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Well, here’s my Nude Day Story Contest 2022 entry. First time, exhibitionism, and outdoor sex. I hope you like it.


I yawned and glanced at the rearview mirror. My passenger was curled up under a blanket in the back seat, dead to the world. I smiled and squinted out the windscreen into the rising sun. Jane was a good kid, well, now a young lady. She’d wandered into the club about five years previously, a lost-looking skinny girl who seemed very unsure of herself. Initially, I only quickly glanced at her and went back to scoring the game.

The club captain bustled over to chat with the newcomer. Shortly after, they stood beside me and Lynn explained the layout of the court and the basic rules.

“Andy, this is Jane. She’s interested in playing but doesn’t know much about the game. Can you take her to court three when you’re finished and run her through the basics? I believe you don’t have a game tonight.”

“Yeah, Sean’s had to work. No worries Lynn. Hand out, five-three.” I quickly looked at Jane before the game below restarted. “Hi, Jane. Nice to meet you. Hopefully, these guys will finish soon, and then we’ll go downstairs. NO LET! Mate, you were miles away. Point, six-three. Left box.”

Jane looked down at the club’s two best male players. “They don’t seem to be running a lot.”

I chuckled at that. “They’re very good at judging the ball’s flight and making sure they’re in the right position to play the next shot. Unlike me, who runs around like a mad thing. Point, seven-three, right. No, your other right, Steve.”

Jane smiled at my standard squash humour. She asked a few questions but mostly watched the game intently. After the game, I picked up my racquet and a club spare. “So why squash? We don’t get many newcomers whose family isn’t playing already.”

“Saw the flyer at school. Just thought I’d give it a try.” she softly replied.

“Glad that flyer worked. Ok, I’ll try and not scare you off.”

Jane wasn’t scared. I could tell she had great natural ability from the moment she gripped the racquet. I played her for about a year but she soon outpaced me. By the time she turned eighteen she was a multiple club champ and had represented us at various tournaments around the state. The girl was good.

Which led to why Jane was curled up in the back seat of my car. She’d been invited to play in the State championships, and I’d been asked to officiate. Yay me! I had the skills needed to mop down a court and maybe score a minor match. I looked back at the tangle of arms and legs protruding out from under the blanket and smiled. I’d started playing around the same age as when Jane turned up, but I hadn’t really improved much. I was, and always would be, a mug player.

Lynn said she didn’t like to gossip, but she was very happy to tell you stories about the townspeople whether you wanted to hear them or not. She thought Jane was such a nice girl, but it was a shame her mother left her father. Then mum moved back with her new boyfriend and his kids, and her dad had a new, much younger girlfriend in the same house. It was scandalous that Jane was exposed to such bad parenting, Lynn breathlessly announced.

I tried to ignore Lynn. Jane wasn’t my child, and she looked thin but fed, shy but not skittish, and reasonably dressed. It was obvious the family didn’t have a lot of money, but she seemed ok. I suspected one reason she initially played squash was that it was a relatively cheap sport that got her out of the house for a while, but her skill changed that to total enjoyment. It had been great to watch the transformation.

I heard her shuffling and a yawn as she sat up. “Good morning again. How are you?”

Jane pushed the blanket away and looked blearily out of the side window. “Fine thanks. How long was I asleep?”

“Nearly an hour.”

“Oh, sorry. I’m not very good company, am I?”

“Don’t worry about it. You’re competing. You need to be well rested. Me, I’ll be doing mundane things that I can do with a lot of coffee to keep me firing.”

Jane smiled and it transformed her face. She normally looked – I don’t know. Not sad or depressed. Maybe somewhere in the middle. Her smile though was magnificent. Her eyes sparkled, she radiated happiness, her lips looked…

Great. Anyway. I inhaled deeply and booted the early morning thoughts about my young passenger out the window. Not the thing to think about.



“Thanks for looking after me.” She shifted to the middle seat and leaned forward between the front seats. “I really enjoy coming to squash, but I probably would have given up early on if it wasn’t for you. Nobody really believes in me. You do, and I’m so grateful for that.”

“Ah, no worries. You’ve probably guessed by now we don’t get many new members, so we need to encourage anyone who comes through the door. I was lucky Lynn asked me to help you.” Jane leaned back and stared out the side window. I squinted out the windscreen, hoping Keçiören Escort for a bit of cloud or a turn in the road to get away from the blinding sun belting me from the horizon. “I hear you’re joining the Army at the end of the year. Any particular area?”

