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This is a fantasy story set in a fictitious land and in a time of medieval sorcery. All characters depicted are 18+. Although this story is in a time where safe sex is not heard of I would always recommend the practise of safe sex.

CHAPTER 3 — Healing hands.

The next morning Vernon is up early to dig the grave. Before he set outside he checked on Bain, his fever seemed worse, his bed clothes drenched, Vernon was now really worried. After he buries the old man he’ll take Bain into town and see the practitioner, maybe he’ll know what to do. He looks over at Rafael still sleeping as he walks outside.

The storm has passed and the sun is shining brightly. He decides to dig the grave in an area away from the shack and farm land, he doesn’t want to be reminded of last nights events too often. When he had dug deep enough he walks back to the shack and picks up the old man. As he walks toward the grave he feels a tug on his arm, he turns round to see Rafael standing there still naked.

“Rafael! Have you not got any clothes?” Rafael shook his head. “We need to find you some.”

Rafael walks in front of Vernon and places both hands on the old mans chest. Vernon watches in bemusement as the boy closes his eyes and takes deep breaths. He then makes some gestures with his hands and all of a sudden an icy cold wind sweeps between them. Vernon gasps as it feels like something just passed through his soul, Rafael looks up and tears fill his eyes but this time he’s smiling.

They both walk to the grave and Rafael helps Vernon bury the old man. He can’t help looking at the boy’s beautiful naked body as he scoops up soil with his hands and tosses it into the grave. His cock is swinging freely and Vernon finds himself looking at it far too much. At one point Rafael bends down in front of him revealing his pink little rose bud. Vernon immediately springs a boner, he spins round looking the other direction cursing. He starts to wonder what is wrong with him, why is he looking at a boy lustfully, and a boy so young too. When he looks back Rafael is looking back with a puzzled expression on his face.

“How old are you?”

Rafael picks up a stick and draws 2 numbers in the dirt. Vernon looks at him in shock.

“19? but you look so much younger”

Rafael shrugs his shoulders.

“Listen I can finish here, why don’t you go and clean up?” Vernon suggests eager to get the boy out of his hair. Rafael smiles and heads back to the Shack.

As Vernon finishes filling the grave the vision of Rafael’s cute rose bud keeps haunting him and his erection gets harder.

“Curse that boy, why is he having this effect on me?” Vernon asks himself.

He considers popping into the barn to relieve himself when he remembers Bain. So he hurries back into the shack.

As he enters he is shocked by the site before him. Bain is completely naked, his bed clothes pulled right back and his under garments round his ankles. Rafael is standing at the head of the bed, his eyes closed, his hands on either side of Bains head and his cock resting on his face. Vernon panics and rushes over grabbing Rafael by the arm to pull him away. Rafael suddenly opens his eyes looks at him in anger and Vernon is hurled back across the room landing on his ass.

He quickly sits up, trying to make out what just happened. Rafael closes his eyes again and continues what he was doing. Vernon stands up and is about to try stopping Rafael again when he notices little blue sparks of electricity emanating from Rafael’s fingers. Vernon stops in his tracks as he notices both the boy’s cocks get hard. Soon they are both fully erect and he gasps at the size of Rafael’s it’s big, a an impressive 8″ and it’s pointing straight up. He looks down at Bain and is even more surprised, although he has seen Bain naked many times he has never seen him erect and to his amazement Bain has a massive 10″ cock. His own cock is now rock hard and trying to break out of his britches. Both boys start breathing more heavily, Vernon is concerned for Bain but he is mesmerised by what is happening and he feels helpless to do anything. Suddenly both boys erupt simultaneously, Rafael blasting huge ropes of cum in the air and onto Bain’s chest and stomach and Bain equally up his belly and chest. Vernon fights the urge to whip out his cock and add his own juice to the mess. As Rafael’s cock spits out the last few spurts he collapses on the floor. Vernon rushes to Bain and places his hand on his forehead, it feels cool and he’s no longer sweating. He listens to Bain’s breathing, it’s regular, the sound of someone in a deep sleep. Vernon is confused, what was Rafael doing? Did he just cure him? He leans over and kisses his son’s forehead then picks Rafael up off the floor and puts him on his bed.

