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The Cuckolding of Al by Joyce 2&3

Authors note: This is a true story; I knew both Al and Joyce (not their real names). Before they moved away Al was a complete cuckold. Joyce was truly a cum slut. It’s important to read the first episode so you understand how Al and Joyce are evolving. Thanks for the encouragement.

Right on time John called Joyce Friday afternoon, “hey babe, how are you?”

“Hi honey, I’m really great still a little sore but I’m not walking funny anymore.”

“Well that’s good because I told my wife I was going night fishing at around 8:30 I’d be gone until the morning. We’ve got all night to spend together. Is Al going to good with it?” Joyce just smiled, “listen darling he’s going to have to get used to it. If I remember correctly my pussy and ass belong to you, right?”

“That is correct, hey have you been thinking about him?”

“All I’ve thought about for two days is your cock, as I told you I’m your cock hungry cum slut. Oh by the way I went to the mall, I bought three pair of lace boy short a size to small.”

“Why a size to small?”

“Two reasons, first when I walk around in them you get a clear view of my pussy lips, the other reason is they’ll help keep all your cum in me until you have decided where it’s going to be used for.”

“Good I’ll see you about 9 have a pair of the shorts in red or purple on with a bra and that’s all.”

John hung up Joyce went upstairs for a bath she wanted to prepare for the evening. At 5 Al called, she told him about her plans with John. He started to protest but in the end, he told her he’d get a pizza and be home by 6.

Al walked in at 5:50 Joyce was sitting in her robe doing her nails, her hair was fixed up, “what are you getting all dolled up for?”

“I want to look nice and slutty for John.” Al put the food down he made himself a drink. “Are you still seeing his cum in your poo?”

“Yes why?”

“No reason just asking.”

Now as she got two plates, they started eating she looked into Al’s eyes. “Al tonight when he gets here, you’re going to sit with us, you’re going to watch him play with my pussy do you understand?” Al just shook his head yes. “Another thing both of us will be dressed only in our underwear.

Now my next question is important so give it some thought. Do you want to wear your underpants or a pair of my panties?” Al’s eyes went wide open. “Frankly Al I’d like to see you in my yellow lace panties.” Al sat in chair staring at her. “Al tonight I’ve gotten out our strap on you are going to get fucked with our dildo or his cock, which ever he wants.” Al just looked at her.

At 8:15 Joyce was completely ready for John; she had the red panties and red bra. The outfit was completed with 6” black heels with black stockings. Al was in her yellow panties. The phone rang she answered it, “yes babe we’ll be expecting you at 9, I can’t wait either.” She turned to Al, “let’s go downstairs have another drink we’ve got 45 minutes to kill.”

In the kitchen as she made drinks Al looked at her “Joyce in those panties you can see your pussy lips and bush mound clearly.”

“Well that was the look I was going for; I guess I’ve succeeded, right?” He shook his head in agreement.

At 8:55 the doorbell rang, “Al get the door please while I make drinks.” He opened the door and John entered; it was oblivious he had been drinking. John pushed past Al he headed into the kitchen where Joyce was making drinks. He stopped about two feet from her and just looked her over. “Wow babe you look fantastic.”

She cooed, “Do you like the look?”

“But of course I can see my pussy and your bush clearly; it’s making me hard already.” She walked up to him, she put her arms around his neck stuck her tongue in his mouth and ground her pussy onto his cock.

They stayed in that position for several minutes. As the finally parted he looked down and smiled, “she’s already wet.” Joyce looked down between her legs; she laughed “greedy bitch wants cock as you can plainly see.” She handed him a cold beer, picked up her and Al’s drinks the three went into the den to sit.

John stripped off everything but his underwear she and him sat on the sofa while Al sat across just watching them. Joyce was in no hurry as they had all night but after another drink, she realized the bulge in his underpants was looking wonderful. She started kissing him and rubbing his hard cock. Al sat there watching; Joyce removed Johns cock from his underwear she started to slowly suck the head. “I love this big cock, Al come over her suck it with me.”

Johns eyes opened wide as Al came over got down on his knees both of them took turns kissing, sucking and licking his cock. Joyce looked up at John “he has to love it as much as I do. Later or in the morning I’m going to suck you off he’s helping me get the cum out of your nut sack and some of your cum is going in his mouth before I swallow the rest. Is that ok with you?” John smiled and nodded yes.

After a couple of minutes of Joyce and Al sucking and licking his cock and him massaging her clit he looked at Joyce, “Babe I’d like to go upstairs and give you a really good fucking.”

