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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality. If any of that offends you, just move on to the next story. All character is 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 21 left off. Thanks to John and Jake for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are much appreciated. Suggestions are often worked into the plot in future chapters.


We all met at Dr. Shapiro’s Office at 1:30 on Monday afternoon there were some forms to be filled out. But since we were paying for the Twilight Special (a physical exam with an emphasis on STD testing) with cash, we didn’t have to mess with Insurance Paperwork. There were other forms relating to drug allergies and medical history. And there was a standard HIPAA Compliance Form.

Doctor Shapiro’s nurse was a lovely woman who looked to be in her mid-30’s. She wore a retro-styled nurses uniform. It was a white dress, cut a little short to show a lot of her long, shapely legs. She also wore white stockings. I could just see the tops of them when she walked. But I couldn’t tell if they were held up by a garter belt or not. She was busty, but not like Terri and Sally. Probably a full D-cup. And instead of sensible nurse’s shoes, she had on patent white, peep-toe pumps with at least a three inch heel. The whole outfit was topped off with a classic, Perma-Starch white hat, with a thin, red stripe, pinned to platinum blonde hair. She looked like the epitome of the “Hello Nurse” from Vaudeville! She actually wore a nameplate that read, “Hello, I’m NURSE STOCKTON.” She was stunning, but looked bored and aloof. My dad couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

I said, “Thank you for coming today, especially on such short notice. You’ve all made a pledge of submission to me. And I’m very grateful to you all and very excited by the possibilities that represents for us all. I love you all, and I want our sexual adventures together to be as fulfilling and as safe as possible. To that end, we are all going to get tested for STDs and have brief physical exams today. After we all test clean, we can begin having sex with each other without condoms, providing we are also using some other form of birth control. The rule is, none of us will have sex outside of our…what do we call ourselves…a clan, our extended family, our group?”

“Your stable of sexy sluts, Sir,” Sunny chimed in, smiling.

I grinned with a certain feeling of pride and excitement when she said that, and continued, “Anyway, we will promise not to have sex without a condom with people who have not been tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections. And everyone inside our pact will be checked for diseases. We can’t just take people’s words on this. I will want to see proof. Paperwork. AIDS is forever. And I love you all too much to risk your health just for the thrill of sex in the moment with a stranger. Also, no sex with minors. All our partners will be at least eighteen. And no BDSM play until everyone is certain of the safe words. I should not have to say this, but consent is mandatory. Now, I want us to go around the circle and tell each other on how you came to this group and maybe update us on what has happened in the last few days, since our group expanded. We’ll start with Sunny.”

Sunny was dressed in a black wraparound skirt and a forest green button down shirt. She had on a necklace of black stone beads. She gave me a brief kiss. “Hi. I’m Sondra Gutierrez. Robbie and I just started dating just yesterday. But I knew, even before we made love and he took me for the first time that Robbie was my Man and my Master, and that I wanted to be owned by him forever. I’m that serious about this relationship. I’m going to be Robbie’s Primary, his mistress, and someday, maybe even his wife. So, I’m going to be your Mistress too. My word is Law, unless Robbie countermands me. I will be in charge of your training in submission and sexual pleasure. There will be times when that training will be painful and difficult. But we all want to be our best for Daddy’s pleasure. I love you all as individuals. And I’m very excited to begin this journey with you all. I have quite a bit of experience with Dominance and submission and the kinkier sides of sex. So, I’m going to enjoy having you serve me, and especially having us all serve Robbie. Last night, Robbie and I made love with Blue and Red. Robbie fucked Red’s ass and it was such a beautiful scene to be a part of. Blue was severely disciplined by Red as well. But then she was gloriously rewarded by her new Master, Red. And I hope she is eager to continue her training with me. Blue is going to be in charge of our physical training. She will be setting up individual exercise and fitness goals for each of us. Blue?”

