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Author’s note: New readers welcome, and past readers welcome back! This is my latest story of Taboo attraction and unlike the past couple which were a bit frivolous and fun(My Mother’s revenge and My Mother’s a porn star) I decided to get back into my favorite type of incest, the kind that has as much love as it does lust. New reads be warned, I take my time building the story so if you enjoy short stroke style pieces this may not be for you. So enough with the talking, let’s get to the good stuff! LC68


“So your mother’s gone for the night?” Melanie asked as we entered my room.

“Yeah,” I answered, standing to the side so she could enter first. “She’s with that guy from work she’s been dating.”

In addition to getting me points for being polite, allowing Melanie to walk in past me gave me a great opportunity to check her out. Mel looked damn hot in a little red sundress that barely covered her ass and her long blonde hair was down. She was wearing red sandals with heels so high I wondered how she could walk, but was glad she could because they made her long legs look even better than usual.

“Guess she’s planning on it being a good date!” Melanie laughed as she walked past the two chairs at my desk where we usually studied and sat on my bed.

“Guess so.” I said, trying not to sound nervous as I closed the door behind me. “They’ve been going out awhile though, so I guess things are working out.”

“Good.” Melanie nodded, “Your Mom’s way to pretty to be alone, about time she had some fun.”

“Tell me about it.” I replied as I slowly walked over towards the bed, “My dad passed away two years ago and she just started dating.”

“You know Rick,” Mel gave me a sly smile, “Speaking of fun, if she can move on and have some, I think it’s high time her hot son had a little fun of his own.”

“Oh, yeah?” I did the best I could to return her smile.

“Oh yeah.”

Reaching down she slipped her sandals off and turning, lay on the bed. Melanie stretched her arms over her head, causing her ample tits to push out even further. I swallowed nervously and told myself I could do this. Any other guy I knew would have already been on the bed trying to get her dress off and no one could blame them. Melanie was sweet, sexy and more than willing to have fun, she was everything a guy could want. The only thing she wasn’t was Tina.

No sooner had her name entered my mind then I envisioned Tina lying in my bed. I recalled our first time, which had been in this very room when my parents were away. We were both so nervous and Tina, expecting we were going too, had told me to leave the room and come back when she called. I had entered to find her wearing an adorable little blue baby doll nightgown and….

“You coming over here?” Melanie cut into my thoughts; she patted the bed and smiled, “Plenty of room.”

I slid my shoes off and as I got onto the bed next to her told myself again to just relax. It was sex. I’d been having it since I was fifteen and was turning nineteen next week; it’s not like I wouldn’t know what I was doing. Problem was all that time had only been with Tina. What if Melanie liked different things or didn’t like….I forced my mind to stop its spinning and rolling over onto my side propped myself up on my elbow. Leaning down I gave Melanie a kiss and sighed as she immediately pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss, telling myself what else she would be more than willing to do with that tongue. I knew she would go down on me because she’d tried last week and like an idiot I’d made an excuse and told her I’d had to get going. Melanie put her hand behind my head and began playing with my hair as we kissed. I placed my hand on her stomach, then gasped as she grabbed it and placed it onto her tit. I started to pull my hand back, but she held it there, pressing it down onto her firm flesh.

Her tit felt damn good and I started to gently squeeze it and rub my hand across it. Melanie moaned her approval as our tongues played across each other. She disappointed me by pulling away, but that feeling gave way to way to excitement when she grabbed the straps of her dress and slid them from her shoulders. Melanie yanked the top down causing her large creamy white tits to pop out.

“Oh, damn.” I whispered at the sight of her full round tits with their hard pink nipples.

“You like them, Rick?” she asked, smiling.


“Then show me how much you like them!” Cupping them in her hands, Melanie offered them to me.

I licked my lips as I took in the sight of her red nails on her tits. They were the first I’d seen since Tina’s and I had to admit, they were just as nice, if not better. Tina’s were smaller with darker nipples. I snapped myself out of it and moving quickly bent my head to her tits and took her right nipple in my mouth.

“Hmm, there you go honey.” Melanie purred as I eagerly sucked her tit, “That feels so good!”

