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All characters are adults over the age of 18.


“That’s perfect, Dia. Just perfect. Move your right leg forward. A little more. You make those clothes look beautiful. I wish you could see how you look through the viewfinder.”

Don pushed the shutter over and over, capturing images of Dia modeling a brightly colored sundress that went well with her light brown skin. He took fashion photos for a client who sold clothes online, and they liked seeing pictures of models of all different ethnicities. Dia’s mother was from India and her father was from Italy, giving their daughter a particularly attractive blend of ethnic features.

Don loved using Dia as a model, and he hoped he’d be able to keep using her for a long time. But a big part of his hope had nothing to do with how good she looked in his camera. Every time Dia posed for Don – every single time – they had sex afterward. Posing aroused her. She liked the kind of attention Don gave her as she posed. She especially liked the non-stop stream of compliments he made as he took her photos.

“Give me a bigger smile. Show me some of those beautiful teeth. That’s it. Perfect,” he said.

Don’s compliments were intended to encourage his models to do their best, and it helped that they could tell he always told them the sincere truth about themselves. Don’s artistic nature made him particularly sensitive to all aspects of beauty, and he found ways to tell each woman what made them special in his eyes.

It was good for their egos, but it also made some of the women feel attracted to Don. He was young, fit and handsome, and all that was nice, but he has one special quality that makes him different from other men.

Lots of pretty girls fantasize about modeling; Don has the power to make those fantasies real.

Don’t imagine that Don is a high-profile celebrity photographer who worked with supermodels and paid women thousands of dollars for a single shoot. He didn’t work for top designers who sold high priced couture.

Don’s models posed in mid-priced clothing sold online. He paid them reasonable fees, but the most important thing he provided was self-esteem. He made them feel beautiful. And he made it possible for them to brag to their friends that they were fashion models – actual fashion models. That was important to girls like Dia. She felt energized every time Don took her picture.

For a while, the fact that modeling aroused her was not enough to make Dia want to seduce Don. But she realized something important after she’d worked for him for a few weeks. The clothing retailers who employed Don wanted him to constantly find new models. They didn’t want girls who’d posed in their spring fashions to show up again modeling summer clothes.

Dia figured out quickly that Don would replace her with a new girl unless she did something to prevent that. She realized that Don would figure out ways to keep her modeling if she gave him sex.

It was a simple plan, and it worked.

“OK, I think we got it,” Don said. “That’s a good day’s work. Would you like a drink? I’m ready to relax,” he said.

“I’d love a cocktail,” Dia said. She was 20 years old – too young to purchase alcohol legally – so she liked it whenever Don offered her a drink. It made her feel older and sophisticated.

Dia walked over to Don and put one arm around him. “That was fun,” she said. “Would you like me to come back at the same time next week?”

“I think we’re going to take next week off,” Don said. “This is the last of the summer collection. I’ll call you after I get the first shipment of the fall line.” He pulled her tighter. “You’ll make the autumn clothes look beautiful, of course, but I’ll miss seeing you in all those revealing summer fashions.”

Dia smiled. Don never ran out of ways to compliment her.

“You just like seeing me in a bikini,” she laughed.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Don said.

They went to the kitchen so Don could get a blender and make Dia’s favorite drink.

“Margarita?” he asked.

“Please,” she said.

Since Dia was particularly fond of Margaritas, Don always kept the ingredients. Some of his models liked wine. Some liked beer. Some liked shots. Don kept his liquor cabinet well-stocked escort bursa so he could always give them whatever they wanted.

He blended the drinks and poured them into glasses, then led Dia to the couch in his sitting room and put some soft jazz on the stereo. He turned down the lighting. This was the way they always finished the day’s business and got ready to have fun.

They both felt good. They both knew what was about to happen, and they were glad. They weren’t in love, but they felt real affection for each other, and they both were happy to enjoy no-strings sex after a shoot.

“You probably know this already, but we’re going to need to make you look different when you pose in next season’s fashions,” Don said. “You’ve appeared in several cycles of the client’s catalogs, and they don’t like seeing the same girls over and over.

“But I really want to keep working with you. I think there are a lot of things we can do to change your appearance enough to keep the client happy. Nothing crazy. Maybe we can change the way you style your hair. Change your makeup. That kind of thing.”

“I’ll do whatever you want, Don,” Dia said. “As long as we can keep working together.”

“Give it some thought. Maybe you can put your hair in an updo. I love the way your hair falls over your shoulders, but pinning it up is easy.”

“Should I change the color?” Dia said.

“No! God no! Your natural hair color is perfect! Dyeing your hair would be like vandalizing a work of art. I have no desire to spray graffiti on the Mona Lisa.”

Dia laughed. He’d done it again! It seemed he could compliment her without even trying.

“I could change the color of my lipstick and nail polish,” she said.

