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Female Pov

It had been over a year since the twists of fate and one tired truck driver had taken my wife from me. It had been a very difficult year after having been with her for so long. My friends had tried unsuccessfully to fix me up any number of times with a wide variety of ladies. I just wasn’t interested. Even my kids had started to get into the act, apparently tired of me moping around and my less than stellar housekeeping. They insisted that mom would have never wanted me to stay alone and it was time to start dating again. At fifty years old the idea of “playing the field” just didn’t seem all that exciting. I mean, yeah, I was still in good shape; still working out every day, just for the routine if nothing else. And I was considered to be good looking by the women who knew I was single again. But somehow the idea of dating again was daunting to say the least.

I still loved my fishing and camping. That was the one joy I could count on. Give me a lake and a pole and I could finally lose myself from that ever nagging emptiness that followed every step I made every day. I loved pitting my mind against the fish’s instincts; trying to coax an unseen advisory into biting an artificial object that I was trying to make look real. To me that was relaxation. But work was also crazy busy and in a lot of ways I was starting to let work take over all my free time. If nothing else it was a good excuse to avoid the blind dates my friends tried to fix me up with.

When my friend Joe and his wife Angie suggested I spend several days at their cabin in Colorado I argued that I really didn’t have the time. Finally after weeks of nagging by Angie I gave in and agreed to go relax at their cabin. They insisted they had everything set and I could enjoy the solitude and fishing with nothing to worry about. No phones, no computers, just Mother Nature and me. I had to admit that Angie made it sound awfully inviting. She had more than once insisted that it was so secluded she often went whole days without getting dressed, just enjoying the sun as she lay out sunning naked on the dock while Joe fished. I had to admit that the thought of her naked may have played into my being talked into going.

The day finally arrived when Joe would fly me up to the small airport near the cabin and a friend he knew up there would drive me to the cabin. All I had to do was take my pole, a change of clothes (if I even wanted one this time of year Angie teased) and enjoy myself for a while. Angie loaded my gear onto the plane and gave me a huge hug before heading off with a big grin on her face.

The flight up was a bit rough, the small twin engine plane bouncing continually in the turbulent summer air and I was more than happy to get back on the ground. Once his friend Rodney stared driving me to the cabin, up the twisting logging road, I was wishing I was back in the plane again; its ride far smoother than the kidney jolting jeep ride that I was attempting to survive. I honestly didn’t know how Joe and Angie could stand to make the trip as often as they did, as rough as the road was. It was a relief to finally pull into the driveway of the log cabin, “cabin” being a bit of an understatement.

“There you go, Mark. Generator is around the north side.” Rodney said as he shut down the engine.

“Looks pretty, how much land up here does he own?” I asked as I got gingerly out of the jeep CJ.

“All of it.” He laughed. “The whole mountain top is theirs. They inherited it from her dad who was a logger way back when. They still log it. From what I understand the logging income pays for the taxes and expenses.”

“If they own all of it, how far to the closest neighbor?”

“Oh, only about three or four miles down the mountain. The Carlisle’s place is the closest. There’s a radio in the cabin if you need something, but they had me stock it up for you so everything you need should be here. The lake has bass, brown trout, and a variety of pan fish.” He said as he unloaded my pack of fishing gear.

“I don’t suppose he has a boat up here?”

“Yeah, he has a small boat on shore near the pier. It has a small electric motor on a solar charger.”

“Seems like he thought about everything.” I said as I picked up my pack and rods.

“Almost.” He said as he got into his jeep. “I don’t know why he didn’t just have you drive their hummer up here.”

“No idea. Maybe it’s so I was a captive. Force me to relax or something?” I said with a chuckle.

“Maybe!” He said as he cranked the engine. “See you around!”

I watched him bounce off down the road and realized I really was, for all practical purposes, a captive here. There was no doubt that Joe and Angie had planned this very well to force me to relax a bit. Part of me wondered what other surprises they had in store for me besides Angie’s little trick of spiriting away my duffel bag so all I had was the clothing I wore.