Her words spurred me on to switch to the other while reaching up escort bayan gaziantep and playing the one I’d just been licking. Melanie released a sexy sigh and I became aware of my cock stiffening in my pants. I began to relax as my body responded, the last time we’d gotten hot and heavy I couldn’t even get a hard on, because I kept thinking of….All thoughts left my head and I gasped around Melanie’s beautiful tit when her hand dropped into my lap and started squeezing my cock.

“You do like them!” she giggled, then grabbing my hand, said, “Here, let me show you how much I like you!”

With no hesitation, she shoved my hand up her dress and pressed my pal between her legs. I groaned at how wet her panties were and using two fingers, I started to rub them up and down across her pussy.

“Yes!” she moaned, “Now let’s make it better!”

Pulling her tit from me she reached down and pulling her dress up to her hips, grabbed her red panties. Lifting her hips, she quickly pulled her panties down. Melanie bent her legs up and sliding her panties to her feet, playfully kicked them off. Leaning back against the headboard, she opened her legs and grabbing my hand, placed it on her bare pussy, her completely smooth bare pussy. I slid my fingers through her soft wet flesh and moaned as she started stroking my cock through my jeans.

Looking between her legs, I saw Melanie’s pussy was as pink as her nipples and I could see how wet she was. Sliding my fingers back down and before I lost my nerve, I pushed a finger inside her. Melanie groaned and thrust her hips, driving my finger deeper inside of her hot wet and very tight pussy. Her moaning made me want to continue and taking my thumb, I pressed it to her clit. She moaned again and reaching down unsnapped my jeans. My heart was beating fast and I could feel my fingers trembling against her pussy as she pulled my zipper down.

“Oh, yes,” Melanie breathed as she pulled my throbbing cock from my jeans.

I emitted a low moan as she started stroking my cock and I fought to concentrate on playing with her pussy. Melanie was lowered her head and was breathing heavily in my ear as I worked her clit. Her breath was hot and her pussy was even hotter than that. I started rocking my hips, pushing my cock into her hand as she slowly jerked me off. Hers was the first hand to touch my cock other than my own since I’d found out Tina had been cheating on me eight months ago.

That thought caused my fingers to slow down as I was assailed by the visual of walking into Tina’s dorm room without knocking and seeing her petite body riding the cock of the guy lying beneath her in her bed. I blinked that away, but could feel my cock beginning to soften in Melanie’s hand. Not again I thought, this had to work this time or she would never want to try again. Of course once I started thinking about it, my cock started to soften even more.

“Don’t worry baby,” Melanie whispered in my ear. “You just let me take care of it.”

Before I could respond, Melanie pushed against my chest, causing me to fall over onto my back. Moving quickly, she lay across me and grabbing my cock, shoved it into her mouth. I moaned loudly as I felt her warm, soft tongue swirling around me. She began bobbing her head and I could feel my cock stiffening again. Melanie moaned around it and I placed my hand on the back of her head, playing with her blonde hair. Now that my cock was fully hard again, Melanie had slowed her sucking and was now teasing, enjoying my cock as she slowly moved her mouth up and down.

I slid my hand down her back and grabbing her round ass, gave it a squeeze. She giggled around my cock and I closed my eyes and sighed, damn that felt good! I opened them again and for a second saw Tina’s long black hair across my stomach, before shaking my head and that image with it. Melanie released my cock and sliding back across me lay on her back and smiling at me, whispered, “Come on honey, I want the first time you cum to be inside me.”

The point of no return. Even as that thought went through my head, I quickly rolled over so that I was between her legs, my hands on either side of her head. I leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. As I did I felt my hard cock press into her thigh and sighed in relief. I was still ready, all I had to do was slip inside and her pussy would take care of me. Melanie smiled up at me and reaching up, put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her.

I lowered myself until I felt the head of my cock sliding along her wet pussy. I was getting ready to push inside her, when looking up at me, Melanie whispered, “I love you Ricky.”

Holy shit! Mel and I had been dating three months, but I didn’t know she felt that way! Hearing her say it made me feel good and I began to say it back. Melanie must have seen she had affected me and repeated it, even softer this time. My cock was right against the entrance to her warm pussy and I began to speak, planning on telling her I loved her too just bayan gaziantep escort as I slipped inside. That’s when the ghost of Tina came back to haunt me again. I recalled her telling me that the night we’d first made love.

We were each other’s firsts and swore we would be the last. That lasted for almost five years and in that time she’d said “I love you” more times than I could count. But apparently it was a series of lies as she had been fucking behind my back for.