“Sure. That’s good! I notice that you tend to wear minimal make-up. Maybe we could come up with a look that uses more eyeshadow,” Don said.

“I’ll work on it,” Dia said.

By this time both of them were feeling the effects of the cocktails. Dia wasn’t wearing a bra or panties under the sundress she’d just modeled. Her breasts were small and very perky, so she didn’t really need a bra; skipping underwear made sure the camera didn’t accidentally capture an errant bra strap or visible panty line. But going naked under the dress also aroused Dia. She wanted to take Don to bed. Immediately.

She finished the drink, put down her glass, and sat on his lap. “What do you want to do now?” she asked, batting her eyes theatrically.

Don answered by unzipping the back of her dress and pulling it down in front to expose breasts the size of small apples. Dia’s dark brown nipples were already erect, and she trembled when he caressed them. His hands were soft and warm.

He leaned forward and sucked one nipple between his lips. Don reached under Dia’s skirt, running his hand up the inside of her leg until he reached her warm pussy. He began stroking her outer lips, and it wasn’t long until she was wet and ready for more.

“Let’s get you out of this dress,” Don said.

Dia stood up and the dress fell to the floor. She slipped off her shoes, then walked naked to Don’s bedroom. Her pussy lips were so wet that they squished as she stepped down the hall. The anticipation was exquisite.

Dia laid down in the bed and looked up at Don. “Aren’t you going to take off your clothes?” she asked.

Don removed his shirt and lowered his pants. He took a long moment to gaze at Dia’s nude form, from her pretty little feet to her lovely face. Dia loved being adored like this. Most men have a cock and two balls, but Don’s most important sex organs were his eyes. Dia felt his gaze roam all over her body. It was a kind of subtle foreplay she particularly enjoyed.

He laid next to Dia on bed, raising himself up on one elbow so he could see her whole body better. He took her chin in one hand and held her steady as he kissed her. He kissed her again, and again, and soon Dia was panting from excitement. She would have been happy if Don simply climbed on top of her and started making love, but Don liked going slow, so he allowed his hands to feel Dia everywhere. He lavished kisses on her breasts and began to suck and lick her hard nipples. One hand moved over her flat belly. Dia spread her legs, inviting Don to touch her pussy.

He bursa merkez eskort massaged her outer lips, then gradually moved closer and closer to her slit. She gasped when Don gently ran one finger up and down her wet flesh. He avoided touching her clit, but he felt her everywhere else, and eventually Don pressed one finger inside. The slow in-and-out movements felt like a small cock, making Dia hungry for more.

“You’re driving me crazy,” Dia said finally. “Give me what I want. Please.”

He pushed a second finger inside and went deeper, seeking out the sensitive flesh of her G-spot. He rubbed it again and again, and Dia began moaning as the waves of pleasure spread from deep inside her.

Sometimes Dia felt guilty when Don was giving her such nice foreplay. She thought she should do something to make him feel as good as he made her feel, but Don’s erotic touch often paralyzed her. She used one hand to rub his cock through his boxers. Soon Dia reached inside the waistband and wrapped her fingers around his erection.

That’s when Don did something he’d never tried with Dia. He pulled his fingers from inside her pussy, then smeared the wetness all over one nipple. It was sensuous and stimulating in an unexpected way. He rubbed around and around the nipple, then removed his hand and sucked the nipple into his mouth. It was completely unexpected. Don had found a new way to let Dia know how much he enjoyed the taste of her arousal.

He put his fingers back inside her pussy, pushed them in and out a few times, then pulled out and smeared the juice around her other nipple. When he began to suck and nibble the aroused tip of that breast, it felt as though a hot wire ran from Dia’s nipples to her pussy. It was such a creative way to make love. Don always found new ways to arouse her.

He surprised her again when he used his wet fingers to smear wetness over her lips. When he kissed her, Dia and Don both got a taste of her pussy. He smeared the juicy fragrance over her upper lip and the bottom of her nose, forcing her to inhale her own scent. Dia’s regular boyfriend sometimes ate her pussy, but he lacked the lusty enthusiasm Don showed in such abundance.

Don took his wet fingers and pushed them between Dia’s lips, sliding his fingers in and out of her mouth. It was as though her mouth was a pussy, and his fingers were a cock. Dia got a long, strong taste of her own juices. She liked the confident, assured way Don made her do things she’d never done before. He acted as though no reasonable women could possible object to having her mouth fucked by two fingers dripping with pussy juice. The way Don made it happen never gave Dia an opportunity to object to anything. She had no choice but to enjoy it all.

He decided it was finally time to pay attention to Dia’s clit. He slid his fingers inside her and began stroking her G-spot again. Then he began using his thumb to massage her clit. It felt like a jolt of electricity.

