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Huge thanks to my editor WokeUpOneDay for the continued help and efforts. Please go and read his work also.

Hope you all enjoy this chapter of Wyatt and Karla’s adventure.

Chapter 8 is on the way.

Chapter 7

I wasn’t sure what time it was; at a guess probably about 9 o’clock. It was dark and my body felt tired. I needed rest. I quickly whipped up some pasta for me and my house guest while Karla sat on the sofa and found us something to watch. I brought the plates of food with me and sat beside her.

Karla had curled up on the sofa, clutching her legs, watching me as I walked by and sat down next to her. I offered her the plate which she snatched off of me like she hadn’t eaten in days.

“What?” She looked at me innocently. “I haven’t eaten all day.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “So what did you find to watch?”

“You have every channel! Movies, sports, documentaries and…” Karla looked at me with a devilish smile, “the porn channels…”

My face immediately went red. I had only been cooking for twenty minutes, if that. “Umm, yeah I think they came with one of the packages I bought a while back.”


Still a little embarrassed I tried to avoid eye contact with her.

“You don’t have to lie to me. I think it’s hot!”

My eyes locked straight on her in surprise.

“What? I watch porn too,” she spoke with pride.

“You do?”

“Of course I do. Everyone does.” She looked at me with a curious look. “You don’t get out much do you?”

“I get out, sometimes.” I didn’t sound convincing.

The TV automatically started playing the last channel that was watched. Luckily for me it was a wildlife documentary channel. We dived into our pasta, which was followed by some “mmm” noises.

“So, tell me, friends?”

“You mean do I have any or do I like the show?” I responded before shovelling more food into my hungry mouth.

“If you have any.” Karla looked at me questioningly, “Who doesn’t like ‘Friends’?”

I decided to ignore the second question. “Yes I have friends.”

“Oh my god you haven’t got any friends.” She sounded almost excited about it.

“I do! I just prefer a quiet night in over a raving headache-inducing night out. We get together for lunch from time to time.”

I wasn’t sure why but Karla seemed almost happy about it.

“I don’t have many friends either,” she spoke quietly, with a hint of sadness to her voice. “People can be so dramatic and selfish. I don’t know, I just prefer a good book and no company to a drama queen, or king, and enjoy a night in. I do however, go on holiday as often as I can and enjoy more silence by myself, but in another country.”

We both laughed in unison. It was so easy to talk to Karla, like she was a version of me that I didn’t know existed and was finally being introduced to.

We were halfway through our dinner when I noticed that Karla’s top buttons were undone, allowing me a view of her cleavage. She had done that on purpose.

As I was glancing at her chest, a piece of pasta fell down onto her boob and bounced to the side, finally resting on the line between her breasts. It looked good and all I could think about was diving over and licking the tomato sauce off her tit and finally eating the pasta. My mind was elsewhere as I watched her pick it up, continue to clean off her chest and lick her fingers clean. Karla was oblivious to the effect she was having on me, until she caught me staring while her finger was making its way out from her luscious lips.

She grinned. “If you want, I can take a picture of my chest and send it to you? You would save money on porn anyway,” she laughed.

“Sounds good to me,” I smirked.

“Maybe, if you’re lucky,” Karla winked and smiled at me before delving back into her food.

We finished our pasta quite quickly after that. I think we both wanted to talk and eating made that difficult to do. I had noticed that she kept her mouth closed while eating. It was only a small detail, but something like that had a large impact on me. Everything I learnt about her impressed me. I was excited to find where we could take this little adventure of ours.

Karla channel surfed for a while, trying to find something to watch. Eventually she came across a show about the different types of music and how they had progressed though the years. It was exactly the kind of show I would love to watch, but what I found strange was that we weren’t paying any attention to it. We were completely lost in conversation.

We stayed up for hours talking. It wasn’t the usual small talk about the weather, work or any other boring bollocks. It was about completely random topics, like aliens living among us, what we thought the future could have in store for us and how different the world would be if we could fly. It was so interesting: we were both on the same wavelength, and with every topic gone it created more and more topics which had us glued to each other.

I never thought I would be able to speak to someone with küçükçekmece escort such ease. At first I saw Karla as a beautiful woman with fantastic traits and a great attitude. But with each passing day I was introduced to a new section of her being. She was quickly becoming something more than what I expected.