He fetches a pitcher of water and a cloth then sits on the bed next to Bain, he needs to clean all this cum off his boy. He looks at the milky white liquid covering Bain, he’s never seen another Pendik Escort man’s cum before, he wonders if it’s similar to his. Vernon puts his finger into it and smears it around, it feels much the same to touch. Suddenly he gets the urge to taste it, Vernon being a heavy cummer himself will often shoot into his mouth so he is no stranger to the taste of his own cum. His heart beats hard as his lips wrap around his finger, it tastes wonderful, the same but not the same, salty but more delicious. He scoops another dollop on his finger and sucks his finger hungrily, next he uses three fingers but that’s not enough. Obsession takes him over and he starts licking the cum off his boy’s chest, he has to have it, his tongue laps away running over his boy’s pert little nipples. Soon the boy’s chest is clear of cum and is just wet from Vernon’s saliva so he moves to his stomach, he’s got an appetite for it now and he can’t stop. His tongue digs deep into the boy’s belly button cleaning it out soon his nose touches his boy’s soft cock, he pulls up sharply.

‘What the fuck am I doing?!’ he thinks panting heavily.

Standing up he looks down at Bain still sound asleep, the cum is gone but his body glistens from Vernon’s saliva. Vernon feels an urge to touch his boy, to stroke him, to kiss his body.

“Noooo,” he groans fighting it so he quickly grabs the blanket and covers Bains body.

Vernon ignores the deep need for release in his groin and looking down at his dirty clothes he realises he hasn’t bathed for several days now. He decides to take advantage of the boys sleeping and takes down a large steel bowl that is hanging from the shacks rafters. Always being a man of ritual and habit, he keeps a pot of water over the fire, hot water is always good to have on hand and he fills the bowl with it.

Soon Vernon is naked, he looks down at his torso, his chest and legs covered with a soft carpet of hair, his 6″ cock semi erect. He stands in the bowl and using a pitcher pours the warm water over his body. He picks up a bar of soap and begins to lather himself up when he hears a rustle. He looks up straight into the eyes of Rafael, he’s awake and moving towards him, Vernon freezes. The boy stands next to him places his hands on Vernon’s hairy chest and starts washing him. Vernon gasps at Rafael’s delicate touch, his fingers feel like little points of electricity sweeping across his skin. The boy moves lower and soon his fingers wrap around Vernon’s now fully erect cock, he gasps and nearly blows his load so he grabs Rafael’s hands and stops him. He holds the boy’s arms apart and looks at his beautiful, perfect body, the 8″ cock rising steadily. He sees that the boy is dirty and covered in dust so he steps out of the bowl and moves Rafael into it. He pours water over the boys body then kneeling down in front of him he takes the soap a gently cleans his body.

Vernon savours the the sensation of the boy’s soft silky skin on his rough calloused hands as they move around his chest, taking time to tweak his pert little nipples. He moves his hands lower but avoids his groin, for now at least and cleans his legs. He gently strokes up the inside of his thighs until he reaches the top then taking Rafael’s tight sack in his fingers he massages it. They boy’s cock now fully erect is wobbling just inches from Vernon’s face and without thinking he sticks out his tongue and licks the head taking some precum onto his tongue, Vernon groans with delight at the familiar taste. He opens his mouth wide and soon his lips are sliding down the huge cock.

* * *

Bain feels groggy, he remembers a dream, something about his father going on a quest to visit Aljeron to deliver his son.

‘That would be a fantastic adventure,’ he thinks to himself.

He opens his eyes and see’s the familiar roof of his home for the whole 18 years of his life. He heart sinks a little and wonders if there is ever going to be anything more. As all men do when waking up scratching and adjusting their scrotum is the first thing they ever do and Bain is no exception, except as he does so he realises his shorts are missing. He lifts up the blanket and sees them round his ankles, this confuses him as to why his father would pull down his shorts. Then he sees movement in the corner of his eye and turns his head to look. He is shocked by the sight that greets him, there on his knees is his father stark naked sucking on a boy’s cock, his jaw drops wide open. He looks at the boy his father is giving head to, his body is beautiful, he looks up at his face, the boy is staring directly back at him. Bain’s heart starts to race, this is the most handsome boy he has ever seen, his big dark eyes inviting him in. Rafael smiles at him and Bain’s heart skips a beat, he cannot believe what is happening in front of him. He suddenly realises his cock is rock solid and begging for attention so he instinctively wraps his fingers round it and begins to stroke.

