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I know I’m sexy, and I use this knowledge to get myself things and even to further my career. Men are always looking at me and so I flaunt my body. I wear short skirts tight tops high heels.

Today is the day I put my plan to seduce my boss into action. For months you has been staring at my full breasts in my tops and my firm round ass in my skirts.

Touching my waist length blond curls. I picked today because I’m working with you after hours. I have to say I find you rather attractive myself. You’re taller than my own 5-foot frame; I’d say your about 6-foot slender but muscular dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Today I arrive at work wearing my pinstripe suit, with the mini skirt and a very sheer white blouse, a lovely lace and silk bra and no panties. As always when arriving at work I report to my boss to find out today’s assignment.

When I got to my cubicle I had to have a little laugh at your reaction, to what I’m wearing today…your eyes almost popped out of your head and I could see the outline of your cock in your pants. Little did you know that by the end of the day that you were going to get to sample everything I had to offer?

At about midday, You ask to see me in his office…I take off my suit jacket…reapply my lipstick and saunter into his office. I close the door and ask you what it is you wanted.

I smile smugly to myself; his eyes seem attached to my breasts. I know you can see my hard nipples poking against my bar and blouse. Sitting down I cross my legs and that movement draws his eyes to the nakedness beneath my skirt.

You stutters a little as you asks if I’m going to stay back tonight with you to work. I reply of course…I’d planned on it. I also ask if it will be just the 2 of us, and you mumble a yes. I ask you if that was all you wanted me for, You tell me I’m free to go.

As I walk out the door I look back over my shoulder and tell you that I can’t wait to work with you.

After everyone leaves I head to your office, carrying my playtime bag. I knock on the door and you tell me to enter.

As I come in and close your door. You start asking me about the numbers on the Polstroy contract.

I laugh and tell you beylikdüzü escort to chill out. That we had just put in a full day’s work and that we should relax for a little before beginning again. You look at me and smile, you say of course you are right Tamara.

We sit down on the couch in front on the windows…through the falling dusk I can see another office building…in the office directly across from yours we see lights are on someone else is working late.

I take off my jacket…letting you see my nipples poking through again. I smile at you when you look up from staring at my breasts. You ask me in a strangled voice…why am I teasing you? I tell you its because I want you.

Your eyes open wide and you reach for me. But I move backwards.

I don’t want you as an equal I tell you. I want you as my slave. If you want to touch me…get undressed now!

You start undressing looking at me in a mixture of lust and loathing. You want me…but you hate being submissive to anyone. Once you are naked I reach into my bag and pull out a cock-ring. I put it on you.

I tell you, you won’t be able to cum unless the cock-ring is removed. I then tell you to strip me, but you aren’t allowed to spend anytime touching the bared skin.

Once I am naked I sit on the couch and spread my legs. I tell you to get on your knees and eat me.

You kneel down and start licking and kissing my inner thighs…working up till you reach my pussy. You lick and suck…I start moving my hips…till I cum on your face…As I look up I notice that the person in the office building opposite is watching our show.

I tell you to lie on the floor…I straddle you and start riding you up and down all the while looking at the person. As you lie there…feeling me ride up and down your cock…your balls ache to empty their load.

Your hands reach up and cup my breasts…squeezing and pulling. I reach down and slap you on the chest, telling you to keep your hands to yourself. You start getting mad.

Just as I start to cum again you notice our audience in the other building. You start to smile a plan forming in your head…to teach me beyoğlu escort a lesson in humility as well as to exact your revenge.

I slump down on you for a second…gaining my breath back. I get up and order you to bend over your desk. You do…knowing full well whatever I do to you; you are going to give back to twice fold. I tie you in place, and pull out a small paddle, much like a ping pong bat.

I start paddling your ass. Telling you what a naughty boy you’ve been. You yell and call me names…but it just causes me to hit you a little harder…turning your ass a nice glowing red. I stop paddling and rub a soothing lotion on to your ass.

I untie one hand…and tell you to stay there. I go to the toilet. While I’m gone you call your friend the one that was watching us. And ask him to come over and bring anyone else who is there with him. You untie yourself and remove the cock-ring with a sigh of relief.

I walk back into the room…humming to myself for a successful catch…when you grab me. One arm around my waist the other over my mouth. You whisper in my ear…time for revenge my dear…and a lesson I think. I start to struggle…kicking and flailing my legs.

You just hold me chuckling. Just then your friend from the other building and 3 of his work mates come in. You invite them to the party and explain to them what had been happening. You show them your red ass.

One of the men locks the office door and puts the key up on the tall shelves. You drop me to the floor. The 5 of you stand around me. You tell me that I’m going to suck everyone off right now. Starting with you.

You twist your hand into my hair…my mouth falls open and you push your rock hard cock into my mouth…pumping in and out…pressing your cock all the way down my throat.

The others watch cheering you on. You all see the responses of my body…my nipples harden and lengthen…my juices start dripping from me as this treatment turns me on.

While you fuck my mouth one of the other men start pinching and tugging on my nipples…while another lays down and starts slurping up my juices while pressing a finger into my pussy and another bizimkent escort into my ass.

You spurt you cum down my throat…another takes your place…he cums and he is replaced by another this continuing till all 5 of you have cum either down my throat in my mouth or on my face. You then pick me up…tie me over your desk.

You rummage through my bag…you pull out my vibrating egg and a set of vibrating anal beads. You press the egg into me…then the anal beads…with only my juices for lubrication.

Once they are in you turn them both on low…and small moans and whimpers can be heard from me.

You then pick up the paddle, while you friend takes up the riding crop; the others leather belt, cat’o’nine tails and another paddle.

My legs you have made sure are spread open…and my pussy and ass are in the air.

You start…with 5 strokes on my ass; your friend with the riding crop lashes my inner thighs 2 on each side and then one squarely on my pussy.

I’m crying at this stage but I’m still getting wetter and wetter…my juices literally streaming out. The other 3 give me 5 lashes and the process is repeated until I have been lashed by each of you 75 times. For a total of 375 lashes.

You then untie me and look at my swollen pussy…read and bruised thighs and my bruised ass. You rub on some lotion then lay down on your back…holding me over your cock…pressing me down.

I whimper when my hot sore lips press against you. But as your friend presses his cock into my ass I cum screaming as I do…one of the men takes this as an invitation and shoves his cock into my mouth.

My hands are then drawn out from me and wrapped around the other cocks. You reaching around and grasping my ass…making me whimper…your friend reaching around to maul my breasts with his hands.

I am stroking the cocks in my hands as the one in my mouth cums…shooting his load down my throat. One of the men I’m jerking removes my hand and shove his cock into my mouth…fucking it like it was my pussy.

He cums and the next guy takes his place…but as he starts to cum he pulls out and cums on my face and tits. Your friend rubbing the cum into my breasts. The 3 men who are finished get dressed and leave after giving my head a pat.

You and your friend continue pumping into my body…before you both cum with trigger my orgasm. We lie there in a sweaty cummy heap…until you both pull out of me and get me to suck you both clean.

You pack up my toys tell me to get dressed and to be ready whenever you call as I am know you sextoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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