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‘Shit,’ Jason said to himself, as he drove back to the frat after dropping the women.

He had hoped to be back long before this from his date with Brooke and Marnie. Actually, he had wanted to get back last night but things had just played out differently than he planned.

First, things had gone well, very well, with the anxious to loser her virginity, Brooke, and he had popped her cherry before ten. Marnie on the other hand, had proven allusive, and took more time to come around. He’d finally fucked her in the shower that morning for number seventeen on his list of virgins. The trouble was, he enjoyed them, and he’d stayed and played around with the two little hotties a bit longer that morning. Now, he was fairly fucked out, having cum twice already that morning. Once, when he popped Marnie in the shower, and then again after Brooke sucked him hard, he had fucked them both again before cumming in their mouths at the same time.

Despite being mad at the time spent, he had to chuckle to himself when he thought back to the image of feeding the two of them. Both women, lying side by side on the bed, with their mouths open like two baby birds waiting for their dinner. How cool was that, as he shot off first into Marnie’s mouth and then Brooke’s. That was one of those keeper images; he’d maintain fixed in his mind’s eye for a long time.

Coming back to the present, he remembered everything he was supposed to do that day. It was Sunday and lately that meant tutoring Sheila in Spanish. The tutoring part was just an excuse though, mostly for him to use with Beth, for fucking the hot mocha-skinned beauty until they were both exhausted. Casey and Jillian had wanted to see him again that weekend, to say nothing of Beth. He still needed more time to study and there was always swim practice. He tried plotting out the day in his mind as he pulled behind the frat. It was already noon.

Jason rushed into the house, grabbed a quick lunch, and got to studying right away. He was an hour into it when Chad and Kyle appeared at the door.

“Here he is,” Chad said upon entering the room.

“King stud,” Kyle mused.

“Funny,” Jason countered, “what’re you two up to?”

“We were at the library studying for a project we have together in sociology. Doing school stuff, not off fucking some poor defenseless freshmen women that can’t resist the charms of the university’s top stud,” Chad stated laughing.

“Right you are. You guys missed a wild time,” Jason boasted.

“Shit…you were supposed to call Mark and me,” Chad complained.

“Sorry…they were just too sweet to waste on you jokers. Hey, where is Mark anyway?”

“He went back home around 10:00.”

“Damn…wish I’d said goodbye. Oh, well. I’ll have to have him back soon for another round with Stef and Pam,” Jason said laughing.

“Sounds good to me,” Chad kicked in.

“Me too,” Kyle agreed.

“I think he really liked Stef. Looked like she really liked him too,” Chad claimed.

“Were you with two women overnight?” Kyle questioned.


“Can you believe this guy,” Chad said, interrupting. “He’s got more women every week than I’ve had my whole fuckin’ life.”

“Shit, dude.”

“Yeah…all while trying to hold onto the best girlfriend a guy ever had,” Jason confessed.

“He’s right. Beth’s a red haired hottie and he just keeps playing around,” Chad added.

“What’s up with that?” Kyle asked.

“Just sowing my wild oats,” Jason claimed.

“Well sow some my way,” Kyle said.

“Hey, I got an idea. How about I try to set you two up on a double date tonight?”

“With Stef and Pammy?” Chad asked.

“No…two other hot chicks. I’m not sure they are free but they wanted to see me and I’m too busy. Maybe I can convince them to go with you two B-players instead,” Jason said chuckling.

“B-players?” Chad retorted.

“Okay, just kidding. You game?”

“Sure,” Kyle said. “If they’re good enough for the king then we could give them a shot.”

“Okay, let me make the calls,” Jason said.

Jason put down his books and grabbed his cell phone. He keyed in Jillian’s number first and waited for her to answer.



“Jason? Oh, I’m glad you called. How is everything?”

“Busy as heck, I got a lot to do, and I won’t be able to see you.”

“Oh, darn,” Jillian said.

“Hey, what happened to you on Saturday? Weren’t you going to stop by?”

“Yeah…sorry about that. I wanted to, believe me, but my roommate was sick and I went with her to the infirmary.”

“She okay now?”

“Yeah…fine. She just had a stomach bug. Dr. Clark gave her something that seems to be working great. Hey, Jason, your job might be in jeopardy over there.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Dr. Clark has everything computerized now. No more cards to fill out. Haven’t you been there lately?

“Not for about a week with practice and everything.”

“She has all the records scanned into the computer. Now she carries a computer clipboard with her. Pretty fancy,” Jillian said.

