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Monday morning came, I still had in the back of my mind the weekend I had spent with Heather. I could close my eyes and feel her, smell her and taste her. My penis was rock hard when I woke. I stayed in bed for a couple extra minutes until it shrank to a manageable size.

Mr. Benson had informed me and Tommy that we would be doing hay this week. Neither of us had done hay before so right after breakfast, he gave us a crash course in what we would be doing. In the two pastures in which there were no animals, we would cut the grass that was over a knee high. Then we would fluff it, and let it dry. Then we would refluff it, then he would run the baler through and bale it. He said we would be doing round bales to sale, and square bales to put in the barn to feed the cows during the winter. He stressed that the hay had to be dry before we put it in the barn, because if it was wet, it could spontaneously combust and burn the barn down.

There were three pastures on the farm. The cattle were grazing in the smaller of the three. The large pasture was approximately 50 acres, the smaller was close to 30 acres. I was put on one tractor and after being instructed on how to operate the tractor and cutter, Mr. Benson watched as I made a couple swipes in the smaller pasture before he went and repeated the instructions to Tommy in the larger pasture.

The job was boring after a couple hours. Because the grass was high, I had to use a low gear to make sure that all the grass was cut. The tractor I was on had an open cab, so the roar of the cutter and the tractor engine buzzed in my ears. With nothing else to keep my mind focused, it drifted back to Heather. My mind flashed back, and I could see her breasts swaying as she rode me.

My stomach was telling me that it was getting close to lunch. Each time I would pass close to the barn, I would watch for the signal to stop. On one pass, I could have swore I saw Trudy running from the barn back to the farmhouse, but when I made a round and went back by, I didn’t see anything, so I convinced myself that I was seeing things.

The heat coming from the engine of the tractor was almost unbearable. I took my shirt off earlier, but I was still burning up. The pond in the back of the pasture looked so inviting when I passed by it.

The next pass through, I saw Trudy walking towards me. She was definitely a site for sore eyes. Her raven hair blew in the breeze as she walked toward me. Her blouse looked to have been unbuttoned a couple buttons lower than usual, and her dress was a bit shorter than the ones Heather wore, and showed her toned tanned legs off wonderfully.

As she walked into the pasture and stopped I pulled the tractor close to her and shut the cutter off. I reached for her hand and she climbed on the tractor with me. She looked at me with a confused look, and I just winked.

I shifted the tractor into a higher gear and headed toward the pond. Once we got to the pond, Trudy hopped off the tractor. I shut it off and followed. I quickly kicked off my boots, and shucked my jeans and boxers off and ran toward the pond. When I got to the water’s edge, I jumped in.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Trudy laughed.

“Its hot as hell and all that grass is sticking to me. I had to cool off,” I replied as I splashed the water against my body to wash the grass away.

Trudy watched as I splashed around. Once I was cooled off and felt cleaner, I waded through the water back to the shore where Trudy stood and watched me. When I was on the grass, I shook my head to sling the excess water.

“Damn, you are hung,” Trudy said as she walked closer to where I was standing.

As she neared, she unbuttoned the remaining buttons from her blouse and opened it. She was not wearing a bra, and her breasts popped into my view. Her dark nipples were hard and inviting. She dropped to her knees and reached for my penis.

She stroked it slowly and looked up at me. “I have wanted this since the first time I saw it.”

She opened her lips and kissed the head. My penis responded by getting rock hard as she pressed her tongue on my pee hole.She opened her mouth and sucked it in. She reached for my hands and placed them on her head, then moved her hands to my hips. She gripped my hips and pushed me back a little and then pulled me back. She rocked my hips back and forth, each time I went in, I went farther.

Eventually it dawned on me what she wanted, so I gripped her head and began shoving my penis in and out of her mouth. I pressed almost all of it in her mouth and down her throat, and she gripped my hips for me to stop, and I held it deep in her throat. I could feel the throat contracting and relaxing around my head. She pushed me away, and a string of precum and saliva connected the head of my penis to her mouth.

