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Note: I published this on another site so don’t be surprised if you’ve read it. All characters are over 18 at time of sexual activity.

Emilia wakes up, yawning. The blonde girl moves her covers over to the side, sitting up in her bed. She runs her slender fingers through her mane of thick hair, glancing out the window of her third floor bedroom. The view, as usual, is excellent. But she can’t afford to just sit here all day long. With a sigh, the teenager gets up and starts walking to her large bathroom, pausing to take some clothes from her closet and array them out on a desk first. That way she can quickly dress up once she is done brushing her teeth and showering.

The beautiful teenager enters her bathroom suite, standing on the gold tiled floor. She looks into the mirror, staring at her reflection with pride. Emilia knows that she is stunning, with her perfect hair and pretty face, one that several boys have said they want to cum all over. Not to mention the tight, fit body from constantly working out. It takes a great deal of effort to maintain the strength she needs to perform as a cheerleader, and that clearly shows in her firm muscles. They do not take away from her femininity though, as she retains a delightfully curvy figure.

The best features though, are her breasts and ass. She smirks as she recalls how guys would always stare at her knockers. And who could blame them, when the girl’s jugs are massive 36DD? Her booty is equally impressive, being a round one that is a wonderful combination of fat and muscle. The endless hours she spent on squats have paid off. Emilia enjoys nothing more than making the hottest boys in school look at her full buttocks longingly. It gives her a rush to wield so much power over them in this way, being able to get them to do anything she wants them to, just to get inside her pants. The girl has never had any problem getting laid before. She always got anyone she wanted in her bed.

As she squeezes the toothpaste on her toothbrush, Emilia begins brushing. She thinks about the event of last night when she got three guys to come over. The girl was riding one of them who stuffed her pussy, while another stretched out her slutty asshole from behind. The third one face fucked her, thrusting into Emilia’s throat. It felt so amazing to be filled up with cum in all three holes at once. After that, she sent all of them home and went to sleep a very happy girl. This morning, there is still semen leaking out of her cunt and ass.

Thinking about it got her crotch moist as she finished brushing her teeth. She next gets into the shower stall, turning the tap. Letting the lukewarm water flow down her body, she feels much refreshened. Emilia soaps up and then rinses off, making to thoroughly clean her body. She ensures that her used orifices are properly washed in case she gets horny and wants another guy to fuck her today, which is almost a certainty. Emilia has been getting increasingly randy over the past several months.

The teen nymphomaniac is simply addicted to getting pounded violently. It’s a good thing she’s so attractive, as that means she always gets the dick she wants. Her parents both know of her sex addiction but don’t say anything, being too invested in their work to spend time worrying about what goes on in their daughter’s bedroom. All they ever did was make sure she has enough knowledge about contraceptive methods. Other than that, they just ignore what Emilia does. She prefers it that way too, not wanting to have any discussions about her sex life with her parents. Much better for them to ignore her than to pry into details.

Once she’s finished showering, the hot teenager dries her sexy body with a towel, before strutting out naked to put her designer clothes on. Putting on her Victoria’s Secret underwear and then her revealing cheerleading uniform, she heads downstairs to find that her parents has already left for work. That’s nothing surprising. Her father is always like this, putting work before everything else. It’s the reason their hotel empire grew so large and successful. He is now a billionaire worth $5 billion, while her mother owns a fashion brand and has a net worth of $460 million.

Emilia finds a bowl of Caesar salad prepared for her, eating as her maids get to work around the mansion. She always maintain a healthy diet, wanting to remain hot so she could keep getting handsome boys to fuck her. That and to stay the most popular girl, since she also enjoys her status. The teenager eats and reads the newspaper delivered to the place an hour earlier, not being in any hurry, knowing her chauffeur could get her to school in less than twenty minutes. There is no reason for her to rush in the morning at all.

As soon as she’s finished, the girl leaves the bowl in the sink, puts on her socks and high heeled stilettos, and leaves the house. Emilia gets in the sedan, sitting on the comfortable leather. She scrolls through her phone to check her social media Hd Porno apps as the driver takes off, getting on the road and taking her along the familiar route towards school. There aren’t many notifications to look at today.

