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The lights weren’t out yet and he was scouting a place to stand and found one near the PA at the center of the room. People were casually talking and drinking beers. He spotted an open spot and headed in. A group of young guys and girls his age was standing on his right an older group of college students to his left.

It was Friday and that was one of the main reasons he was there alone.

Nobody wanted to come they all wanted to go to the pub and get wasted like they always did on a Friday night. He asked almost everybody he knew even his best friend Toby but they were not interested. He had to take bus, train and metro to get to the venue. He couldn’t get there by car cause he didn’t have a license yet. All his friends did and most of the time he had to depend on their goodwill. Not this time he was determined to get there and watch one of his favorite groups perform even if it meant he had to stay in town until the next train that morning

He took a sip from his beer and started to check out the girls around where he was standing.

All the people in the group left of him were probably older. Probably studying in this town starting the weekend with an alternative concert.

He checked out the girls in the group a nice girl with brown hairs dressed in jeans and white shirt, An alternative chick with dreads and baggy pants who was hugging one of the guys, or the short haired redhead with the tattoo on her arms. Then he noticed the two short curvy gals with frizzy hair. They looked a bit funny. One wore striped leggings a funny purple skirt and a green hooded jacket that was zipped tightly around here voluptuous chest, the other one probably her older sister wore red shoes black stockings a jeans miniskirt, a simple white shirt with a few buttons undone showing of a nice cleavage and a red jacket.

He probably watched a little too long cause he made eye contact with the oldest sister, she smiled politely and looked away.

She wasn’t really his type, he like blondes with C-cups blue eyes and red lips and looked like they were imported from Sweden.

Lights dimmed the artists took the stage and in a few minutes everybody in the room was dancing, shouting and having a good time. He did too, he made it, he was proud of himself and together with the few beers he already had he felt the positive vibe and forgot that he was there alone. He shook, shouted even sang along and everybody around him did too, the crowd was more dense and moving in a simultaneous movement.

He went for a beer, got back to his position when she smashed into him careening his pint to the floor he grabbed the plastic cup right before hitting the ground but a lot of it already spilled to the floor. Sorry she smiled with her big red lips and sparkling brown eyes he’d looked in before. She immediately filled his half empty cup with half of her beer, she winked and continued dancing. At first he was angry then he felt strange and when the new song kicked in he was dancing again. The sisters danced in front of him together with the redhead and a few guys and they had great fun.

The younger sister left with her boyfriend and the redhead disappeared and suddenly he found himself dancing alongside the older sister and suddenly she bumped her butt into his. They were dancing so he didn’t mind, it was probably an accident but she did it again and watched him from the corner of her eye.

Was she hitting on him, she anadolu yakası escort smiled and stayed in his neighborhood. Her friends were gone. It was just the two of them dancing in the crowd. They exchanged gazes and looks and He felt something strange. His dick startled and got bigger inside his pants. She wasn’t his type or was she? He didn’t understand.

She rubbed her ass against his crotch. The music was now merely a background chime. They were moving a long a seductive beat they made themselves in a combination of heartbeats. The next beat started and suddenly they were kissing. He grabbed her waist and expertly pulled her closer while his other hand moved in underneath her skirt. This wasn’t him what was he doing he groped her breast and suddenly he was afraid she’d hit him but on the contrary she moaned in his ear and let him squeeze her fairly large breasts. It was only then that he noticed she was pressing her crotch hard against the bulge in his pants.

Their embrace broke apart with a new song and they were shaking again. They moved to the beat and her nice round ass was brushing his cock every time.

She knew what she was doing and she was driving him insane. They danced for nearly an hour and temperature was rising and they pushed and rubbed their bodies against each other. If he could have, he would have fucked her right then and there, but he didn’t even know her name.

The concert came to an end and lights went on, the band had left the stage. Before he could say something she immediately kissed him pushing her teasing tongue in his mouth, his tongue followed hers back and she sucked the tip of his tongue between her lips and smiled. “Did you like the show?” she licked her teeth and her gaze locked on to his eyes. Yeah he clumsily added. The name’s Becca and you’re not from around she cleverly added.

He found out she was four years older than him and a final year psychology student. She was short and pale with blushing round cheeks and milk white skin only broken by two plump blood red lips. She radiated sex and her sweaty body had a sweet scent.

When she heard he was stranded her eyes lit up, she lived nearby and was sharing an apartment with her sister who conveniently stayed with her boyfriend tonight. She pinned him against a nearby wall and whispered in his ear. Come on big boy let’s go home.

He felt like being kidnapped, he knew what was happening and enjoyed every second but this was so unlike him, she wasn’t his type or was she? This wasn’t his style, a one night stand, but his dick was so hard it hurt.

After a short walk she opened the door to her apartment, pushed him inside and kept pushing him till he fell on the couch behind him. She took a step back and started stripping her jacket and shirt down revealing a huge black lace bra with her nipples almost poking through the fabric. She kicked off her skirt and revealed her matching lace panties. She pulled of his sweaty shirt and jumped in his arms his hands now filled with her lacy rack. She popped her tits out and he eagerly sucked what was within his reach.

His cock pushed inside his pants and she hastily freed it, kneeled in front of him and started explored his cock. She milked it and watched drops of milky precum run down his shaft onto his balls she stuck out her tongue and tasted the droplets. She sucked on his balls atalar escort while milking his cock and when his dick was getting to full strength she started sucking the head circling the hole on top with her tongue. He moaned and panted and underwent this sweet torture caressing her head and even pushing her bobbing head onto his erection.