I trudged up the winding grassy path toward the cabin. It was a single story silivri escort of large brown log construction, easily twenty feet wide and eighty or more long. It had a large porch that ran the length of the building with an overhanging roof to protect it from the weather, and a number of lounge chairs set on it. I stepped up the front stairs and turned to look out over one of the most scenic views I could ever remember. Before me lay a long valley weaving between various sized mountains with miles and miles of fir trees making a green carpet extending down the valley and up the sides of the neighboring mountains; thinning to a green speckle as they approached each gray rock peak. The view would have been spectacular at any time, but with the sun sinking down toward the distant peaks, the few clouds that were hanging over the peaks were changing from fluffy white to burnt orange. I stood mesmerized at the beauty of the scene before me, the sun slowly being impaled by one of the distant peaks, the triangle bite taken out of the orange disk growing by the moment as if it were sinking into the mountain itself.

“Now I know why they keep coming back up here.” I said to myself as I turned toward the front door, the only remains of the sun an orange tint to the sky. I stepped through the unlocked door and reached for the light switch, realizing belatedly that there wasn’t any electricity to run things. Retreating back out into the quickly growing night I made my way around to the side of the building and found the generator set. I opened the control panel and a small lamp in the panel flicked on, glowing yellow and lighting the panel enough for me to see the starting instructions. The propane powered generator had simple enough controls, a run/stop switch, a start button and a main circuit breaker. I flicked the run switch on and pressed the starter button. The engine turned over quickly, the battery obviously having more than enough charge to spin it in this warm weather. Within seconds the engine had coughed to life and settled to a steady hum that was surprisingly quiet.

With power on, the cabin glowed gently and pools of light splashed on the ground from nearly all the windows. I closed the compartment door, quieting the system even further, before heading back into the cabin. I explored my temporary home, finding two bedrooms, a spacious sitting room, a large kitchen that seemed to have all the needed accoutrements, including a gas powered refrigerator that seemed to be stocked with anything I might need. My last discovery was more surprising, a hot tub sitting on a back deck that was apparently heated by gas, since it was already warm. The deck dropped off to a wooden walkway that was lined with solar powered lights and wound across the back yard toward a similarly lit dock extending out onto a glass smooth lake.

I walked the length of the boardwalk and out onto the dock, enjoying the sounds of the night, the stress of the trip flowing out and dissipating with the last bits of daylight.

I was finally driven back to the cabin by the arrival of the aircraft sized mosquitoes, closing the sliding screen door on the back deck to shut the flying pests out. I settled into a lounge chair by the hot tub and listened to the sounds of Mother Nature, barely disturbed by the gentle hum of the generator.

It was hours later when I awoke, having fallen asleep in my chair, the trip having apparently gotten the best of me. I found the bedroom, stripped off my clothes and dropped onto the bed before the sound of the generator reminded me it was still running. I slipped on my hiking boots and headed out to shut it down, not bothering to dress remembering Angie’s insistence that she didn’t have to worry about clothes up here due to the lack of neighbors. The thought of her running around naked immediately brought my underutilized member to attention. With the lights now off and a few battery powered nightlights providing some illumination, I made my way back onto the cabin and to bed.


The morning had already made its appearance before I awoke, the sounds of the birds in the trees making a pleasant backdrop instead of the usual alarm clock. I pulled on a pair of shorts I had brought and found a pair of flip-flops near the closet. The morning air was cool, probably only in the high sixties, but the forecast was for a blistering hot day, even up on the mountain. I walked to the end of the dock and quickly decided that breakfast could wait as I surveyed the lake.

The lake looked to be nearly half a mile long with a winding and rounded shoreline. Much of the shoreline was covered with fallen trees and low growth hanging over or in the water. This looked like it would make wonderful cover for fish. The remaining shoreline seemed to be either grassy or in a few cases, sandy, mostly clear of underbrush, leaving it open as it extended up into the fir woods. The water was merter escort smooth as a mirror, the rays of the morning sun bouncing off toward me making me hold my hand over my eyes like a shade. I simply couldn’t imagine a more idyllic setting to try to let go of so much that was bottled up within me.

