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The mansion and its grounds were truly stunning. The regal twenty thousand square foot mansion with its numerous peaks and multitude of large windows sat far back from the main road. The lush green lawns were impeccably maintained as were the colourful gardens. The paved drive wound up to the grand entrance where sat a majestic water fountain. Wide steps lead to a sweeping covered veranda and the front doors. The house was painted in quiet shades of gray and winter white. When standing facing the monstrous mansion it would be hard to miss the five garages to the right, and the regulation size tennis court to the left. The mansion often had a way of making visitors feel unworthy of its grandeur.

Outback of the vast home was paved all around an enormous outdoor pool, complete with waterfall and Jacuzzi. Beyond that there lie the endless rolling green lawns. To the right stood two cottage-style guesthouses, and to the left the servant’s quarters nestled in some trees. Both held beauty that complimented the main house. At the furthest end of the property three hundred feet of private beach stretched, as well as access to a private harbour. To complete all this, there were glorious forests and boundless wildlife surrounding the entire property. It was almost too good to be true.

Twelve bedrooms, four powder rooms, fourteen full washrooms, indoor pool, and an elevator made the house feel more like a hotel than a home. It was daunting at first, but no more so than the owner was himself. Vincent Dare had commissioned the house to be built for himself and his late wife shortly after they had married in the spring of 1976. Unfortunately, Susan Dare had died far too young, just five short years after they had wed. Vincent had been deeply in love with his Susan, and had it not been for his business he might not have been able to carry on. Some thought he had carried on for his son and daughter, and Vincent had let them think that, but it was far from the truth .

Georgia and Ambrose were Vincent’s twins born in the summer of 1979. They had been Susan’s pride and joy. Vincent had been very busy with his business in those days and worked long hours. He had little, if anything, to do with the children. When Susan had given birth, Vincent had suggested hiring a night nurse and a nanny, but Susan had shot down his suggestion of allowing anyone else care for her children. In fact she had been quite adamant about raising her babies herself. When she died Vincent readily hired the nanny he had wanted to take over the preschooler’s daily care. He virtually never saw the children, and relied on weekly meetings with Nanny Jane to remain abreast of their progress. He feigned interest in the fruits of his loins, but as small children they just didn’t hold his interest.

Georgia and Ambrose grew into adults, and Vincent found himself finally connecting with them on some levels. Vincent sent Georgia off to a prestigious finishing school in Switzerland and then brought her back home to her Daddy where he could keep her safe. His son, Ambrose, had attended a posh university in the states and showed a real aptitude toward politics. Vincent couldn’t have been more proud, as he dabbled in politics a little himself. Despite his success getting onto the local political scene though, Ambrose also chose to live at home with his father.

To further his career though, he quickly found himself a submissive little piece eye-candy for a wife. Ambrose brought her to live with him in his father’s mansion. Vincent Dare had approved immensely of his new daughter in law right away. Genevieve appealed to him greatly from the first moment he laid eyes on her. She was a perfect blank slate. A well educated small town girl. Genevieve had also been a twenty-two year old virgin when Ambrose had brought her home. Suddenly with her there Vincent felt more alive with the possibilities that she brought to the house.

It had been a thrilling evening for Vincent, when Ambrose had finally brought Genevieve home to meet them all. Genevieve had been a true beauty, with classic bone structure and a body surely built for lovemaking. She was of average height with a slender build. Her breasts were full and most alluring under her stiff dress. Vincent could picture a baby suckling softly at her tits, and wondered to himself what her nipples would look like. Her hips swelled gently under her frock-like dress, and Vincent thought they looked to be good childbearing hips. The dress would have to go, of course, but all in good time he assured himself. Genevieve would have a lot to learn about the way with which the Dare household was run. However, for the first meeting the family had all agreed to keep her in the dark about their eccentricities, so she wouldn’t be scared off before she was bound to Ambrose by their marriage vows.