She leaned back on her elbow and pulled her dress up. She was not wearing panties. I crawled between her legs and pressed my penis inside her steaming cunny.

She was not as tight as Heather, and there was nowhere near, the passion that I shared with Heather. I slammed my entire shaft into her with one thrust and she squealed. I braced myself on my arms, and began fucking her hard and fast. Her cunny gripped my penis as she moaned that she was cumming.

The familiar feeling of me erupting returned to my balls. It was then I realized that I was not wearing a condom. I panicked and tried to pull out but Trudy placed her heels against my buttocks holding me in place. I tried to hold back, but her cunny was milking me and with a loud groan, I erupted inside her.

When we both relaxed, I jumped up. When I withdrew from her cunny, a big glob of gunk flowed from the gaping hole of her cunny. I was mesmerized. She sat up and buttoned her blouse back up, then stood up and straightened her dress.

“Don’t worry, I am too close to my period to get pregnant. Sex hikayeleri I am going to love having your cum seeping from my pussy all day,” she kissed my cheek and turned and walked back toward the house.

I watched her bubbly buttocks sway as she walked across the grassy pasture. All of a sudden a feeling of guilt washed over me. I looked around, for some reason I felt that Heather was watching me. I saw no one around. I put my clothes back on and picked my lunch up. I ate as I resumed cutting down the grass.

I finished my pasture mid-afternoon. Mr. Benson instructed me to assist Tommy, so I drove the tractor across the yard to the gate to the larger pasture. As I passed through the yard, I saw Heather hanging laundry out on the clothes line. She smiled and waved at me. I waved back, and the feeling of guilt returned.

Tommy and I finished with the larger pasture right before suppertime. We pulled our tractors close to the well and washed the cutter and the tractors of the excess clippings that had accumulated. Of course we were boys, so we both got wet in the process as well.

We did our afternoon chores and went in for supper. To my surprise, Mrs. Benson was not present for supper. Trudy prepared Mr. Benson’s plate and then she prepared mine. We ate and retired to the bathhouse.

I had dreaded bath time. I knew that I had fucked Trudy earlier, but the thought of Heather touching and being touched by Tommy put a knot in my gut that I could not shake.

Tommy and I sank into our bathtubs. Shortly the girls appeared. Heather looked at me and smiled as she made her way to Tommy. I smiled back and took in her sexy body. Trudy followed close behind her and must have noticed our glances because she quickly closed the curtain between us.

Trudy stripped naked and stepped into the tub. She washed my body. I played and sucked on her breasts as she stroked me to an eruption. She put her face over my penis and it erupted on her face. She licked the gunk from her lips and wiped the excess off with her fingers.

Heather and Tommy had been gone a few minutes when we stepped from the tub. Trudy dried me off and before she wrapped the towel around my waist she bent over and kissed my penis. She stood and smiled.

“You are the best fuck, Albert,” she slipped her clothes back on and started towards the door.

Before she made it to the door, I remembered something I had wanted to ask her. “Trudy, is Mrs. B okay? She has never missed supper before.”

“She’s been sick most of the day, she will be fine. See you in the morning,” and she was gone.

The next morning, Mrs. Benson was not at breakfast. I passed it off that she was still sick. Tommy and I were back on the tractors shortly after breakfast. Mr. Benson told us how to fluff the hay, and we were off to get it done.

Fluffing the hay is almost like raking. As I ran over the previously cut grass, the rake fluffed the grass and put it in a wind row so it would dry. Again I had to run in a slow gear so that all the hay was collected and placed in the wind row. I was a little over halfway done before lunch.

That day, Heather and Trudy met Tommy and I at the pond. Tommy and I washed off in the pond. I got excited when I looked ashore and saw Heather watching me. I smiled at her and she returned the smile. Once we were washed off, we returned to shore, redressed and ate.