My mother had on a tight, pencil-line, jeans skirt and a white blouse. She wore a cut, amber-colored, topaz teardrop necklace, and silver-rings for bracelets. She had on white, lace-flower stockings. gaziantep escort I knew there was a white garter belt and white panties underneath. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I could see her nipples were hard with excitement. She said, “I’m Marjorie McMillan. But, you can call me, Blue, that’s the name my Sir gave me. I’m Andrew’s wife and Bobby’s mother. I became Bobby’s first submissive slut about nine months ago. We carried on an affair behind my husband’s back until about three months ago. Then, we revealed our relationship, and Bobby took Andrew into submissive training as well. Last night, Andrew graduated to another level of relationship when he offered Bobby his ass in submission, and our son took it. I was so pleased and proud for them both. I began an affair with my best friend Sally a little over a month ago. I began training her as my submissive slut, and it was my plan to present her as a gift to my Master.” Mom looked over at Sally, whose eyes were wide with surprise. “Yes. I think that was always my plan, Sally. But those plans went awry when Bobby took Sally as a pet for submissive training, and he discovered my secret affair with Sally before I could tell him. I was severely reprimanded by my new Master, Red, my husband Andrew. I look forward to serving my Primary Master, Red; our Daddy, Bobby; and our new Mistress Sunny. And I hope Sally will continue to let me train and guide her as her Mistress.”

Sally blushed, smiled and nodded.

My mother conspicuously didn’t mention her eighteen year old goddaughter, Terri, Sally’s daughter. Maybe Mom didn’t know if she would be submissive to Terri or act as her Domme.

Nurse Stockton entered the waiting room. She walked over to the front door and locked it. She turned a sign to read, “CLOSED,” in the door window. And then pulled a blind over the window on the door. She turned to us and said, “Doctor Shapiro has told me you are his last appointment of the day. To expedite your appointments, Doctor Shapiro would like you all to undress in the waiting room. I will then call you in one at a time to the exam room, where the Doctor and I will conduct your exams. I’ve turned on a space heater in the room to keep you cozy. And I can get anyone a blanket or dressing gown that might need one.” Nurse Stockton looked stone-faced, like this wasn’t an unusual request at all.

I motioned to a security camera in the corner, and then looked to Sunny.

Sunny coughed, and said a bit nervously. “I’m sorry. I should have mentioned, Dr. Shapiro is a sweetheart, but he’s also a bit of a horn-dog, and a Dirty Old Man. He sometimes likes to play head games. Robbie’s pointed out that there is a security camera in the corner, and I have no doubt that Dr. Shapiro is monitoring it right now. We can just leave, but it would take us a while to set up similar appointments with some other doctor. Also, the Twilight Special is a battery of tests and exams that Dr. Shapiro does at below cost. It’s a good deal. But Eugene Shapiro is probably hoping we will all get a little horny before going in for our exams. You can think of it as a fetish. And this is a power play by him.”

I asked, “Has this ever happened before when you’ve had an exam here?”

Sunny answered, “No. But this doesn’t surprise me. Like I said, we can leave.”

Sally stood up and spoke up, “He’s a doctor, and he’s going to see us naked anyway. It’s kind of naughty and exciting. What’s the harm?” She began unbuttoning her blue blouse.

I looked to Nurse Stockton. “Miss Stockton-“

“It’s Mrs. Stockton,” she corrected me.

“I’m sorry, Nurse Stockton. Please tell Dr. Shapiro that we will be going into the exam room in pairs, just to expedite the process.”

Nurse Stockton smiled. “I will do that.”

Sunny chimed in, “And please tell Eugene to undress as well. I would feel…,” Sunny paused. “More comfortable that way.”

Nurse Stockton’s smile turned into a toothy grin. She really has a remarkably lovely face. Perfectly balanced features. Almost too perfect. Dr. Shapiro is a Plastic Surgeon. I began to wonder how much work Nurse Stockton might have had done. She said, “I will tell the Doctor you said that, Ms. Gutierrez. Will you see him if he is dressed?”

Terri stood up and shook her head. “No. We will all leave. Isn’t that right?” She looked around at us all.

My Dad supported her, “Yes, Mistress Terri, whatever you say.”

Terri walked towards Nurse Stockton. She was wearing her cheerleading uniform, even though she had been kicked off the squad a few weeks ago. She had her hair dyed in almost the same royal-blue shade as her school colors. And it was shaved on one side in a half-mohawk. She looked fierce. She looked at my Dad, she looked at me, then she looked at Nurse Stockton. Terri crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the base of her school sweater (Go, Blue Jackets!), and pulled it up over her head, revealing her large tits, jiggling in her black bra. Terri said, “And I would gaziantep bayan escort ilanları also feel more comfortable if you would undress too, Mrs. Stockton.”

Nurse Stockton laughed like it was the funniest thing she had heard all week. She pointed at Terri and said, “I like you, Chippy.”

“My name’s, Terri.”

