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I was getting excited over the prospect of seeing my new sub today for the first time. We have communicated a lot using text, voice calls and video calling but this was going to be the first time for a physical meeting. Plus, he was new to the scene completely, not just new to me. Just how I like them. I can then mould and train them to my way of doing things and not be having to undo what a previous Mistress has taught them. After all we all work differently.

Now, I may come across as being a strict Mistress on the outside but sorry to shatter the illusion folks. I’m actually not. I am soft as anything. So, like any girl I was nervous as well as excited over meeting him. What if I didn’t live up to expectations? What if he actually didn’t like me in the flesh? All these what ifs.

Anyway, I digress. Creating the Mistress C persona takes a lot of thinking and work. I needed to make sure the look was right with the right make-up, outfit, shoes or boots and smell. So, the prep was as important as anything else. Also, I needed to make sure the room we were going to be using was set right. All about the ambience and getting the vibe as I wanted it to be.

I like to take my time in getting ready. It normally involves a nice long soak in the bath with my favourite bubble bath plus all the preening and prepping that comes with being a female. I’m sure you know what that entails.

That done. It was time to decide the outfit for today. I figured that a figure-hugging black latex dress worn with thigh boots and black pvc gloves would just about cut it. Make up highlighting my eyes which people say they love, red slutty lipstick on (I don’t know why as it generally comes off, but it starts the look). All worn with a squirt of my favourite perfume.

I’d already set the bedroom up to how I wanted it. The pvc sheet was on the bed and the ropes were out from under it ready for use. There was a scented oil candle burning that both set off a lovely smell and also was used as warm oil for massage. The toy box had the lid off ready showing all the goodies inside. I was ready to go.

I didn’t want to go full on Domme with him. These things needed to be done gradually. After all, scaring him off was not on my agenda. I hadn’t been building to this moment to get him in the door to then turn tail and run! So, I was going to give him an experience that would completely blow his senses. Equally as mental as physical.

As prepared as I could be. I awaited him to text his arrival from my lounge. A playlist I’d selected playing quietly in the background, my burner scenting the room. All ready.

A ping on my phone startled me out of my daydream. He had text to say he was here and had just parked up. I replied for him to knock, let himself in and lock the door behind him.

I stood up, the extra 5″ of my heels bringing me up to 5’7″. Picked up the crop that I had brought downstairs with me and faced the door ready for his entrance.

I heard the knock on the door and the noise of him letting himself in and locking up. Then he appeared at my lounge door. All 6′ odd of him filling the frame. I was glad I had put on my heels as would have only reached up to part way up his chest had I not and how many pint-sized mistresses do you hear of?

Licking my lips (all part of the tease) I smiled as he came in the room knowing that my appearance would please him. Latex and thigh boots are pretty much guaranteed to get any hot blooded male going.

He approached me eyes looking to the floor. He must have researched being a submissive as I had not told him that it was practice not to look your dominant in the eyes. This fact pleased me.

I reached out to him using the business end of the crop to lift his chin up so he could look at me. I smiled and looked into his eyes.

“So, Boy, here we are. The moment has finally come for me to start your training in person.”

He smiled nervously back at me. “Yes Mistress”.

“As it’s your first time with me and you’re new to all this. I’m going to go relatively easy on you and will give a you a mixture of Mistress and normal me. Are you happy with that idea?”

A smile lit up his face. “Thank you, Mistress. I would love that. I was worried that it would be too much for me.”

“Good. Now come here.” I reached out to him and pulled him into my arms.

One of the things I absolutely love to do is kiss so stuff anything that states a mistress doesn’t kiss or fuck her subs. I do things my way and for me it’s very much about mutual pleasure. I love to give as much as receive and if that’s not the way a conventional mistress works. Well, I guess I’m not conventional.

So, pulling him towards me, pendik escort we began to kiss passionately. He was definitely a good kisser and I love that in a man. My hand feeling to his groin area to see if I had the desired effect on him. Oh, I did. His cock was rock solid in his jeans. Begging to be released. It was time for him to get naked.