Jane’s face lit up again. “Yeah, I’ve been accepted. Not sure what I’ll be doing. Hopefully driving or logistics, but I have to go for a skills test soon. That’ll make things a bit clearer.”

I nodded, “Well, it’ll be a shame to see you go but it’s great you’re doing what you want. You don’t want to let a good opportunity slip by.”

She turned and looked out the window again. “True. Very true. Mum said I always wanted to join the Army.” She turned forward and stared at my reflection. She wouldn’t have made a good poker player. Her eyes darted around, her mouth slightly opened and closed and she pinched her nose. Something big was on her mind, and she was having trouble finding the words.

After about five minutes she asked. “Can I ask you a serious question? It’s something I’ve wanted to ask for a while, but it’s… Well, it’s embarrassing.”

“Sure. No need to be embarrassed. I’ll give you a straight answer if I can.”

“Do you want to have sex with me?”

I slowly inhaled. That stumped me. I wasn’t expecting that, and I wasn’t sure how to answer. I decided to buy some time with a bit of humour. Empathy is not my strong suit, but I did realise this kid needed careful handling.

“Is that a question or a request? I’m umm, interested either way… And why are you asking now?”

“Can I sit in the front?”

“Of course. Do you want me to stop?”

“Nah. I can climb across. I’m skinny.” In a flurry of arms and legs, she was sitting beside me and I still had no idea what to say. Still, I did say I’d give her a straight answer, and I’m a terrible liar. I decided to go with the honest approach.

“Welcome aboard Jane. So, let’s assume you had a question. Well, I’m a guy. If you asked that to most blokes, they’d say ‘Hell yeah.’ I’m no different. At some level, yes, I would consider having sex with you.”

“Oh,” Jane replied. She looked down and started to examine her fingernails. Obviously, that wasn’t the response she was after.

I pursed my lips, then slowly exhaled. This was heading into potentially dangerous territory. Jane was nineteen, so no dramas there. My marriage was at an interesting point, with Kirby and her new teaching degree working at a remote school in the middle of Western Australia. She had been home for a total of eight weeks over the last three years, and I was getting very frustrated on so many levels. Still, I was supposed to be Jane’s chaperon. I thought back to when I was her age. I was awkward around girls and dreamed of having one of the women wandering around the Uni campus take pity on me. Really, this was pretty much the same. My hesitation crumbled.

“Well,” I said carefully, “If it’s a request, I have to ask why? I mean, I’m twice your age. Surely you could find a good looking guy around your age who’d be happy to help if you want a bit of fun.”

She slumped down in the seat and chewed a nail. “I can’t ask anyone. I’m still a virgin.”

“Ah. I see.” I didn’t see. I wasn’t sure why that would stop her from getting a guy to do her. Being a nineteen year old virgin was probably unusual in our relatively small town, but hell, I didn’t get lucky until I was twenty-one. And that was a sympathy fuck. My confusion must have been obvious. Jane straightened up and rapidly tapped her knee.

“Ok yes, I’ve had offers but I don’t want to be just a tick in some dickhead’s box. And most of the guys I sort of know are dickheads. You don’t mind me swearing a bit?” she asked anxiously.

I laughed involuntarily. Jane was detailing why she wanted me to fuck her, and she was worried I might be offended by her language. “No, all good. You know what Jamie and Klint’s like on the court. I’m surprised the court hasn’t turned blue.”

That got a laugh out of her, which was good to see. “Yeah, they are a bit rough. I was horrified when I first heard them, but now – it’s just them trying to get under each other’s skin.”

“Pretty much. Well, I’m going to be blunt if we’re going to talk about sex. You don’t know anyone fuckworthy. So why me?”

She wedged herself against the door and turned towards me. “I want to lose it before I enlist. Going in a virgin would be embarrassing, and I don’t see it as a big deal. Insert rod into hole and BAM! Job’s done. And I like and trust you. You could do it and not post it on Insta. I don’t want to leave here known as the cheap town bike.”

I was starting to get drawn into her idea. “Well, thanks. I like you too. I think you might find the reality of sex is a bit different to what you think it is. From what I understand, the feeling of a real penis in your vagina is a lot different to using something else.”

“I’ve never used Etimesgut Escort anything in there.”

That surprised me. “Nothing? Not even a finger? Or a tampon?” I blurted out and immediately regretted it.