“Mr. Goodwin informed me that I’ve got to attend a business trip with him and a few other floor managers on Wednesday. Luckily it’ll only last a few days and I should be back on the weekend.”

“What’s the trip for?” Karla looked almost sad.

“Health and safety course: protocol stuff like what to do in fires and other emergencies. Me, Mr. Goodwin and a few of the other higher ups will be coming too.”

“And that lasts a few days?”

“No. Only one usually, but Mr. Goodwin uses the time for us to let loose and have a mini-break. That usually includes very unhealthy eating and a lot of drinking,” I said rolling my eyes at the drinking part. “Not my cup of tea to be honest, but he’s done a lot for me over the years.”

“Sounds awful. I can face-time you while you’re away if you’d like? Maybe even do a little dance…”

This piqued my interest. I had never face-timed before, but the thought got my blood pumping to see Karla’s sexy side, dancing for me no less! “That might make it bearable…” I eyed her from the side.

“Might? I have this giant silky red ribbon I’ve been dying to try out. If you’re lucky I’ll send you a picture.” Karla wore that excited smile of hers while talking.

Immediately interested, I needed to know more. “A picture of it? Or of it wrapped around you?”

We were already sitting virtually on top of each other, but Karla now shifted closer to me, pressing against my chest while looking up into my eyes. Her gorgeous green eyes that…

“Of me, completely naked, apart from the ribbon of course.”

I didn’t think it was possible for her to be any hotter, but that image! Man I needed my hands on it!

“I don’t want to go on this trip!”

Karla laughed, and in turn I joined her.

“You’ll be fine boss. You might even make some friends,” she teased.

“I have friends!”

“Yeah yeah yeah, I know abou…”

Before Karla could continue the teasing I jumped on her. Pushing her down and placing my lips on hers.

We embraced in a long and passionate kiss which eventually caused us to fall on the floor. We didn’t break it and ended rolling around the room, grabbing at each others bodies while keeping our tongues dancing and knocking a small table over in the process. It was extremely hot, but I think we had both hit exhaustion around the same time.

I wanted nothing more than to rip our clothes off and fuck her brains out against the floor, but I could tell we were both running on steam. And besides, the next day was Sunday. After a moment more we got up, laughed and then smoothed our clothes out before picking up the things we knocked over.

I looked towards Karla after we had tidied up. “Probably a stupid question, but do you want to stay the night? You’re more than welcome to the spare bed again if you like.” I eyed her teasingly.

“Ok, I’ll take the spare bed.”

“Damn it! That backfired,” I thought.

“Ok, see you in the morning.” I turned around and began walking towards the stairs. I was wondering what she would do. Would she stop me? Would she sneak into the room or maybe she would actually sleep in the spare room just to make me feel bad. Just as I reached the stairs, something hit me in the back.

I turned around and looked down to see a pillow. Then I looked up at Karla who was stood looking insanely cute with her legs together, looking at the space between us.

“Can I sleep in your bed?” she asked looking up at me and batting her eyelashes.

How was I supposed to say no to that? I knew she was playing on my weak side, but it was working. “Come on,” I gestured to the stairs.

Karla’s face lit up while she ran towards me and planted a quick peck on my lips before bouncing her way up the stairs. Even though the trousers were too big for her, I still checked her out while she made her way up. She was on the top floor in seconds, soon followed by me.

By the time I reached the room Karla had already gone in, taken her trousers off, climbed under the covers and nestled into the middle of the bed. I took a moment and leant against the doorway.


“Nothing. Just admiring the naked woman in my bed.”

“You’d be so lucky. I’m still wearing the shirt.”

“Only the shirt?” I asked. The thought that she had only the shirt on excited me.

“Mmm. Come and find out,” Karla said shimmying under the sheets. I wasn’t sure if she was just getting comfy or she was taking more clothes off.

I walked into the room and started taking my own clothes off. Karla’s eyes were upon me every second that passed, so I decided to switch the light off and spoil her fun.

“No fair!”

“You şişli escort don’t get to enjoy me stripping if I don’t get to enjoy you stripping,” I stated.

“Ok fine,” she spoke with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “Or, I could make it up to you another time?”