“Oh Sex hikayeleri honey that’s the most wonderful idea, Al go to our room.” The three headed to the bedrooms.

Al went in and closed his door as Joyce and John went to the guest room she closed the door. “Babe I’m really ready loose the panties.” In an instant they were off, He told her to get on the bed on all fours. There was a big bottle of lube in the room, she quickly put a large amount on his cock then got on all fours.

She felt the large heard gently separate her pussy lips and slip in. Now she started to squeeze his cock with her pussy muscles. He kept pushing deeper until as she felt it pass her cervix, she knew he was balls deep. She was feeling small but steady shocks from the bottom of her pussy as with each deep thrust the sensation became more intense. She wanted them to cum together, but she wasn’t sure how long she could hold off the ensuing orgasm.

His pace had increased he was pounding her pussy. A low guttural growl escaped from her as her body could no longer contain the explosion from deep within her. She was moaning and crying “please baby don’t stop keep fucking me, cum deep in me I need to feel hot cum EEEEEEEEEEEE.” John drove his cock as deep as he could cum started flowing into her pussy. That sensation of cum being blasted into her pussy caused her to explode with yet another orgasm so violent that her entire body was shaking from the force.

She fell forward with him still in her, they both lay together panting for several minutes until they had regained their normal breathing. Her makeup was completely smeared from her crying with joy. “Honey are you ok?”

“Oh god yes darling I’m wonderful, give me a minute I’ll clean your cock and balls with my tongue and hair. It only took Joyce a few minutes to suck every remaining drop of cum from his cock and balls. She was covered in cum, it was even in her hair.

“John that was the most incredible sexual experience I’ve ever had, thank you.” John just smiled at her, “would you like a drink?” “Yes please.” As she started to get out of bed John looked at her, “panties babe or you’ll have cum stains all over the rug.” She just nodded she grabbed the red panties she slipped them on. “I’ll be back in a few minutes lover, should I get Al in so we can jerk him off?”

“Sure let’s get that over with.”

She walked into the bedroom where Al was watching the screen of John lying in bed stroking his cock. Al looked at her as she walked to him, “Joyce look at the front of your panties.” She looked down and smiled, John’s cum was leaking out of her through the panties. “Come on Al you’re going to get your butt fucked while I jerk your cock.”

Al followed, as they entered the bedroom John sat up. Joyce closed the door, “ok Al kiss his cock and bend over.” Al took the heads or his cock and put it in his mouth, now Joyce turned him around handed the dildo to John and giggled. “Darling plow his ass until he creams in the glass.” John plowed the dildo as deep as it could go for about three minutes suddenly Joyce giggled sheh held the glass as Al’s cock spurt cum. As his dick was going limp, she lifted the glass to her lips she drank it down. “Al kiss his cock say thank you and go to your room.” Al did as he was told he left the room with the dildo still in his ass.

“Wow seeing a cock spurt got me horny.” John has lay back down he looked at her well why not get those wet panties off come over here and get your clit rubbed?” As she was pulling down her panties John smiled at her, “Joyce your clit and nipples are already hard, wow that clit looks great.” She stepped out of the wet panties cocked her hips looked straight into Johns eyes my nipples and clit are waiting for you to give them the attention they deserve darling.” John reached out an pulled her to the bed. For the next fifteen minutes his kissed and sucked her nipples while constantly working her engorged clit.

Joyce’s was becoming wild John rolled over but rather than spreading her legs she whispered, “baby you stay like you are I’m going to ride him from underneath you.” She pushed her pussy onto his cock she preceded to steadily get the entire thing in her. John was holding his body as she pushed her pussy all the way on his cock. She would jam her pubic mound together with his, her pussy muscles were milking the big cock as she pushed it deep inside of her.

Their tongues were locked together, she was pumping her pussy faster along the big cock, and they were both sweating heavily. “John baby I’m real close, I’d love for us to blow together but please don’t move I want to do the entire thing. She wrapped her arms more tightly around his neck, she was pounding her pussy with his cock “ug I’m cummmming.” He felt her creaming on his cock; the sensation caused him to blast his first spurt of cum deep in her. He pushed down while holding her legs closed. She was crying and moaning as wave after wave of ecstasy rocked her body. She continued crying for at least two minutes, as she later explained it was two minutes of pure sexual ecstasy.

