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Part II of ‘The Countess’ – This is Rafael’s Story…


It had been months since Roger had visited us. After long Covid lockdowns and little in the way of any travel or visitors, the vagaries of airline scheduling seemed to conspire against us ever having our friend stay over on the island. In the end it was just for one night and Nicole was deliriously excited even if everything I had to arrange left me feeling mildly exhausted I was still very happy that the plan was coming together.

Roger arrived on Saturday afternoon having landed his flight wherever, I can never keep track of all the cities, he’d then picked up some antique Cessna that another friend had loaned him to hop over and down onto the tarmac at Roatán. I’ll say this for the guy, he has the charm and an easy-going character that gets him pretty much whatever he wants. Whether he was going to get my wife remained to be seen.

I went outside to greet the local minibus as it pulled up and Roger jumped out. I always knew why Nicole was enamored with him, sure he has those classical good looks and the pilot permanent tan, but I never figured out how somebody who sat down for a living could maintain such an annoyingly fit body; 40-odd years old and the guy still has visible abs for crying out loud!

“Roger, my friend! So splendid to see you, I can’t believe it’s been so long and you apparently haven’t aged a day.”

“Hey Raffa! Looking pretty good yourself, it’s so marvelous to be here. But where’s your gorgeous wife?”

Hmm, that was quick. I couldn’t help briefly wondering if Roger was as obsessed with my wife as she was with him.

As we walked into house Nicole appeared, floating into the room her body still damp from the pool and her wet bikini clinging to the cotton coverup, pulling it against her body. Despite her wetness Roger pulled her body against his and she laughed at the bear hug from our friend, kissing him on both cheeks.

“Chouchou you’re still wet” I reminded Nicole. She waived off my comment and then laughed again blushing slightly as Roger replied:

“I don’t mind. I like my women wet.”

Well, well. Maybe something was going to happen after all.


After hours filled with tales of Roger’s travels, catch-up gossip, small talk and lazing by the pool, Nicole had organized a superb dinner worthy of her French heritage. Gratinéed local scallops, fresh sea bass, and finished off with a cherry clafoutis. I choose a white 2018 Chanson Beaune to complement Nicole’s work making the evening extra special.

Nicole was always a flirt, an entertaining woman who could, and did, talk to anyone about anything. Parties and dinners were never boring and the occasional flick of her strawberry blonde hair, followed by her enticing smile, was alone enough to hold any man’s attention. I could see that Roger was falling into the sensuous, tactile, milk and honey bath that was Nicole’s personality. I’d compare him to a fish on the line that she slowly wound in, but Roger came willingly; Nicole didn’t have to work that hard.

Later that night Nicole lay against me, her warm breasts pushed into my side, my lazy fingertips stroking her back.

“So, I’ll be off early in the morning. I’ll take the boat to the mainland and come back tomorrow night. Ok?”

“Are you sure?” Nicole asked me. “Roger’s leaving around 4.00 I think, so he’ll be bursa eskort gone when you get back.”

“I’m sure sweetie. You’ll keep Roger entertained, I know you’ll have fun” I winked at her although I’m not sure she could see.

“Well don’t be too late back!” Nicole kissed me as we turned out the lights.


The boat bounced across the waves, the arriving sunset reflecting off the polished teak deck. It was serene. I, on the other hand, was pumping adrenaline. My day had not been exciting, I had kept myself busy with wandering the city, interspersed with stops sitting in cafés and reading my newspaper while sipping too many espressos. Wandering but wondering. What was happening at home? Had Nicole seduced him? How had she done it? Maybe Roger had actively chased her; although no, he enjoyed the flirting but it would have stopped there unless Nicole had given him some very clear signal.

My stomach flipped momentarily, was it the boat bouncing? Or maybe the thought that my wife of so many years had fucked another man? We headed toward the dock and I knew that very soon I would learn the answers to my questions.


“Hey Chouchou, I’m home!” I called out.