I realised at that moment that I was never going to win anything with her, ever. I immediately turned the light back on which caused Karla to laugh.

“That’s a good boy. Oh, I mean, boss…” she said obviously pleased with herself.

I had never “performed” for someone else before so all I did was slowly remove the rest of my clothing, leaving my boxers on. This seemed to be enough to satisfy her, for now. I climbed into the bed beside her, reached out to grab hold of her and pulled her close to me. We started kissing again as my hands roamed her lower body.

I lowered my hand down her curves and came across fabric: she was still wearing underwear. I let out a sigh of disappointment that caused Karla to giggle against my lips. I noticed the curtains had been drawn closed; she must have done that before jumping into bed. I reluctantly removed my hand from her ass cheek to reach up above the headboard and turn off the light from the second switch.

We broke the kiss and lay there in each others arms, enjoying the moment. Karla nestled into me and breathed out a relaxing sound. It felt so right to hold her in my arms, like I was meant to protect her from anything that might cause even the slightest inconvenience to her. Whatever it was that I was feeling, it was powerful and I was ready.

Karla’s soft and quiet voice broke me from my thoughts. “Are we crazy?”

“In general? Or because we had one date and now we’re lying in bed together like a couple? Or maybe for fucking like rabbits when it’s basically the only thing we shouldn’t do?”

In the darkness, Karla was barely visible, but somehow I could see more than what my eyes were showing me.

“All of it. Outside of work I’ve barely spoken to you. We don’t know each other that well, yet when you hold me like this, I feel like it’s always something that’s happened. It’s exciting because it’s new, but this also feels like something I’m already comfortable with. Do you know what I mean?”

I could feel Karla’s eyes on me, awaiting an answer. “Maybe you are crazy,”

Karla started playfully hitting me on the arm. “What!?”

“Joking, I’m joking. Come here,” I said as I pulled her back into me.


“You’re not crazy, because I feel the exact same way, if not more so. I don’t know what it is, but something is telling me to grab hold of you and never let go.”

“Now you’re the crazy one. If I were you I’d run as fast as I can away from me.”

I could tell from her tone of voice that she wasn’t joking. “Why would you say that?”

“No reason, everyone else seems to.” There was a hint of sadness to her voice.

“Hey!” I spoke louder than I meant to and startled her slightly. “Enough of that. I’m not going anywhere.” I held onto her tighter than before which seemed to help her relax once more.

I started playing with her hair, gently running it through my fingers. Karla began making soft “mmm” noises until her breathing became heavier and heavier. After a few minutes I could tell she had fallen asleep. I took a moment to reflect on the day we had: the fun at the beach, the shower sex and the amazing conversation after dinner. In a word, it was perfect.

I wasn’t sure what time I fell asleep. I knew I had been reminiscing about the day we’d had, then it all went a little dark and then… “What the hell is that?”

Something felt amazing. Someone was under the covers sucking on my…

I lifted up the covers to see, “Karla!”

“Oh, morning boss,” she said before wrapping her plump lips around my morning glory.

“What are you…OHH SHIT!!” My head slammed back into the pillow.

Karla had one hand on my cock, pumping it up and down, following her mouth as it rapidly dropped down my shaft and back up again. It was pure bliss. Her mouth was so hot and warm that I completely forgot where I was. Floating on a cloud made of the softest pillows was my best guess.

“Fuck! Oh my god Karla that feels insane!” I was clearly in heaven and part of me wanted to reach down and force the rest of my cock down her throat. But I also wanted to sit back, relax and see what she could do.

Unknown to me at the time, Karla had one hand down between her legs, playing with her pussy while sucking on my length. It wasn’t until I heard the gentle sounds of a moan coming from her throat that I had my suspicions. She picked up the pace, bringing my member out of her mouth with a “pop” before delving back down and repeating the actions.

“Fucking Christ!” I lifted the sheet with excitement and caught her green eyes staring straight up into mine with her mouth trying to swallow as much of my cock as possible. “FUCK ME!” I wasn’t sure if I had even şirinevler escort imagined something as hot as what I had just witnessed.

Karla came up for air but continued to stroke my rod. “How does it feel?” She then went back and sucked me back into her eager mouth one more.

“Ohh Fuck!” was all I could reply; that and a few unrecognisable words mixed with moans.