With my mind full of turmoil, I headed to the cabin to get my gear and lose myself in some relaxing fishing. I had my rods and tackle and was pushing the small plastic boat off shore, getting ready to do battle with the mountain lakes inhabitants.

As the morning wore on I found enjoyment at that abundance of fish I had caught, keeping a couple for dinner and tossing the rest back. The heat had slowly crept in with the morning sun and I was soon feeling the impact of the thinner air and lack of clouds as the rays cleared the trees and started beating down on both the lake and myself. I decided it was time to take care of breakfast and headed the small boat back to shore. Leaving my gear in the boat I beached it and set about cleaning my catch.

True to her word, Angie had stocked the fridge with anything I would need, and several things I doubted I would. What, for instance, would I do with a bottle of cold Champaign? I just wasn’t that much of drinker, and she knew that. Just the same, she had stocked enough food in the large refrigerator to feed several people for a week. Choosing some nice thick cut bacon and eggs, I made myself a nice breakfast, including toast. I was surprised that I didn’t have to turn on the generator and finally realized that the cabin had to be using solar power during the day, which was confirmed with a quick look at the south facing roof. That also explained the quiet bubbling going on in the hot tub as I walked past.

With breakfast done and the dishes cleaned up, I headed back out to the dock to sit and enjoy the day. I spent a long time looking at the water and looking into myself, wondering if everyone was right and it was time to start looking for companionship once again. My kids were right of course; my wife would not have wanted me to become a hermit. She had always been one to encourage me to try things and enjoy life to the fullest. I just never expected to end up outliving her. After sitting for a long time I realized that the heat of the day had started to bake me, giving my skin a pink tinge and make the lake look very inviting for a swim. I hadn’t brought a suit with me and with a bit of trepidation, stood up and looked around before stripping down and slipping gingerly into the lake.

I found it, as Angie had said, fun and somewhat liberating to be completely naked out here with no worries about anyone to see you. I had skinny-dipped with my wife a few times, but being in the water with her naked had always turned quickly sexual. This time however sex was not on the docket and I found it surprisingly liberating to just enjoy the water naked.

After swimming for a short time I pulled myself out of the lake and lay back on the chair to let the sun dry my now cooled skin. Once dry I headed to the cabin to find some sun block.

Returning to my chair I sat down and began to cover myself in the creamy lotion, the light breeze that had kicked up cooled my skin even further as I applied the lotion. The feeling of the sun and lotion on my skin mixed with the memories of rubbing my wife’s body with sun block, first teasing my hands into her top and eventually working her entire swim suit off. Closing my eyes I pictured her in my boat as I slowly worked her suit down her body, exposing more and more of her creamy skin to my touch; my hands in the here and now were stroking my rock hard cock with the lotion. I could almost feel her hot pussy around my cock as I stroked it and thought of how I had pressed her back against the engine housing, leaning her back onto the padded cover and pulling her suit down her legs. Dropping it to the floor I could remember teasing her hot wet lips with my engorged head and slowly pressing it into her. I stroked in and out of her hot pussy, my hands traveling up her body to rub and squeeze her cream covered tits, the sound of her pleasured moans filling the small secluded bay we were anchored in.

My hand continued to stroke my hard cock as my mind pictured her body tensing and jerking as her orgasm washed over her, her squeaks and groans pushing me over the edge. My body jerked and my engorged cock spurted cum, in my mind into her hot pussy, each jerk of my body launching another lance of hot cum into her. Panting I finally pulled my cum covered cock from her and helped her up, pulling her to me and holding her close while we kissed softly and wetly.

I looked around a bit guiltily as I stood up, cum sliding down my chest and dripping off my cheek. I stepped over to the water and stepped in, squatting down to splash water up and wash my white juice off my body. Finally rinsed, I climbed mecidiyeköy escort back onto the deck and walked over to the chair, swiping cum off the back where it had missed my head and landed on the back of the lounge chair. I was a bit surprised at how much, and how forcefully, I had cum.