Vincent had also quite liked her ass length strawberry blonde hair. It had been fragrant of jasmine when he had leaned close to place a kiss on each escort blog of her creamy cheeks of her pretty face. She had a smattering of endearing freckles on her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose. They were barely noticeable though, because of her captivating blue eyes. Her lips were full and lightly painted, and Vincent could picture them tightly wrapped around his swollen cock. She would learn to love and crave cum. With God as his witness, he would teach this innocent woman to love cum among other things. Upon arriving at the Dare Mansion, Genevieve had politely requested to have her own room until she was wed to Ambrose. Ambrose did not object to this arrangement and Vincent was ecstatic with this setup. Maybe then he might get the opportunity to make a special visit to his future daughter in law’s bedroom before his son would have the opportunity to deflower his bride to be.

Vincent knew he was becoming quite depraved in his old age, but loosing Susan so soon after they had wed had simply flipped a switch within him. He craved things he knew he had no right to partake in. His daughter’s slightly swollen pregnancy belly could attest to that quite well. In just shy of five months Vincent would become both a father and a grandfather at the exact same moment. Both Georgia and Vincent were pleased with the impending birth. Georgia desperately had wanted to become a mother, and Vincent looked forward to the second chance. Ambrose was also pleased about the impending birth, but more pleased that it was almost assuredly his father’s spawn and not his own. Ambrose was always strictly cautious about protection when screwing his sister. For Ambrose, his career always came first and so he fiercely protected himself from potential scandal.

It was late on the eve of his son’s marriage that Vincent had gone to Genevieve’s suite. He knocked softly once before granting his access with a master key. Genevieve lay perfectly still on the king-sized canopy bed in the brightly moonlit room. She had not awoken at his entrance. This suited Vincent just fine. As he drew closer to the bed he could see she slept on her back with her face to the window. Her body was almost completely hidden by the heavy white duvet. Watching her sleep he slipped out of his robe and let it fall to the floor. He was nude when he slipped under the duvet on the open side of the bed. Genevieve appeared to be a heavy sleeper as she hardly stirred when he shifted his weight on the bed to bring the front of his body into direct contact with the side of her soft body. His cock stiffed rigidly against her leg. Reaching for her, Vincent found himself pleasantly surprised that his seemingly guileless future daughter in law slept completely in the nude!

Vincent caressed her under the blanket, and yet she remained sleeping. She felt like pure silk. Her rhythmic breathing only caught slightly when he captured one of her nipples firmly between his fingers and he pinched her there ever so lightly. He touched her without reserve, willing her to wake and capture him in the act. She did neither, no matter how bold his fondling became. Finally his hand snaked down over her flat belly, and reached the soft patch of curls that topped her pubic mound. Vincent pictured how golden red those curls would likely be, and he felt pre-cum leak from his dick onto her leg. As gently as possible he nudged her legs apart with his forearm. The sleeping woman moaned softly in her sleep when he pushed his index finger in passed her vaginal lips to gently rub her clit. Holding his breath he rubbed her clit deliberately but unhurriedly for a while. When he allowed his finger to slide down her slit to her cunt hole he was rewarded with a moistness there that he had hoped for. She continued to sleep, but moaned softly causing shivers of pleasure to skim over Vincent’s heated skin.

“Sleep my beauty. Soon enough you will wake and I will make you a woman.” Vincent whispered gently into her ear .

Bringing his cream coated finger to his nose he smelled Genevieve’s sensuous musk, and then he tasted it. She had a delightfully sweet taste that danced and tingled on his tongue. With a wicked smile he knew just how he hoped to wake her. With unhurried and controlled movements Vincent positioned himself between Genevieve’s legs. He was surprised by her steadfast ability to sleep, even while he had spread her creamy thighs to grant him access to her most private place. Either the woman was a terrific actress, or the world’s deepest sleeper. Vincent didn’t care either way, as he lowered his head between her legs and playfully licked the outer lips of her pussy. She smelled divine. Using his fingers he spread her puffy outer lips and exposed her entire pink pussy. She smelled exotic. Vincent clamped his lips over her clit and thrummed it ruthlessly with his experienced tongue.

He knew this should finally wake sleeping beauty, and it did! She bucked hard with gaziantep escort blogu shock and fear, but he quickly clamped onto her hips with his powerful arms and held his mouth firmly to her mound. When she cried out with fear, Vincent ruthlessly bit her clit enough to temporarily hurt, but no real harm done. Genevieve cried out with the sharp pain this must have caused her, and then slipped into a loud whimpered.