I caught her lips smirking around my cock as she started pumping up and down, faster than before. She was going for broke.


She didn’t stop. If anything she went faster and further down my shaft than before.

“FUUUCK!!” I dropped the cover, grabbing hold of chunks of bedding as my orgasm ripped through me. My cum shot from my body like a canon, firing blast after blast of sperm to the back of Karla’s throat.

“Ohh shittt!” The sensation never ended.

I suddenly heard a loud moaning from under the sheet, followed by thrashing around while trying to keep my dick in her mouth. I wasn’t sure if Karla was still under the covers or if she had been shot through the wall, but I was in heaven.

As my orgasm finally retreated, it dawned on me that she might have had an orgasm too, and I wondered how.

“Fucking hell,” I breathed in and out heavily as my body slumped into the bed. “Karla, are you ok down there?” I asked throwing the cover over her head to view the beauty.

She still had my receding cock in her mouth. I assumed she wanted it to stay hard but she might just be enjoying the feel, I wasn’t sure. God she looked hot, even with the messy hair and what I presumed to be cum dribbling from her lips.

Finally she lifted herself up and brought the stray blob of spunk to her mouth, sucking on her finger. “Yum!” Her eyes locked on me with a coy smile. “Yeah I’m great. How are you?”

“Fuck!” I’m pretty sure that summed up everything I had to say.

Karla laughed and bounced up the bed to lie beside me. Unfortunately she still had the shirt on, but I would be fixing that in a moment as soon as I got my strength back.

“Hang on, where are my boxers?” I looked down to find they weren’t even at the foot of the bed.

“They were getting in my way.”

“Uh huh, interesting.” My spirit finally came back to my body. “Did, did you cum?” I asked almost shyly. It felt strange to ask out loud but I was curious.

“Maybe…” her eyes were wide with excitement.

“From a blowjob?”

“Well I was playing myself too, but if I wasn’t then it wouldn’t have taken much longer until I had cum anyway.”

“Again, from a blowjob?” If she spoke the truth I wasn’t sure how I’d react; probably hit the ceiling with happiness.

“Yeah. I have a very crude mind, and your cock is something special.” Karla raised a hand and started twirling her hair around in her fingers. “Right now I’m thinking of doing it again.”

“Really? So do you think about that sort of thing often? Like sex and blowjobs?”

She looked at me like I was crazy. “All of the time. Don’t you?” She eyed me suspiciously.

If I had been asked that before I had met Karla then my answer would have been no, but thinking about it in that moment it was easily a yes. Every time I looked or even thought about her all I wanted to do was rip her clothes off. I realised that there wasn’t a woman before her that made me feel that way.

“These past two weeks have been hell because I’ve been trying not to think of you like that. But every single thought or moment that I caught a look at you, I’ve wanted to fuck you in every possible position, every moment of every day.”

Karla smiled. “Good answer.” She then stood up at the side of the bed and began to unbutton her shirt.

I lifted myself up on one elbow to allow me the view I needed. Part of me was bummed that it wasn’t me taking the shirt off, but I wasn’t complaining. Every one of her movements was so sexy and seductive that it was a wonder I managed to stay focused while she was stripping. I watched as button after button come undone, revealing more skin with every passing second.

Her eyes never left me as she had finally finished with each button. Each side of the shirt still hid her bust from my eyes, only a line of skin showed from her neck to the elastic on her panties. I could just make out her nipples poking through the white shirt. Karla grabbed hold of the fabric at each side and slowly peeled it open, revealing the globes I craved.

The shirt slowly slid from her shoulders and landed on the floor in a bunched up mess. “You want more?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“God yes!” Incredibly, the show she was putting on had my cock rapidly growing back to full strength.

“I bet.” She bit her bottom lip as she caught a glimpse of my hardening member. “You want me? Come and get me,” Karla said and suddenly made for the door. Her boobs bounced in every direction as she ran.

Caught off guard I quickly got up from the bed, just in time to see her peachy ass sway out the door. “Fuck!” I ran for the door and heard her footsteps hitting each step with force.

By the time I was downstairs Karla had run into the living room and had already taken off her underwear. I let out a sigh of disappointment at not watching her do so.

“Too slow. I even took them off extra slowly.” Karla swung the knickers around on the tip of her finger.

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