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“I just feel so bad for her honey. It’s Christmas. She’s in there alone in her bed all cold in her room and we’re in here all snuggled up together. Surely you can’t want her to be stuck alone tonight of all nights?”

My wife is a totally beautiful woman both inside and out. She’s warm and caring to the point of fault. She always wants the best for everyone in her life. She’s the type of person who will leave a tip that’s too big because she feels sorry for the waitress. She will give beggars a ten dollar note rather than a nickel because “they have nice eyes”. She would give away the shirt off her back if she knew someone was cold. She once loaned our car to the neighborhood kids so they could drive a thousand miles to a concert. They totaled the car and all she said was that she probably -probably – wouldn’t loan it to them again.

She did the next month.

So yeah, generous to a fault. Most guys would get mad about this kind of stuff but I can’t. You see she’s the same to me. She always gives me the best of herself. I give her the best of my self. It works so amazingly well.

We’ had a lovely Christmas Day. The family were over. We’d done presents in the morning, gone for a walk, given away far too much money to beggars and at church, eaten a fuckload of turkey, and played board games and sung songs all night. Now the house was all settled down and we were finally tucked up in bed together. Lucy had worn my favorite lingerie to bed too. It was a black and red combo – lots of frills, pretty stockings, bows, the lot. When we had started to get down to the final pleasure of the day she had confessed to being distracted.

“Why are you so distracted babe?” I’d asked. “It’s like you’re not even paying attention to me. You don’t even know I’m here. That’s not like you.”

That was when she had confessed she was thinking about our daughter.

“I just feel so bad for her honey. It’s Christmas. She’s in there alone in her bed all cold in her room and we’re in here all snuggled up together. Surely you can’t want her to be stuck alone tonight of all nights?”

I slid up from between my wife’s legs and rested my head next to hers. My mouth tasted of delicious pussy and minced pie. “Babe, she’s twenty years old. I’m sure she’s just fine in bed on her own.”

“She won’t be.” My wife sighed. “I remember family Christmases from when I was her age. Everyone else was tucked up in bed with someone else apart from me and my brother. Mom and dad were together. My uncle and aunt were together. Fuck, even grandpa was holed up with that young girlfriend of his. There I was all alone in bed, listening to the sounds of everyone else chatting away and I had only myself for company.”

I thought back on that. “I wish I’d been there for you.” I said.

She smiled her pretty full lipped smile. “Me too honey. We would have had fun that night. Probably the same kind of fun that everyone else was having.”

I laughed softly. “Were they?”

“Yes they were. They were all fucking. I could hear the creaks and groans right down the hallway. You know how Christmas is. Everyone forgets about the usual niceties and just has a good time. It was fucking annoying.”

“Or annoying fucking?” I said playfully.

“Yeah that too!” She giggled. My wife has a filthy sense of humor. She also has a filthy sense of everything else in bed.

“I bet you wanked that night.” I teased her.

“No…” She broke my gaze and looked away into the darkness, grinning. “No I didn’t.”

“Oh really?” I asked. “That was the one night you didn’t?”

She smacked me hard on the arm. “No! There were plenty of nights I didn’t, thank you very much! I wasn’t that desperate for company.”

I knew about my wife’s sexual history. Let’s just say that she had experienced both guys and gals before we met. In one case she’d had a hot and torrid six week affair with a transsexual. She loves the whole boobs and cock thing but she’d hated the attitude and competition for clothes.

“Sooooooo?” She asked.

“You want to bring her in here don’t you?” I sighed. “But what about…?” I gestured to her sexy outfit. She still had the whole thing on apart from the panties. I’d just been about to get down to it, was warming up her delicious pussy with my needy mouth, and now she wanted to bring our daughter into the bed for the night. That would mean the end of everything obviously.

“You can have me any night honey. This is just one night.” She fluttered her eyelashes at me. Yes, she actually does that. No, it doesn’t always work.

“I tell you what.” She said thoughtfully. “I’ll give you an extra Christmas present if you say yes.”

“Really?” That peaked my interest. The way she’d said it alluded to something rather exciting. Something sexual.

“Really.” She nodded. “I’ll even let you choose what it is. What do you really want?”

I grinned. “You know what I want.”

Lucy smiled. “You want my ass don’t you? Wrapped around your big old cock?” Her hand was on said cock in a flash. She wrapped her fingers around it. She moved her grip back and forth slowly.

“Oh yes.” escort bayan I replied. “I want to fuck your pretty ass until you scream.”

