um… hi,” I said, and watched him jump and turn to look at me, his hand on his chest.

“Jesus,” he swore in a sing-song Welsh accent. “You scared the life out of me love.”

I smiled at him and he offered a nervous one back. It was a handsome face, with a well kept dark goatee surrounding his smile. The accent was somewhat of a giveaway in who he might be, as were the eyes – he had his daughter’s eyes. The same daughter’s whose boyfriend I’d slept with.

“I didn’t know anyone was going to be here. I’m Hugh, Katie’s da. You must be… Polly, yes?”

“That’s right. Sorry, I decided to come back early.”

He closed the door and then placed his hands on his hips, regarding me in a disarming and friendly manner. “What you apologising for love?” he laughed. “Done nothing wrong – should be me apologising to you now!”

The smile was still on my lips as his affable nature washed over me. I shook my head and felt loose strands of red hair tug free from my bobble that had been loosely keeping it tied up.

“How… why are you here if you don’t mind me asking?”

Hugh patted the large cardboard box beside him. “Well two reasons. One is that Katie wanted this new set of drawers building. And the other is that she’s having an house party for New Year, so figured I’d make myself scarce rather than hiding out in me bedroom all night.”

His laugh was so gentle I thawed almost instantly around him, then a thought came to me that I had to immediately ask him.

“Is Danny at the party?”

His answer is strained as he’d just picked up the large box. “Oh Danny? Yeah he’s there. Been with us all Christmas he has.”

Of atakent escort course he hadn’t replied then – he’d been with his girlfriend. My heart sank though I didn’t know why – what had I really expected? For him to drop everything for me?

“You okay love?” came a concerned voice from the stairs, and my blue eyes looked up to see Hugh looking at me with a furrowed brow.

“I’m fine,” I said, smiling hastily and then just as quickly changing the topic. “Um… do you want some help with that?”

“No I’ve got it. Couldn’t bring me a cup of tea up eh?”

His cheerful demeanour, and the fact that I had company for the first time in days, made me almost jump to his request. When I headed back upstairs with a mug of tea in one hand and a plate with two slices of pizza on it, Hugh was in his daughter’s bedroom starting to unpack the furniture.

“I’d just cooked some pizza. It’s not great but thought I’d offer you some.”

“Well aren’t you a darling?” he said, a warm smile on his face as he took both from me. “Thank you very much Polly. Don’t let me keep you from your evening though love – sure you got better things to be doing than watching me building some flat pack furniture!”

I didn’t, but I also didn’t feel like I could stay because what excuse did I possibly have that didn’t make me sound pathetic? That I was incredibly lonely and would take any company I could get, up to and including the surprisingly handsome father of my housemate?

So I skulked off back downstairs, clutching my bathrobe tight around me, and settled back down in the living room to watch a film while the noise of drills and hammers went on above me. I wasn’t concentrating on the film though – I was trying to think of a reason to justify prolonging my contact with Hugh.

I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t make me seem clingy though, even though I absolutely was at that stage. Instead I force myself to act cool and remain in the living room, watching dreadful television to the background noise of late night DIY in the room above me.

Eventually it stops, and I heard the creaking of the old stairs as Hugh descended them. My head turned towards him as he opened the door and beamed his happy smile at me, one which I returned in kind.

“Not out tonight Polly?” he said, sitting on the arm of the sofa with his eyes on the telly.

“No,” I replied, and then wondered what a good answer is. Hugh turned to me and smiled as I wondered what to say, until eventually I settled on a noncommittal shrug.

“I guess I just didn’t know what to do. Still waiting on my student loan too, so a little skint.”

“I could take you back to the party? I’m sure Ka-“

“No!” I almost shouted, and then laughed nervously at his surprised reaction. “No… thanks. It’s okay.” I hastily told him.

The last thing I wanted to do was spend time around Danny when he was with Katie, and after he’d not replied to my text either. No, I knew it was better to have some distance and avoid all of that drama until the moment when I had no choice but to deal with it.

Hugh seemed pacified by my response and I took the silence as an opportunity to change the subject to something less about me.

“What about you? Do you not have plans with your wife or something?”

He shook his head, still looking back at the television. “Me and Katie’s mum are divorced, and she lives back in Wales. Don’t think she’d take kindly to me turning up eh?! I’d planned on staying here actually, on the sofa or something. But I can stay in my car, or-“

“Don’t be silly!” I interrupted once more. “I don’t mind you staying here. It’s freezing outside anyway.”

That kind and lovely smile returned and he bowed his bald head in appreciation. “Thanks Polly – gonna be honest and say that I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping out in my car!”

I laughed lightly and stood up, taking the opportunity to do something to keep Hugh close by. The idea of having company, any company, was welcome, and I was eager to do anything to keep him close by.