“No, nothing. It’s a bit hard when there’s at least eight people living in our house, and two or three to a bedroom. No privacy at all. And I use pads. You think I’m weird.” Jane started to shrink again.

“Yeah nah, not at all. I guess it would be a bit tough.” I quickly replied. An idea was starting to form, something to try and drag a bit of confidence back out of Jane. We still had about a two hour drive ahead of us and stopping now for a quick fuck, no matter how tempting, just wasn’t going to happen. And I could sort of understand why Jane wanted me as her first. She just wanted to do it with someone who wouldn’t go around boasting about it until she left. Probably for good. “I guess you’ve never had any sort of orgasm then?”

“Not really. Well, maybe. I don’t know.”

“Ok. I think you need to figure out what you like before you let someone inside you. Look, you should enjoy sex. It shouldn’t be a chore, or a box ticking episode. Sometimes it can be ordinary, but mostly, it’s fun.”

“Ok,” Jane said slowly. “So you will… Fu… fuck me?”

I nodded, “Yes, yes I will. But there’s a couple of conditions. One, you need to jump back over into the rear and try and masturbate yourself to an orgasm. When we do it, I want you to guide me so you can hopefully come on my cock. It’s a big ask for your first time, but you never know. Sex is strange like that. Which leads to number two. I will only fuck you if you place in the top three. I know you can win, but if this is on your mind you won’t be focused on the game. So, no place, no sex. Deal?”

“Deal!” She launched herself over the centre console and hugged me. The car swerved violently as I momentarily lost the ability to steer. “Oops, sorry Andy. I won’t let you down. I’m going to win, and you’ll have to fuck me twice as hard.” Jane burst into a giggling fit. “That sounds so weird. I’ve never said that before.”

“Lucky there’s no one else crazy enough to be on the road this early on a Sunday. I guess today’s going to be full of first-time things for you.”

In another blur of arms and legs, Jane was over the back. “Is it ok to be naked while you drive?” she asked, her shirt halfway up her abdomen. A shocked look slowly moved across her face and she started to lower her shirt. “What do I do? I mean, I sort of know how but, you know…”

“You’re short on the details. No worries, I’m sure we can figure it out together.” That was another surprise, but I wasn’t going to ask about her masturbation history. “And I don’t think being naked in a car is illegal as long as you’re wearing your seatbelt.”

“Oh yeah.” She quickly clipped herself back in and sat up with her hands in her lap. I figured Jane now wanted me to instruct her.

“Ok, shirt off please.”

Jane licked her lips and smiled, and slowly removed the club shirt. She started to lift her crop top and I quickly said, “No. Wait. This needs to be sort of like a real make out session. Let me look at you while you run your fingers over your tummy and shoulders. Nothing else.”

She looked at me with a puzzled expression but did what I asked.

“Close your eyes. Just touch lightly, like someone is brushing you with a feather.” I adjusted the mirror so I could watch Jane and focus on staying on the road. She had filled out a bit over the years but was still thin. More athletic thin. I was pretty sure she would have been a great sprinter if she had decided on track and field.

“Take off your shoes and socks and put your feet on the centre console, please. Eyes closed.”

Jane nodded and pushed them off. A foot nudged me in the side and tickled as she wiggled her toes. I grasped it and gently squeezed. A barely audible sigh left her lips as I slid from toes to ankle, then back. They were quite callused, more than I expected and I had to press fairly hard on the ball to get a reaction. Her instep though – ticklish. One spot on her arch caused her to squirm and giggle. I eased away and started massaging each toe.

She was relaxing. I don’t think anyone outside her family had ever given her any serious physical contact. I somehow doubted Jane had got much from her family either. I may have had it wrong, but the very few times I had met either of her parents, it seemed like they felt their kids were an inconvenient outcome of sex. And her siblings were just ratty.

I kept my one-handed foot massage going, alternating between her feet. It wasn’t the most comfortable position for me but Jane was looking like she was genuinely feeling her body for the first time. Squeezing, rubbing, lightly scratching, a small smile on her face. Not the stilted, awkward way that she had started with.

Time for the next phase. “Jane, can you take off your Demetevler Escort crop please?”

She opened her eyes and smiled. The rising sun caught her face as she sat up and lit her messy long black hair. Her crop top was more for modesty than function, and I was looking forward to seeing her small tits.

She shyly put an arm over her chest as she removed her top. “They’re not very big.”