She licked her lips. Lucy enjoys anal sex. She just has problems fitting my dick in her. Not that I’m long. I’m not. I am thick though. Six inches long and three of Lucy’s fingers thick. She can barely wrap her fingers around me. She reckons that length is overrated but width is always welcome.

I coughed. “Babe, if we’re going to invited our daughter in here shouldn’t you stop that? I’m going to need to get soft and that ain’t going to happen if you keep doing that.”

She laughed and took her hand off. I sighed. I had hoped she’d forget about the whole thing and go back to what we were doing.

Don’t get me wrong I love our daughter. We’ve managed to raised a sweet, funny, and happy young woman who is doing well at her job at the local law firm. She’s a model in her spare time. She has her mother’s looks and laugh. The family joke is that all she got from me is my sense of humor and my eyes. There were all the usual comments about me being cuckolded. I knew Abi was mine. I hadn’t let Lucy fuck anyone else in between the time we’d decided to have a kid and the time Abi was conceived. She’d had to use her mouth instead. It’d been fun trying to find creative ways to share my wife.

“Oh I don’t know.” She grinned evilly. “It’d be funny to see you trying to hide it from her!”

I scowled. Lucy loves to make jokes about me and Abi. Sure we flirted but it was just normal dad-daughter stuff. Nothing serious. Abi is a gorgeous twenty year old, pretty hair, pretty eyes, long legs, strong abs, and she has her mother’s firm high boobs. She really is a stunner. I enjoy flirting with her. Secretly I’ll tell you I like looking at her too. Most people like looking at Abi.

“Fine.” I huffed. “I’ll put my pajamas on. You put yours on. We’ll have her in here for one night. One night though okay? She’s not a kid any more and this bed isn’t big enough for three people.”

“Honey this bed is big enough for four.” Lucy said as she climbed out of it. I looked sadly at the firm globes of her sexy ass as she went.

“True. We found that out when we had the Jacksons over that time.” I remembered that time fondly.

“And the Blakes.” My wife winked. “You enjoyed that night didn’t you?”

“Watching you with twins? Fuck yeah.” I grinned. “A guy and a woman. They were funky.”

“Funky?” Lucy had turned and I was looking at her breasts in the pretty bra. “They were hot!”

“You liked that they’d touch each other didn’t you?” I smirked.

“Mhmmmm.” Her cheeks flushed dark red. Again I hoped that the thought of the Blake twins would chase these silly thoughts out of her head and get her back into the bed.

Again I was disappointed. She had her stockings and panties off, and silky pajamas on. Not that the pajamas aren’t sexy – they’re just a pair of brief shorts and a top with spaghetti strips that shows off her belly. She doesn’t have Abi’s abs but she is still thin and shapely.

“Right.” Said Lucy. “I’m going to get our daughter. Are you going to put your pajamas on?”

“Maybe I won’t. If I stay naked then you can’t bring her in here.” I shrugged.

“Don’t bet on it.” Lucy replied. “You’ll just end up all embarrassed.”

She tugged the covers from me. I sighed. She looked at my crotch and licked her lips. I gave her a warning look and moved to put on my pajamas. She grabbed my ass. I chuckled.

“If you don’t stop doing that I’ll never get soft!” I warned.

“Meh. I still think it would be funny.”

“Funny for you awkward for me and Abi.”

“I don’t know. I saw my dad’s a couple times and it wasn’t awkward. He was thick like you. It was one of the things that turned me on to thick cocks to be honest.” She looked innocent. I knew she was playing with me.. At one point, when Abi had turned nineteen, I’d walked in to the bathroom while Abi had been taking a shower. I hadn’t heard the end of that for months. It had only ended when I’d informed Lucy that I in no way fancied our daughter. No way at all.

I hated lying to Lucy but it would have been unnatural otherwise.

“Right I’m going to get her now. Whether you have your pajamas on or not.” She walked out through the door. I bolted from the bed. For all my bravado the thought of Abi seeing me naked was just too weird. I found my pajama bottoms on the floor and hunted around for my shirt. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Fine, I could just wear a t-shirt. I opened my drawers but then remembered – the washing machine was broken. Lucy had managed to get a nickel caught in the pump and it was out of commission until after the holidays. I couldn’t bare the thought of putting on one of my long sleeved shirts and besides it would look silly.

Why did I need a shirt anyway? It was not like I walked around the house in the middle of summer with one on. I liked having my shirt off during the hotter months. I go a nice tan on my muscles and I could show off the body I worked so hard on in our basement gym. No point in escort bayanlar having muscles unless you show them off occasionally, right?