“Shut up!” Vincent hissed. “I am not going to hurt you!”

“What…what are you doing? Why are you doing this?” Genevieve asked brokenly. Her voice was filled with uncertainty. She still seemed groggy.

“I am here to get you ready for Ambrose. You are an innocent my sweet Genevieve. You cannot possibly think you will be able to please my son on your wedding night when you know nothing of what he likes in the bedroom. If you can’t keep him happy at home he will quickly seek others to fulfill your wifely duties. Now, will you just relax and let me help you?” Vincent took a few quick licks at her most intimate area to show her who held the power. She had no real choice and he sensed that she knew this.

“I can’t. I can’t relax and I can’t do this. What exactly are you doing down there? Please stop!” She was panicking, her hips moving erratically.

She was even more innocent than Vincent had suspected. “My God child! Did your parents keep you under a rock? I am performing oral sex on you. I am eating out your pussy. Do you feel this?” Vincent sucked on her clit. “That is your clit. It is the easiest method with which to make you climax. Do you feel this?” Vincent sucked on one of her labia and then the other. “Those are your labia. And do you feel this?” Vincent released one of her legs so he could push a finger partially into her cunt. “That is your cunt hole. That is where I will shove my dick, and tomorrow my son will shove his dick in there as well.”

“Oh my goodness! I cannot do this! I cannot do this with you! My mother told me lovemaking was sacred and should only take place between husband and wife. It is a sin for me to sleep with you Mr. Dare. It is a sin for me to allow you to place your mouth there! Please stop!” Vincent couldn’t make out the young girl’s face so well even with the bright moonlight streaming in through the window, but he was certain her eyes would be wide with fear.

“Tell me my dear, if you are such an innocent, why is it that you sleep nude? And have you always been such a sound sleeper?” Genevieve made a tiny choking sound. She did not answer right away so Vincent took it upon himself to lazily run his tongue up and down her slit before plunging it into her hole. Her breath caught and she held it tight in her chest.

“I just wanted to. I had never been allowed to do such a thing as sleep in the nude. No matter how hot it was out. I just wanted to experience it.” She paused taking gulps of air. “And I took some sleeping pills to help me get some rest before my wedding day. Please Mr. Dare! Please don’t make me do this with you!”

Vincent didn’t mind the fear he could clearly hear in her quivering voice. In fact he quite liked it. He had wanted to give her, an orgasm first before he took her virginity, but his need was pounding hungrily within him. He desperately needed to posses her. Vincent moved swiftly which caught Genevieve off guard. She had no chance to react before he was pressing her heavily to the mattress with his full body weight. Much to her dismay her legs wound up wrapped around his to accommodate his body. He stopped himself with his rock hard cock poised at the opening to her virgin cunt. He knew he was going to hurt her. He would make some effort to make her discomfort minimal, but couldn’t go too easy on her or he wouldn’t be able to breaking her.

When Genevieve made a small squealed that sounded very much like a frightened piglet, Vincent pushed forward and entered a few inches of his seven inch cock into her rapidly drying cunt. He paused at the resistance that was her maiden head. Genevieve was now squirming uncontrollably underneath him, as well as crying softly. She would not be able to escape from him thought, as he easily outweighed her by seventy-five pounds.

“Don’t do this! Ambrose won’t want me anymore! Please stop!” She cried out in one last futile attempt.

Vincent growled. “Genevieve! Shut the fuck up! Ambrose won’t care. Now lay still or this will hurt far more than it needs to!”

With one deep thrust, Vincent tore passed Genevieve’s maiden head, and buried himself deeply within her virgin cunt. She was like a tight sheath around his cock. Her whimpers and whines only fed into his perverse arousal. She was now his. Forever marked. He would forever own her, just as he owned Georgia and Ambrose. She was not his first virgin, but she was surly his tightest, and most innocent. He stayed still inside her as long as he could manage, and when his need grew too gaziantep escort sitesi great he began to pull back and thrust in repeatedly. He buried himself to the hilt several times, as she cried softly pressing her face into his muscular arm.

“You are a woman now. You should stop crying and thank me for this.”

