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Class was almost over, and the butterflies in my stomach were making me feel sick. A combination of anxiety, anticipation and the thrill of mischief fueled my restless impatience.

I squirmed in my seat, silently willing the clock to tick faster. The second hand seemed to be crawling around, as if in slow motion. Come on, come on, come on.

After class, my best friend, Chelsea, and I were planning to ditch our Physics test and chill at her house.

A buzz in my pocket almost made me jump out of my seat. I looked at the screen: Meet by band hall, said the text from Chelsea. A new rush of butterflies went through me as I read the message. We had agreed to skip the test without telling the rest of our friends, and I knew it might cause a stir when the professor took attendance and discovered we were absent.

Oh, well, I thought, glancing at the clock once more. Just one more minute. Mr. Bosnic was droning on about the upcoming microbiology exam and which chapters to study. I tried to pay attention, but I knew I would ace the test even without studying. This stuff just stayed in my head without much effort. I did a quick mental inventory of the important bits in the chapters Bosnic had listed. Yep, got it, check. Yeah, okay, I’ll be fine. Maybe just review a bit.

“Alrighty, I’ll see y’all next time!”

Finally, dismissal. I snatched up my backpack, slung it on my shoulder, and rushed out the door into the already crowded hallway. Making my way to the stairs, I weaved through the stream of students rushing to their next class. My breath felt short and rushed, though it was not from any physical effort. Being on the varsity soccer team meant moving fast was easy, yet it felt harder and harder to breathe as I got closer to our meeting spot.

Walking fast, eyes scanning the crowd, I searched for my friend near the entrance. Finally, I spotted the paisley pattern of Chelsea’s backpack. She seemed to be searching for me from the wrong direction. I snuck up behind her and said, “Hey!” surprising Chelsea by playfully tickling her sides.

Chelsea squeaked and jumped up, twisting towards me in response to the unexpected sensation.

“Ah! You jerk!” she exclaimed, playfully slapping my shoulder as she turned to face me, smiling.

I grinned in response, taking in every detail of my friend’s smile. I loved making her smile. We looked at each other for a beat, before I broke eye contact and blurted, “You ready? We should get outta here.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” said Chelsea, looking a little self-conscious. Neither of us was much of a rule-breaker. We walked out towards the parking lot, heads swiveling suspiciously as we made our way to her car.

We arrived at Chelsea’s house relatively quickly, giggling at our mischief on the way inside. I wondered what might be going on back at school, and just as I had that thought, Chelsea asked, “Do you think they’ve noticed we’re missing yet?”

“I dunno. Maybe they’re watching the prof’s random video of the day or talking about…”

A buzz in my pocket interrupted me. It was one of our friends, asking, Where are you? Prof G won’t start the test because you and Chels are missing. I showed Chelsea, and she shrugged.

“Wanna watch something?”

“Sure. What do you feel like?”

“Whatever you want,” Chelsea said in a curious sing-song tone that made my skin tingle. The way she said that sounded…Nah, no way. I’m just reading into it, I thought.

“Okay, let’s just flip through channels. See what we see?”

Chelsea agreed, kicking off her shoes and daintily dropping onto the couch with her feet tucked beneath her. She patted the space beside her, and I sat, fully aware of our intimate proximity despite the ample room on the couch. We settled on a show and got comfy. My mind, however, was on overdrive wondering what this stolen afternoon might hold for us.

After a while, Chelsea stretched out, moaning softly in the process, and rested her legs on my lap. The sound felt like a caress to my ears. She must know what she’s doing. It’s driving me crazy! I gladly accepted the contact and placed my hands on her ankles.

I sometimes struggled to read Chelsea when it came to touching her. She would often snuggle up against me because she was always cold, and I radiated heat. But there were times when she was distant and didn’t want to be touched at all. It was puzzling to me.

I recalled a particularly hot day last year when the A/C on campus was cranked down to Arctic levels to keep the Texas heat at bay. At the table, Chelsea looked miserably cold, earning jests from our group of friends around her, who claimed she was just being dramatic.

She had pushed up her hoodie sleeve to show how bad her goosebumps were, and we were all surprised to see such intense bumps. They almost looked painful. I had only known her a few months then, but I instinctively reached out my hand on Chelsea’s forearm to warm it up.

“Mmmm,” was Chelsea’s response Cebeci Escort as she closed her eyes and did a little happy wiggle in her chair. “You are so cozy! You’re officially my new human furnace,” she declared.