“Can I get you a drink or something? Or some food? I still have a pizza in the freezer if you want to share that?”

That smile again. It was a wonderful, warm smile. I’d forgotten how good it was to have something like that shown to me because of my own actions. Good, wholesome actions that filled me with something clean and pure, and made me like Hugh all the more.

“That would be lovely.”

I got right to it, bustling past him and heading back to the kitchen. I heard his footsteps behind me, and the sound of his leather jacket being placed on the back of a chair, and I turned to see him watching me with a pleasant look on his face. It’s one that made me blush, and I quickly turned around to concentrate on sorting out another tasteless pizza.

We got a proper chance to talk then, with him asking me about my studies and how I was finding university life, and me asking about the work he did. Hugh explained that he was a mechanic, and that he’d akbatı escort been divorced for five years. When he mentioned he was seeing someone else I found myself oddly disappointed, despite the fact there was around a thirty year age gap between us.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise considering I seemingly liked older men after my time with my dad’s old friend.

With pizza cooked and cold beers in hand, we sat together at the breakfast bar in the large kitchen and talked further. Hugh made me laugh and forget my troubles, and I felt I was an especially doting host. It wasn’t the new year I had been expecting, but the more it continued the more I believed it might have been my favourite one yet.

Midnight was approaching and I was a little worse for wear from the beers and spirits I’d ended up drinking. As the night had progressed I’d gotten more handsy with him, touching his arm and being generally flirty. Or at least as flirty as a young woman wearing a dressing gown and pyjamas could be.

Hugh didn’t react really, and I’d not expected him to. Which was a shame as I’d grown quite horny in his presence. Instead he kept being friendly and occasionally yawning, with a quick apology usually following it.

“God it’s been a while since I’ve drank this much. You mind if I grab a quick shower before the bells ring at twelve? We can toast the new year in and then I’ll have to go to bed Pol because I can’t party like you girls can anymore.”

I giggled and touched his arm lightly. “That’s fine. That’s fine.” I slurred, dragging out the last syllable drunkenly. “I think I might have had a little too much anyway.”

“Me and you both!” he chortled, standing up and heading to the stairs, looking back at me and smiling before ascending the stairs.

I don’t know what came over me then. Was it that final look he had given me? I was still very shy for the most part, and was still to get super comfortable with my body. But the wholesome evening with Hugh made me want to finish it a certain, less-wholesome way. And after a torrid week I wanted something to cheer me up. So with the water of the shower finally running upstairs, I followed before sober Polly could warn me otherwise.

The bathroom wasn’t the most secure of doors. I knew how to get in if I wanted to. Gripping the smalls knob under the handle, I twisted it and felt the lock give before stepping into the steamy room quietly.

Hugh had his back to me, his face under the head of the shower as he washed it. For a moment I admired his back, and the tattoos on his arms, as well as his very firm looking behind. He was tall and sinewy, and I very much wanted him. Sliding out of my thick dressing gown, it thudded to the floor and Hugh, startled, quickly turned around.

“Polly?!” he gasped, but he didn’t cover up the manhood that stood in a small cropping of dark hair. His thickness was stiff too, and I wondered as I stepped into the walk-in shower, still fully clothed in my pyjamas, whether he’d been thinking of me.

With my eyes confidently looking back into his as I placed my hands on his bare chest, I reached up to kiss him and ignored the heavy weight of my pyjamas as they became sodden with water.

I’ve found in my life, when kissing a man somewhat unannounced, that there’s a moment where they consider the implications of what was occurring. I felt Hugh’s hesitation in that moment, and like other experiences to come, the horniness of the man I was kissing prevailed. His hands gripped my hips, and he turned to push me against the shower wall.

We kissed fiercely. I wasn’t sure what was going on with his life, but this with Hugh felt cathartic. I was angry and upset and hurting, and my kiss was all those things. My lips pressed hard to his and my tongue darted into his mouth hungrily, sliding against his as I willed him to take me.

And take me he did.

My waterlogged top was yanked up forcibly and tossed aside with a damp thud and my bottoms soon followed. We quickly joined together, the kisses sloppy and drunken and passionate as Hugh’s hands started to explore my body until eventually he pulled one leg up and got ready to enter me.

Until he stopped. “Polly, are-” he started, and I had to stifle a groan as I replied.

“Fuck me,” I tell him confidently, my eyes blazing with what I was sure was sheer intent. Hugh looked at me for a moment more, then got a determined set on his face as he gripped my hands and pinned them above my head before his cock penetrated me.

My cry echoed around the small, tiled bathroom as my housemate’s dad filled my cunt. The gentleman from before, with his kind smile and light laugh, was gone and in his place was a lust-fuelled man who gave me such a look that I still remember it vividly.