“Out here on the terrace!” Nicole’s voice echoed back. “I have a glass of wine for you.”

I stepped out on to the warm terracotta tiles as the sun settled gently on the horizon, Nicole was pouring some chilled wine into glasses that instantly condensed in the warm ocean air.

“Hi sweetie, I missed you” she said. Putting her arms around my neck and placing a lingering kiss full on my lips. “Mmmm”

With my hands on Nicole’s waist, I could feel through the flowing silky fabric that there was perhaps nothing underneath. I pulled her closer, tight against me, running my hands up her back, no bra, and back down, no panties!

I couldn’t help myself; I groaned into her kiss, her mouth opening to invite my tongue. My erection pushed against her belly.

“Well I guess you missed me too. Cheers!” she laughed, picking up the glasses, passing one to me, and taking a sip of her wine.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day.” I told her. It was true. She smiled, not coy or social but a huge loving smile. I looked at Nicole as the breeze caused her robe to waft gently as she stretched out on the daybed.

“Are you naked under there?” I had to ask.

“Maybe.” she was teasing me. “You want to find out?”

I changed the subject: “How was the day with Roger? Did you have fun?”

“Oh, he took a bike ride and I thought he was never coming back but he showed up around 10’ish while I was out by the pool.” Nicole replied.

“And after that? When did he leave?” I pressed.

“We…umm,..hung out. He left around 4.00 as planned.” she didn’t want to admit more, yet.

I walked over to her, put down my glass and leaned in to kiss her softly. Nicole’s blue eyes sparkled as the sun set further and the terrace was lit by the candles she had placed earlier.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” she replied, wine still in hand.

I sat on the edge of the daybed, and started stroking Nicole’s feet. I lifted one onto my lap, massaging it in the way I knows she loves.

“Mmm, you’re spoiling me tonight.” she purred sexily.

“I like to spoil you. I like you to enjoy things.” I was probing. Nicole didn’t respond.

I lifted her bursa escort bayan foot from my lap, kissing her toes gently, then placing it down and shifting myself to lift her other leg. The fleeting glimpse I had caught in that moment confirmed what my hands had felt earlier and I couldn’t help but feel a stirring between my legs as I had absolute confirmation that my wife was not wearing anything aside from that robe.

Massaging her foot, I slid my hands up to her calf muscle, slow strokes across her smooth skin. Nicole’s breathing deepened, this sensual woman was getting aroused and we both knew why. I lifted her foot from my lap and repeated the kisses I had given her other foot, sucking on her smallest toe; she moaned in pleasure.

“Are the staff gone?” I asked quietly.

“Yes.” she replied croakily. “We’re alone.”

I slid my hands underneath Nicole’s robe, up her shins, across her knees, and up onto her thighs. Slowly drawing them back down again. She looked at me, biting her lip, then whispering: “I want you.”

Unbuttoning my shirt and tossing it aside, I moved up onto the daybed, kneeling between Nicole’s feet. As I slid my hands up her legs again, leaning my body forwards, she pulled the robe up towards her torso shuffling her body then raising her shoulders to pull it up and over her head. It landed as an inside out puddle of cloth on the floor.

“Too much material in the way.” Nicole said.

“Me too.” I stood to unbuckle my pants and shed my remaining clothes. I looked down on Nicole’s naked body, her smooth pussy, her incredible breasts. Kneeling between her legs again, I guided her knees up until her feet slid flat so she was exposed to me.

“I love to look at your body.” I told her and taking her hand I guided it down between her legs. “Touch yourself for me. I want to watch. Make me hard.” Nicole’s glance confirmed to her I was already hard and stroking myself as she licked her fingers and slid them back down her body, gasping as she touched herself.

Slowly writhing, her head turned to one side, Nicole arched her back, gently slipping first one, then two fingers inside herself. She lifted her hand for more lubrication, this time raising her fingers toward my mouth. I took her hand and sucked her fingers, tasting her, licking her fingers until she drew her hand away and back down to coat her fingers again, sliding half an inch, one inch, inside herself. She lifted her hand towards me again, this wasn’t for lubrication, her fingers were coated and wet, she wanted me to taste her. Thirsty for her body, I devoured the juice from her hand.