“Wow, içerenköy escort you might be right about not needing me anymore,” Jason agreed, but didn’t tell her about his other real concern about losing his virgin database.

“She might still,” Jillian proclaimed, with wishful thinking on his behalf.

“Hey, what are you doing tonight?”

“I thought you said you were busy?”

“I am but my roommate is looking for something to do. You up for a blind double date?”

“Double date?”

“Our other frat brother, Kyle, is with him. There is someone else I wanted to talk to for him. You up for it? They’re great guys.”

“I don’t know. I was kinda looking forward to seeing you again.”

“Me too but I just can’t tonight.”

“What would we do?”

“Gee, I hadn’t even gotten that far. I just wanted to see if you would consider it first. Maybe a movie?”

“Movie, huh.”


“Well…alright. I suppose I’m up for it. If it’s your roommate, he must be nice, right?”

“Chad’s a great guy. You’ll have fun.”

“What have you told him about me?”

“That you’re wonderful. From Kentucky. You’re sweet, pretty, and you’re fun.”

“I bet that’s not all…okay, I’ll go. I don’t have anything else to do since my roommate is sick and Kira and Tessa are on a double date too.”

“They are?”

“Yeah, I guess they realized you were taken with Beth and found some other guys. Good for them.”

“Definitely,” Jason said, but he wondered if he sounded sincere as he would have liked at least one more night with those two.

“What time?”


“Okay, I’ll be ready.”

“Great…have a good time.”

When Jason hung up, Chad was like all excited. “She agreed?”

“No problem.”

“Oh, my god. What’s she like,” he queried.

“Jillian. Hot. Great tits. She was a tad overweight when I meet her but I’ve helped her loose that. Now she’s just plain hot. Oh, fantastic legs too. Strawberry blonde.”

“My god… you’re describing my dream girl,” Chad responded excitedly.

“What about me?” Kyle interjected.

“Hold on. Give me a chance,” Jason claimed, amused by the guys’ reactions. “Maybe I should start a dating service.”

“Just one more,” Kyle replied.

Jason keyed the number for Casey. It helped for the arrangements that both girls were in the same dorm. As he waited for an answer, Chad piped up.

“Hey, how am I taking Jillian to the movies without a car.”

“Shit…okay, you can use mine,” Jason offered. “You best treat her right.”

“I will, promise. Did you mean the car?” Chad said jokingly.

“Both, numb nuts,” Jason retorted.



“Jason, is that you.”


“Taking me up finally on anytime and anywhere?” Casey said chuckling.

“Not exactly. I wanted to see you this weekend again but just can’t. But I have a proposition for you,” which he explained.

“Wow, so you’re passing me off?”

“Casey, believe me, I’d love to be there myself but I can’t. I thought this might be a good second best,” Jason proposed.

“Second best!” Kyle rebutted.

“Was that him?” Casey asked jokingly on the phone.

“Yeah, he didn’t appreciate the reference.”

“Well, at least he has some spine. Is he cute?”

“That’s not a question for me but I can tell you one of my past girlfriend’s roommates found him very hot.”

“Really? Okay, you convinced me. I’ll do it but what exactly am I agreeing to?”

“Just going to the movies on a double date like I said.”


“6:00, they’ll pick you up. The other woman, Jillian, is on the third floor of your dorm too.”

“Oh, good. I know Jillian. I met her through Kira and Tessa. Oh, that makes it even better.”


“Jason, don’t forget about me.”

“Never, Casey.”

“Okay, bye.”

Jason said goodbye and hung up. He had to repeat the description thing for Kyle. Cute, blond, nice tits, and sucks cock like a pro.

“Good, god,” Kyle effused. “My dream girl too.”

“I’m not promising you two losers are going to get lucky, but I think your chances are pretty good,” Jason added.

“Thanks, roomie.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Kyle agreed.

As the guys decided to prepare for their dates, Jason went back to studying. He got another hour in till three. He was fighting back sleep as he read the next chapter from earth science class. He finally dosed off for a little while. When he woke to the noise Chad made upon reentering the room, he realized he still hadn’t touched base with Sheila. He was just picking up his cell when another frat brother stuck his head in.

“Two chicks here to see you, Jason,” Matt said.

“Where are they?” Jason asked.

“In the foyer,” Matt stated.

“Who are they?”

“Not a clue,” Matt offered, “but if you’re into opposites, you’re in luck.”

“Opposites?” Jason questioned and Chad joined in.

“Could be Stephanie and Pam,” Chad proposed.