The exchange had elicited chuckles and laughs from the group, but I knew I was in serious trouble. I felt a familiar, painful pang in my chest at the touch of my friend’s soft skin. Yours, I thought with hopeless longing.

I loved providing Chelsea with heat regularly after that. It felt good to be that close to her, and I enjoyed knowing that she found comfort in my touch. But the confounding times when she recoiled from my touch felt like a stab through the heart. Still, it was a gamble I was willing to take every time, just to feel her close to me.

“Ah!” I exclaimed, startled out of my thoughts by a sharp poke in the ribs. “What the heck?!”

“You spaced out. I asked you a question, ya goof,” replied Chelsea with a teasing look.

“Uhh, what was the question?”

“I’m not sayin’,” said Chelsea, playfully huffing and snapping her head away from me in an offended, dismissive manner.

“Oh, now you won’t tell me?” I goaded, sitting up and leaning towards Chelsea.

“Nope.” Chelsea crossed her arms and pulled her legs back towards her torso, making a tight ball of herself.

“I bet I can get you to tell me,” I responded, preparing for a playful attack.

Chelsea glanced wearily towards me, realizing what I was up to. “You better not. I’m serious, Bev.”

“Oh, yeah? How serious?”

“So serious. Like, SO serious. Don’t even think about it,” she warned in a low voice that lacked any steel whatsoever.

“Think about what? I’m not thinking about anything,” I said innocently, letting Chelsea squirm in anticipation for just a bit longer.

“Beeevvvv! Don’t!” whined Chelsea, sounding resigned to what was about to happen. She squeezed her eyes shut and squealed anxiously.

Finally, I pounced on her sides, tickling her without mercy. “You gonna tell me now?”

“No!” said Chelsea in between fits of strained giggles. She squirmed, twisting and turning and trying her best to protect herself with her elbows.

I redoubled my efforts to keep her pinned to her corner of the couch. She stretched out her legs, trying to push me back. Instead, she made herself more vulnerable. I pinned down one of her legs, intermittently squeezing the ticklish spot above her knee while continuing to tickle her side with the other hand.

“Come on, tell me!” I laughed.

“No!” she retorted, laughing and squealing.

Chelsea bucked, flailed, and unexpectedly charged towards me, knocking me off balance from the couch and onto the floor. She took advantage and retaliated for the torture. She pinned me down by straddling my hips and managed to trap one of my hands under her knee while wrestling with the other hand to tickle my sides in return.

“Haha,” she exclaimed in victory. “I got you now!”

I twisted under Chelsea, trying to use my legs to throw her off balance and escape from her hold. Except, I thought, do I want to escape this? Nevertheless, I struggled. She was an even match in athleticism and strength, but I managed to fight my way to the top. I resumed the onslaught on her ribs, thighs, and hips, knowing them to be Chelsea’s most ticklish spots.

As we wrestled, Chelsea’s wild laughter triggered another memory in my mind. I sat on the floor outside of the color guard locker room, waiting for Chelsea to change after practice. The girls in there were rowdy and loud, excitedly discussing their upcoming winter show, giggling about something or another, and occasionally yelled for my input in the conversation. I could hear her in there, laughing along with the other girls, but she hadn’t said much to me besides “Hi!” and “I’ll be out soon!”

Suddenly, the girls went silent for a moment before a fresh batch of giggles and laughter burst as Chelsea emerged from the locker room, triumphantly announcing, “Bevvie, Look! I got a six-pack!” She posed in front of me in her black sports bra and rolled-up Soffe shorts, flexing her abs and arms to show off her physique, a grin and expectant look on her face.

I took in the vision before me. I already knew Chelsea was fit. I often caught myself admiring her slender yet muscular shoulders, toned to perfection by her years tossing rifles and twirling flags in guard. I also knew that Chelsea had a sexy, flat abdomen – not to mention an exquisite set of breasts. That knowledge had come from the summer when Chelsea had invited me over for a swim in her backyard pool.