Emilia inserts earphones, watching a new workout video on YouTube to get some new ideas. She likes her old routine a lot but feels that it could get better with added exercises. Her butt needs challenging to keep growing, after all. The girl is excited as she thinks about making some guys look at her ass today as she walk to class. She could hardly wait to cocktease them, before choosing the lucky two to double team her tonight. God she loves being a slut so much!

Once the car arrives, she puts away her earphones and stashes her phone in her pocket. Telling the driver to pick her up at the same time as he usually does, she walks up to the entrance of the school. The narcissistic teenager enjoys the lewd stares coming from all the boys around her. Her hairy pussy is completely drenched from feeling their eyes on her muscular buttocks.

Getting inside the building, she soon finds her best friends Clarisse and Helen waiting for her. “Hey! Got any dick last night?” Helen asks, knowing how her friend is always horny and looking for sex.

“Oh come on, Helen. You know it was probably two dicks,” her other friend snickers.

Emilia smirks at the two of them. “Actually, you are both wrong. I got three.” They both gasp, making her laugh. “What’s the matter? I’ve been fucked by three guys at once before. You all know that. Why so surprised?”

“Well, I mean,” Helen gapes. “It’s just that you’ve always only done that occasionally. You just did it a few days ago and now you’re at it again? Really?”

“I guess I just keep getting sluttier and sluttier,” the heiress replies with a grin. “Come on. Let’s get to class.”

“Yes. Come on. Those boys already cummed in you yesterday,” Clarisse teases, making Emilia giggle, along with Helen, as they walk to their first class of the day together.

Before they get there though, someone gets in their way first. It is Ed, a member of the baseball team and one of Emilia’s regular fuck buddies. He is a very tall, muscular athlete with an extremely handsome face. The boy looks like a Greek god as he stands there, giving Emilia a mischievous smile. “Hey, babe,” he says to her in his deep baritone voice, making her cunt throb.

“What do you want, Ed?” Emilia asks, already knowing the answer.

“Let me fuck you once before class,” he growls, placing a hand on her right asscheek. Helen and Clarisse roll their eyes at how excited Emilia looks at the prospect.

“Okay. Let’s go to the storage room. There won’t be anyone at this time. It’s where I usually go when I want to bounce on Patrick’s dick right in the morning,” she says, taking his hand and leading him to the location.

“You’ve fucked Patrick there?” Ed asks, surprised.

“Him and Roger. And today, you,” Emilia replies.

“How do you have a key, anyways?”

“I gave a janitor a blowjob for it. It’s a good idea to have a place I can go to if I get turned on at school.”

When they are there, she quickly closes the door and locks it. Within seconds, she is hiking her cheer skirt up and pulling her skimpy thong to the side, exposing the hole. Her slit is very wet, as the girl is turned on from how he pawed her butt earlier. Ed caresses her pubes, unzipping his pants and lowering it and his boxers. The boy’s eight inches is revealed to her as she sits down on a table, resting her derriere on the very edge of it.

“Come one. Stick it in my slutty pussy,” she beckons as he walks towards her, lining the equipment up with her entrance. He slowly inserts the tool, feeding the hungry cunt an inch at a time until it is fully embedded in the warm canal. The wealthy teen gasps in pleasure. No matter how many times she’s been railed, Emilia can never get over the delightful feeling of being penetrated.

“You like my cock, bitch?” he hisses in her ear as he begins thrusting, driving his hips forward. The jock is sliding his meat slab in and out of her cunt, making her moan his name. He knows she can take very rough pounding, having plenty of experience. Still, he doesn’t want to hurry, wanting to savour the moment for a bit of time. Emilia’s cunt is legendary, having milked the entire basketball and football teams of cum. Now she is moving on to the baseball team.

“Ooooh, yes,” Emilia cries out. “Yes, fuck me! Fuck me, Ed! Fuck me hard. I want your cum dripping out of me in class, baby!” She is making an extremely whorish face as he pounds her, slamming the tool into her box, aggressively stretching it out with his large pole. The girl can never stop fucking in school. The cock her pussy is swallowing isn’t as big as the ones that stuffed her last night, but it is more than good enough to make her cum.