Nurse Stockton took a few steps closer to Terri. “Nice to meet you, Terri. I’m Nancy,” Nurse Stockton said, “And I think we are going to be good friends.” She was looking right at Terri when she said this. Then she slowly unbuttoned her dress, one button at a time, down the front, and shrugged it off her shoulders onto the floor. She bent over and picked it up, and I got a great view of her perfect ass, in a simple, full coverage, brazilian cut panty, high on the thigh and with a small triangle in front, but fully covering her shapely butt in back. She also wore a simple, white bra, cupping her generous breasts, one where the shoulder straps criss-crossed in the back, and a plain white garter belt, holding up her plain white stockings. My dad whistled through his teeth, and my mom slugged his shoulder. Nancy winked at my father. Then she said, “Just the dress. The rest stays on. Eugene does not pay me enough for more than that! I wouldn’t do this much, except I like you, and you made me laugh, Terri.” She then turned and walked out. Her three inch spiked heels made her hips sway and her ass jiggle with a hypnotic jelly-bounce.

Terri tossed her sweater onto a chair in the corner and walked over to stand in front of my Dad in her black bra, her cheerleader’s skirt, knee-high socks and athletic shoes. She said, “Puppy, help me off with my bra.”

“Yes, Little Mistress,” my Dad said. He undid the hooks on the back of her bra, freeing Terri’s magnificent, over-sized breasts. And Terri tossed her bra over by her sweater. She gave my father a little peck on lips. Then, she turned and sat cross-legged on the floor in front of my Dad’s chair with her back to him.

Terri said, “Rub my shoulders, Red Puppy. Your Mistress is feeling a little nervous.”

My Dad said, “Yes, Mistress,” and began rubbing the topless teens shoulders. Terri relaxed, sighed and leaned back against my father’s legs.

Mom started unbuttoning her top too. She was sitting right next to Dad, so Terri couldn’t see the daggers Blue was staring into the back of her goddaughter’s head.

I asked Terri, “So, how did your date with Sophie go.”

Terri shrugged. “Maybe that’s one reason why I’m so tense. It started out better than it ended. Sophie ordered delivery and opened a bottle of wine. But, I don’t drink. It’s not just because I’m underage. But, well drinking would have gotten me kicked off the Cheer Squad. And even though the Cheer Squad kicked me off the team anyway, I still act like I’m a member of the Squad, so I still don’t drink. Anyway, we ate dinner. And, like, Sophie polished off the whole bottle by herself. I think she was nervous. She kept trying to be funny. She didn’t have to be, because I sort of like her. Anyway, like, we ended up talking on Sondra’s bed. And then we were kissing and feeling each other up.. And then, I tore off Sophie’s clothes and ate her pussy, because she’s sexy as fuck and I thought that was what she wanted. But then, after she came, she thought she was going to fuck me with a strap-on. But she got all weepy-drunk instead. She was crying about this girl, Darlene..”

Sunny interjected, “That’s my cousin, Darla. Sophie used to have a thing for her.”

“There’s no used to about it. She’s still whipped bad. And so she was crying and I was sort of, like, holding her and stuff. Trying to be comforting. But then she got sick in a wastepaper basket. And she was really embarrassed about that. But she was too wasted to clean it up. So, I cleaned it up. Don’t worry, Mistress. And Sophie just passed out. And I sort of cleaned her up too and, like, covered her up. And then, I went home because it just started to feel really weird. Y’know?”

I said, “You just left Sophie there, alone?”

“I wrote her a note about how I would see her at work today. And that I had a good time, and that she was a great girl. But that maybe we shouldn’t date until she got over Darlene. I thought she had said Darlene. Anyway, it was a learning experience. Not entirely unpleasant. But I wouldn’t want to repeat it, if it were to end in the same way.”

Mom and Mrs. Whitehall had both gotten topless. And Mrs. Whitehall had come over to listen to her daughter’s story. Mom ended up taking off her jeans dress and sitting cross-legged next to Terri, with Sally rubbing her shoulders. Mom was down to just a pair of blue thong panties. You could see the bruises on Mom’s lower back and ass from the beating Dad had given her the night before. But nobody said anything about them.

Dad said, “Before the exams start. I need to ask the ladies something. It’s sort of embarrassing gaziantep bayan escort but it’s been bothering me for a few hours.”

Sunny said, “Go ahead, Red.”

Dad went on, “Well, Marjorie and I saw a lawyer this morning.”

Sally turned to Dad and said, “You two are doing all right? All this hasn’t put a strain on your marriage?”

Mom said, “It wasn’t a Divorce Lawyer, Sally. We were getting a restraining order put on a certain nameless asshole.”

