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Elliott and Mia Birch had been married 21 years.

They met when they were both 21, and got married within 2 years and a couple of years later their son Declan came along. Not long later their daughter Alice was born.

They all seemed like the perfect happy family. It seemed this way because they were a family of actors. Each one within the family played their role perfectly; that is, until it all went sour.

Elliott and Mia were in a perfectly loving relationship; to some it was sickening how in love they were. They seemed deeply connected on every level; including the important emotional and physical levels.

Once both their kids were born, however, their physical relationship started to falter.

When Declan was about 4, mummy and daddy stopped being intimate. It was a gradual thing; nobody was to blame, the passion between the two had just slowly fizzled out. This was the root of their future problems.

It was around the time the kids reached the ages of 14 and 13 that Elliott noticed Mia was spending a lot of time away from the family.

She had recently received a promotion at work and was apparently now required to travel around the world. With Mia gone for weeks and sometimes months at a time, Elliott was through trying to rekindle the flame of their romance.

Elliott soon began to notice other women again, and in particular he paid close attention to the beautiful young lady his daughter Alice was becoming. He also found himself appreciating the fact that Declan was spending a lot of time sculpting his own body through rigorous exercise regimes and careful dieting.

There was no doubt about the fact that he and Mia had created some very attractive children; it was just sad for Elliott that Mia couldn’t be around to appreciate this.

When the kids where 16 and 17 they had both taken on the powerful genetic libido; both Elliott and Mia had grown up as extremely sexual beings and thus it made for the perfect catalyst for their passionate lovemaking when they were younger.

Alas, this was no more and it seemed the new generation were taking note of how sexuality played a part in life.

This, along with subconsciously struggling with their mother not being around much, caused problems for the kids at school and infact both had been detained, or even sent home due to “acting out” in class.

Elliott was struggling; he hadn’t had sex in years, and as the only important woman in his life, he was finding himself increasingly attracted to Alice. He wasn’t alone; Declan had been missing his mother and was lacking in a female role model, so he was paying all his attention to his sister too.

Their attentiveness did not go un-noticed, however, as Alice, at 16 was quite enjoying living in a house with two rather attractive men.

Meanwhile, Mia was off sunning herself in such locations as Barbados and Hawaii, whenever she wasn’t working; she passed these vacations off as urgent work that she had been called to attend to. While Elliott didn’t seem to think there was anything he could do about it, he knew Mia was cheating on him with anything that moved.

The woman was topping up her own salary with Elliott’s income (thanks to their joint bank account) and was paying for flights to sunny climates, where she would stay in high class hotels and screw bartenders and anyone else who checked her out. Meanwhile, Elliott was left to raise their two kids on his own, in the suburbs of Leicester, England.

Eventually, guilt caught up with Mia and she felt the only way to make it up to the family was to take them with her on her next trip. Declan and Alice were excited as they hadn’t been on a family holiday in years and now at 18 and 19, they were hornier than ever and were looking for that holiday romance we all lust after at young ages.

Mia was certainly keeping up her appearance, and when Elliott told her so; giving love one more try, she apologised for not being around much recently and promised to make it up to him. Elliott, perhaps, naïvely thought this trip might reconcile their marriage and put all things right; maybe he’d even get some action for once!

As it turned out, Mia hadn’t changed her ways at all, and in fact slipped up when she “stayed in bed late” one morning and promised to meet the family by the pool for lunch; the only problem for her was that lunch passed quicker than she expected and Elliot, along with the kids came to their suite, looking for her, only to find her with a mouthful of a bellhop’s cock.

All of Alice and Declan’s fears were bubbling over the surface; they had been pretending everything was ok for so long they couldn’t hold on any longer.

Alice şişli escort confronted her mother and after a good shout, she stormed out of the room.

Declan stayed quiet, seething, but as the bellhop zipped up his trousers, he took a knee to the man’s groin and punched him square in the jaw, then followed his sister.

Elliott was about to lose it, but Mia, after fixing herself up, simply looked at him and said

“Fine, divorce me…”

before flipping her hair and strutting out of the suite.

Later that night Elliott and the kids were back in the suite and had packed up to return home early, the next day. Alice was first to bed and her father came into her room to say goodnight.


“Yes, sweetie?”

“Why did mum do that today?”

Elliott lowered his head and sat on the side of Alice’s bed.

“I don’t know honey; I think mum’s just fallen out of love with me. I guess she was trying to keep the family together for your sake, but wanted to make herself happy.”

“I think she was just really horny.”

Elliott laughed in shock.


“What? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about! I’m 18 now… I think it would be stupid to ignore how horny our entire family gets!”

“Alice! If only the situation between me and your mum were that simple… Don’t you think your dad can please your mum?”

“I don’t know. I think you’d be great in bed… I don’t understand what mum’s problem is.”

“That’s sweet, Alice, but-“

Declan appeared at the door frame.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ve seen your thing, dad, and it’s not exactly average!”

“Dec… ha, thanks son. I’m afraid size doesn’t seem to matter with your mum… Anyway; I think it’s time to-“

“Maybe you’re too much for her to handle? What do you think, Ally?”