“You’re way too overdressed for my needs. Strip.”

Obedient guy did as he was told. Rushing to get out of his clothes. I stood back giving him space to disrobe. I had seen him before on video-chat but it wasn’t the same as having him standing before me in person. His body was firm and hard in all the right places. I liked what I was seeing. A lot.

“On your knees then boy” I had plans and they involved building up his trust in me and me showing him that I was not going to hurt him, either mentally or physically. I could tell from the conversations we had that he was not totally convinced I wouldn’t. Maybe it was his preconception of a mistress but whatever it was I needed to put it right. As I said, I’m not conventional.

He got into the classic sub position of kneeling, head down, arms resting on his thighs, palms up. Impressive. He had done his research.

“Put your arms behind your back.” No please as my wishes were what he had to obey.

I picked up some cable ties that I had brought in with me earlier. Put one around his left wrist pulling it tight. Dropping a gentle kiss on his head as I did. Linked another through his right wrist and pulled it in through the left one so he was immobilised.

“Now remember if what I do gets too much use your safe-word. Can you remember what it is?”

“Yes Mistress. Pineapple.”

Pineapple was a good word to use as it doesn’t often crop up in normal conversation and I liked it.

“It’s time for us to go upstairs.” I grabbed hold of his bound hands and helped him to his feet. “After you.” I wanted to admire his sexy arse as he climbed the stairs.

After directing him to the master bedroom, using the crop as a guide to steer him the right way. I requested he lay down on the bed with his hands stretched up over his head and his legs open. I picked up the ropes I had got out from under the bed earlier and slid the loops onto his wrists and ankles. I know his wrists were already bound but that was going to save me a job later.

I picked out a blindfold from my toybox and gently placed it over his eyes, securing it at the back checking to make sure he couldn’t see either over or below it. All was good.

“Now. I want today to be about trust. I am going to do things to you that you won’t see coming. I want you to remember that I will never hurt you and it is all about pleasure for both of us.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

I climbed onto the bed straddling him. Letting him feel my hot pussy gently rubbing against his hard cock. Just enough for him to feel the heat and the fact I was getting rather turned on. Not fully touching him. Just teasing. Raising myself back up and leaning forward I kissed him softy on his lips. Straining against his restraints he tried to meet me and kiss me back.

“Uh no. This is all about me giving you pleasure for now.” I said I wasn’t conventional. Most mistresses are all take take-take. Not me. I loved to give so much. Plus, I wanted him to learn to trust me as I have said.

Reversing slowly back off him leaving a trail of kisses on his torso in my wake until I reached his straining cock. Gently kissing it. Then ever so slowly licking it, just running my tongue over it, tickling. Then taking only the head into my mouth. Circling it with my tongue. Tasting his pre-cum and enjoying listening to the groans of pleasure he was making.

Putting him down. I got off the bed and reached for my crop again. Using it to flick at random places on his body. Not hard enough to mark, but hard enough for him to know it was there. Then changing it for the whip so he could feel a different sensation. Mixing up it up for him. Feather duster now. Total opposite feelings.

He groaned. Pre-cum glistening on his cock needing my attention. I knelt beside him on the bed and bent over him, my hair ticking him. Not using my hands to touch. Instead using my tongue. Gently flicking at the end of his wet cock. He moaned again. A deep animalistic sound coming deep from his throat. Licking up the wetness from the tip of his glistening cock. Tasting his goodness. Leaning forward to kiss him, sharing the taste with him. He kissed me back hungrily, passionately.

This teasing was having as much of an effect on me as it was him. My pussy was physically dripping. I could feel my juices running down my inner maltepe escort thigh. I needed him in me.