Dropping back onto the chair I got the lotion out and re-covered the places I had washed to ensure I was not going to burn any further, and allowed the sun to warm my body as I laid my head back to ponder why that particular image had come to mind. It had been a long time since I had even felt the desire to do anything sexual, let alone sit in the outdoors and jack off. Even more surprising was that the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was still turned on and enjoying the sensations of the sun and wind on my naked body, much as I had years ago on the few occasions that I had coaxed my wife to get naked with me. But here I was alone, my mind wandering to the thoughts of her naked body once again.

Lunch time snuck up on me as I lay there, my stomach growling in complaint as I was drawn from the nap I had slipped into. Fortunately the shadows had moved across me and prevented me from frying my white skin to a crisp. I got up and headed for the cabin, thoughts of food replacing the thoughts of sex that had my hard cock swinging like a flag pole as I walked. It only took a few minutes to find the makings for a large sandwich and to my surprise, cold diet soda’s that were my favorite kind. Angie had done her work thoroughly, but as my mind flashed to her, it also flashed to the time I had seen her in a very skimpy yellow bikini, one of her tits accidently slipping out of the too small cup and giving me a brief flash of nipple while she helped me load my car for the trip to the lake. I could remember watching her the rest of that day, wondering if the several quick glimpses of her nipples and one “accidental” view of her pussy were, in retrospect, really accidental. At the time, being married, it was a nice show, but I would never have thought of doing anything. Now however, if she showed up that way I suddenly realized that I would actively try to see more of her and if given the chance sink my again hard cock into her hot pussy.

On a whim I headed to the master bedroom and opened a few drawers, quickly finding her underwear drawer. I had no idea what I was actually doing, searching through Angie’s personals, but I seemed to be thinking more with my hard on than with my brain as I pulled one sexy panty from the drawer after another. Some of the tiny panties seemed almost too small to go onto her curvy figure, and some of the lacy bras clearly couldn’t contain her huge tits completely. There was no doubt that some of these were strictly for play, which led me to the next obvious thing to find, the video collection.

One drawer near the big screen TV mounted on the wall opposite the bed was filled with movies of various types, including a significant amount of porn. Their tastes seemed to vary widely from outdoor action to threesomes and a certain amount of school girl and nurse type games. My little adventure through her drawers had really opened my eyes to what Angie was capable of. The last drawer I opened really surprised me though. The lower drawer on one bedside stand had a surprising assortment of vibrators, dildos, silk ropes and even handcuffs. I pulled a few out and looked them over before carefully putting them all back. My cock was throbbing by the time I was done and it only took me a few moments to decide to turn on a video.

I dug through the drawer looking for something good to jack off to; I found a couple unmarked ones in the bottom. Popping one into the DVD player I turned on the LCD and sat on the end of the bed to see what it had. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the image of Angie, completely naked and tied to the bed, flashed up on the screen.

The camera angle indicated that it had been sitting on the drawer unit under the TV looking at the bed, Angie’s bare pussy fully on display between her spread legs, each leg tied to a corner of the bed. A female giggle that didn’t belong to Angie preceded another slim, naked woman who must have turned on the camera before crawling onto the bed over Angie. I watched her large tits sway back and forth as she crawled onto the bed and then up over Angie’s body, giving me a quick view of both their tits and pussies at the same time. She settled her body down, leaving her ass in the air, her big tits pressed against Angie’s stomach. The view I had in front of me was incredible, two wet pussies on display in front of me as she knelt over Angie, obviously sucking on her huge tits. I scooted up on the bed, leaning against the headboard, my hard cock now sitting about where the other woman’s mouth had to be.

Angie was quickly writhing and squirming under the attentions of the other woman’s mouth, her hand soon moving between Angie’s legs and stroking her finger up between her wet lips. I stroked my cock as I watched her finger slip inside Angie’s pussy, plunging deep inside her and pulling back out, glistening with her juices. I heard Angie cry out the name “Lisa” as the other woman plunged her finger in again, pushing it deeper and from the movement of her hand, wiggling it deep inside her.

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