“Ricky?” Melanie whispered, “Come on baby,” she giggled, “Come on in the water’s fine.”

I started to smile, and then frowned when I could no longer feel my cock pushing against her. I was starting to lose it again. I started moving my hips, sliding my cock along her wet pussy.

“Oh, you tease,” she moaned.

I felt my cock rising again, she really did look beautiful beneath me and she wanted me! Feeling my cock hard and ready again, I lowered my head and swallowing hard, whispered, “I…I love…” I couldn’t finish as the vision of Tina breaking my heart entered my mind again. What if Melanie did the same thing? My cock had fallen and disgusted I went to sit back up on my knees.

“No!” Melanie said, holding onto me. “Come on Ricky just relax!”

“I…I can’t.” I whispered.

“You…you want me don’t you?”

“Yes.” I said quickly, You’re…you’re beautiful!”

“Okay!” she smiled, “Then relax, just lay back then, I’ll suck on you and I’ll get on top and…”

“I can’t!” I snapped more harshly than I meant to.

I turned around and like a little kid sat back against the head board and crossed my arms over my chest. Melanie sat up and looking at me shook her head,

“Ricky, what’s the matter? We have the place to ourselves, we can take our time,” she gave me a smile, “My folks think at a sleepover, I can spend the night! Come on honey, we’ve been going together awhile now!”

“I know.” I said quietly, “And I want you…”

“And you can have me!” she said, “All of me!”

“I…look Melanie it’s” I paused, and then got it over with, “It’s just that after T…”

“Don’t you dare bring that bitch up again!” Melanie pointed at me, raising her voice. “I am sick of that shit Ricky!”


“Don’t “Mel” me!” she shook her head as she pulled the straps to her dress up, covering her tits. “This is bullshit Ricky, that ended months ago!”

“But we were together….” I began.

“Five years, I know. Know how I know? Because you keep fucking talking about it!”

She was now yelling and I let her go. At the end of the day, she was right.

“That slut broke your heart Ricky, she fucking cheated on you! She’s doing what and who she wants and you’re moping and it’s not fair, to you or me!”

I went to put my arm around her, but she slid off the bed and leaning down grabbed her shoe and slid it on her foot.

“I’ve been trying to get you to have sex with me for a month now and you keep running like a little kid,” she laughed harshly, “Bet Tina doesn’t have that problem.”

“Melanie, please don’t go.” I asked as she put her other shoe on. “We can talk…”

“Nothing to talk about.” She shook her head. “I feel like a goddamn idiot! I’m whipping my tits out, hell I’m sucking your cock and you can’t keep it up because you can’t get over your childhood sweetie, fuck it Ricky, I deserve better!”

“You do and…”

“I’m a good girl!” she continued. “I’m not some slut just spreading her legs for you, I…I love you Ricky.” Her eyes started to fill up. “You’re sweet to me and you’re smart and good looking and I really want to be with you, but I’m not waiting around. I’m number two to a girl that’s not even around anymore.”

She looked like she was going to go on, but waved her hand disgustedly.

“I’m not going to fight; I’m just going to leave.”

She turned and walked over to my door. She paused before opening it and pointed to a picture of my mother and I at my high school graduation.

“Hell your dad passed away and she’s over it enough to spend a night with someone and that’s after being married for years, she can get over it, why the hell can’t you?”

“Because I….” I looked away. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Neither do I, but…:” she softened her tone, “You figure it out call me. I…I’d like to be with you, but only if I’m the girl you’re thinking of.”

I sadly watched her open the door and just as she was ready to step through, saw her panties on the bed and called out, “Hey you want your underwear?”

“Keep them,” she called over her shoulder, “Maybe you can jerk off on them, God knows it’s the closest I’ll get to sex with you.”

Chapter Two

I sat on the couch and tried to force myself to pay attention to the Sox game. It wasn’t easy, seeing they were losing. Well that wasn’t the only thing making it difficult, the fact that I was on my third glass of wine didn’t help either. Technically I was too young to drink, but gaziantep bayan escort my parents had always had wine at the dinner table and Mom had said before she didn’t care as long as I only did it at home and didn’t leave the house. Over the last few months I’d had to enforce that rule on my mother who was doing more than her share of drinking on some nights, when she was really missing my dad.