Kissing him hard again. I straddled him. Letting him feel how soaked I was by rubbing myself over his cock. Not permitting him to fully enter me, just letting the tip of him to skim me enough to get him wet but no more. Rubbing myself up and down over him, kissing him harder as I did so. This was getting me so horny. Craving to have him in my aching cunt. I manoeuvred myself directly over the end of his straining cock and slowly impaled myself on him, taking him in deep an inch at a time.

Putting my nipple directly over his mouth I instructed him to lick and suck it. Pulling at it with his teeth. I moaned. Gentle is not a word I like in the bedroom and I had told him that when we’ve spoken.

“Harder. Pull at those nipples harder Boy.” Even though he was pulling on them it still wasn’t enough for me. The harder the better as far as I was concerned.

“Yes Mistress.” He mumbled; mouth full of tit. But did as he was told and yanked on my nipple with his teeth. Fuck, it felt so good.

It was no good. I wanted him to properly fuck me and being restrained with the ropes he couldn’t. I reluctantly got off from him. Sadly, I couldn’t release him still impaled.

Removing the ropes from his ankles and wrists but leaving the cable ties intact I climbed back on him allowing him the freedom of being able to move his body to properly fuck me. Still not grab me as I knew he wished to but enough room for him to be able to move his body in rhythm with mine.

This was so good and just what I needed but fucking him like this was going to make me cum sooner than I wanted. I detached myself from him. Moved so I was beside him on the bed and began to lick his cock, tasting me on it. Not a taste I disliked being honest.

His cock was soaked with the amount of pre-cum oozing from it and tasted fantastic. His groans showed his appreciation of what I was doing to him. I also loved it. My pussy getting even wetter if that was possible.

Time for a sensation change again. Taking the candle off the dresser where it was scenting the room nicely it was going to be for its intended purpose.

“I’m going to give you another feeling now Boy.” I informed my willing sub. “Just remember that I will not do anything to hurt you intentionally.”

He nodded his consent. That was all I needed to give me the green light to continue.

The first drip of hot wax hit his naked chest and he yelped. It was not that hot but the shock of it was unexpected. Rubbing it in to him in gentle swirling motions, the fragrance smelling divine. Gently I massaged it in. A smile on his lips. After all who doesn’t love a massage.

Watching him lying there enjoying my attentions with a grin on his face I felt a feeling go through me. One I was not entirely happy of to be completely honest. I was feeling drawn to him in a way that was making me uncomfortable. The Ice Queen was thawing.

Moving swiftly on there was another major item on my agenda for today. We had been talking for a while about the fact he liked the idea of being pegged but was also nervous of it. Well, today was the day I was going to take his virginity. Push him out of his comfort zone.

Instructing him to flip over onto his front. I dripped more of the hot oil onto him and began to rub it into his shoulders. Giving him a deep massage. Making sure the oil was rubbed in well. I knew how to give a good massage and was giving him the full benefit of my skills.

Slowly letting the oil spread further down his torso until it was just entering the cheeks of his ass, seeping between them. Followed by my finger. Exploring what was in between. Probing. Using the oil alongside some conventional lube that was on the bedside table. Probing more. Letting my finger enter his tight asshole. Credit to him. He didn’t react. So, I eased my finger in further.

“Are you ok?” I checked with him.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m good. Thank you.”

Reaching over the side of the bed and getting a small dildo from the toy box. Lubing it up and replacing my finger with it. Gently and slowly began to fuck his ass. A groan escaped his lips.

I reached under him and pulled his cock free, so it was between his legs but backwards. Leaving the toy in situ. I bent forwards and licked his hard shaft. He was like iron. So hard. Wanking him off with one hand and fucking his ass with the toy with the other. Pre-cum soaking him. He was in heaven.

“Please Mistress. Stop or I’m going to cum.” He begged me.

Having him cum now was not what I wanted. I eased off wanking him. Pulled out the toy and put kartal escort it to one side.

“How would you feel if I tried a bigger toy?” As I said I’m nice and I didn’t want to put him off being pegged for life.

“Please Mistress. It does feel so good.”

