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This night hadn’t turned out at all the way Candace had been expecting. She raced down the 405 Freeway headed southbound coming from the San Fernando Valley back towards her own place in Hawthorne, California. Candace was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she was suddenly startled to find blue and red lights flashing in her rearview mirror. “Shit!” she exclaimed as she pulled over to get off of the freeway now that she was coming upon the Florence/Manchester Exit in Inglewood.

When she’d pulled over to the curb in front of a gas station, she waited with some trepidation as some asshole looking White guy in a cop uniform came walking over towards her. Well, really, she couldn’t see his face, but the way he was swaggering over told his whole story already. “Good evening ma’am. Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Candace shook her head numbly, knowing full well all the time why this policeman had stopped her. However, she simply looked straight ahead out of her windshield the whole time, purposefully silent. In turn, from her periphery she could only slightly see, but more so feel, how he eyed her skeptically.

Eventually, he proceeded to tell her, “You were speeding. You were going seventy-eight in a max sixty-five mile per hour zone.” Again, Candace said nothing in reply. “License, registration and insurance,” he then demanded in the midst of her extended silence.

As Candace carefully reached over to her glove compartment with slightly shaky hands, she realized that the adrenaline was rushing through her body and that combined with the officer’s watchful eyes upon her, it was all making her feel extremely anxious. She finally managed to retrieve her current registration and insurance documentation print-out from her glove box before she slowly reached into her purse to get her driver’s license too. She tried her best to make sure that he could see she was only reaching in for her license just in case he was a trigger-happy cop.

With all the stories in the news recently about overzealous cops that had mistakenly shot people, and usually White cops that had shot non-White victims, Candace’s brown skin had long made her a believer in exercising due caution. Maybe it was a bit of that same paranoia now that made her tremble as she started to hand him over her documents. Then again, while Candace had never paid much attention to White men in general, when she finally looked up into the cop’s face, his denim-colored eyes, straight aquiline nose and slightly full lips, nearly made her do a double take.

The man was hot! He leaned into her car slightly as she gave him her papers. Her hand brushed his in an accidental, gentle graze, but the result of the quick skin-to-skin contact was electrifying.


Officer Tim Roberts had been a CHP Officer for the last five years. He’d gone into the force right after graduating from high school, and in the last year since he’d been patrolling the Culver City to Inglewood portions of the 405 Freeway, he’d made plenty of routine stops. Yet this one was completely different because the young Black woman he’d just pulled over for speeding was beautiful!

He’d never particularly given a damn about a woman’s skin color as long as he shared a mutual attraction with her, but so far, he’d only ever slept with White and Latina women. So this woman’s caramel colored skin, along with her mostly honey-toned hazel eyes that were speckled with green, along with her long flowing sisterlocks that went to the middle of her back, was already doing something to him. Then there were her lush breasts that he was trying his best not to stare at directly, and he was willing to bet that she had flawless curves elsewhere too. He was already aware of the seductive pull this woman was stirring within him, and that was before they’d locked eyes.

Then, as he leaned inside her driver’s side window a bit to get her papers, at the same time that she inadvertently touched him, he also caught a whiff of something delicious that could only mean one thing. It turned out that the steady flow of her car’s air conditioning was actually circulating the strong smell of her spicy arousal from underneath her skirt that came to about her mid-thighs as she was seated. The instant effect on Tim was his own arousal. As his erection started, it was almost like he was a teenager again, and he simply couldn’t control it. As his cock lengthened and hardened, he looked directly into her eyes.


At about the same time that the cop’s eyes seemed to glaze over, Candace caught the pungent, sweet twang wafting up from her own pussy. Shit! No wonder he was looking at her like that right now. She tried to feign that she hadn’t noticed.

“So Escort bayan where are you coming from anyway Miss…” he quickly looked down at her driver’s license, “Miss Candace Hill?”

Candace realized that as a cop he had no right to ask her a question like that. However, the man in him was simply being nosy and fishing for information about possible male competition accordingly. Yet even knowing all of that, she still felt compelled to answer. “Sylmar.”

“Oh? Coming back from seeing your boyfriend?”

Yup. He was definitely fishing, but whether it was because she’d always been programmed to respect authority and he was the one with the badge here, or there was simply some other unknown reason, she continued to comply and answer him. “He’s… he’s not exactly my man. It’s kinda complicated,” she answered honestly.

“I see,” he answered and then pulled back from her window a little before he looked all around, almost as if he was making sure that they weren’t being watched. “Drive over there, then make a right and drive all the way down to the end of the street,” the cop told her, pointing to a darkened side street. On the one hand, Candace’s initial gut reaction was to tell this guy hell no, and to just give her the damn speeding ticket so she could continue on her way home.

Yet on the other hand, the problem was that going to see Mathias, her half Mexican, half Cuban booty call that she’d been doing for the last year, hadn’t left her satisfied tonight — as in, completely unfulfilled. See, Mathias was a super hard worker, a fact that his job had suddenly decided to exploit. So while the company he worked for had laid off part of their work force, to compensate for the loss of workers, they’d had employees like Mathias working longer and longer hours.

