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Oh dear God, he pushed his cock into me again. Please, I begged silently, please let me cum. I was so turned on, I wanted to scream and I knew I couldn’t. My boss is fucking me and I love it. My eyes rolled back in my head and I felt the fire growing in my cunt, bigger, harder, pulsing. Erupt, please, erupt. I gave myself to it and it tried to shatter my body, exploding between my legs and traveling up inside me until I screamed. And he carried on fucking me, he didn’t stop, he pushed his cock into me even harder and my whole body shivered in delight. I heard him growling and moaning as his cum pushed up the length of his cock wanting to shoot out of him and I felt him jerking and shivering on top of me. Jealousy made me ugly as I smiled, knowing he didn’t come like that with that stupid bitch of a wife. I owned his cock, only I could make him come like that.

I loved my job, because I loved the perks that came with it. All eight inches of it, but I must admit, it was about the things that eight inches of meat could do to me, the way he wiggled the worm, not the length of it. I knew my position as his ‘screw’ was precarious and temporary and that he would move on. I wasn’t prepared for the wife actually putting up a fight for eight inches. I thought she felt secure enough in her position, knowing she could literally ‘screw’ him back anytime for his affairs. I didn’t count on her loving him and I don’t think he did either.

Imagine my surprise when she arrived at the office one day when he was out of town on business. She caught me off guard and before I could run and hide, I was speaking to her.

“I’m sorry but Mr. Barrow will only be back next week.” I said.

“Oh good, he didn’t lie about when he was getting back then.” She smiled a strange smile, as if there was something behind it. I didn’t know how to respond to that without insulting my boss or this strange woman.

“Have lunch with me.” She said.


“I asked you to lunch. Be polite and accept the invitation.”

“Um…Excuse me Ma’am, but I’m not in the habit of lunching with strangers.” I said defensively and decidedly.

“I see,” she said. “Then you’re only in the habit of fucking their husbands?”

I choked. “What?”

“You heard me. I’m Mrs. Barrow, and we have something, or rather, someone, to discuss.”

Fuck, fucking hell, what the fuck do I do now?

“I don’t know what you hope to achieve by that, but it won’t work.” Too late I realised what a bitch I sounded like. I didn’t own him. I had no right doing what I was doing and here I was telling his wife she wasn’t good enough. To her credit, she regarded me with a level look and allowed me to change what I had said.

“I’m sorry. Yes, I’ll join you for lunch.” I said and hung my head, the shame catching up with me already.

We met at the restaurant she had decided on. She arrived first and I was shown to her table, I felt like I was naked and everyone was looking me up and down, judging my body, wondering what it was Barrow saw in me. I sat down as politely as I could on the chair the waiter pulled out for me, on the edge, ready to run. She was not a time waster and got right into it with her first words.

“Why does George like fucking you so much more than he likes fucking me?”

“I suppose… Perhaps because there’s no commitment?” I offered lamely.

“Please, a screw is a screw. As long as he cums he doesn’t really care whose hole he’s using.”

“I’m not blind Mrs. Barrow, he doesn’t love me and I’m using him to get perks in the company. I know he’ll move on. I’m not the best screw in the world, just the one he chooses for now. You look like you take care of yourself, I have no idea why he chooses sex with me over sex with you. Maybe you should be asking a sexologist these questions.”

“What do you do with him? What do you do that makes him come back?”

“I don’t know.” I whined. “Maybe it’s because he knows I won’t say no…”

“Do you role play? You’re the dominatrix and he’s the willing slave?”

“No! Yes. Sometimes.” It was like discussing sex with my mother, I cringed away from her eyes.

“Are you Daddy’s little girl?” The bitch was mocking me, my reluctance and discomfort turned to anger.

“All the time, Mrs. B. You should try it sometime, maybe George will stay in your bed then.” I was deliberately goading her, I hoped she would make a scene and I could escape in the ensuing chaos. To my dismay, she forced a smile, grating her flawless white teeth at me while she did so. She leaned forward and put her elbows on the table.

“I suppose I won’t know until I fuck you.” She said this as casually as ‘pass the salt please’.

“That’s not going to happen.” I retorted, hoping my unspoken ‘that’s final’ got through to her.

“Yes it will, your job depends on it.”

“No, I won’t. I’ll resign and go work somewhere else.”