I didn’t need telling twice. Reaching into the toy box I pulled out the strap-on. If he was getting fucked. I was going to do it properly and enjoy it in the process. It was also an idea to let him see what was going on now. Leaning forward I pulled the blindfold from his eyes. He turned his head, blinked a few times at the unaccustomed light. Smiled at me kneeling beside him holding the strap-on in my hands.

“Ok with this?” I asked.

“Yes Mistress. I trust you.” Those were the words I’d been waiting for. We could not have any sort of proper relationship whether it was D/s or vanilla if trust was not there.

Pushing the skirt of the dress up over my middle I wriggled into the strap-on harness. My plastic cock standing proud. Coating it with lube as he watched head cocked on one side. Stepping off the bed to get at the right angle for it to work for both of us. I gently eased it in him.

Gently I fucked his ass. Soft moans coming from him as I did so. My pussy once again dripping, juices running down the inside of my legs. I needed to cum so badly but was holding off. Equally enjoying giving him pleasure.

“I’m going to cum Mistress.” Were the words I needed to snap me out of the daydream bliss I was in. There was only one place he was coming and that was not over the bed.

I stopped fucking him and stood back. Climbing out of the harness.

“Turn over for me please.”

Awkwardly he did so. The wrist restraints causing his movement to be a struggle. They had to go.

I had put scissors on the dresser for when I was ready to free him and free him I did. He rubbed his wrists putting life back into them again.

“Make me cum please.” I instructed him as I lay beside him on the bed.

He reached over and began to rub my swollen clit while kissing me hard. It did not take me long to explode over his fingers. He had already been told what to do to make me squirt and he had obviously listened. Finger fucking my cunt hard, torrents of cum flew from me. Spraying us both along with half the room! But my goodness it felt so good. I had not had release like that for so long. Pushing his hand away from me I stopped him. Couldn’t take any more.

“I need you in me now.”

No more words needed. He climbed on top of me and slammed his hard cock into me. I used the word slammed as there was nothing gentle about this coupling. This was pure need. Both of us were more than ready for this.

He fucked me that day as if his life depended on it. So hard, so deep and incredibly passionately. Causing me to have additional orgasms over him. Not something that is achieved easily. It normally takes clit stimulation.

“Cum for me now.” I demanded of him.

His pace quickened as he did as he was asked. Getting faster and faster as he approached the edge of no return causing me to explode over him again.

“I’m going to cum Mistress.” He panted.

“Mmmmmm, fill me up please.” Was my breathless reply.

Dutifully he did. I could feel his warms seed flood into me, his cock pulsing. That was the best feeling in the world. I love to be filled and even better the feeling of it seeping into my underwear after the event.

With one final thrust he finished and collapsed beside me with a cheesy grin on his face. Holding out his arms I snuggled into this chest. Cuddling is also something I love to do and there’s nothing I like more than cuddles after sex. He clearly thought the same also as it was not an instruction to cuddle me. Just something that came naturally to him and I was basking in it. We appeared to have a connection deeper than initially thought.

I rolled away from him onto my side, propping myself up onto my elbow facing him.

“Well now are you convinced that I’m not going to hurt you and everything I do is for mutual pleasure?” Mistress me totally gone now. Caring me in place. I wanted to see this guy again as he completely blew me away and I wanted to see where this relationship could go whether it as D/s or vanilla.

“I am Clara.” He smiled. First time he had used my given name. Maybe he also was feeling something that was more than a bit of D/s roleplay?

Pulling me into him again. He kissed me passionately. Whether I was imagining it or not I wasn’t sure, but it felt different than earlier. At least to me.

Breaking away from me he looked into my eyes. Staring deep into me.

“I want us to see each other again if you do.”

Absolutely I did! No hesitation.

“Yes. I would love that as well.” I just hope I didn’t sound too eager.

“Brilliant. We can arrange a time when we’re both free as soon as possible.”

And that my friends is how it started…

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