Just as the day before, I finished my pasture and assisted Tommy in finishing his. We washed the equipment and did our chores and retired to supper. Again, Mrs. Benson was absent from supper, but we ate and retired to the bathhouse.

I was sitting in the tub when the girls entered. Trudy was the first to enter and she closed the curtain before I could exchange smiles with Heather. She stripped as the night before, and climbed in. She washed me.

“Poor Tommy,” she whispered into my ear as her fingers wrapped around my hard penis.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, not knowing what she was talking about.

“Heather started her period early. So no nookie for him this weekend,” she giggled.

A sense of relief washed over me. I knew Tommy and Heather had fucked before, and I knew the arrangement at the farm was set up so feelings would not evolve, but it had not worked. I had feelings for Heather and I was glad that Tommy would not be getting inside her, for a while, at least.

Trudy leaned back against the foot of the tub and pulled her knees apart. Her cunny opened. She took my hand and placed it on top of it. She stroked me as I strummed my fingers over her engorged button. She gripped my penis as she cum. When I was about to erupt, she replaced her hand with her mouth. I erupted inside her hot mouth, and she swallowed every drop.

Then next morning Mr. Benson told me and Tommy that he was going to run Mrs. Benson to the doctor. He instructed us to fluff the hay once again, but to do it in the opposite direction from the day before. Shortly after breakfast, the Benson’s left and we went to work.

At lunch, the only thing different from the day before was Tommy acted like he was mad. We jumped in the pond and washed, we ate with the girls and then we were back to work. It dawned on me later that Tommy may have been pissed because Heather was on her period. I had an idea, and I hoped that he would agree.

I saw Mr. Benson’s truck pull up early in the afternoon. Mr. Benson went into the house with Mrs. Benson, and shortly came back out and went into the barn. On my next pass, I saw Trudy going to the barn. I remembered the rumor that Heather had told me, and wondered if Mr. Benson was indeed fucking Trudy when Mrs. Benson was not able to service him.

Mr. Benson always wore overalls. I could imagine his belly hanging out, his overalls at his knees plowing Trudy. It made me laugh thinking of his oversized body pounding Sikiş hikayeleri her, with her legs high. The thought quickly passed.

While washing the equipment that afternoon, I passed my idea on to Tommy.

“I have a proposition for you,” I started.

He looked at me waiting to hear what I had to say.

“What if we swap, Heather can’t perform, why don’t you get Trudy, and I will take Heather.”

He chuckled, “It isnt that simple. With Heather starting early, chances are Trudy will start hers before Sunday, so even if we do swap, chances are neither of us will be getting any pussy this Sunday, and that sucks for you.”

“Why does it suck for me?”

“Because you are going to have to wait for that hot little pussy that Trudy has between her legs.”

I smile. I was not sure what would be said if he knew I had already planted seeds in that garden, so I kept my mouth shut.

Tommy was correct. When Trudy entered the bathhouse, she had a frown on her face. Instead of getting naked and climbing into the tub, she removed her blouse and knelt beside the tube. I looked at her with a confused look.

“My fucking period came,” she said with pouty lips.

I have to say, I was disappointed. The little taste I have gotten a couple days before had me anxiously anticipating what this nasty little slut would have done. She washed me and jacked me to eruption, and left.

The next day, we baled hay. Mr. Benson was on one tractor baling round bales. Tommy and I were each on our tractors with an attachment that would pick up the round bales. As the bales rolled out of the baler, one of us would pick it up and take it to the back of the barn. We had lunch and finished up the day in the smaller field.

Once we were done with smaller field, we changed the baler attached to Mr. Benson’s tractor and readied it for the following day. We did our chores and ate supper, and retired into the bathhouse.

When the girls entered the bathhouse, both of them had worried looks on their faces. Instead of closing the curtain and washing us right away, they both stood between the tubs. I noticed Heather looking toward my penis, then her eyes looked at me and a small smile appeared on her face.

“Something is wrong,” Trudy started. “Mrs. Benson has been in her room all day. When we went to check on her, she was crying.”