“Ahhhh!” she screams as her cunt releases waves of Türkçe Altyazılı Porno juices all over his tool in her first orgasm. She still sits there and lets him fuck her more though, enjoying getting screwed too much. It’s one of the reason she comes to school so early, so that she can also come at school as well. The girl snickers at the pun in her head, but is soon distracted as he drills her snatch harder and faster.

“Damn, your pussy is really good,” he groans, screwing the cheerleader rapidly. He is always awestruck at how her silky insides feel on his dick, as her fleshy walls grip him when he fucks her. The friction is indescribable, making all the blood in his body rush to his dick. “You like this don’t you? You like being a nice, little cum-dump for guys like me. Say it, or I won’t cum inside you.”

“Ohh, I’m a aaah cum-dump! I’m just a fucking cock-sleeve, Ed!” she is spasming on the edge of the table as he pounds her elastic cunt, banging her out of her mind. She is delirious with pleasure, greedily sucking his prick with her pussy. “Fill me up, Ed! Fill me with your cum! I want it! I want your cum! Give it to me!” The girl is screaming like a hooker every second, trying to get him to dump a load in her.

Eventually, her effort pays off as Ed begins ejaculating, jizzing into her vagina. The boy’s cock throbs violently inside her in a powerful eruption. It greatly delights her to feel him spraying cum all over the walls of her womb, painting her insides with his seed. He continues pumping cum inside her orifice for nearly a minute, until he has fully unloaded in her almost supernatural cunt.

“Let me clean your dick for you,” she tells him, putting her skirt back on and getting down on her knees. She kisses his cockcrown, licking it and the shaft, mopping up her own pussy juices with her tongue. Getting carried away, Emilia slides her lips down to the bottom of his still hard cock, deepthroating him. The girl bobs her head up and down on his erection as he grips the back of her head.

“You just can’t have enough of cock, can you?” Ed sneers. Five minutes later, he cums for the second time, this time directly down her throat. As she begins to gag though, he decides to help by withdrawing his tool and jerking it, spraying the rest of his jizz on her beautiful face, covering her cheeks with his sticky cum. Emilia, of course, is ecstatic at being decorated this way. Soon, her slutty face is soaked in semen.

She takes out her phone for a selfie, before wiping away the cum with her handkerchief. The girl wishes she could go to class like this but would rather not risk getting into trouble.


Mark starts the Monday morning with a boner as he usually does. Like every boy his age, he wakes up with a hard cock. The morning wood has irritated him before but now he knows the best way to do with it. He has started masturbating first thing in the morning in order to start the day on a positive note. The boy takes his pyjamas off and wraps his fingers around his five inches cock, squeezing gently to increase blood flow to the organ. He reaches over to get a bottle of lubricant on his bedside table, getting a dollop of it on his palm.

Using it to slicken up his tool, he begins pumping himself, caressing the engorged shaft. Moaning, he lies back down, eyes shut. Feeling the sheets on his body, he jerks off carefully, giving the rod deliberate strokes. It feels so good to pleasure himself like this. He slides his fist along the length of his cock, jacking it the way he always does. Sighing in contentment, he reaches once more to grab something, this time a photo of a naked porn star’s ass. Ever since he can remember, the teenager has always been and will always be an ass man.

He aims the tip of his cock at the picture of the woman’s ass. The sight of those beautiful asscheeks make him even hornier as he tugs his pole. Picking up the photo, he places a kiss on the wonderful butt, feeling his cock get harder with how depraved he is acting. He might be a total virgin but has a very clearly defined preference. There’s nothing he would like more than to be a submissive boyfriend for the woman he loves. Problem is, he isn’t in love with anyone yet. For the past couple of years, he has been looking for a romance but failed miserably.

All these thoughts go out the window as his orgasm crashes into him. He screams out as his cock explodes, spraying cum all over the printed picture of the porn star. Mark’s jizz thoroughly drench the booty, covering it. Once his climax is over, the boy immediately blushes, just like he always does after giving someone a cumtribute. For him, the most exciting thing he can do is worship a woman with his cock and cum. It reminds him of how he is born to serve a woman. He just wants a good woman to enslave him and make him hers.