Declan interrupted as he walked into the room and sat behind his dad at the foot of Alice’s bed, leaning onto his right arm as he sprawled out across the bed.

“I think dad’s all the man anyone could want. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting me some of that!”

Alice responded in a husky voice. Elliott noticed his daughter’s hands were moving under her duvet covers; he could only guess what she was doing. He wasn’t the only one to notice.

“Ally! Are you getting yourself off to the thought of dad?”

Declan shouted, stifling a laugh.

“Alright! Alright, I admit it… Dad, I kind of find you a little bit way hot. Ok, Dec? Happy now?”

“Ecstatic! Now let’s see?”

“What? No!”

She responded to her brother’s enquiry.

With that, a noise could be heard from the next suite. Someone was having sex – loudly!

“Is…is that your mother?”

Elliott enquired.

The noises were getting louder. It appeared Mia booked herself into the next suite in the hotel and continued her conquest of the bellhop from earlier. Meanwhile, Alice closed her eyes and continued to rub herself.

“That’s it!”

Elliott shouted before tugging Alice’s covers away. He revealed his daughter in a silk nightie which was pulled up over her waist as she had her right hand over her 18 year old pussy.

“Oh dear! Sister! How disgraceful!”

Declan shouted with humour in his tone.

“Oh Dec, shut up. The cat’s out of the bag now, you might aswell strip.”

Alice replied.

“Woah woah woah… what?!”

Elliott shouted; urging the kids to pause for a moment. He quickly gathered that his two children had been sleeping together for some time.

“…You two?”

Angry that his kids were keeping a secret from him, he grabbed Alice by her arm, pulling it away from her snatch and yanked her out of bed, pushing her up against the wall.


She yelled out in slight pain from the force with which he pulled her.

Elliott came face to face with his daughter, seething.

He looked her up and down and soaked in the vision of the goddess he had created:

Alice had gorgeous blonde-brunette hair which flowed halfway down her back in waves.

Her 36B breasts were perky and inviting, particularly when hardened nipples hid behind a silk nightie.

Her breasts weren’t the only thing her nightie was hiding; a cute 24 inch waist which lead down to a very wet, waxed camel toe shape.

Against the wall was a firm pair of buttocks, which, upon release from the wall would bounce ever so slightly.

Her 5 foot 2 frame supported average, yet slender arms and legs which lead to sparkly pink painted finger and toenails, along with size 5 feet.

After a moment of hesitation, all emotion previously occupying Elliott’s brain was replaced escort ankara by pure lust. Forcing Alice against the wall, Elliott began to kiss his daughter’s full, pouty lips. It didn’t take long for Alice to return the favour.

Father and daughter began to passionately make out against the wall as Elliott fumbled with his left hand to undo his belt and jeans. A moment or two later and Elliott’s 44 year old penis was out on the town once again, engorged and ready for action.

His 7 inch dick slowly and carefully placed itself at the soft, somewhat enclosed entrance to his daughter’s vagina before suddenly, without warning, it jolted inside.

Elliott couldn’t take much more and he rammed himself inside his daughter’s cunt. She welcomed him, lovingly yet screamed as he entered with such force.

Alice wrapped he legs around her father’s waist as he began to pound her mound while their tongues wrestled for saliva.

Groans and moans were coming from against the wall, while at the foot of the bed, Declan decided to get naked and after stripping, he slowly crawled up behind his father and protruded his tongue towards the sphincter of his ass.

Elliott felt a surge of electricity as he realised his son was licking out his ass; this spurred him on as his left hand lifted Alice up by her curvaceous right buttock and his right hand pushed against her neck, supporting her against the wall.

Alice began to wail in ecstasy as she enjoyed every second her father’s cock was inside her. Just as she was losing herself in the moment, she noticed the screams from her mother’s suite were getting louder. Alice was now in competition with her own mother.

She reached down with her left hand and pulled at her father’s butt cheek, opening him up a little for her brother.

Elliott moved his right hand down from her neck, over her breasts, across her navel and around her waist to her left buttock and lifted his daughter from against the wall. He then walked over to the bed and the two collapsed onto it.

As his father was bending over his sister, ploughing away at her, Declan decided his needs had to be attended to.

He spat on his dick as he rubbed it to an erection, then spat at his father’s anus before rubbing the saliva into his sphincter with the tip of his cock before slowly but surely, pushing the head into his father’s hole.

A loud grunt could be heard coming from the men as Alice opened her eyes to see her brother behind their father, beginning to shove his own length inside another family member.

Elliott was now enjoying feelings he never thought possible; the highest of highs as his two children were enjoying making love with him. He moved his hands to Alice’s boobs and began to play with them and tweak her nipples.

Declan’s balls were slapping against his father’s scrotum, which lead to testicles; the ones that spawned him and it gave him an unprecedented feeling of pleasure as his rod dove inside the darkness of his father’s ass.

He used his hands to spread his father’s cheeks wider, and pushed them up towards his lower back, helping his father’s dick to delve deeper into his sister’s pussy.