So I abandoned the idea of the shirt and just climbed back into bed. My daughter would just have to put up with my naked chest. I thanked fuck I’d had a wax that week. I look totally silly with chest hair, and even more silly with little hairs poking out!

I heard them coming back up the hallway. They were chatting softly. Thankfully the stress of the whole shirt thing had made my cock fall to half hardness. Another minute or two and I’d be back to my less than impressive shriveled size. Perfectly acceptable for having our daughter in bed with us.

Except maybe I wouldn’t.

Because Abi looked gorgeous. It looked like my wife had a twin twenty years younger than herself. Yes, Lucy is fourty now. It’s hard to believe it. They had the same lustrous waves of dark brown hair, the same warm smiles, and the same sexy pajamas on. The only difference is that Abi is a couple inches taller than Lucy, and Lucy is a couple bra sizes bigger than Abi. I felt proud – my wife seriously does not show the years and my daughter is seriously hot.

I coughed.

“Abi, couldn’t you have put something a little warmer on?” I asked immediately.

She smirked at me. I blushed. “Oh come on dad! It’s boiling in here!”

My daughter sat down on the end of the bed. She was right. It was about thirty degrees in the bedroom. My wife had not managed to break the heating thank god.

“True.” I replied. “I am wondering why your mom thought you would be cold in your room. Is your air working okay?”

“Oh totally fine dad!” Abi replied.

“Well by cold I meant… lonely. You know it.” Lucy joined in.

“I was lonely dad.” Nodded Abi. “Especially since Grandpa and Grandma are fucking in the next room.”

“What!?” I asked. “TMI!”

“Oh it’s TMI for you but it’s just fine for me to have to listen to it?” Abi raised an eyebrow.

“Well no but…” I coughed. “They’re my mom and dad. Who wants to think about that?”

“Who wants to listen to it?” Abi tested.

“Oh I don’t know. Your mom and dad are hot honey. I’m just happy they still have a sex life.” Lucy added. Trust my wife to turn the whole thing into a “it’s all good as long as everyone is an adult and everyone is enjoying it” conversation.

“They could keep it quieter with their granddaughter in the next room.” I protested. “I can have a word with them in the morning if you like Abi?”

“Nah. To be honest they ARE hot and it IS nice to know they still have a sex life. Boy do they ever!” Abi was blushing. “I heard grandma asking grandpa to stick his cock in her…”

“Okay, okay, enough!” I laughed. I know very well how loud my parents are when they have sex. The wall between my room and their room was very thin. “I know they can be loud. Believe me. There were numerous time when they’d been so loud I’d had to put on headphones to drown them out.”

Lucy was standing being our daughter. Her hands were playing with Abi’s hair while we chatted. It was pretty weird that we were discussing my parents’ loud sexy life. Still they were loud enough about it that it would be hard not to.

“Yeah I was going to put my headphones on.” Said Abi. “Then I remembered that they’re broken.”

“Okay, okay.” I sighed. “We tried Abi. We’ll get a replacement tomorrow.”

“I told you to check them out.” Lucy nodded wisely.

“I didn’t want to open the box!” I protested. “It makes them look second hand. We all know that Santa doesn’t bring second hand things.”

Abi laughed. “Do you remember the time that you got me those dolls and I swore that Santa had been shopping at the dollar store? They smelled just like it!”

I chuckled. “I really thought we were rumbled.”

Lucy was massaging Abi’s shoulders now. I know that my wife gives a good massage. She helps me with my sore shoulder where I fell off the horse a decade ago. It still hasn’t healed properly. It’s also been the prelude to some interesting encounters over the years.

“Or that time when we got the hairdryer from the catalog and it arrived with a blank box and they tried to pass it off as new?” Lucy said.

“Yeah… okay. I have an admission to make. That was actually second hand.” I looked sheepish.

“DAD!” Abi looked shocked. “You swore that was new!”

“It was a difficult Christmas darling.” Lucy stepped in. “I’d just lost my job and we were short on money. You wanted one so desperately that we had to get one and it was a really good deal!”

My wife’s thumbs were pressing into the muscles of Abi’s shoulders. Our daughter closed her eyes and her head rolled back. She moaned softly. It was such a pretty little moan. Unknown to Abi my wife had pushed down her shoulder strap. The top fell forwards a little and I was greeted with a view of my daughter’s pretty cleavage. I swallowed and shifted. Yeah, Lucy was playing with me alright. She’d done this exact thing with a friend of hers not two weeks ago. Sandra had come over and we’d ended bayan escort up having a rather spectacular threesome with her. Turns out that Sandra is bi but with a more heavy leaning on the pussy side of things. I’d gotten to watch her make my wife scream again and again.