John rolled off her spent; she leaned on her elbow looking Sikiş hikayeleri at him. “John in my life I’ve had several husband and lovers, in the last two hours you’ve shown me sexual ecstasy. I didn’t think anything would compare to the first fuck we did but this one surpassed that one by anything else I’ve ever experienced, I’m in love with you and your cock.” At that moment her pussy gurgled as cum ran out. Joyce laughed “well I guess she’s in agreement,” they both laughed.

The next few hours were spent drink, fucking and making plans for them to go out together. Joyce was sore by midnight as her ass had been fucked twice and her pussy had been fucked three times. Cum was flowing out of her a slow and steadily. She put her head over his cock and John pushed her away, “Joyce baby I need to recharge let’s get some sleep, ok?”

“Whatever you want baby but I’m going to need cum in the morning.”

“You really are a cock loving cum slut aren’t you?”

“I sure am and I’m all yours.” She cuddled up to him and within ten minutes he was asleep.

Saturday morning Al’s computer started flashing at 5:25 AM, he looked at the screen, Joyce was spread with John pumping his cock in her pussy. She was moaning like an animal, they fucked for quite a while. Al counted Joyce have six orgasms before John blew a load of cum deep in her. The only thing different to Al was she seemed to be making love not just fucking.

A short time later John and Joyce headed down to the kitchen, John had on his underwear Joyce had a fresh pair of panties and a bra. Al came and sat down at the kitchen table. Al looked at them both, “Joyce you’re gushing cum did you fuck him already this morning?”

“Yes, besides a little cum is good with coffee.” All three of them laughed. John explained he should get home as his wife Joann got worried if he wasn’t home by 8 or 9. Joyce looked at him, “baby would you like Al and I to give you a blow job before you leave?”

“No hon you’ve gotten every drop of cum in my nut sack, just a lick and kiss and then I’m off.” They both kissed and gave his cock a quick suck, twenty minutes later he left.

Chapter 3:

Over the next several weeks John fucked Joyce almost once or twice a day, he would call in he was going to be late and fuck her at 7 am. He would leave work early and stop by and fuck her before Al got home. Many evening Al would find her in the kitchen in panties cum dripping out of both holes, on these nights they would order in. Al tried to warn John that his attendance was becoming an issue at the plant, but he refused to listen.

The relationship was about six weeks old when one Thursday evening Al pulled in to see John’s car parked across the street. He entered the house to find Joyce and John sitting in the den. John was naked; Joyce was only wearing a pair of panties which were completely cum soaked. It was apparent he had fucked her they seemed to be having a deep conversation. Al changed his clothes made them all another drink and joined the conversation.

John had been reprimanded by the plant manager for his attendance. John’s friend Alex had broken up with his wife he wanted to hang out with John this weekend. Joyce was pouting about not being with him for the weekend. John got up to leave Joyce grabbed his cock, “Al lets suck this big boy before he leaves. John couldn’t believe how good the blow job they were giving him felt. Joyce was a great cocksucker but with Al’s help John was soon ready to blow.

Joyce knowing how his cock reacted he was about ready to cum she pushed his cock deep into Al’s mouth, the first rope of cum burst forth into his mouth. Al gulped it down; just then Joyce took the cock in her mouth she continued sucking until he was dry.

“I have to tell you guys something, Joyce we know you’re a terrific cock sucker but with Al’s help it was incredible.” Joyce smiled, licked her lips to get the remaining cum in her mouth she swallowed; Al sort of sat their dazed. John left and they spent a quiet evening.

Friday afternoon Joyce called Al she explained John and she had been on the phone for almost an hour. She had agreed that on Saturday night John could bring Alex over for a drink or two but then they had to leave. Since Al was supposed to be at a conference he could watch from the computer. She would try to get rid of Alex in about an hour so she and John could fuck.

Al agreed he went back to work. Saturday afternoon they were sitting in the den when the phone rang, Joyce answered she put a finger to her mouth, a sign for Al to keep quiet. She put John on speaker. “Hi sexy how are you?”

“We’ll I’m lonely and horny, Al’s gone and you’re coming over with a friend, this weekend really sucks for me.” Their was a long pause then finally John spoke “listen Joyce were at the Long Road (a bar John liked around the corner from his and their houses) why not come over and join us?” She looked at Al, he shrugged. “Ok give me about a half hour and I’ll be there.

She ran to her bedroom and started working on sexing herself up. Yellow panties and bra with skintight jeans, a low cut blouse and black 4” heels she was ready. Al put Erotik hikaye a transmitter in her bag check the battery kissed her he patted her ass as she left. Ten minutes later she was sitting with John and Alex who were quite drunk. The kiss John gave her when they entered said it all. The conversation was risqué but still almost social able. Then Al heard Alex suggest they go outside and smoke a joint.