“Forget your job then, keep the stupid job. Your life depends on it.” Now she was scaring me, that calm, level look hadn’t pendik escort budged a millimeter. People who made threats with that kind of deadly calmness, could usually make good on them. I had learned that from…my job.

“I’m going to leave now…” What a stupid thing to say but it was the only sentence that managed to penetrate the fog of my brain.

“Oscar will follow you. He will abduct you at the appropriate moment, when there is nobody around to witness it.”

“Who is Oscar?”

“My brother.” Shit. Her family knows.

“That would be a crime.” Weak, but lawful.

“I promise you’ll enjoy it. You enjoy a man’s cock in your cunt – don’t you? Oscar is very willing to put his cock in your cunt, I assure you.”

“I don’t want it.” There were tears in my eyes.

“I was given to understand that you love cock Tanya. Was I misinformed? Or do you only like cock that can raise scum like you a step or two on the social ladder or the ladder of success as you call it?”

The tears fell from my eyes. She had won without touching me, I looked her in her eyes, unblinking and cold and let her know my heart.

“I’m just an assistant whose boss fucks her, I’m nobody.”

“Too bad, I’m still going to fuck you myself and see for myself.”

I accepted my fate reluctantly. “And your brother?”

“Will fuck you too.”

“And then?” I asked with a flat tone.

“And then you keep your job, and your life, and you get even more perks on the side.” The whole situation suddenly became clear to me.

“You don’t care that I’m fucking George, you’re just using it as leverage to fuck me yourself. Are you really so lonely that you cannot find a man willing to screw you? Or is it because you want a woman to screw you? A woman you have leverage over? Then your lesbian tendencies will remain hidden. Which only leaves your brother’s involvement – why him? Trust?”

“Incest.” She was really smiling now. Perverted bitch. She’s screwing her brother unashamedly and wants to drag me across the barbed wire for adultery… The cheek of some people.

“I’m screwing your Georgie. Why on earth would you give me leverage over yourself and Oscar?”

“Because you won’t tell anybody.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Dead girls don’t talk.” That stopped me right there, I’d sort of forgotten the whole ‘I’ll take your life’ thing. I pursed my lips at her; she had won again, the second time without a blow being struck. I admired that grudgingly, more than she knew. I loved power; I loved those who exuded power, male or female. I would love to fuck her, that was the truth that I did not want her to know. Power repulses as much as it attracts, so I didn’t have to put on an Emmy Award winning performance to register my disgust with her, I just had to be disgusted enough that her hawk like black eyes didn’t penetrate the thin veil the disgust was hiding and see the puddle I was probably making on the velvet chair right now.

I continued speaking in a defeated voice.

“You win, Frances.” And I meant to say Frances – there would be no kinky shit until I started seeing some returns on my labours. Frances released me to go back to the office and ponder and pout until I was to be picked up by her brother for a little ‘play time’ that Friday night. I told myself sternly every morning that I was getting in too deep. But there was a clock counting down and unless I disappeared or got killed by Friday night, there was no way of stopping the countdown.

Neither being an option, I dressed in my spaghetti strap, bright red satin dress that George had bought for me. I hoped Frances kept an eye on his credit cards, so that she would know he bought it, and the obscene amount it cost. Stiletto heeled red shoes and sultry make up completed the look. Oscar arrived promptly at six and I wondered who held the scepter of power between him and Frances. He seemed a little shy, and when I caught him glancing at my breasts, he had the decency to blush. Not the kind of guy I thought would jump his sister.

Frances greeted us at the entrance to her house, barely covered in a black and gold kimono that she left open in the front. I wondered if she was as aggressive in her bridge game or whatever middle aged biddies did. She saw us pull up to the house and smiled with her artificially whitened teeth, which was more unsettling than one would think. She then spun on her foot and floated back into the house, the golden birds on her kimono fluttering behind her like a colony of bats. I disliked her intensely – which means I wanted to screw her desperately.

Oscar was a gentleman and helped me out of the car, the trip over had been carried out in silence. I was now sure he was Madame’s loyal little slave.

She was waiting in the library.

“Drink? To loosen up and have some fun?” She asked me.

“Sure, why not?”

“Oscar.” It was a command, not a request and Oscar jumped up to fill his sister’s glass. He looked at me and I said, “I’ll have the same.” maltepe escort He nodded and then handed us our drinks. She had been staring at my dress.