Alice was about to go over the edge and she moved her left hand up to her father’s face as she gently pushed him away by his chin.

Her right hand moved towards her clitoris and she began to rub as her father dropped to his knees at the side of the bed.She sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed, with her mound just inches away from her father’s face.

He leaned in as she rubbed and he began to lick her cunt lips inside and out and lapped up the juices flowing out of it, when suddenly she screeched louder than anyone in the room had heard someone scream before – drowning out the sounds of her own mother’s orgasm in the next room.

Alice leaned back and rubbed her pussy up and down, pulling at her clit in between two of her fingers as she began to spray her love juice all over her father’s face and over his shoulder, towards her brother.

Her squirt kept on coming and Elliott swallowed all that he could as he was blinded by the sweetness landing in his eyes. It dripped off his face as her orgasm died down and she patted her mound, coaxing more nerve reactions as the shakes which overtook her body slowly subsided.

After a few moments, the three of them stood up and Elliott began to make out with his daughter once more, sharing some of the savoured juices still in his mouth with Alice, then she shared this with her brother, whom began kissing her from behind their father.

Declan then took hold of his father’s penis, and began to masturbate it and Alice rubbed her juices all ankara escor over her body, spreading it up from her vagina, and down from her mouth.

Declan began to pound into his father’s ass faster and harder than before, spurred on by his sister’s over the top orgasmic display, when all of a sudden, he became weak at the knees and pushed his father over, back onto the bed, on top of Alice once again.

Declan then shot load after load of hot, steamy man cream into his dad’s butt hole. Eventually, he began to massage his father’s back and regained his composure, letting his dick return to a flaccid state inside his dad’s ass.

Elliott, having been gnawing at his daughter’s nipples, slowly rolled onto his back, freeing his daughter from under him and Alice joined her brother at the side of the bed.

She lowered her head to his soft cock and slowly licked every one of the slowly receding 6 inches of it, taking up any and all sperm that had spread itself over the fuck stick during the final moments of intercourse.

Alice cleaned her brother’s penis of all excess cum, and then Elliott pushed his ass over the edge of the bed, allowing his kids to get underneath his legs and both Declan and Alice then commenced licking their dad’s ass hole in search for more of Declan’s cum.

Their tongues wrestled each other for entry into his hole and each fished out some of the white stuff. When they were done they kissed each other under their father and began to play with each other’s genitals.

Shortly thereafter, Elliott called his kids to their knees and stood up; wanking his own hot rod. His hand turned into a blur as the back and forth motion it was making on his penis became too fast for the eye to see.

It wasn’t long after he saw his daughter lick her hungry lips before he blew his load and began to shower Declan and Alice’s faces with the fatherly love squirt that once created them.

His cum was flying everywhere; some was landing in their mouths, some up their noses, some on their eyes, some on their chests but they were both enjoying every second of it.

When his orgasm subsided, Elliott brought Alice up from her knees and began to lick his own love juice off her face and once cleared he spat it into her mouth and licked her lips.

He did the same with his son, Declan and then brother and sister made out once more, in front of their father, joining each other’s load of mouth cum together and swirling it around with each other’s tongues.

They each eventually swallowed the cum and dropped to their knees once again, to finish off their father’s dick.

They cleaned him up and each kissed their way up his body until the three of them were standing, kissing each other, all with the taste of each other’s orgasm in their mouths.

As they finished up they all heard a noise at the door way of Alice’s room; It was Mia.

“Oh my god, you guys I’m so sorry, I’ve been so-“

“Save it, Mia.”

Elliott interrupted.

“I think you’ll find that after this afternoon’s little escapade, we’ve grown extremely close as a family and we no longer require your lack of mothering skills to progress as a family unit.”

“But I just wanted to-“


Declan cut in.

“That’s enough. You and dad need to go your separate ways now. It’s obvious what you’ve been doing this whole time behind our family’s back and we don’t need it.”

“We don’t keep secrets anymore.”

Alice added.

“You kept a big secret from us all for a long time, and now you’ve separated yourself from us. There is no way back for you mum. We’ll always love you, but we can’t let you be a part of this family anymore.”

Elliott then continued:

“It’s too late, Mia. We’re going home tomorrow, to start a new life as the closest family you could imagine. You can expect divorce papers when you get back; and all your crap will be in boxes in the garden.”

Elliott and his two kids then pushed past Mia as they left Alice’s room and headed to the bathroom of their suite for a communal shower. Mia just stood there speechless.

It has since come out into the public domain that Mia was cheating on Elliott while away and has been ex-communicated from their group of friends and all family.

The kids explained their mum’s actions as the reason behind certain behavioural issues they had at school and since they “patched things up” with their father, their behaviour has never been better.

Elliott is now on the look-out for a suitable step mother for his children; but has been having a hard time explaining the intimate relationship he has with his children. He is, none the less, now a happy man.

The Birch family have retired from their act of happiness and replaced those roles with real life emotions. Mia has since lost her job and can no longer afford her five star holidays; perhaps she’ll learn not to take things for granted in the future.

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