Bain has known he is gay Anadolu Yakası Escort for a couple of years now and discovered it when he spied a guy jerking off in the local woods. He never acted on it but he would jerk of regular to that memory. Now in front of his very eyes is his own father sucking on this amazing boy, he watches intently as his fathers lips slip down the huge tool. Vernon doesn’t notice Bain is awake as he is slightly facing away from him, but Bain can see clearly his fathers mouth on the huge cock. Vernon is trying his best to swallow as much as he can but he can only get halfway before gagging.

Rafael then pushes Vernon off his cock and turns round, Vernon then takes the soap and begins lathering up the boys back slowly working his way down. He reaches the boy’s ass, Rafael opens his legs as Vernon’s fingers slide down his crack, he touches his little pick rose bud and he feels the boy quiver. He then cleans the boys legs, his hands sliding up the inside of Rafael’s thighs and touching his tight ball sack as he reaches the top, Rafael opens his legs further revealing more of his little pink hole. Vernon then sticks out his tongue and starts licking the tight little ring of muscle. Bain is completely lost in the moment, he is so turned on by watching his father lick the boy’s ass that he is already close to cumming, he slows his pace not wanting to shoot yet.

Vernon is now burying his tongue deep into the boy’s ass and Rafael is pushing back to meet him. His cock is aching so hard now, he just has to have this boy now. Vernon stands up and his cock touches Rafael’s opening, the boy immediately pushes back and Vernon’s cock slips in effortlessly. Vernon gasps as the tight ring of muscle clamps down on his cock and he starts to fuck the boy with long slow strokes. He is very close to cumming and he know’s if he goes too fast it will be over much too soon.

Bain is going crazy with desire as he see’s his father’s cock penetrate the boy’s ass so he kicks of the blanket, Rafael looks back at him, licks his lips and smiles. Vernon notices Rafael look round and looks too to see Bain stark naked, staring at him and wanking his massive cock. Suddenly losing all interest in sex he is overcome with concern, he pulls out of Rafael and rushes over to him. Bain sits up on the edge of the bed and Vernon kneels down in between his legs. Their erect cocks touch.

“Are you ok?” he asks, running his hand over Bain’s forehead.

“Yeah I’m fine, I feel great.”

Vernon wraps his arms round him and hugs him tight.

“I thought I was going to lose you,” he says, tears forming in his eyes. Bain has never had this much intimacy with his father before and his warm naked body pressed against feels wonderful. He hugs his father back.

“It’s ok father, I’ll never leave you.”

Rafael watches the exchange of love between the two and tears fill his eyes as he remembers the intimacy he had with Sheerkan, he will really miss that sweet old man.

They hug for what seems like an eternity before pulling apart, their cocks still rubbing.

“Oh,” Vernon says looking down at the situation.

Bain blushes but feels incredibly turned on by his fathers erect cock rubbing against his. Bain has always admired his fathers good looks and would sometimes fantasise about making love with him but it would always leave him feeling guilty and perverted. He looks down too at their predicament and their heads touch.

“Bain, what you saw just now, um,” Vernon says embarrassment washing over him.

“Er, yeah, um,” Bain says feeling really awkward but their cocks are still rubbing.

Vernon knows he should stop but he can’t, he is so sexed up and seeing his boy’s massive erect cock rubbing against his is unbelievably erotic.

“I don’t normally, you know,”

“No father, I know.”

Bain is really worked up now precum is flowing from his cock. Vernon is pumping harder now without realising it, he is mesmerised by his boy’s cock it’s absolutely beautiful. Without thinking he wraps his hand round it and starts to slowly wank his boy. Bain gasps as for the first time ever his cock is being touched by a hand other than his. The sensation is overwhelming and he feels and orgasm coming on.

“Urrgh father.”

Vernon doesn’t say anything, he’s totally lost in the moment, it’s like he’s watching someone else wank off his boy, his hand doesn’t feel attached to his body. He marvels at the beautiful cock he is manipulating with is large hands, admiring how the pre cum is slowly oozing from the slit.

“I’m going to, uurrghh! Arrrghhh fuck!” Suddenly Bain’s cock erupts blasting them both in the face.

Vernon doesn’t stop he keeps wanking his boy as the huge cock blast’s rope after rope of cum into their faces. One or two blasts hits Vernon clean into his open mouth and for the second time that day he is tasting someone else’s cum. Vernon his still lightly humping his boy and the sight İstanbul Escort of seeing his boy cum so much sends him over the edge. He groans loudly and his cock explodes a torrent of cum, it flies up and smacks Bain in his open mouth making him gasp. Vernon is rocked by the intensity of his orgasm, never has he felt such intensity before.