“A gift from George?”

“Yes.” I was quite proud of my satin dress, I picked it out myself.

“It does nothing for your colouring or your eyes. You should have taken the green hanging on the next rail.” Bitch.

“It’s designer, not from the rail. I’ll have George get me a green one next time.” Yes, I know – it was a weak return insult. She didn’t become any less bitchy after three drinks and I needed my beauty sleep, so I hurried her along.

“Who gets me first? You or you?” I pointed to Oscar and pouted my lips at him. He was on more familiar territory with big Sis there, so instead of crumbling and becoming mushy at my advances, he merely smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Hmmm…” She sounded as if she was thinking, that could be dangerous.

“I want to watch Oscar fuck you.”

Oscar smiled.

I smiled.

No problem.

Frances raised herself from the couch, spun on her foot again and we followed the colony of bats that were following her until we reached the main bedroom. She immediately made herself comfortable on the couch in front of the huge windows. Oscar had already begun undressing, so I followed suit. I wiggled my hips as I pulled my lace panty off, I looked over at Oscar who was waiting for me, and his cock was half erect. I had looked over to wink at him but when I saw at least nine inches of semi-erect dong; I knew exactly why Frances kept her brother on a short leash – so to speak. With his penis, he could have any woman – why did he stay on his leash? Submissive maybe? My brain froze from further thinking, I was sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from him when I felt him behind me. His hand closed around my waist and his tongue was licking me under my ear and in my neck. I moaned sensually to let him know he was on the right track. He pulled me down on bed beside him. I turned and he kissed me, first just with his lips and then venturing with his tongue. My hands slid down his chest and his stomach and I reached around and grabbed his backside. He pulled me in closer to him and impaled me in my stomach with his very huge, hard cock. The tip was wet and he ground against me, kissing me and rubbing against me, leaving wet spots where his cock had been.

I stopped grabbing his ass and brought my hands to his front and tried to wrap my hand around his dick. My hands were too small, I couldn’t get them around all the way and my stomach did a double somersault. Oh yes, I wanted Oscar badly. I felt his hands on my hips, then on my thighs and instinctively I opened my legs for him. He spread my wetness all around, lubricating everything. I heard a gasp and panting and looked over at Frances who was watching us with a spell-bound face while her hand was furiously rubbing her pussy. She was moaning and arching her back, close to her climax. It turned me on to watch her and I wanted to urge her on, to rub herself harder and faster, to let her pussy explode and feel the blood rushing to her head.

I was jerking Oscar’s cock as best I could and he grunted, he was also watching Frances, he was turned on as well. He pushed two fingers into me and thumbed my clit. I gasped, I could feel myself coming already. I shouted at Oscar to fuck me hard and then the world went light and dark and it seemed like explosions happened everywhere. From between my legs to behind my eyes. The fireworks began to fade and Oscar’s hand slowed and stopped.

“You owe me.” He whispered. I hadn’t regained my ability to speak yet, I nodded breathlessly. He turned me onto my stomach, okay, from behind if you want – I thought. He spread my legs and then lifted my hips and spread my buttocks. Oh, there then.

I felt the bulbous head of his cock at my asshole, he pushed but nothing happened. It would take a lot of pushing to get his huge dick into me. He pushed harder and I felt an arrow of pain shoot straight up, then it was gone. He pushed a third time and I felt myself being stretched as his head popped in. Oh hell, he was a big boy. I heaved and grunted as I tried not to squeeze my muscles to let him in. He heaved and grunted to get his whole penis in me. My ass pained a little, but then he started moving and I felt filled and stretched to capacity. A slow fire began burning between my legs as I felt his balls knocking me on my pussy.

I reached down with my hand and began rubbing my clit as he fucked me. I could hear Frances again, moaning on the couch. I knew what she was doing with her hand and it made me rub faster.

“Whoa.” Said Oscar as I began to move faster than him. Pushing my ass into his mound, rubbing my pussy hard. I could feel it now, I was cuming, I wasn’t going to slow down for Oscar now, although he tried desperately to slow down, he couldn’t and my ass muscles choking his cock was too much for him, as I went over the top of the rollercoaster and screamed, kartal escort I heard him shout and felt him jerk hard, almost pushing his balls in me as well. He thrust until he stopped spurting inside me. I was lying face down on the bed, my limbs were dead. All I could do was breathe. Oscar collapsed on top of me and I used my last bit of energy to grunt and push at him with my shoulder, he got the message and moved off me sideways, then collapsed again next to me. As much as I had wanted a tumble with Frances earlier, that’s how much I didn’t want it after Oscar. I was satisfied. I wanted to shower, drink wine and lay in his arms.