“I want you in me.” Nicole said. She wasn’t one for graphic descriptions, I guess it was her nobility upbringing, and it would always turn me on to get her to say something out of the ordinary.

I shuffled forward, my erect cock pointing directly at her, as Nicole raised her hips slightly. The head of my cock slid across her wet lips, I wanted to push hard inside her right then and it took all my effort not to.

“Did you fuck Roger today?” I asked.

She hesitated, then: “Yes.”

I almost came. I paused.

“Tell me.”

“I fucked Roger today.”

I pushed further into her, now about halfway in, She reached up to try and pull me all the way inside.

“Was it good?” I asked.

“Yes.” she gasped. “And now I want you.”

“What görükle escort do you want me to do?” I teased.

“Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. Like Roger did.”

That did it. Thrusting my hips forward and up, my cock slid all the way inside Nicole. A muffled scream of pleasure came from her as she bit down on her knuckle. The sensations of her warm pussy against my bare cock made me gasp as my body shuddered. Looking into each others eyes, I pulled back slowly and slid forward again, fucking her in time with the waves lapping at the shore behind me.

We kissed. I caressed her breasts, Nicole lifted them for me to kiss and suck them as, still slowly fucking her, I curled my back reaching down to kiss her belly. Nicole slid her hand down, fingers open either side of my cock creating even more friction for me, pressing down on her clit for herself. She brought her hand up again towards my face as she had before, and both hands holding her waist, looking her in the eyes, I licked and cleaned her fingers of our combined juices. The familiarity of this prompted me to ask:

“You want me to taste you?”

She nodded.

“Say it.”

“I want you to lick my pussy.” Nicole replied.

She gasped as I pulled out and lay between her legs kissing down her belly to reach her lips, With one broad flat stroke of my tongue I licked along the length of her pussy from bottom to top. Nicole arched her back, gripping the sheets, releasing a gush of air from her lungs. I repeated the motion, she repeated her response. I stuck out my tongue and dipped it into her, tasting her, then licked again; alternating between flat strokes and pushing my tongue inside her. Nicole started to shake and push rhythmically against my face, one hand grasping through my hair, I slid a finger inside her as I continued to lick her clit; she thrust harder against me over and over until she started to come, shaking, quivering, crying out, her face contorted, her chest flushed.

Wiping my hand across my soaking chin, I moved up, set my cock at her pussy lips and pushed inside her. Nicole shivered as another wave hit her.

“My turn.” I said. “Are you ready for me to fuck you?”

Nicole’s mouth opened but she just nodded, and pushed her hips towards me.

Back and forth, back and forth, harder and harder. Until the sound of our bodies slapping together seemed to be louder than the ocean. Nicole’s face and chest were fully flushed again, I could see the redness even in the candlelight. The sensations building were soon too much for me also and I could hold back no longer. I cried out myself, pumping into my wife as my legs shook and I felt my butt twitching and clenching simultaneously with my cock as I exploded inside Nicole.

I collapsed onto Nicole, even my arms shaking, as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Lay on me.” she whispered in my ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I managed, gasping in reply, my face buried in her thick hair.


We lay in the moonlight.

“Tell me how it went.” I asked Nicole. She knew I was referring to her adventure with Roger.

“Well it worked exactly as you said it would.” she replied. “Although I can’t believe that I did that, actually fucked someone else.”

“You enjoyed it though?” I encouraged her. “Carry on…”

Nicole slid her hand across my stomach as she told me details, finding my hardening cock she stroked it up and down. She swung her leg over me, reaching down to guide me inside her as she slid down.

“You like hearing this huh?”

I nodded. “Oh yes, I like it. And I love making love to you.”

Nicole smiled her enormous smile. “Me too,”

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