Once he’s recovered from his orgasm, he puts away the soaked picture and lubricant. Rising Brazzers on unsteady feet, Mark walks over to his small bathroom. His family is doing okay, being lower middle class. They aren’t anywhere near as rich as some of his classmates but are still able to maintain a decent standard of life. The boy gets inside his shower stall, quickly washing his hands and cleaning under his armpits. He doesn’t care much about his appearance, not doing much more than taking care of hygiene and shaving. The boy prefers not having facial share and shaved very often to prevent that.

When he has finished showering, the teenager uses a towel to dry off and grabs his toothbrush and toothpaste. He begins cleaning his teeth, looking into the mirror at his average face. Others might feel hopeless in the boy’s situation, never even having had a date at the age of 18. But he is not too upset with how it is right now, despite longing to have a relationship. He tells himself that he could still keep trying and would one day end up perfectly fine, with a woman who loves him just as much as he loves her.

Gargling his mouth with the tap water and spitting it out, he shaves and leaves the bathroom to go put on his usual, boring clothes, ones that do not stand out in anyway. After that, he walks over to the living room where he finds his parents sitting, waiting for him. He quickly goes into the kitchen and starts cooking breakfast for the three of them. The boy finds the activity to be very enjoyable, taking great pleasure in cooking ever since he was old enough to do it. Nothing could dissuade him from putting on his apron and grabbing the saucepan and ingredients.

Once finished, he serves spaghetti to his mom and dad, and sits down with his own plate. The three quickly begin eating together. As usual, both of his parents are delighted by what he has prepared for them. He really is a gifted and dedicated cook. There is nothing to be faulted about what he’s put together. The boy eats happily, putting the pasta in his mouth and drinking water. Within a few minutes he is already done and so are his parents. Mark then washes the plate and gets into the car with his mom, who always drives him to school.

“Honey, you should really start trying to get some friend,” Mark’s mother begins. Ah, yes. This conversation again. She has always been pushing the teenager to strive to develop human relationships with the other students, despite him repeatedly telling her that he really prefers to be alone and that all he ever wanted is one partner, a girl to date and fall in love with. He did want to have friends at one point but has already given up on that, having realised how painfully shy he is and that the whole thing is hopeless.

“I told you, mom,” Mark says. “It doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve already tried to approach people before but they wouldn’t accept me into their circles. But I’m used to it now. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Now I just prefer reading by myself.” He can no longer muster up the energy to find other people to talk to and try to make friends with them, knowing the outcome will always be the same. That they will always look at him with disdain and tell him to be gone. Why expose himself to any more unnecessary pain? There is just no point to it. No reason to even try, after all the failures he have had in the past few years. It’s just stupid, to think people can change and become accepting of a loser like him.

“Yes, but still, it would be good for you to have some companionship or something, Mark,” his mother informs him. “You can’t just go through life on your own.” He guesses she’s right. He does want companionship, but only in the form of a girlfriend, and not friends. It is probably so difficult for them to understand that since they were both really popular back when they were young and in school, unlike how he is right now.

“Mom, I really appreciate your concern. Please believe me. But I can get by just fine on my own.” Mark tries to assure her that he will be perfectly okay without having any friends, to no avail. Oh well. He guesses that that is the thing with parents. They will always be concerned. He can’t blame her though. The boy knows he will be almost the same way if he has a child of his own one day. If, though, since he is not entirely sure whether he will ever be able to find a romantic parter or not.

“Oh, alright then,” his mother relents. She has given up on trying to force her son to have an active social life now. If she can’t get him to go out now, then she is fairly sure she wouldn’t be able to do it anytime in the future. There is no longer any point in trying.

For the rest of the ride, Mark just stares out the window at the scenery. They drive past the same houses and trees. He observes everything casually, trying to put his mind at ease. Somehow, Mark’s got this feeling at the back of his head that everything is about to get very different. That today things are going to change forever. He still couldn’t figure out why he is thinking like this. There is just this weird feeling in the pit of his stomach, warning him. Mark just tries his best to shrug it off, telling him it’s probably something he ate last night. Little does he know how accurate the subconscious warning is.

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