The image of Chelsea lazing in the sun, head thrown back, eyes closed, arms outstretched on the side of the pool while her torso bobbed gently up and down on the water was burned into my memory. The sunlight glistened off my best friend’s wet, golden skin, highlighting her perfectly sculpted chest in a way that seemed Kolej Escort straight out of a movie. Her lips were parted in lazy delight; her breathing steady. I couldn’t help wondering what those lips tasted like…

After practice, seeing Chelsea pose for me, still glistening with sweat made my mouth go bone dry. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just stared stupidly. Then I snapped out of it and said, “Uh, duh!” trying to sound like the other girls when they complimented each other. I added, “It’s sexy as hell.” But my voice took on a husky tone without my permission, and it came out with a lot more lust than the nonchalant tone I had intended.

I didn’t know what reaction Chelsea had been looking for, but the look on her face revealed a bit of shock, a bit of satisfaction, and…something else I couldn’t quite place.

Looking up at Chelsea now, I thought I recognized that same puzzling look. Was that desire? Could it be?

The distraction from the tantalizing memories gave Chelsea the advantage to once again pin me to the floor. I kept up the fight, trying to figure out what all this meant while looking for a weak spot in Chelsea’s hold.

I was panting in between giggles and realized she was breathing hard, too. Not the only thing that’s hard, I thought, feeling the signs of arousal in my crotch. My clit was throbbing, tight and hard. I was extremely turned on by the feeling of her on top of me. I relaxed for a few seconds, trying to pull myself together.

Chelsea thought I was giving up and shifted her weight back in “victory,” settling squarely on my hips and reducing the hold on my hands. That was enough give for me to briefly break free, but Chelsea was quick to react and pinned my hands again.

“Bevvie!!” she exclaimed in a breathy, giggly voice.

I looked up at her, both of us panting and starting to sweat. In the tussle, Chelsea’s black hair had worked itself out of her messy bun; it now cascaded around her face, framing it beautifully. Her lips were parted, looking a brighter shade of red than usual, slightly fuller somehow. Our gazes locked for what felt like an eternity, searching. I got lost in the intense darkness of her eyes.

I was dying to kiss her, but the fear of losing her was paralyzing. I didn’t want to risk our friendship. Besides, she had only ever talked about liking guys. Then again, I had never shared my past with any of my friends since transferring schools. What if I do and she freaks out? What if I lose her? My indecision was crippling. That is, until I felt Chelsea shift her weight again, and the fear of losing this moment won out.

Fuck it.

I held my breath, as though diving into water, scanning Chelsea’s eyes one last time as I quickly closed the gap between us. I slowed at the last minute, close enough to feel Chelsea’s hot breath; it was trembling now. She didn’t pull away. Our eyes were still locked, our lips almost touching. It felt like there was static filling the small gap between us. I glanced back at Chelsea’s waiting lips. She wants this! I connected, closing my eyes as time froze around us.

Chelsea’s lips were warm and firm. They sent electricity through mine. A scorching rush of heat followed, blazing and then freezing in an instant. She parted her lips slightly, allowing my tongue to lightly caress their smooth surface, triggering another freezing hot wave. I kept kissing her slowly, loving her lips against mine. Then she pulled back and I braced for the worst.

“Bev,” whispered Chelsea in a heady tone. That mysterious look in her eyes was still there, as she hovered just inches from my face, her breathing choppy.

Hearing my name from her lips that way made my stomach flip. I thought she’d be upset, but instead, she sounded confused and… hopeful?

“Chels, I…” I started, not knowing where the statement was going.

It didn’t matter. She cut me off, pressing her lips against mine once more. Her kiss was hungry and impatient – enough to dash any lingering reservations in me. I let a small moan escape and let instinct take over, kissing her back and sucking her bottom lip between my teeth. I pulled my hands free from under hers and caressed my way down to her waist.

Chelsea responded to my touch with a delicious shiver. We continued exploring each other’s lips, our tongues shyly dancing around each other. I felt drunk from Chelsea’s scent all around me, the intoxicating smell pushed me to give in to my desire. I probed deeper with my tongue, nudging Chelsea’s lips to open further. She welcomed me in, our tongues embraced and wrestled each other with careless abandon.

I can’t believe this is happening, I thought. Is this really happening?!

“I can’t get enough of you,” I confessed, breaking the kiss for a second time.

I wanted more. I adjusted our bodies, so I was the one on top again. Chelsea didn’t fight this time, allowing me to maneuver however Yenimahalle Escort I wanted. Pleased, I proceeded to plant a trail of greedy kisses from the corner of her mouth, along her jaw, and down to the juncture of her neck and left shoulder. That intoxicating scent, so uniquely Chelsea’s, was stronger here.