“They kadıköy escort know better than to just show up,” Jason declared, standing, stretching, and heading to the door.

“If they did, don’t send them away. I could use a quick fuck or blowjob before my date to take the edge off,” Chad mused.

“You’re getting as bad as me,” Jason said laughing as he left the room.

He walked to the steps that led up to the foyer. As he ascended the steps he spotted them waiting.


“Hi, Jason. Hope you don’t mind us stopping by but we were out for a walk and remembered you were in this frat,” Sophie lied.

“Connie,” Jason said, now on the top step and shaking hands.

“Hi, Jason. I told Sophie you wouldn’t mind us stopping by,” Connie said, ever the confident one.

“Come on down,” Jason said, leading them to his room.

When they were inside his room, Jason introduced them to Chad, and asked if they wanted something to drink. To his surprise they both chose wine. He cracked open a new bottle and poured the glasses. Chad agreed to join them. Together they laughed and joked about different things until Kyle showed up. He joined them and they opened a second bottle of wine and ordered pizzas for delivery. They finished the second bottle too as the pizzas arrived. Jason uncorked his last bottle with the pizzas. Chad and Kyle ate and then left to pick up Jillian and Casey. Chad had only sipped one glass of wine, holding back, knowing he was driving his roommate’s car. Kyle had just two drinks wanting to stay sober for his date. Sophie and Connie were the ones drinking the most, especially Connie.

When they were alone, Jason asked the girls what they wanted to do next. They wanted to play a game, so he asked if they wanted to play Clue or Risk, his only two board games he had. Connie suggested strip poker with an obvious buzz. Sophie bemoaned the idea, though she giggled at it, and didn’t really protest much. Jason forgot completely about calling Sheila as he got the cards.

Jason couldn’t believe his luck as he sat back down with the cards. The nap had recharged his batteries and he was anxious to see more of these two cuties. They weren’t gorgeous but both were hot enough. When they had taken their jackets off, after entering the room, both were wearing tight tank tops underneath. Not really the kind of top he thought one would expect to be wearing in November in New Jersey for a casual stroll.

Sophie complained she should have worn more clothes if she’d known they were going to play strip poker. Connie just laughed and drained her wine glass again. Jason poured her another before dealing the cards. From the way both girls’ nipples were excitedly pointing through their tops, Jason believed neither had on a bra. He tried to remember what he knew of these two. Had he ever checked them out in the infirmary records?

No, he hadn’t yet. Actually, he knew little of these two besides being in one of his classes. They had only talked a couple times. What he knew though intrigued him. Connie had dark features and skin, brown eyes and hair, and looked completely the part of the Sicilian princess. Sophie, on the other hand, was blonde and blue eyed, and had told him she was from Northern Italy. Neither was flawless, with Connie’s nose a tad large and Sophie’s complexion a little broken out, but both still worth a second look.

Jason picked up his cards as he stole glances at their breasts. Both were slender with smaller tits but perky nipples he noticed with a grin

“Good hand” Connie asked, confusing his grin for good cards.

“You could say that,” Jason said, more laughing to himself with the situation he was in.

“I’ll take three,” Sophie said, showing they knew how to play.

Jason fulfilled everyone’s requests before asking, “What they had.”

“Only kings,” Sophie said.

“Beats me,” Connie said.

“Three four’s,” Jason claimed, and then showed them.

“How does this work then,” Connie asked, a little nervously despite the wine. “Do both losers take something off or just the worst hand?”

“Both,” Connie declared gleefully.

“We can do it either way,” Jason explained.

“Just the worst hand,” Sophie advocated.

“Okay,” Connie said. “That’ll make the game go longer anyway.”

Connie removed her sneakers and they dealt another hand. After the first six hands, Jason had just lost his socks. Sophie lost her sneakers and socks. Connie had lost her socks and then had to decide between her pants and shirt. She chose the pants. Her panties were cute with little kittens on them.

Four more hands and several more glasses of wine later, the game got much more interesting. Jason had lost two and was down to his underwear only. His big dick stiffening when he caught the girls many times staring at his groin. Connie lost her shirt, proving Jason was right, she hadn’t worn a bra. Her skin was darker than Sophie’s and Jason couldn’t help look at her stiff nipples. They were light brown and very suckable looking. kartal escort Sophie was winning with still her shirt and panties on.

The next hand would be telling. If either Jason or Connie lost they would be completely nude and out of the game. If Sophie lost, she would still have her panties but her shirt would have to come off. Even though she was winning, she seemed the most nervous.

“Maybe we should play something else now,” Sophie stated.