Well hopefully she wasn’t missing dad tonight. He had passed of a massive heart attack close to two years ago and Mom had just started trying to date a few months ago. As Melanie had said, my mother was far too pretty to be sitting home alone. I grinned at the thought that mom had told me the same thing awhile back, that I was too young and good looking to not be getting any. I’d blushed when she said it, but then again, it had been a long time since mom had treated me like a kid. Once I’d hit about twelve she had begun treating me like an adult, always being straightforward with me and letting me say what I wanted as long as it was respectful.

Because of that I’d always felt closer to her than my dad. That closeness had increased after dad passed. We’d done the best we could to console each other and we talked about anything and everything with each other, never keeping anything back. Once, when we had both had some wine, Mom had commented there were times I seemed more like a good friend than a son. She’d also sighed and said she would love to meet a guy like me, but most guys were jerks and only wanted sex.

Sex was something that surprisingly the two of us had also discussed. Mom knew I’d been alone since Tina and had asked if I had any thoughts of getting back in the saddle. I’d said no and she pushed me to get out and meet someone. When I hadn’t, she’d embarrassed the shit out of me by inviting Melanie to dinner after I had mentioned I liked her, but was afraid to ask her out. Mom knew how heartbroken I was over Tina, but insisted I had to move on. I always countered with so did she. Mom had agreed, then to my surprise talked about how she’d gone home with a couple of guys, but froze up both times and left nervous and frustrated, saying she couldn’t.

Last week I told her I was going through the same thing and she told me to just relax, even if I had to let Melanie do the taking. Well she’d done her best tonight and I’d still fucked it up. If you couldn’t fuck a girl after she’d been sucking your cock, you were pretty much screwed. Speaking of screwed, I watched as Orioles cleanup hitter smacked a three run homer and with a disgusted sigh, shut off the TV. Picking up my glass I sat back on the couch and as I took a sip, stared at my reflection in the TV screen.

Knowing I had the house to myself I was only wearing a pair of shorts and I had to say the time I’d been spending at the gym had been paying off. I’d been trying to work off my sexual frustration and the way I was filling out showed how frustrated I’d been. I never really wondered if I was good looking or not, but I had my dad’s blonde hair and blue eyes and even when I was with Tina, I’d gotten flirted with quite a bit. Melanie was always saying I was hot so I guess I was easy on the eyes as Mom would say.

The front door banged and I jumped almost spilling the wine on the couch. Sitting up, I had just put the glass down when Mom came walking into the parlor.

“Hey, what happened?” I asked, although from the look on her face I had an idea.

“It’s not what happened, it’s what didn’t happen,” she said disgustedly as she tossed her purse on the chair, it fell over spilling its contents on the floor and muttering, “Fuck it,” Mom walked over to where I was sitting.

I noticed she was walking a little unsteadily. I wondered if she’d been drinking as her voice sounded a little thick. Looking down however, I saw the reason for her awkward steps were at the end of her feet. Mom was wearing a pair of black stiletto heels that had to be five inches. I’d never seen her wear anything higher than a modest heel before and even as I watched her ankle almost went sideways and she had to lean on the couch.

As my eyes made their way up from her shoes I couldn’t help but notice she was dressed to kill. Mom was wearing a pair of black stockings and a red skirt that was as short as the one Melanie was sporting earlier. On top she was wearing a short sleeve black blouse that was open to expose a red shirt the top of which was all lace. The top was low cut enough to show not only a lot of cleavage, but the top of a black lace bra.

“Damn Mom, you look hot.” I told her.

“Figures,” she said flopping down on the couch next to me, “I got a young stud almost naked on my couch telling me I’m hot and it’s my son.”

“I don’t know about stud.” I told her, feeling myself blush.

I don’t know why, but Mom always made me blush, no one else ever had that effect on me. Maybe it was a remnant of the ridiculous crush I’d had on her when a lot younger, back when I though she was the most beautiful woman ever and had weird thoughts of being with her. That was odd, I hadn’t thought about that in a long time. As I stared at my mother’s long well shaped legs, my eyes widened at the sudden memory of masturbating to her when I was young. I wasn’t sure how old, but it had been before Tina. I shook my head, as if trying to forget what I’d just recalled. Glancing down at the glass of wine, I’d wondered if I’d had too much.

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