“Mmmm, Bev,” whispered Chelsea softly. She tilted her head to allow me better access.

Wasting no time, I proceeded to kiss more of her neck. At the same time, I adjusted my legs so that one of my thighs rested between hers and gently pressed into her groin. I could feel the heat concentrated there and felt sparks dance along my spine. She must have enjoyed the sensation, too. She moaned and tilted her hips to prolong the friction against my thigh. Fuck.

The hoodie Chelsea was wearing prevented further kissing, so I reached one hand down to pull it off. I pulled deliberately slowly, relishing the sensation of Chelsea’s taut abdomen beneath my hand. I lingered there, feeling the magnetic pull of her skin beneath my hand.

Impatiently, Chelsea reached to remove the hoodie herself, catching her t-shirt and ending up in just a lacy black bra. I stared in admiration at my friend’s beautiful body rippling as she arched and tossed her clothes aside, noticing details I had only ever daydreamed of studying closely.

She had a thin happy trail of peach fuzz that led from her belly button down into her jeans. Dragging my eyes upward, I noted the dips and ridges of the abs she was so proud of, adorning her stomach and rib cage. I wanted to run my tongue along every dip, especially the one between her perfect tits, which I admired openly, noticing her hardened nipples under her bra.

“You are so beautiful,” I murmured before I began my journey by kissing her neck, nibbling and sucking her skin while my hands roamed across her torso.

I kissed my way down to her collarbone, then further down between her breasts. I lingered there for a moment, kissing the skin not covered by her bra. Further south I went, following the edge of her ribs towards her side. She sucked in her breath as my lips caressed her skin. I hovered at the dip of Chelsea’s hip, teasing her with just my breath. She moaned in response, lifting slightly to force contact with my mouth.

“Your mouth feels so good on me,” she whispered, weaving her fingers through my hair.

I caressed her thigh as I kissed my way back up from the hip, towards her navel, and up to the valley between her heaving breasts once more. Another moan and hip thrust from her told me she was enjoying this as much as I was. Shit, that felt good.

I glanced up at her face and had to stop to capture the scene in my mind. Chelsea’s eyes were closed, her face tilted to one side, and her lower lip caught beneath her teeth in the sexiest way. When she noticed I stopped moving, she opened her eyes, a look of concern replacing the delight.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, sounding worried.

“Nothing. You’re just so fucking sexy. I got a little distracted,” I said sheepishly.

“Oh,” she said, blushing.

“I really can’t get enough of you.” I kissed her for the third time. She kissed right back, hooked her hands behind my head, and pulled me closer, arching her back to meet my body. It felt magical. I slid a hand onto her lower back, appreciating the strong muscles and soft skin that greeted me. My mind reeled at the fact that I was caressing Chelsea’s topless and clearly aroused body.

We kissed passionately as I followed the curve of Chelsea’s arched back, reaching the clasp of her bra and releasing the hooks easily. A satisfied gasp told me to keep going, so I did. I continued gliding my hand towards the back of Chelsea’s shoulder. I took my time sliding the bra strap off, feeling the muscles ripple while Chelsea moved her arm through. I caressed it as she pulled her arm through, feeling the goosebumps I’d grown so familiar with.

“Are you cold?” I asked, barely separating my mouth from Chelsea’s so that our lips brushed lightly as I spoke.

“No,” answered Chelsea in a breathy whisper. I caressed her arm once more, back towards her shoulder.

“Then why do you have goosebumps?” My fingers traced delicate patterns down along her collarbone, reaching the top of her exposed breast.

“Because,” she sighed in response. I followed the contour of the perfectly full and firm orb, gently cupping it in my hand and devilishly avoiding the eager nub at its center.

“Because why?” I prompted, the corners of my mouth drawing up into a smirk. Chelsea was wriggling under me, trying desperately to make contact as I traced ever-shrinking circles around her tight nipple.

“Because… you…” said Chelsea, panting. “Y-you’re…you’re driving me crazy.” She drew out the last word as I released the tension of anticipation, finally taking hold of Chelsea’s nipple and firmly squeezing it between thumb and forefinger, gently twisting.

Overwhelmed with lust from her words and reaction, I crashed my mouth back onto hers. I alternated between devouring her delicious lips and placing wet kisses along her jaw and neck, sucking and flicking my tongue on Chelsea’s burning flesh. I continued caressing her breast, earning little moans when I occasionally tweaked her nipple and teased her neck.

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