“You wanna be fucked, huh?” he practically snarled as he drilled hard upwards into me. And it awoke the same lust and anger and pain I’d been feeling for weeks, and my teeth bared back at him.

“Yes,” I hissed. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Hugh aksaray escort did just that. With one hand keeping my hands above my head and the other gripping my hip until there were red marks on my pale skin, he slammed me against the wall with such force the air almost left my lungs. Any other time and I’m sure I would have been alarmed but it felt so cleansing, like the worries I’d been having were literally being fucked right out of me.

With my hands willingly trapped above me, I had little to touch of Hugh. But I could still reach him with my mouth, and my teeth bit down onto his shoulder in an act of feral need. It wasn’t hard by any means, but it drew a growl from my lover and the hiss of the word slut under his breath.

Slut. I’d never had such language used like that on me. Not during sex. I somehow knew Hugh didn’t mean it and I found it oddly satisfying. Like he was taking control of the situation, of me. It is hard to explain the sensation, even now. But the sex was rough and hard, and it felt situationally aware.

It was probably why I felt confident to moan, “Yes, fuck your slut.” And then his hand that had been holding my hands up above us was in my wet red hair and gripping it tightly. Hugh yanked it back hard and fast and the pain married perfectly with the pleasure from between my legs.

“You like me talking dirty?” he rasped, and all I could do in response was desperately nod as the water sprayed down between us, making the movement of my chest on his smooth and incredibly arousing as pink nipples brushed against his shaven chest. My hands clasped to him, holding his shoulder blades and digging my chipped nails into him before hearing him almost roar beside me.

His grunts joined my loud, confident moans which turned into a gasping, shrill cry as he pushed me into an intense climax. In his arms I shuddered, eyes closed and face tilted upwards as I grasped him tightly, one leg wrapped around him so I could keep him close if he was ready to cum.

Hugh wasn’t ready, though he did slow down when I had come back to my senses somewhat. My head had been plastered to his chest after my release, so I had to pull back slightly to look up and into his eyes, which burned with lust.

“You like that?” he asked with a slow smile, and I twittered a laugh.

“I did. Though I’d like some more.”

“Would you?” Hugh laughed, pulling his slick cock out of my used pussy and turning me around to face the tiled shower wall. I felt it slide against the crack of my behind and, while it did make my heart flutter a little, I felt I wasn’t ready for that. It wasn’t something I needed to concern myself with – he was quickly teasing the entrance to my pussy.

“You liked me fucking you hard then?” he teased, and I whimpered in response. What we’d done already was a start, but I was in no way satisfied. I needed hands on me that weren’t gentle. I needed to be fucked – really fucked.

And I felt Hugh was the man to do it.

On my whimper he was back into me. Not slow, or careful. It was a slam of aggression that made me cry out loud enough his daughter would probably hear. Then his hand was gripping my hair and yanking my head back.

Partially pushed forward, my hands planted against the wall Hugh drove into me forcefully, the sound of his hips slapping against my behind the percussion to my deep contralto, my usual high mewling replaced with something more animalistic and wanton. I’d never been fucked like this – with this kind of raw need for my body.

All I could do was hold on, at first to the wall but eventually to Hugh. My hands reached up and behind my head, and he responded with his hands grabbing my full, wet breasts. Not just grabbing though – he was almost rough, pinching and pulling at the nipples and causing more of the intoxicating combination of pain and pleasure.

Pushed against the wall, I could hear him getting closer and closer to climax with the way he sped up. “Want me to cum?” came a strained question from behind, and my voice, caught between moans, gave him an affirmative answer. Seconds later, ropes of his thick semen were pulsed into the depths of my sex.

Hugh grunted as he filled me, his body pinning me against the wall as I moaned softly and recovered from the intensity of our coupling. His grip grew less possessive and more comforting, his lips kissing my shoulder as the kind man who’d tempted me into this returned.

“Fuck,” he breathed, his cock sliding out of my well used pussy. “I’m sorry Polly. I shouldn’t have been like that with you. Shouldn’t have done that at all.”

I ignored his self-admonishment and pushed off the wall to turn the water off, then turned into him with my hands resting on his chest.

“You enjoyed it, right?” I asked him with a confidence I didn’t usually wear. I felt in control for the first time with a lover – that this was on my terms.

“Yeah of course!” he replied, his hands back on my slender hips. “You’re gorgeous Polly. It’s just… I mean… there’s a lot to unpack isn’t there? The age gap, the fact you’re my dau-“

I placed a finger on his lips and he went silent. “There’s nothing to unpack,” I told him confidently. “You were nice to me, and I liked that. And I wanted that with you because of that. And I think you wanted it too considering what just happened. I don’t want anything from you – except maybe for you to share my bed with me tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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