Thus, instead of going to work at 8:00 A.M., now Mathias was going in at 4:00 A.M. and working until 7:00 P.M. when he used to get off from work at 5:00 P.M. Then they’d even given him an additional shift on Saturdays for another four to five hours and were thinking about giving him another four to five hour shift on Sundays too. The end result was that even though Candace had been waiting all week to go see him, so she could get some relief from the stress she carried after working at her own job, and she’d even made the 45-minute trek to go all the way out to Sylmar to go see him, Mathias was dead tired.

Not only had he not been able to keep up an erection for long, he’d even fallen asleep on her before they were done! That definitely wasn’t his usual M.O., but increasingly she felt like they’d been having these bedroom issues, and especially in the last two to three months as his workload continued to increase. So Candace had quickly gotten dressed before she quietly let herself out of his home, after he’d started to snore, and then got into her car and drove away. Whereupon she was feeling disgusted and slightly pissed, unsure of herself and her own sexual performance, but above all else, horny as hell but without an outlet to channel her frustrations — sexual and otherwise.

Now, a man, even if he was a stranger, was looking at with hungry eyes and all she wanted to do was uncover his broad chest, not to mention unsheathe all of his other male parts too, and then ride him until they both came… Candace quickly considered the possibilities. A flood of erotic images seized control of her mind that involved all the different things that could happen if she allowed the cop to take her over to that dark side street… Oh what the hell. Even though she hadn’t even slept with anyone else since she and Mathias had made their little arrangement last year, it wasn’t like she was committed to him.

Besides, she was pretty sure that she wasn’t the only woman that Mathias was sleeping with anyway. Why should she keep taking the scraps he was tossing her when someone else was right here and willing to give her a full five course meal instead? So Candace closed her eyes, briefly shielding herself from the intensity of the cop’s gaze, and then nodded.


Tim was beginning to think that pretty Miss Candace Hill was going to tell him to go straight to hell when he’d boldly suggested she meet him on this side street. Even as he followed behind her vehicle with his squad car, he couldn’t believe he’d had the balls to suggest it. He’d never blatantly abused his power like this before. Yet there was something so tantalizing about her smell that he knew he had to have her, taste her, own control of her body, at least for a little while. The very thought of her was driving him wild and made him even harder. Tim couldn’t wait to sink his throbbing erection deep Bayan escort inside of her chocolate femininity…

At the end of the street where they had parked, there was a dead-end cul-de-sac, and a huge fenced in plot of land where grass had grown waist high from neglect over the years. There were rumors of a construction project happening here soon for the last three years, but so far, nothing had ever happened. Tim had jokingly thought to himself that if he ever needed to dispose of a body, this would be the perfect place to do it.

Now, however, that he needed privacy and this secluded place had been conveniently close, he’d thought of another use for this area too. So he parked, told dispatch he was taking a lunch break, and then turned his headlights off before he exited his vehicle and then locked it up. By the time he approached the only other vehicle over here, he worried that the lady he intended to fuck so thoroughly she’d still be able to feel his strokes tomorrow looked like she might be having second thoughts.


“What’s wrong?” the cop asked. It was then that she could barely see his badge in the dim light cast from inside of her car onto it, but finally she made out that he was Officer Roberts. Candace looked up at him hesitantly. He took off his hat and then he opened her driver side door, so with her inside lights now illuminating his face, she realized that he was even handsomer, and younger, than she’d originally thought. She was only 26 herself, but she tended to date men that were older than her, which is why Mathias being 31 worked for her.

“How… how old are you?” she asked cautiously, feeling her eyebrows and the bridge of her nose scrunch up a bit as she posed her question to him. “Twenty-three,” he answered without hesitation. She thought at first he was at least the same age as her. Candace had never dated or had sex with anyone younger than her and so now, she wasn’t sure how she felt about boning a guy that was three years her junior either.

Yet the cocky way he carried himself, his deep, rich, baritone voice, his sexy, muscular, athletic body, in fact, everything about him very much shouted that he was indeed a grown ass man. So why was she so reluctant? Surely she couldn’t be having a purely nonsensical moment in which she felt loyalty to Mathias?


She was stalling for too long. With too much more time for her to think about it, Tim was pretty sure that she’d lose her nerve and he’d also lose his opportunity with her. If the way his cock strained so hard against the front of his pants to get to her was any indication, he needed to be inside of her — right now! He advanced slowly until he leaned over her and tossed his hat onto her passenger’s side front seat, turned off her interior lights before he took her keys out of the ignition and tossed them onto her passenger’s seat too. Then still in one smooth, continuous motion, as he moved back, he also grasped each of her arms lightly and pulled her slowly to her feet and towards him until he’d straightened back up fully.