“Oh,” Vernon says as his orgasm subsides his hand still milking his boy’s cock. He is suddenly overcome with guilt.

“This is wrong!” he says standing up. He grabs his clothes and rushes out the shack.

“Father wait!” Bain cries standing up to follow but he get’s light headed and his legs buckle underneath him, he is weak from spending many days in bed.

Outside Vernon punches the wall. He knows that Bain isn’t really his son but he raised him as his own, he shouldn’t be having feelings like this.

‘It’s that damn boy! He causing all this,’ he thinks to himself.

He looks at his still hard cock, he can’t understand why it’s doing this to him. He looks back in the shack and is not entirely surprised at what he sees. Rafael is lying back on the bed and Bain is lying across him sucking his cock, what’s more is Bain looks to be really enjoying it.

Bain was sucking on his first ever cock, something he had dreamed of doing for the last 2 years. After his father stormed out Rafael had grabbed him pulling him back down on the bed. Rafael had then gently encouraged Bains head towards his cock and Bain looked it in wonderment. He didn’t take much persuading to open his mouth and have his first taste of cock. As he swallowed he knew this is what he wanted, he knew he was destined to suck cock, he knew for sure now he is gay. Bain pulls off and wanks it, admiring it.

Outside Vernon starts to wonder if his boy is gay, come to that is he gay himself. Suddenly Rafael erupts and cum blasts Bain in the face, Bain quickly opens his mouth and devours the cock swallowing the rest of his load. For Bain the taste is divine like the nectar he was looking forward to tasting for so long . This is too much for Vernon and he walks over to the well, he’s hot, he needs to cool off, he pulls up a pale of water and pours it over himself, cleaning the cum of his face. He’s struggling to understand these new feelings for both these boys, how can this be, he loved his wife dearly, why is this happening to him.

He gets dressed, walks back into the shack and see’s Bain standing naked in the Bowl of water and Rafael soaping him down, his now flaccid cock no bigger than his own doesn’t give any indication as to it’s true size. Rafael smiles at Vernon, Bain goes bright red and looks away, Vernon say’s nothing and starts preparing food, they need to eat.

Soon Rafael has finished cleaning Bain and he pours the pitcher of water over him to rinse off the soap. Bain likes the attention, he like this boy who doesn’t seem to speak, he especially likes his cock. He looks over at his father, he feels guilty for lusting after him, his father is right, it’s wrong, very wrong. He is upset that his father is angry with him, he hates making his father angry and he wants to put it right but he doesn’t know what to say.

“Get dressed, and find something for Rafael to wear, we are going into town after we eat,” Vernon’s voice sounds harsh.

“Yes father.”

Bain goes to his locker under his bed and finds something that he thinks is suitable for Rafael to wear.

“Here try this,” he says handing a pair of britches to Rafael. Rafael shakes his head and refuses them.

“You have to wear something.”

Bain picks up a tunic and puts it over Rafael’s head but he’s too quick and Rafael ducks away. Bain ends up chasing each other around the cabin trying to get the tunic on him. At one point Bain trips and crashes on the bed, Rafael jumps on top of him and starts to tickle him. Bain bucks and laughs loudly.

“Arrrghhh! You wait!” he shouts.

Bain is much stronger than Rafael and soon flips him over so that Bain is now on top. He grabs the boys arms, holds them above his head and tickles him. Rafael bucks, his mouth wide open laughing without any sound coming out. Bain realises that Rafael isn’t really struggling that much and seems to be really enjoying it. Bain’s cock get hard and he realises he likes seeing Rafael squirm to his touch, it really turns him on. He also notices Rafael’s cock growing, he really does like being tickled. Vernon watches them but does nothing, at the moment he’s just thankful that Bain is ok.

Suddenly the Shack door bursts open and two large me barge in.

“Vernon, so pleased to see you,” The large fat man dripping with gold and expensive clothes says, it’s Abloo his landlord.

“Abloo don’t you ever knock,” Vernon says looking around for Rafael but he’s nowhere to be seen. Bain is on the bed with a look of disbelief on his face, his jaw wide open.

“I don’t need to knock on my own property.”

“Bain get dressed,” Vernon says. Bain get’s off the bed not taking his eyes off it and reaches for the britches on the floor.

“Oh no, please don’t get dressed on my account,” Abloo says standing on the garment to stop him. “Oh my, what a wonderful sight” Abloo goes to grab Bains still erect cock, Bain quickly backs away.

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