When they returned from smoking the joint the three of them were wasted, now the conversation got raunchy. Joyce didn’t seem to mind discussing her cock sucking talents which John was quick to point out were excellent. Then Alex asked her “have you ever sucked a black cock?” She gave him a strange look laughed and said, “no but a cock is a cock I suppose.” Alex was quick to respond with “not so girl for example my cock is a little shorter than Johns but it’s thicker and has ridges on it.” Joyce was fascinated, “really your cock has ridges?”

“Yes when I’m fucking the ridges on my cock help stimulate the pussy walls it creates a electrifying experience for the women.”

John looked at Alex, “let’s go over to Joyce’s house and get comfortable.”

“What about your wife, she expecting to see us before we go to the boat.” John thought about it for a few minutes. “That’s easy leave your car her and ride with Joyce I’ll go home get my stuff and tell her were meeting at 6:30.”

They all left together John kissed her deeply he drove off, her and Alex got in and headed for her house. “You got beer and Jack at home?”

“Beer no Jack.”

“Well John will have beer in the cooler.” She looked at Alex as he lit another joint, they smoked the entire thing before they got to her house. She left her car out as John pulled in the garage so if his nosey wife drove by, she would only see Joyce’s car. In the kitchen she handed Alex a beer she made herself a vodka and water. John arrived ten minutes later he came in. John suggested they go to the den, they had just sat down when the phone rang, she looked at both men “it’s my husband.”

Al told her to make conversation and come upstairs, she did it she was making a story when she motioned to the men she was going upstairs. Once out of earshot she asked, “why am I coming upstairs?”

‘Get in here and hang up.”

She entered the bedroom; Al was staring at the screen. “Look Joyce, she just stared at the screen with her mouth open. Both men were in their underwear, both had bulges. Al John isn’t going to let Alex fuck me, is he?” Al just looked at her, she was stoned, he knew she was already getting wet stains looking at Johns cock.

“Joyce tell them I’m my way home things ended early.” Joyce acted like she didn’t even hear him, “I’ll see you later sweetie.” Upon entering the den, she smiled “wow two men with large packages that seem to be rising, is that because of me?” Both men gave her thumbs up; John got up he stripped her down to her bra and panties in nothing flat. John looked at Alex, “see I told you she wet, I really want to fuck her” she kissed his neck and cuddled him. “Why don’t the three of us go to her bedroom she can get some cum out of our nut sacks?”

Al sat there watching in disbelief as Joyce seemed oblivious to the fact that two men were going upstairs to fuck her. They had no sooner closed the door then John looked at her “baby loose the bra and panties were both ready.” Joyce stripped out of her outfit and was on the bed legs spread in ten seconds

. Alex got between her legs he started licking her clit while John sucked her very hard sensitive nipples. In less the two minutes Joyce was wiggling her ass and moaning as Alex was about to make her cum with Johns help. She screamed and thrust her mound tightly against his face as she had a powerful orgasm. Both men sat their looking at her.

After a few minutes she had caught her breath she looked at John, “baby I need a cock in my cunt now, please fuck me.” John got under her she guided the cock into her waiting pussy. It felt wonderful as the dope had made her super horny. She felt pressure at her ass as Alex’s cock slipped into her ass. She froze for a moment as the sensation of two cocks in her body at the same time was putting her senses on overload. Alex wasn’t kidding about the ridges on his cock it made the experience feel like nothing she had ever experienced. She leaned forward so she could get her tongue in John’s mouth.

The feeling of two big cocks pumping in her at the same time with only a thin membrane separating them was driving her crazy with pure lust. She bit John’s shoulder as she realized she was going to orgasm like nothing she had ever experienced in her life. She moaned as she felt her pussy cumming on the cock in it. The sensation of her cumming caused John to erupt deep in her pussy, at almost the same instance she felt an explosion of hot cum flowing into her bowls, she was crying and screaming with ecstasy.

She passed out.

She felt John shaking her, “baby are you, all right?”

“Babe I’ve never felt this in my life.” They both seemed totally satisfied with the answer. John looked at Joyce, “so honey you like to be DP’d?” They saw a huge smile form on her face. “I’m pretty sure I loved it but would it be all right if we did it again so I’m sure?” John smiled at Alex, ‘She my cum loving cock slut but I love her, you want to try the pussy this time?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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