She was probably about 5’6″, maybe 5’7″, but she was still a lot shorter than his 6’1″ and he held her in place with just enough gentle firmness to really remind her of who was in charge here. He’d been right too, she had a great ass — nice and curvy and in all the right places! Then before she could do anything else, Tim kissed her. The kiss was hot, searing and demanding, even from the onset. He took her mouth with the kind of fierce, possessive forcefulness with which he intended to claim other parts of her body tonight too.

Yet she didn’t resist, even with the rough onslaught of his kiss; instead she seemed to welcome it as she almost melted into his body and she was clearly able to feel his very hard male appendage now. In reckless, nearly wanton abandon, she threw her leg up and around his waist and Tim took that time to grind their pelvis together, which was when he discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties. He broke their kiss then and looked her in her eyes before he sucked his middle and index fingers into his mouth.

Once they were both wet with his saliva, he put his fingers inside of her at the same time. She was so tight, that it was a bit of a struggle at first, but eventually, after a while of him wiggling his two fingertips around in the entrance to her opening, she was so wet too, that he was able to push them all the way in. She gasped and then started to moan then.

As Tim continued to move his fingers within her body faster and faster, she closed her eyes and tilted her face towards the moonlit sky. He loved the way she smelled, he loved the way her face contorted Escort into the sexiest fuck faces as he finger banged her, and he loved the guttural sounds she made as he continued to pleasure her.


Very soon, Candace let out a loud, bellowed, “Oh fuck!” as she came on the cop’s fingers. He stilled his rapidly moving digits as her body contracted around them. When she was done, she opened her eyes, now highly anticipating much more of what was to come tonight.

Wordlessly, he moved to sit in her driver’s seat. As he loosened up his belt and started to undo his pants she reached across him and opened her center console. She took out a small lavender drawstring bag and opened it so she could reach in to get out a condom and a small bottle of lubricant, just in case they needed it. She was already so wet that Candace doubted they would, but she wanted to be prepared.

She handed him the condom and then tossed the little bag and tube of lube onto her passenger’s seat. She pulled her tits out of the center opening at the top of her black halter dress before he pulled her on top so she could straddle him. She closed the door, but rolled down her back window a bit. Then as she was situating herself, he buried his face in her ample bosoms and then proceeded to lick and suck on her nipples.

She was super worked up as he grabbed his cock and glided it all the way into her in a single long thrust. She threw her head back and worked her hips slowly, sensually, rocking him in and out of her. It felt amazing! As she continued to move, she looked over and had a brief burst of inspiration. She reached over and then put his hat on since for some reason it aroused her even further and seemed to simply amuse him.

She couldn’t help but notice that Officer Roberts had a thicker and longer reach than did her other lover, so when he suddenly gripped her hips to keep her frozen in place, and then pumped in and out of her swiftly, he ended up hitting a spot she hadn’t even known was there inside of her before. Candace’s eyes met the cop’s. He smiled at her; a delicious and wicked sort of grin.


Tim had just discovered a sweet spot inside of Candace’s succulent pinkness and he liked how hitting it a certain way made her eyes roll back into her head. He watched her face contently as he made her cum, over and over again. He was getting addicted to the intoxicating pleasure that was climbing higher and higher for both of them.

“I bet your fuck buddy doesn’t do you like I do, doesn’t make you cum this hard. Does he?” She didn’t respond, so he stopped moving and kept her hips held firmly in place so she couldn’t really move either.

“Answer me. Does he?” he demanded as he looked into her eyes. Candace was clearly in serious need of his continued strokes as she quickly shook her head and for some reason, Tim continued to hold her in place like that for another few lingering seconds as she started to squirm and whimper. Then once he was satisfied that she was telling him the truth, then and only then did he continue moving and allowing her to move freely again too, feeling like his cock had swollen even harder inside of her now.

Tim held himself in check for as long as he could, but then Candace used her inner muscles to grip his shaft even tighter and that pleasurable punishment spelled the end for his self-control. With each thrust upward, she met him by shifting her hips down hard too until she was crying out, telling him how big the final O was about to be. The desperate desire in her voice pushed him even further over the edge as he grabbed her hair near the nape of her neck at the back of her head, gripping it tightly into his fist, being sure to keep his hat firmly in place on her head in the process.

As soon as she finally released the tidal wave orgasm that threatened to consume both of them whole, he let go too and shouted out his own release until he was totally spent. Eventually, he let go of her hair and then Candace collapsed on top of him, laying her head on his shoulder. They were both panting and sweating and now their limbs were intertwined.


After they’d cleaned up and set their clothes back right, Officer Roberts was standing outside of her car and telling her, “I’m gonna let you off with a warning this time Miss Hill, but next time, make sure you follow the law and stay within the required speed limit, okay?”

Candace simply nodded, a slightly coy grin playing about her full, swollen lips. His kisses had been just as brutal as they had been hedonistic and gratifying. “Alright Officer Roberts and thank you.”

He tipped his hat to her in an old school gesture of acknowledgement. “Alright ma’am. You have a good night,” with that he turned and walked back to his CHP cruiser.

“Well, good thing this night ended up way better than I thought it was going to,” Candace said aloud to herself as she went along her way, finally driving herself back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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