“Who is named, my brother, Nick,” Dad added. “We don’t have to have secrets. Nick and I have had an abusive relationship for decades. But that has stopped. I finally found the strength and support to end it. And that’s thanks to all of you: Bobby, Sally, Sunny, My Little Mistress, and especially my Wife, I’ve never been happier than this moment.”

Terri turned and kissed Dad’s knee. Sally, her mother, leaned over and kissed Dad’s cheek. I patted Dad on the back and Mom squeezed his thigh.

Sunny said, “So what’s troubling you, Red?”

Dad sighed and began his story, “Well, the stuff at the Lawyers got me all tense. So when Marjorie dropped me off at work, I thought I might relax a little before getting down to my emails. One way I have of relaxing at work is… you know, I have this…I guess you would call it a fetish…a fetish for smelling womens panties. I used to borrow Marjorie’s out of the hamper and bring them to work. Then I would sniff them and, you know…do things with them. I like the feel of them against my penis…when I masturbate.”

“That seems like perfectly harmless fun to me, Master Red,” Sally said, “I thought you might do that with my panties when I gave them to you.”

Terri looked up at her mother and smiled. “I gave Red Puppy a pair of my panties too.”

Dad laughed nervously. “Thank you, ladies. You really don’t know how touched I am by your gifts. But…well, Bobby had commanded Marjorie to go without panties for months as a symbol of her submission and readiness to sexually please him. And so, for months, I haven’t had any panties to smell at work or, you know, to masturbate with. And I think that’s made me tense at work recently.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” I said, “I didn’t know.”

Mom said, “I had suspicions about your hobby, Dear. But, I really hadn’t given it much thought. From now on, I will make sure you are well supplied.”

“Thank you, Blue. So, today, I was in heaven. I had a pair of Marjorie’s panties, a pair from Sally, AND a pair from my Little Mistress. I was going to smell them all. And, frankly, I was going to use them to pleasure myself. And then, I was going to take a photo of my release for Terri, because she said I should do that too.”

My mother turned to Terri, “Now see here, young lady. Andrew can’t be sending lewd pictures from his phone! That could get him in trouble!”

“Pipe down, Blue,” Dad barked at Mom. His attitude toward Mom had made a radical shift in just a day. “I’m your Master and Terri is my Mistress. With some luck, she will agree to be your Mistress too.”

Mom sputtered, “Well, I-I-I…”

Dad cut her off. “Quiet, Vixen. That is between me and my Mistress. Not another word, or I will spank you here in the Doctor’s office. Not..another…word.”

Mom looked really angry, but not at Dad, but at her goddaughter, Terri. Mom simply said, “Yes, Master.”

Dad went on, “So, I built a false bottom into one of my desk drawers many years ago. That is where I keep the panties during the day, so that they don’t fall out of my briefcase with a client present. It’s my secret place. And nobody knows about it. At least, I didn’t think anybody knew about it. Ladies?” Dad looked around. “Bobby?”

“This is the first I’ve heard about it, Dad.”

Dad sighed. “That’s too bad. You see. I went to put my stash of panties in there today, and I found this.” Dad pulled a pair of red lace panties out of his jacket pocket. He reached into his pocket again and pulled out a folded, yellow Post-It Note. The note read, “For YOU to RELAX!” And it had a smiley face and a heart drawn on the bottom.

I whistled low. “Wow. OK. So, were they worn? Are they, like, dirty?”

Dad closed his eyes and smelled the gusset of the panties. “Yes. But not by Sally, Terri, nor Marjorie. I’ve compared the scents. Mistress Sunny? These aren’t yours?”

Sondra smiled and shook her head. “No, Red. I don’t know who they belong to.”

“It looks like my Puppy has a secret admirer,” Terri sang teasingly.

Dad shook his head and frowned. “This is so strange. It means somebody else knows my secret.”

“Could it be your secretary, Stephanie?” Mom asked.

“I don’t see how. I don’t think so. Stephanie Bahl has been my personal assistant for more than a decade. But things have always been strictly professional between us. Besides, she’s quitting. She put in her notice last week. She’s only working until the end of the month.”

Mom said, “Oh no. I’ve always liked Mrs. Bahl. Why is she leaving?”

“She and her husband are divorcing. So she’s going to move in with her sister in Florida.”

“What a shame!” Mom said.

“I bet it’s her,” said Terri. “I bet she’s had a crush on you for years, Puppy. And this is her way of expressing it before she leaves. Besides, it’s not like you can fire her now, she’s already quit! Is she pretty?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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