“Ohhh!” she said, jerking her hips upward. The sudden rush of feelings made her pussy throb as her orgasm began. Don felt the muscles of her vagina contracting. He saw the same thing happen at the same time to her tiny brown butthole.

It clenched and unclenched, a sight so erotic that Don told himself he needed to introduce Dia to anal sex soon. Dia wasn’t a virgin, and that she had a boyfriend, but she’d let Don know her experience with other men was limited and restricted to vanilla sex. She’d loved the mildly kinky things they’d done together so far, and he was sure she’d feel the same about more exotic kinds of sex.

He removed his fingers and backed away as Dia’s climax faded. He watched her body relax, and he heard her let out a long, satisfied sigh. He’d done a fine job making Dia feel good.

Now, it was his turn. Don crawled up the bed until he was face-to-face with Dia.

“You are amazing,” he whispered.

He lined up his cock with her entrance, then slowly pressed forward. He moved back and forth as gently as he could, pressing the head of his cock against her pussy but not yet going inside. His intention was to get Dia so excited she’d beg for his cock.

He went deeper and deeper with every thrust, but it wasn’t enough bursa sınırsız escort for Dia. She pushed her hips upward, trying to encourage him to press all the way inside her.

It didn’t work. Don pulled away every time Dia moved toward him.

“Don… please… don’t make me wait,” Dia said.

He pushed the head of his cock all the way inside, drawing a gasp from Dia.

“Is that better?” he asked.

“Yes… God yes,” she said. “Give me all of it. Please.”

That was not going to happen. Not yet. Don pressed in deeper, and deeper, and eventually his cock was about half way inside her pussy. It felt fabulous, but Dia wanted more. She wanted Don balls-deep inside her. She reached around and put her hands on his ass, trying to pull him closer. She made little grunts and groans as she did all she could to encourage him to quit stalling and just fuck her already.

It took some time, but Don eventually gave her what she wanted. He pushed his cock all the way inside, paused for a moment, then pulled all the way out. He did it again, and again, and Dia realized she was going to climax again.

“I’m going to cum,” she whispered. “You’re going to make me cum.”

That was fortunate, because Don needed to climax soon. Dia was a very stimulating young woman. She had a tight pussy that seemed to clutch at his cock, and he couldn’t take much more. He hoped he lasted long enough to give Dia one more orgasm. The pressure building in his cock meant his control was almost gone.

Don pounded into Dia’s pussy until his climax began. He came again and again and again, flooding her with his cum. He ‘d waited long enough, and this climax felt like a fitting reward for giving Dia so much pleasure. He finished cumming but kept pounding away as long as his cock remained hard. It finally made Dia climax one more time. Her last orgasm wasn’t as powerful as her others, but it was a nice way for her to finish.

Don always made Dia feel sexy and satisfied. She wished her boyfriend made her feel this way. The boyfriend was a nice man, and Dia enjoyed his company in and out of bed, but he just didn’t have Don’s skill as a lover. Dia hoped her affair with Don continued a long, long time. She used to feel guilty about cheating on her boyfriend, but she didn’t feel that way anymore. Sex with Don came with no commitments, and it wasn’t something she was willing to give up. He had fucked all the guilt out of her.

They cuddled for several minutes. Dia could tell that Don deposited a particularly big load of cum in her pussy. She felt it dribbling out when his cock got soft and slipped away.

Her pussy felt good. Don gave her a nice workout down there, and she’d feel the difference for a few hours at least. She liked having such a vivid reminder of the fact that she got good sex so often; from what her girlfriends said, most women aren’t so lucky.

Dia wanted to hang around and spend more time with Don, but she had to leave. She had an evening class that night, and her boyfriend wanted to get together after that. Dia liked having sex with more than one man in a single day. It made her feel like a modern, liberated woman. Her boyfriend was good to her, but they weren’t in love, and they didn’t expect their relationship would last forever.

Dia felt her life was just the way she wanted it right then. She was in no hurry to find Mr. Right and be faithful to just one man.

“I’ll look forward to seeing you next time,” Dia said in the sexiest tone she could manage.

Don smiled and hugged her. “I can’t wait,” he said, kissing her.

It was quiet in the house after Dia left. Don’s bedroom smelled like sex. The sheets on the bed were in disarray. In the morning he was shooting a sweet young woman named Tina, who also liked having sex afterward. Don realized that he’d need to change his sheets tomorrow, and that it would probably be a good idea to spray the room with air freshener.

That would have to wait until morning. Don needed to work for a few hours processing his backlog of images of Dia and some other models. He didn’t make a lot of money on individual photos; his success was based on his ability to take a large number of pictures quickly. His studio was a photographic assembly line.

It wasn’t the kind of artistic photography he hoped to do when he was in art school, but he made a good living. And the benefits were great, he thought, remembering all the models he slept with regularly.

I may not be the richest guy in my graduating class, but I’ll bet I get the most pussy, he thought to himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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