“When we asked her if everything was okay, she said no,” Heather continued, “but she would not tell us what was wrong.”

“Before we came out here, she had gotten up and fixed herself so that Mr. Benson would not know she had been crying. We do not know if the doctor found something wrong yesterday or what,” Trudy added.

“The doctor’s office did call this morning, and it was then she started acting this way,” Heather concluded.

The girls washed us that night but there was no jacking off. None of us was in the mood. Our foster mom could be seriously ill, and that weighed heavily on our hearts and minds.

The next day, we continued to bale hay. Mr. Benson ran the tractor and baler. Tommy and I pulled the truck and trailer behind it and picked up and stacked the hay onto the trailer. Once the trailer was full, we took it to the barn. At the barn we unloaded the hay and restacked it per Mr. Benson’s instructions.

I much rather be doing the round bales. The square bales was much more manual labor. At lunch, I was not hungry, I was exhausted. The four of us talked about our situation. The girls told us that Mrs. Benson had not come out of her bedroom all day. We pondered on what her condition was.

The girls asked us if Mr. Benson had said anything. Tommy and I both concurred that he had not acted any different. We continued to talk until Mr. Benson summonsed us that it was time to go back to work. The girls left and we continued.

We worked until dark and completed over half of the larger pasture. Tommy and I washed off the baler and tractor and did our chores. While I was feeding the hogs, I heard a commotion come from the house. I rounded the corner of the barn in time to see Mr. Benson storm out of the house. He had Trudy by the arm. He opened his truck door and literally threw Trudy inside.

He stomped around to the driver side and spun off.

Tommy and I ran toward the house about the time Heather ran out.

“He is gone,” she cried, “and he took Trudy with him.”

Heather fell to her knees and began to sob.

I knelt down and attempted to console her while Tommy ran into the house to check on Mrs. Benson. Heather placed her head on my shoulder and wept. I placed my arms around her neck and tried to see what was going on inside the house.

I helped Heather to her feet and we walked into the house. Tommy and Mrs. Benson was sitting at the table. Mrs. Benson, like Heather, was crying. The four of us sat at the table. The only sounds were the ladies whimpering and a chicken clucking outside the door.

“I am pregnant,” Mrs. Benson broke the silence.

“That is good news, right?” Tommy quickly blurted. “Why would he leave because of that?”

Mrs. Benson wiped her eyes and blew her nose. “It would be good news, if the baby was his.”

The three of us looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Mr. Benson had a terrible illness when he was a child. The fever he had while he was sick, left him sterile. That is the reason we never had kids of our own, and the reason we become foster parents.”

“If it isn’t his baby, then whose is it? You have not been anywhere but here?” Tommy said.

Heather and Mrs. Benson looked at me. I felt the weight of the world fall on my shoulder.

Tommy looked at me with rage in his eyes, “You son of a bitch, we had a good thing here. You come in swinging your big cock and ruin everything,” he jumps up and grabs the collar of my shirt.

Heather jumped Erotik hikaye up and lunged toward Tommy.

“Stop it, Tommy stop it, now,” Mrs. Benson said in the loudest I had ever heard.

Tommy released my collar, but his rage was still present. His eyes were full of rage. His nostrils flared and his teeth were gritted together. He turned his head from me to Mrs. Benson.

“Albert is innocent. I seduced him, I started it and it’s all my fault. The rainy day, that you and Mr. Benson went into town, I went to the barn with all intentions of fucking Albert. He was working and doing what he was told to do. I interrupted him, I came on to him, and I initiated the whole thing. If you want to beat the hell out of someone, beat the hell out of me, because I did this, not Albert.”

Tommy looked at her then back at me. He sat down and lowered his head. The four of us sat in silence.

My head was buzzing. I had just been told that I had impregnated my foster mom. I did not know what to say, think or do. It had not been my intentions to mess anything up. For once in my life, I had felt wanted and at home. I would not have intentionally messed that up for anything.