The memory made my cock twitch and harden. I shifted so that it wouldn’t be visible to our daughter. I shot Lucy a warning look but she simply grinned evilly at me. At that moment I wished that telepathy was real. I would have ripped her a new one. You can’t just stop halfway through a warm up for sex, go off and get a sexy young thing, and then start playing around with me and expect me not to get hard. Even if that sexy young thing is our daughter.

I realized now how similar Sandra and Abi actually look. Same hair – they go to the same stylist – same fashion sense, same age. Similar build. I couldn’t help wondering whether Abi’s nipples looked anything like Sandra’s.

Did her pussy…?


I had to stop thinking like that.

Time to focus on something else.

Anything else.

Anything but my hot daughter, her head thrown back, hair cascading down her back. My wife rubbing her neck and shoulders and leering at me. The fact that my daughter’s top was giving me a deliciously decadent view of her delightful decolletage. My mouth was dry.

I coughed.

Abi opened her eyes just at the wrong moment. I know she could see me looking down at her boobs. I smiled shyly. Her face colored, but she winked at me.


My daughter had winked at me for looking at her breasts?

Damn she was cool headed. Did that mean she didn’t mind? My brain was whirring with emotions. I seriously wished that I’d blown out the candle that Lucy and I had been using – the one that sends my mind wild with sexy desires.

“Oh dad.” Abi continued the conversation as though there hadn’t been that long, awkward pause in the middle. “You’re always trying to look after me. Even if it’s a struggle. I know I can always rely on you and mom to take care of my needs.”

“Anything darling. You know that. You just have to ask.” Lucy said. The way she said it hinted at things that I’d rather weren’t hinted at. Not with our daughter. My wife’s voice was husky. She was working Abi’s other shoulder now. That strap had likewise been pushed to one side. I got an even better view of our daughter’s tits.

Not that I wanted one.

Oh no.

Of course not.

What a Christmas this was turning into!

“There is one thing with could help me with mom.” Abi replied.

“Yes darling?” Lucy replied.

“We talked about it the other day mom. Do you remember?” Abi looked back at Lucy. Lucy gave our daughter the biggest and warmest smile that I’ve ever seen. She was blushing though, just like Abi and me.

“I remember. So you decided?”

“Truth be told it wasn’t much of a decision.” Abi looked sideways at me. “Not once I thought about it.”

My heart was pounding. My male brain was betraying me with thoughts of an entirely naughty nature.

“Hmmmm.” Lucy said. “I’m glad. Are you sure?”

“I’m a hundred percent sure mom. I just wish it had happened earlier. I’ve been looking forwards to it all day!”

There was a moment’s silence. Lucy had her eyes closed, a look of pure rapture on her face. Abi sat there, still, looking at her mom. Her top was dropping open and I could see the curve of her firm boob in profile. Her legs were drawn up on the bed, her long and creamy thighs parted, the material of the shorts pulled up snugly into her crotch. My daughter was a dream to look at. I was an excited, nervous, proud wreck of a father.

“Okay then darling, why don’t you climb into bed with your dad?” Lucy prompted.

“Gladly.” Abi said. She relaxed. She slid up the bed, climbing in next to me. I was frozen. My heart was pounding. My nostrils were filled with the scent of my daughter’s perfume. She was wearing the scent that I had bought for my wife. The one with notes of honey and orange blossom. The one that Lucy knows turns me on. I rolled to hug our daughter. I wanted to make this all normal again. I wanted to…


This was so unfair. I shifted slightly so that my cock wouldn’t be pressing up against my daughter’s thigh. My daughter – my very own sweet hot sexy daughter – shifted so that she could feel it again.

“Hi dad.” She smiled. “It’s nice and warm in here. I like it.”

My wife climbed into bed also. She drew up the covers so that they were over all three of us. Me on one side, Lucy on the other, and Abi sandwiched very tightly in the middle. I knew I was blushing. I was trembling with emotion. So was Abi. So was Lucy.

We lay there like that for what seemed eternity. I don’t think any of us knew quite what to do. It felt weird having my cock pressed against my daughter’s thigh. I tried to lose the hardness but I couldn’t. Every time I started to wilt she shifted a bit, drawing her soft skin over it and making me hard again. I was very aware that the only thing that separated us was the thin material of my pajama trousers. The material that was very thin. I wanted to convince myself that my daughter did not know what she was doing. That she just kept shifting to get comfortable. I had closed my eyes. I was trying to go to sleep, or at least to think of something else other than the hot twenty year old who was pushing her body against me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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