“No!” She sobbed, but Vincent wasn’t sure which one of them she was talking to as he felt her grow wet around him again.

Slowly he sensed a change in her. Her body was reacting on its own authority, and he couldn’t have been more pleased. He thrust faster with the added slickness within her. She felt smooth and warm wrapped around him. She stopped crying, and no longer squirmed to get away. She seemingly moved to feel more of him. He would not disappoint her and thrust faster, bucking his hips wildly into her to produce a fantastic slapping sound to emanate from between them.

Dazed, trembling and feverish she stared at him, “Please.” She said simply. This simple word undid him like nothing else could.

His mouth swooped down on hers, and his kiss was punishing with the force of lust unleashed. He plunged into her several more times before he finally pulled his glistening dick from tight hole. Jerking hard on his cock he shot a large stream of semen onto Genevieve’s mound of tight pubic curls, before collapsing onto his back next to her on the bed. He breathed deeply, his chest heaving from his efforts to have controlled his needs.

Genevieve wasted no time in scooting up the bed and pressing her entire body into a tight ball against the headboard. Vincent thought he could faintly smell blood on the air. No doubt she was bleeding. He had not been careful with her. He knew from her wounded animal act, she was surely in discomfort. He smiled proudly as he rolled himself off the bed and to standing position. He reached for the lamp on the bedside table and turned it once. This only turned the lamp onto a dim setting. He could see her quite well, naked and shivering from the adrenalin coursing through her system.

“Was that so bad, my sweet?” He asked callously. “You grew wet for me. Your cunt coated my dick with cream. Your body wanted me there and welcomed me.”

“Please go.” She whispered softly not denying the validity of what he said.

“I will get a cool cloth to wash you. I will be right back.” Vincent went to the attached on suite washroom and wet a cloth with cool but not cold water. He returned to the bedroom to find Genevieve in the exact same position he had left her in. Huddled and frightened.

“Spread your legs.” It was a command. She refused, not even acknowledging that he had spoken. Anger snapped within him and his jaw clenched. He wasn’t a man used to being ignored by anyone let alone a little cunt!

“I’m not going to hurt you! Now spread your fucking legs!” He wasn’t a patient man either. His hand snaked out and pulled her like a rag doll back down the bed. She lay on her back looking frightened. Spreading her legs with angry motions he thrust the cool cloth hard against her pussy. She did not relax, but he did bank his temper. Treating her like a child he cleaned up the small amount of blood there, as well as any residual cream — both his and hers.

Once Vincent had his reluctant lover cleaned, he bent forward and placed a tender kiss first on her outer lips of her cunt and then moving upward he placed an equally tender kiss on her mouth. It was then that he saw the small light of arousal in her blue eyes. On some level she was pleased to be a woman. She was pleased with what he had done to her. She would thank him soon enough. He could see it all in her eyes. Vincent covered her up and switched off the light. Pulling his robe back over his naked body, he left the room as quietly as he had entered.

Vincent moved swiftly through the dark halls toward Ambrose room. He wanted to tell his son of what he had done, just for the pleasure of seeing his son’s reaction. Just as he was about to knock on the wooden door, Vincent was sure he could hear the moans of a woman in the throes of passion. No doubt Ambrose would have a member of the house staff on all fours while he fucked her from behind. Vincent considered simply letting himself in, but decided it would be best to knock.

“Come…in…Father!” Ambrose called from within the room. Vincent assumed that Ambrose must have guessed that his father would be the only nighthawk prowling the halls.

Using the master key, Vincent let himself into his son’s room. He was greeted by a slightly surprising display. On the bed, Ambrose did have a servant on all fours, but not at all who Vincent would have guessed. Vincent approached the bed without a word. Ambrose never broke stride in his thrusts into his lover. “Good evening son. Good evening Nanny Jane.”

Nanny Jane had almost singlehanded raised both Ambrose and Georgia. When they had turned eighteen Vincent had had to regretfully let her go, however recently he had rehired her to assist Georgia through her pregnancy and then to be there when the baby would come home. Vincent was somewhat surprised to find the nanny in her late forties being pounded doggie style by the very man she practically raised. The naughtiness of the coupling appealed to Vincent on so many baser levels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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