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It had started raining. A thunderstorm. We were in our room lying in the spoon position when we noticed it. It was raining and I wanted to go play in the rain. So we searched for our clothes. But they were scattered across the room. So you just wore the first thing you found, your underwear, and I put on your shirt. Just your shirt.

We went to the terrace and stepped into the rain. I was teasing you about something when I noticed the way you were looking at me and thats when I realised why. Your shirt had got soaked in the rain and it was completely transparent and I had worn nothing inside.

You walked towards me and kissed me hard. It felt like our tongues were mating. You wanted to make love to me then and there, but it was too wet. So you lifted me up and carried me to our room.

We were kissing all along. Well, we didn’t want the bed to get wet but we were just too impatient. So you pushed me against the wall and put your lips on mine and started squeezing my breasts. That’s when you realised I was still wearing your wet shirt.

Both of us fumbled with the buttons and got the shirt off. You just stripped in one go içerenköy escort and for a second we just stood there facing each other, drinking in the sight.

Then you kissed me. All over. Your mouth covered every inch of my body and I slid over you, all over you, touching you, stroking you, kissing you, biting you. And you started squeezing my breasts till I cried out in pain. You pressed your body against me. I could feel you so well, your chest against me, your stomach, your thighs, your hard cock…

I was going crazy. I kept sliding my legs over you, trying to guide your cock into my drenced pussy. But we were still wet and your cock slipping off. Oh, that was even more frustrating. But then you put me out of my misery and lifted me up.

I wrapped my legs around you while you held me in place and just hugged me for a second. Then I continued kissing and biting and scratching you. Gosh, it was unbearable. Because until then I could just feel your cock on my body. But now, it was right there on the tip of my pussy, touching me, teasing me, torturing me. You helped kadıköy escort me lift my body a bit.

You were so hard then and that just made me lose control. I was going to just guide you in me but I just held you in place and thrust your swollen cock in. Deep in. I pressed myself hard against you. Oh how you were in me! Over and over again. I had to hold on tight, so tight to your shoulders that it hurt you. Oh god, then you came in me!

When we were spent, our bodies slowly returned to normal. You put me onto the bed and you just lay on me. We lay there just looking at each other and stroking each other’s bodies. But you know where that takes us each time. I started kissing you again slowly.

Our breath started becoming faster again. You were giving me those light kisses all over my face. Your hands were cupping my breasts. Your tongue was moving from my lips to my neck. And then you moved even further down to my breasts, my erect nipples that were begging for your attention. Oh your warm wet mouth over me!

This time we wanted it to last longer. After all, kartal escort we had all the time in the world. So you moved back to my mouth and we kissed. Then I put my hands on you and I slid over you, and laid my whole body over you. I put my hands on your chest and lifted myself up and sat on your thighs. I brushed the hair off my face and lifted my arms to tie up my hair. But you said you wanted them loose. So I let them be. Boy, you look so devastatingly sexy when you lie like that on the bed and look at me. You were smiling at me. That was when I touched your cock. My hands fondled it, so soft yet so hard. I locked my eyes with yours and slowly bent down to cover your hard cock with my mouth. Sucking your swollen cock, swallowing you inch by inch and sucking your cock HARD. Then I took your cock out of my mouth and I kissed it all over. I put your cock back in my mouth and swirled my tongue round it, rubbed my tongue over its head. You had started moaning by then. You were losing sanity and calling out my name. I was breathing so hard. I wanted to fuck you then and there. But I continued sucking you untill you finally just grabbed me by my arms and got on top of me.

You didn’t need to say a word. I spread my legs wide but you held them and put my legs on your shoulders. And just started pumping your hard cock into me. Moving like crazy! I came again and again. Right before you climaxed you pulled your cock out and shot such a massive load of cum all over my breasts and face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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