“Tomorrow, I need you boys to finish the hay. We will work just as we have. I will call the Department of Child Services in the morning and tell them that something has come up and we are going to have to stop being foster kids. At some point they will come and get the three of you and place you somewhere else. I am truly sorry, but I can’t keep you all, and I am not going to pick one over the other.”

Mrs. Benson rose to her feet and walked into her room. Tommy slowly got up and left. Heather and I heard the door of the bathhouse open and shut. We sat and looked at each other. She finally stood up and walked to me. She bent over and kissed me on the cheek and smiled.

I looked up at her. I could feel a tear stream down my face. Her hand touched my face and wiped the tears away. “I love you Albert, we are going to be fine.”

She exited the kitchen.

The next morning, other than the absence of Trudy and Mr. Benson, things went as usual. We ate breakfast. Tommy and I went out to bale hay. Tommy got on the tractor and I got in the truck. I would load the hay and when I had several bales on the trailer, I got on the trailer and stacked the hay.

About mid-morning, Heather emerged from the house. She was dressed in a pair of jeans, t-shirt and boots. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was more beautiful than I had ever seen her.

“I can help,” she said

Although she could barely pick up the bales, she was a trooper. She would drive the truck and get out and put hay on the trailer when I had to stack it. She would pull the truck to the barn and help unload and restack the hay.

We didn’t stop for lunch. We were determined to finish before we stopped. We didn’t know when the Department would come pick us up, and we were determined to leave Mrs. Benson in the best situation as we could.

The last bale was stacked a little after 10 pm. To say we were exhausted would be an understatement. When we walked into the kitchen, the three of us collapsed in the chairs around the table. Mrs. Benson had prepared a supper, and we ate in silence.

Tommy and I excused ourselves and we went and took a bath. We both stumbled into our bunkhouse and fell on the bed. I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow. I was so tired.

It was Saturday. No one woke us up early and it was almost noon before I pulled my aching body out of the bed. Tommy was still asleep, so I dressed in silence and I left the bunkhouse. I went and milked the cows and collected the eggs. When I went into the house Mrs. Benson was in the kitchen cleaning.

I placed the products on the counter and looked around. She placed a sandwich on a plate and handed it to me. I sat and ate it in silence. I looked around and searched for Heather.

When I finished my sandwich I handed the plate back to Mrs. Benson. She smiled at me.

“I am so sorry that I have put you in this situation, Albert. I should have known better. I do not regret getting pregnant, it is a dream come true. I do regret that my actions are going to split you and Heather up. She adores you, and I can tell by the way you look at her, that you adore her as well. The way you look at her is the way Mr. Benson used to look at me,” she sobbed.

I took a deep breath and held back my own tears.

She regained her composure. “Heather is waiting on you in her room, in the barn. Go to her, spend as much time with her as you can,” she turned and left the kitchen.

I sprinted out the door and up the stairs to the loft. Heather was waiting on me at the door when I entered her room. We embraced and passionately kissed. We were both naked by the time we reached the bed.

She climbed on the bed. I gazed upon her body. Her perky breasts, her full figured hips, the fat lips of her vagina, and her long sexy legs. I climbed between her legs and positioned my penis and pressed into her. Her body welcomed me home.

We made love numerous times. There were no condoms. I erupted deep inside her womb numerous times. We made love with me on top. We made love with her on top. We made love with me behind her.

We made love on the bed. We made love in the chair, on the table and on the floor. When we were tired, we slept. When we woke up, we made love.

Sunday came and went. Monday arrived and so did the first car from the Department. It had arrived to receive me. I shook Tommy’s hand and hugged Mrs. Benson’s neck. To the dismay of the service worker, I passionately kissed Heather, good bye and swore that one day we would be together again.

I got into the back seat of the car, and for the first time since I arrived, I left Benson Farm. We drove for a couple hours and pulled into the parking lot of a youth home. I was placed in a dorm room with three other guys. I had been here before. I would be here until the State could find another home to insert me into. I patiently waited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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