She stopped sucking his cock, dropped her panties to reveal her wet shaven slit. She had a small trimmed stripe of pubic hair and her lips glistened in the dim light. She sat on his lap and he immediately started toying her big tits whit his mouth, she reached back and wanked his dick behind her back. His hands focused on her pussy and he immediately felt she was dripping wet. She started moaning while he worked a finger in her tight pussy and while his thumb rubbed her clit he worked in another. She started riding his fingers and pushing down on them bringing her ass closer to the dick she was holding in her hands she pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock. She didn’t wait and pushed her dripping wet, hot pussy over his steel hard throbbing dick.

They both moaned and she gently started riding his dick. She was so tight she firmly gripped his fat cock, he was in heaven. She was slowly gaining speed and her big tits jiggled and wobbled out of his hands who were fondling them. She increased speed some more and started making panting and moaning noises. She was fucking him hard and fast and it seemed she wasn’t going to last much longer. She bucked against him hard and every time she pushed a small cry escaped her mouth. Her orgasm was slowly building up and she was almost ready to explode. He rubbed her nipples and felt cum flowing to his dick. He was going to cum too. Like a neck and neck race they raced for the same goal and when he sprayed his cum deep inside her, her eyes turned in their sockets and her nails dug into his skin. Shot after shot she moaned until she finally collapsed on top of him. Sweating and panting they kissed.

After a few seconds she disappeared in the kitchen and returned with to beers to quench their thirst. They toasted and she asked “Is he going to be alright, pointing at his fleeting cock, cause I’m not finished yet.” He couldn’t believe his ears and her eyes lit up when she saw his prancing dick. In a few minutes it was back at full force and she expertly pulled back the foreskin to reveal his throbbing head. She pulled him from the couch by his dick and she crawled on top of the coffee table and pushed her ass high in the air. He could see her swollen lips and with a quick inspection he felt she was still soaking wet.

He placed the tip at her entrance and watched in awe how he pushed his manhood in her curvy booty. He parted her lips and slid inside her. She moaned hard and he could already feel her pussy pulsating around his cock. She watched him while he ogled her curvy body beneath him and started anticipating his thrusts. Her pussy was making sloppy noises and every push he started grunting harder and harder. Hypnotized by her body he increased speed and his balls started rhythmically slapping her ass. He was fucking her hard now and she had to hold on tight to the table. She pushed her ass higher and while he still pumped her body she started coming again. She screamed out and her tightening cunt milked his dick to orgasm. For the second time that night ataşehir escort he shot his load deep inside her.

A key slid inside the door lock and the apartment door swung open silently. Right when he pulled his still cum covered stiff dick from her pussy her sister entered the apartment. She whistled admiring between her teeth: “damn Becca what a fine specimen” He froze and watched her slowly walking right up to the couch while dropping her skirt to the ground and unbuttoning her blouse. “mind if I try him?” by the time she reached the couch she was wearing nothing more than her laced panties and bra “Not at all sis” Becca chuckled.

Before his recovering mind figured out what was happening, beech’s sister Ruth’s mouth was already wrapped completely around his dick sucking him clean. She pushed him in the couch and popped her tits out and squeezed his dick in between. He stammered and underwent ruth’s sweet torture staring at her even bigger boobs while Becca watched her sister perform the perfect titjob. Slowly she revived his flaccid cock till it was hard as if it was the first time that night. Becca jumped on the couch and started kissing him while Ruth did all the hard work. “Are you going to fuck my sister hard” she whispered in his ear “let’s see if she’s wet. While Ruth was still sucking Becca undid her clothing and started fingering ruth’s cunt. She presented her wet fingers in front of his nose. “Taste her” he sucked her glistening fingers and the sweet scent and taste of Ruth’s pussy made him long for more. “Then lick her” she smiled.

The sisters changed places and Ruth pushed him back on the couch and in less then three seconds she sat on his face. Her sweet wet pussy pushed against his mouth he couldn’t do anything more then lick it and push his tongue inside as far as he could. She rode him till his face was soaked with her juices. She pulled back to let him catch his breath and Becca stopped sucking his cock “he’s ready for you” she nodded at Ruth.

Like a wild cowgirl she mounted her steed and started fucking him wild. Becca took her place on his face she slowly crouched over his face and rub her boobs while she lowered her pussy over his mouth.

He couldn’t believe the sweet torture he was undergoing. The way these girls where on top of him, abusing him, was wilder then his wildest dreams. He felt his dick deep inside Ruth’s pussy, while he squeezed Becca’s but pulling her pussy closer to his face. He was going berserk on her pussy, licking, slobbering, swallowing, sucking on it. It didn’t take long before both girls where moaning and he felt he was ready to blow his load. He started moaning and felt Becca coming on his face she was riding it hard pushing his head completely on to her cunt while wailing softly. She stepped of and dropped on the couch next to him. For the first time he watched how Ruth was riding his dick and he automatically grabbed her hard nipples and rubbed them between his fingers. That was all she needed to cum she screamed like if he was hurting her and her pussy tightened round his dick. He started Cumming and for the third time that night he shot his load, this time inside her sister.

She dismounted him and after a few minutes of heavy panting the three of them fell softly asleep.

That morning a refreshing shower with three reminded him it wasn’t all a big wet dream.

Ruth went off to see her boyfriend and after the shower he had breakfast with Becca in a coffee bar not far from the station.

She accompanied him to the station and her goodbye kiss seemed to last for hours.

Before he mounted the train, she whispered one thing in his ear “next week, same time, same place, different concert” … He smiled, she winked and the doors of the train slowly closed in between them while he winked back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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