I heard someone stirring behind me while I was catching my breath. Frances. She got onto the bed next to me and Oscar rolled off and staggered to the couch where she had masturbated. She turned me onto my back and began to caress my breasts and my nipples. She leaned in and took a nipple in her mouth and sucked me hard. I shouted out in pain. Frances laughed.

“Your titties are sensitive. I’ve never met a slut with sensitive tits before, you should be used to men sucking them.”

I wanted to say that I was not a slut, but decided to keep my mouth shut instead. Still smiling at me, she shoved her fingers into my pussy.

“Just look at that. That pussy’s been worked hasn’t it. You filthy slut.” I had enough of the insults.

“Yes, George works it often.” I twisted my head sideways and just missed her smacking me in the face.

“I was wrong,” I said still facing away from her, “You do care.” I turned my head slowly back to face her. She was looking down at the bed between us. Slowly her eyes traveled up my body, as if she was removing the layer of skin to see what was beneath it. Her gaze finally reached my face and she lingered for a moment on my pouty, full lips and then looked me in the eye.

“George will never leave me, of that I am certain. I care that my bed is sometimes emptier than his is. That’s all, I conquer what he has conquered and then I tell him. It’s never the same for him after that. He throws whoever he’s screwing to the side of the road and goes on to his next conquest.” I didn’t love George either, I was screwing him for ‘gifts’ I couldn’t afford to buy on my assistant’s salary. She was telling me my well was going to dry up soon. I shrugged.

“Easy come, easy go. As long as I keep my job, I don’t care if he moves on.”

“That would depend on how much George despises you for giving into me.” Great.

“Well, I think I’m done here Frances.” I said in my no nonsense voice.

“No, we’re not.” Her voice and her eyes were as cold as steel. I became more than a little anxious. She grabbed me by my hair and shoved my head between her legs.

“Eat my pussy.” She ordered. I knew I wasn’t getting out of this without doing as batwoman commanded, so I gave her pussy lips a tentative little lick. Tangy, but not unpleasant. I began licking her around her cunt hole, getting a good taste of her juice. She had a big, meaty pussy, and she said mine had been worked… I licked her up her slit, right to the top where it began. Then I licked a little lower, sticking my tongue deep into her slit, looking for her clit. I felt it, swollen but soft and I licked it hard, running my tongue up and down over it fast. Her clit responded and began to harden. I was vaguely aware of her panting and moaning somewhere far above me. I pushed my tongue into her slit and down, back to her cunt. I licked around her cunt, especially on the inside of her pussy lips. That drove her crazy and I mercifully hardened my tongue and plunged it into her cunt.

I plunged it in over and over, dragging my tongue against the top of her hole. If I had a longer tongue I would have gotten to her G-spot and rubbed my tongue over that. But the teasing of the top wall of her cunt was enough. She was thrusting her hips now. I put my mouth over her cunt and sucked my cheeks in, I could feel her cunt being sucked into my mouth. Frances was lying with her hips in the air, trying to keep them there until her climax flooded her. I let my mouth go with a pop and rubbed my tongue over her exposed, hard clit and she cried out. I rubbed it as hard as I could with my tongue and I heard her finally go over the edge. I sucked on her clit while she climaxed and screamed and I felt her juice running down my neck.

Suddenly she pinched her legs together and twisted her pussy away from my mouth, still holding my face against her with her hand. She sounded like she’d run a marathon. I pulled my face away and sat up. Frances was lying on the bed, heaving with her eyes closed. I didn’t get much out of that so I turned to Oscar. He was sitting with his huge, erect cock on the couch, stroking himself slowly.

“I think she’s having a human moment.” I told Oscar. He smiled and continued to stroke himself.

“Come suck my cock.” He said. I looked down at it, pulling my face at what it was dripping from. I was not going to suck a shit covered cock.

“I cleaned it.” He explained. I was still sitting on the bed, reluctant to do any more. I wanted to go home. Oscar exploded suddenly.

“I said suck my cock you fucking bitch or do I have to come over there and drag you here by your hair!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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