I said encouragingly, “They’re boobs. To guys, size really doesn’t matter. They may say it’s important, but a glimpse of a nipple, any nipple, would be appreciated. I know I like them a bit bigger, but there’s nothing wrong with yours. I’m sure they’re quite suckable.”

“Really? I thought most guys like big boobs. Huh.” She removed her arm and awkwardly squeezed her small tits. It was pretty obvious she wasn’t well built, but she did take after her mum in that area. Just a slight bump, and small, dark brown areoles surrounding what looked like a very small nipple.

“Beautiful.” I breathed, and I meant it.

Jane giggled and blushed deeply. “That’s bull. I’m not beautiful.”

“That’s your opinion, which is fine, but a lot of people think they’re just average. I know I did when I was your age. Seriously dorky.” I quickly bent down and kissed her big toe. “Then I met someone who really liked me, and my world changed. Hopefully, those things in your future will change you too. If you want it.”

Jane stared at her toe and slowly wiggled it like she couldn’t believe I’d just kissed it. “You ok?” I asked.

Jane nodded. “Yeah, thanks. Just thinking. Suckable…” She moved back to the middle seat, lifted her leg and gently placed it on my shoulder. I rubbed my cheek against her, glad that I hadn’t bothered shaving. The scratchiness added something for me. I turned as far as I dared and licked the side of her foot. “Eww, that’s gross.” she giggled.

Jane was relaxing more and starting to react to what I was doing, so I decided to push her boundaries a little. “Oh, that’s nothing. You have a nice foot. Besides, I can’t really kiss anything else at the moment. Like your fanny, for example. I think it would be very tasty.”

She giggled even more and slid an arm back over her boobs, but the other looked like it involuntarily dropped between her legs. “My fanny… Oh, I don’t know if I could let someone do that. I mean, it’s where I pee from.”

I shrugged and went back to massaging her foot. “It’s up to you. All the women I’ve been with like it, and I don’t mind as long as they haven’t had a leak recently. To be honest, I feel that if someone is prepared to let me have sex with them, then kissing their clit is the least I can do.”

“Oh. Well, what if a guy asks me to kiss his thingy?”

“That’s also up to you. Only do what you’re comfortable with, but sex is a two way thing. Maybe try sucking a cock for a bit, but don’t let them come in your mouth. And if they don’t want to go down on you, don’t go down on them. That’s only fair.”

Jane leaned back and looked out the side window with a thoughtful expression on her face. The fact she was half naked driving along the highway with an older guy stroking and kissing her foot seemed to have gone out of her head. I was a bit worried about her being naked in the back. We had gone through a couple of small villages but were now heading along a dual carriageway and soon through larger towns. The back windows had a light tint, so hopefully, no one would notice the naked girl in the back. Particularly cars that had blue lights as decorations.

“I guess it’s just skin, isn’t it?” She leaned forward to grab my hand and gingerly licked a finger. “No different to that.”

“Not really. My dick’s a bit softer. Well, it’s actually pretty hard now…” Which was true. Very true. “Do you want to pretend my finger is a penis and suck it?”

“Maybe later. I really liked your massage. Can we keep going?”

“Sure. I think it’s time though, to remove your shorts and undies.”

Jane barely hesitated. The last of her clothing came off and her feet plonked back on the console before I had a chance to glimpse anything. All in good time.

“That was quick. You starting to enjoy it?”

Jane nodded shyly. She drew her feet back to the edge of the console and slowly spread her knees. “My umm… Fanny. No, my cunt. If I’m joining the Army, I should start using harder words. Shouldn’t I?”

I had watched her in the mirror, but I now took a long look over my shoulder. Jane had roughly shaved her pubic hair, and her clit hood just peeked out of her vulva. I took a deep breath and looked forward. “Just be yourself. I vary my lingo depending on who I talk to. Don’t force it otherwise you’ll just come off as a smartarse.”

I looked back over my shoulder and blew her a kiss. “You have a very nice fanny. I didn’t expect it to be shaved.” I reached out and drew her feet back towards me, slowly drawing the curtains back over my afternoon’s work. If only all my work could be so pleasant.

Jane rubbed her mound. “Thank you. I’d like to thank my mum for giving me something nice. Hasn’t given me much else,” she said bitterly. She scratched her stubble. “Yeah, I started a few months ago when I first thought of this. We’re only allowed a five minute shower so I can only do a bit at a time. Our hot water service isn’t very good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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