“What?” Jason queried.

“Sophie…we haven’t finished yet. Don’t be so shy,” Connie protested.

“Okay…just making a suggestion.”

As luck would have it, Sophie lost the next hand making her even more nervous. She hesitated before taking anything off.

“Come on, girl. Panties or shirt. What will it be?” Connie asserted.

“Just sipping my wine,” Sophie said, picking up her glass for a taste.

“Come on, Sophie,” Connie said encouragingly.

Jason just let her take her time. He watched intently though as Sophie raised her arms and pulled the top off. Her skin was like cream beneath her shirt. Her nipples were pink and aroused. The aureoles were slightly bigger than Connie’s, as were her breasts, not by a lot though. Sophie looked nervously at Jason as she set her shirt aside.

“Beautiful,” Jason commented at her bare breasts.

“Hey, you didn’t say that about me,” Connie complained.

“You’re exotic,” Jason declared.

“Exotic, huh. That’s even better than beautiful, Sophie,” Connie claimed with a laugh.

“Is not,” Sophie retorted. “Is it, Jason?”

“You’re both exotic and beautiful,” Jason proclaimed to keep the peace.

The girls seemed satisfied and sipped their wine as Jason re-dealt. Everyone was down to their last garment. Jason picked up his cards and was dismayed to see only low cards. He did have three hearts though and decided to try for a hard draw going for a flush. He gave Sophie two cards and Connie had an ace. She wanted four cards. He took his two and slowly fanned open his cards. A smile crossed his face as he looked at all five cards, all hearts.

“Call,” Jason said.

Connie smiled from ear to ear as she yelled, “Three aces.”

Sophie looked depressed as she tossed in her cards, “I have two pair.”

Jason smiled at Connie as he laid down his hand, “Flush.”

“Oh, well…Sophie losses,” Connie crowed with a hint of relief.

Jason looked over at Sophie and she looked like a deer in the headlights. He realized she had never intended the game to go this far. He was thinking about giving her a break when Connie piped in.

“Take them off, Sophie,” Connie encouraged as she sipped her wine.


“Stand up and do it,” Connie suggested with a little slur to her words.

Jason wasn’t sure what to do. He could try to stop the game but his hormones were fighting that idea. Instead he busied himself with finishing the third bottle of wine into their glasses, as if what was going on was no big deal. Surprisingly, Sophie stood quickly, as Jason distracted himself with pouring, and dropped her panties. She stepped out of them quickly and seated herself so fast Jason never got a chance to look up. When he did, she sat with her legs folded in front of her, obscuring any view of her lower body.

Her face still shown, as if in terror, but she seemed relieved it was over with. Jason just decided to re-deal instead of demanding to see her. Connie boasted confidently, “You’re going down, Jason.”

“Can I,” Jason shot back, letting the double meaning hang there until the girls got it and giggled.

“You wish,” Connie stated.

This deal started better for Jason. He had a pair of kings and drew three cards to Connie’s two. He only picked up a pair of deuces to give him two pair. He glanced at Sophie first, who smiled weakly back, and then to Connie. She looked worried.

“Call,” Jason said.

“Two pair,” Connie said. “Queens and fours.”

“Kings and deuces,” Jason confirmed gleefully.

“Shit, I lost,” Sophie dismayed.

“Peel them off, Connie,” Sophie said, as if in revenge for Connie’s earlier taunts.

“No problem,” Connie stated as she tried to stand, wobbled a little, and then peeled them down.

Jason watched this time and was greeted with a full dark bush to match her hair color. Connie tossed her panties aside and spread her legs a little. Jason could make out the top of her pussy as it curled under her slender body.

“See,” Connie said and stood with her legs wider apart. “Can you see?”

“Yes,” Jason confirmed, as Connie pulled her lips apart to really expose her inner pussy more.

“You won, but won’t you show us?” Connie asked.

Sensing this was his chance to take this further; Jason stood and let the girls stare at his hard cock bulging out his boxers obscenely. He glanced at their anxious faces as he peeled down his boxers. His cock sprung free like a caged animal being released. Sophie actually gasped upon seeing it. Connie was less modest.

“Wow,” Connie slurred. “That thing is huge.”

“Like it,” Jason boasted.

“It’s really big,” Connie said to Sophie as if confirming it for her.

The wine was affecting Jason a bit too and he threw caution to the wind and walked over to Sophie. His dick wiggled back and forth before her face like a swaying tree. He looked down on her as she stared wide-eyed at the cock before her and up to his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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